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This website and blog is focused on health, fitness and wellbeing. However, I also have an interest in creative writing. This page will discuss some of my works.

If you would like a bit more background into my fiction writing endeavours, then read this blog post first:

Fiction: Unblock your Writing Blocks

‘The Ultimate Zombie Exercise Book: The Undead Guide to Health and Fitness’


The Ultimate Zombie Exercise & Diet Book: The Undead Guide to Health and Fitness: Blurb

The Ultimate Zombie Exercise & Diet Book offers a unique new perspective to health and fitness.

The zombie is a shambling, decaying mass of putrid flesh with limited brain function, yet they have the power to break through boarded up windows, break down doors and rip the flesh from humans. What is the source of the zombie’s strength and power? This book has the answer.

The Ultimate Zombie Exercise & Diet Plan talks about the zombie pandemic and provides a scientific understanding about the zombie virus and its effects on the body. There will also be an insightful look at how humans are making themselves weaker and sicker with their daily lifestyle practices. The benefits of the zombie lifestyle over the human lifestyle will be laid out in a simple to follow step-by-step guide.

With reference to the zombie diet, this book will provide you with useful nutritional information – the importance of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals and their effects on your health. You will also be given a simple ‘back to basics’ training routine which will transform your physique and increase your stamina levels. There are no expensive gym fees, nutritional supplements or exercise equipment you need to buy. This plan has practical application to improve your fitness and educate you on nutrition and health according to the principles of the zombie fitness plan.

This book also introduces the illustrations of S. Kawai.

Available on Amazon (Paperback or Kindle eBook):

The Ultimate Zombie Exercise Book: The Undead Guide to Health and Fitness – UKUSA, CA, AUS and other international Amazon marketplaces.

The Ultimate Zombie Dating Book: The Undead Guide to Relationships in the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie World


The Ultimate Zombie Dating Book: The Undead Guide to Relationships in the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie World: Volume 2: Blurb

The Zombie Apocalypse of the 21st century devastated the human race. Millions of men and women were eaten or converted into the undead hordes leaving a wake of singletons. Perhaps the greatest strain on society is not the impending annihalation of the human race but the stress of finding a loved one in a world where most eligible partners are either eaten or have become braindead.

Even before the zombie apocalypse, finding Mr or Mrs Right was a challenging affair. This guide teaches you how to find your ideal partner and contains plenty of useful practical ideas to improve yourself, your image, increase your confidence and learn how to be more successful as well as how to respect yourself more. The guide also covers topics like money, human physiology and tips for dating safely in the zombie infested world.

After reading this book, you will be ready to go out and find your ideal partner.

Featuring the illustrations of S. Kawai

Available on Amazon (Paperback or Kindle eBook):

The Ultimate Zombie Dating Book: The Undead Guide to Relationships in the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie World’. Available on Amazon: US, UKCA, AUS and other Amazon marketplaces.

Ultimate Zombie Website:

Finally, I made a website to go along to with these Ultimate Zombie books. I guess it is a kind of joke advertisement. I add an extra paragraph to it every now and again.

Here is the link to the Ultimate Zombie Website.

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I have self-published several of my own books and I have created my own self-publishing company called Silver Needle Publishing.

If you are interested in self-publishing your own print or eBook (particularly in the field of Complementary or Alternative Medicine), then feel free to email me to discuss.