Spontaneous Qigong Book Review: Zifa Gong by Alexander Brighton

spontaneous qigong zifa gong alexander brighton
spontaneous qigong zifa gong alexander brighton

This post is a book review for a book about Spontaneous Qigong. The book is called ‘Zifa Gong’ and is written by Alexander Brighton.

It is a very short book and very simple. It has some intriguing insights and a simple guide for carrying out the exercises. The book is a quick read – maybe 20 minutes.

In Zifa Gong, Alexander Brighton gives a very basic explanation on how to practice spontaneous qigong. Alexander first discovered spontaneous qigong twenty years ago in Vietnam.

Alexander Brighton also uses the term – ‘the hypnagogic state’ or ‘qigong tai’

The Qigong Tai or Hypnagogic State

Hypnagogic refers to the state immediately before falling sleep. It is during this hypnagogic pre-sleep state that a person may experience lucid thought, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and hallucinations.

In Zifa gong, Alexander Brighton defines this ‘qigong tai’ or ‘hypnagogic state’ as “life’s third natural state”. During this state, the body’s breathing rate slows down, the pulse slows and there is lower brain activity. The body enters a trance-like mode.

It is also in this state that the body’s own ‘involuntary control’ can be switched on. The body then”emits special energy patterns” and the “circulation of vital internal energy increases greatly as it moves unhindered throughout the body”.

In this state, the body’s self repairing and self corrective abilities are heightened.

In my own words, I would describe this state as being a ‘Meditative or Healing zone’.

Alexander Brighton advises that it is more important  – not to concern yourself on whether you stand or breathe correctly or on carrying out the postures perfectly. But rather with being able to enter this trance like state. It is in this trance state, is when the Zifa Gong (and self-restoration) work can begin.

The Hypnagogic State corresponds to the ‘Healing Zone’

In my upcoming book – The Genki Self health Guide, I made a reference to something which I call the Meditative Zone’. It is a trance-like state that can be entered in, through meditation or qigong practice. But there is a component of spontaneous qi about this zone. What Alexander Brighton describes here, exactly matches what I term the ‘meditative zone’.

Genki Health Japanese Asian Woman Meditating

Mind you, the term ‘hypnagogic state’ does sound more scientific than ‘Meditative zone’.

I interpreted Alexander Brighton’s meaning to be that spontaneous qigong occurs during this hypnagogic state because the qi energy “carries out self-repair and self enhancement” during this state.

Latent abilities

Alexander also makes brief mention of latent abilities that can be opened up through Zifa gong. Some of these abilities may be: “a healing ability” or “a specific ability to increase your body’s grace of movement”.

Other experiences may be:

  • The ability to percieve energy flowing into and out of the palms of your hand
  • The opening up of specific channels in your own body
  • Enhancing instinctual learning or understandings.

Unfortunately, there are no examples given of this, but I wonder is this could be interpreted to mean like your body becomes so attuned to nature that you can feel if a storm is coming, or even an earthquake?

Or how about picking a winning lottery ticket…? 🙂 

Instructions on how to enter the Zifa Gong state

Alexander Brighton gives a simple explanation of how to enter the Zifa Gong state:

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold your arms in front of you – (a basic standing qigong pose)
  • Relax. Stand in position for a few minutes. Close your eyes.
  • Let the body relax
  • Eventually most people will feel the urge to move, for example movement in your arms, legs or neck. When you feel this sensation, let your body move. Do not use any effort to control these movements.
  • Don’t grip the floor with your feet or hold any force in your legs.
  • Let the body relax as much as possible
  • Do not pay any special attention to the body, posture, breathing or any movements. Your body may enter many different types of movements.
  • Don’t be concerned with any thoughts. Let them flow though your mind. Don’t stop and consider them.
  • As you enter the hypnagogic state, some people will feel a charge in the body. The limbs will feel warm. The force inside will grow stronger. If your body starts moving, just let it go. You may start leaning, rocking, swaying, revolving or circling the waist.
  • Let your feet move naturally, as they will naturally stop you and stabilise you if your body leans too far forward. Don’t try to control or obstruct the movements. Do not force your feet back to the beginning if they move elsewhere.
Get a Spotter

In weightlifting, a spotter is another strong man, who stands nearby when a weightlifter is attempting to lift a heavy weight (usually over the chest). This is to protect him from injury, in case he can’t push up the weight and he finds himself pinned underneath the weight.

Alexander Brighton recommends having a ‘spotter’ for the first time, in case the movements in the beginning are wild due to blocked meridians.

For the first time, you don’t know what kind of blockages your body have to deal with. As a result, you may be led into all sorts of dramatic movements – running, jumping or spinning.

Yep, I’ve had some of that.

Ending the practice

He also clarifies that it is simple to end the spontaneous qigong practice, simply by taking yourself out of the hypnagogic (pre-sleep) state. All you have to do is “open your eyes and call a halt to whatever you are doing”.

It is that simple.

The goal of Zifagong

Alexander Brighton states very clearly –

Your goal is to let energy flow unhindered through your body.

By doing so, you will remove blockages, enhance the flow of qi and improve your health.

Contra-indication warning

Alexander warns that some people should never practice zifa gong. These are: (italics mine)

  • People at risk of falls. Or who are unstable on their feet.  (Definitely I agree – I would clarify that this refers to the elderly or those with neurological conditions).
  • People who bleed easily (maybe – depends on the propensity to bleed)
  • People with serious mental illness ( I agree with this one)
  • People in poor health (depends what you mean by poor health? – If this means a debilitated state or convalescing, then yes, I agree).
  • People highly excitable or highly strung. (This is a curious contraindication. I am not sure about this one).

He also provides other useful bits of advice:

  • Stay calm and relaxed throughout
  • Don’t consciously interrupt the movements unless you become fearful for some reason
  • Let the energy follow its own course.
Duration of a practice

Alexander Brighton states that a practice can conclude naturally or you can stop it. I have found both to be true.

If a Zifa Gong practice is allowed to continue and end naturally (by itself), it can carry on for 1 to 2 hours.  Otherwise you can bring it to a close yourself.

If you allow the Zifa Gong to end naturally, the body may being you into a relaxation pose – sitting or lying down just before it is ready to end.

However, if you want to end the state yourself, just stand straight and put your hands on your abdomen (dantian). Then imagine the energy spiralling out into the universe and then back into your dantian again.

Alexander also recommends you write a diary. Or you can share your experiences with me here, by adding a comment.

You are now ready for meditation

Alexander Brighton ends by saying that after two years of practice, he no longer gets any spontaneous qi body movements. Instead the movements lead him straight into a sitting cross legged position “as if to declare me ready for meditation”.

He concluded this to mean that his channels were finally unblocked.

Initially, he thought this meant he had no need to continue practicing. Howver,  as he discovered, this really meant that it was just the beginning of his practice. Not the end.

A useful guidepost

So what I like about this book, is we can see what happens if you continue to practice. Alexander Brighton has had years of practice. In fact from this book, I can see there is a real purpose to spontaneous qigong practice. 

It is to clear your body of blockages (and impurities) in preparation for the real work to come – Meditation.

Also, from what I can know of the Meditative zone (or hypnagogic state), I can understand that meditation carried out in this state is much easier, than when trying to force myself into meditation.

In my own case, I can see that I have a lot of practice to go. I still get a lot of spontaneous qigong movement when I practice. It is definitely not as much as as when I first started Spontaneous Qigong but it is still a lot.


The book – Zifa Gong is short and does not go into too much detail. But there is not much need to go into details. The idea is to just get started and doing it. The price is acceptable for the short size.

Where to buy the book?

As far as I know, the book is only available as an e-book through Kobo. It is not on Amazon or I-books. To purchase it, you will need to register with Kobo and download the Rakuten Kobo app to your smartphone or computer. Here is a link to the Rakuten Kobo website- Zifa Gong by Alexander Brighton

The book is very short. Probably around 2 – 3000 words, so it can be read very quickly. However, the good thing is that it is inexpensive – less than a dollar.

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Pathogenic Energy release manifests as Spontaneous Qi movement: Message from Janne (3)

pathogenic qi spontaneous qigong zifagong geyser
pathogenic qi spontaneous qigong zifagong geyser

The article discusses the phenomenon called Spontaneous Qi movement or Zifa-gong. It is a form of qigong where the body’s own energy is activated and starts clearing its own energy Channels by leading the body into all sorts of spontaneous bodily movement. For more information, there are links to other Spontaneous Qigong articles at the end of this article. Or check my Qigong Menu.

The spontaneous movements can be wild. Limbs may be thrown in sporadic movements. The body twists or shakes on the spot. The body is led into carrying out deep backbends – deeper than a person would normally be able to do, and carried out without injury. In some cases, the body is led into yoga or tai chi or dance like movements. It looks like a Primitive or Shamanistic dance. And it is the body’s own energy that leads the movements. Not the mind. In fact, the mind has to be switched off. Yet all the time, you can take back control if necessary (unless it is activated by a powerful healer – Then you just have to let it run its course).

