Qigong Videos

Qigong with Eitaro

Here are some videos of qigong routines demonstrated by Japanese acupuncturist and martial artist – Eitaro Hamano.

Short version

Part 1 (long version)

Part 2 (long version)

What is Qigong

Qigong is a mind-body practice developed 5000 years ago in China and is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses physical movements, breathing exercises and meditation to harmonise the body, mind and spirit.

The Channels

We have in our bodies, a network of energy Channels which traverse our torso, organs, limbs and head like an interconnected road network. It is in these channels that our bodies energy – our Ki-energy travels through.

The cause of disease

It is considered that disease or pain is a result of blockages in the Channels. If these Channels can be cleared and the qi flow harmonised, then good health can entail.

Self-care qigong

Qigong exercises are designed to clear the channels and help move stagnant energy. 10 minutes practice a day is enough to make positive changes to your life.