Below are a series of my articles, vidoes and blog posts related to Qigong and in particular the practice of Spontaneous Qigong.


General Qigong Articles:

Geoff Pike qigong

A short article about the Qigong master and author of some insightful qigong books – Geoff Pike

Cancer and Qigong Article:

An Integrative Approach: Conventional Medicine, Cancer and Qigong – Published in Qi Journal, Winter 2018.

An article about applying an integrative approach to healing from cancer.

An integrative approach means using conventional medicine, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery with regular Qigong practice to help boost the immune system and deal with symptoms and side effects.

This article includes three case study examples of Qigong authors who adopted this approach to heal from cancer. It also contains a review of a research study on the benefits of Qigong on ‘quality of life’ for cancer sufferers.

Qigong and Encounters with Spontaneous Qi Articles:

A series of articles on the lesser well-known practice of Spontaneous Qigong.

Spontaneous Qigong is where you let the body’s own qi lead the movments instead of you consciously leading the movement. This can result in varous spontaneous types of body movements. It is believed to be an effective way for the body to clear its own Channels of blockages.

Other articles about Spontaneous Qigong


Gen Kiko (Japanese Qigong)


An introductory article and short interview with Hiroki Kurihara, founder of Genkiko, a Japanese system of Qigong. Mr Kurihara has set up Gen-Kiko classes in Toyko and Yokohama and used to run classes in London, UK.


30 Day Spontaneous Qigong Trial

In 2018, I carried out a 30 daily Spontaneous Qigong practice trial. I logged the whole  process in a series of articles, which are listed below and also in my general Archives.

These blog posts also contain information about other Qigong teachers and authors along with references from their books:


Spontaneous Qi Articles:

Possible examples of Group Activations of Spontaneous Qi

The Vailala Madness (TBC)

External Sources

Qigong books

Below are Amazon UK links to recommended books on Qigong and Spontaneous Qigong:


A book that gives an alternative and critical view of Qigong:


Spontaneous Qigong Articles

Below are some extracts from articles and books on Spontaneous Qigong in a PDF format:


Research Studies

PDF versions of research studies on the practice or medical benefits of Qigong: