John-Dixon-Acupuncture is a website to explore ways to improve your body, mind and life, according to the principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine. I also incorporate other areas of natural body and mind healing.

John-Dixon-Acupuncture is also an online business. I do sell my own products – primarily ebooks, for which I generate a small profit.

Disclosure Statement

For the sake of full disclosure, I have affiliate relationships with a few different organisations. Several of my website articles contain affiliated links for external products and services.

I receive a small commission from my affiliated partners whenever someone clicks on any of those links and goes on to make a purchase.

Effective from 1st December 2018, I will post a disclaimer statement at the bottom of every post or article where I promote any affiliated services.

Affiliate partners

Currently, my affiliate partners are Amazon.co.uk, Automattic (WordPress.com), Solo Build It (SBI) and Hay House.

Respect for your online safety

My links are only to reputable organisations. None of my links will ever take you to questionable or unsafe website pages.

All of my affiliated links will have a relation to my overall content or for the purpose of that particular article. The majority of links will be related to areas of natural health. Such as links to health books.


I will never send you to a page to buy something just for the sake of selling you something for my profit. Unless it bears a reasonable relation to my content.

The purpose of my website is to provide service to my readers. It is my desire that my content can inform, inspire, and above all share and provide valuable insights or knowledge.

If you do find any of my content valuable, then by clicking and buying any of the product or services I recommend, you will be helping me to grow my business and providing me with some compensation for my work.