The movements serve to clear the Energy Channels of blocks and stagnant energy. This article serves to discuss this ultimate goal of spontaneous qigong/zifagong. That is – the clearing of pathogenic energy from the body. The stuff that makes us sick.

Pathogenic Energy Release Manifests as Spontaneous Qi Movement

During a Zifagong exercise or activation, the more wild and dramatic the spontaneous qigong movements are, the more pathogenic energy there is in the body.

As we release more stored pathogenic energy from the body, the spontaneous qigong moves become gentler and calmer. Until, eventually there are almost no spontaneous qi movements.

At this point, the body has eradicated most, if not all, of the pathogenic energy in the body.

And that can only be good for our health.

Flushing out the Pathogenic Ki

In this post, I will discuss this concept that these spontaneous qi movements a persons gets during Zifa-gong practice or a Spontaneous Qi activation from someone else, is the body’s own pathogenic energy being flushed out.

This article was inspired by an email from Janne, from Finland. Janne is a reader of my spontaneous qigong articles. He is an acupuncturist and healer. He also shared his experiences of experimenting with zifa-gong in a previous article here – Activating Spontaneous Qi – Shi Delon/Jason Dean Videos – Message from Janne (1)

Here is an extract of his practice, which he shared with me:


Yesterday I did some spontaneous qigong and make some notification of it.

You can start the spontaneous movement in many different ways, but one way is by using one single acupuncture point and focusing on that. I call it that you – “open” the acupuncture point. But you have to be properly rooted (grounded), or this opening won’t work and there will be no spontaneous movement. So basically maybe the hardest part is to learn the proper grounding and then the rest of it is easy 🙂 These are just my own thought’s about the subject. Some others might think something else about the practice.

Yesterday, I opened the point – Liver 3 first and then when it was finished I started a new spontaneous session from Ren 17. The spontaneous movement from one acupuncture point can last maybe 5, even 30 minutes before it runs out of energy. And what I mean in, it runs out of energy, I mean pathogen energy. I think it’s the pathogen energy that is the fuel of spontaneous movement.

So there is no evil spirit or devil who make’s you move (although in many times it look’s like it) – just your own energy.  If everything in the body is totally fine, there will be no spontaneous movement, just a balanced stationary state. But that’s rare because we all have some pain or problem to heal…

So it’s like Chinese medicine is all about balancing the yin and yang energy and bringing the human just in the middle of heaven and earth’s energy. After the spontaneous movement is finished, then usually comes the spontaneous meditation posture, it can be a posture of sitting or lying on the floor. The Meditation part feels  just like “emptiness” so there’s nothing to tell about it 🙂



What Janne describes here is a really intriguing concept and is new to me. The idea of focusing intention  on a specific acupuncture point to set off a reaction.

I imagine this is the same principle as a qigong healer putting his intention on a specific point in his patient, and then setting off a spontaneous qigong reaction.

It is also a way of clearing negative Qi from a Channel by affecting a specific acupoint in a similar way a person may treat an acupuncture point to ‘sedate’ or ‘shunt’ Qi from a specific Channel.

Janne, mentioned that when he does this, the spontaneous qigong movements lasts around 30 minutes and then finishes when it runs out of energy.

But more fascinating, is that he refers to this energy as “pathogenic energy“.

This prompted the title of this post — “Pathogenic energy release manifests as spontaneous qigong movements”.

This is because the spontaneous qi is really a symptom. It is the body’s own qi being activated to clear its own channels. As the qi channels run through the musculature and fascia layers, the qi needs to make physical movements in order to clear these movements.

Energy Stagnation and Blockages

What causes these blockages? Likely, there are multiple causes. For example:

  • Tension or stress
  • Poor use of the body over time (not exercising)
  • Poor diet (processed foods, too much junk/meat)
  • Addictions – smoking, drugs
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Emotions – excess anger /worry, or grief
  • Unresolved illnesses (suppressed with drugs and sent deeper into the body)
  • Too much partying/activity – using up the energy excessively (adrenal/nervous exhaustion)
  • An excess of energy or a deficiency

Some of these can cause disharmony of the qi and also generate heat, which lodges in the body and hinders the flow of Qi. When we are young, it shows no effect. But as we get older, these blockages contribute to quicker ageing. In worse cases, they lead to diseases.


Here is an extract from my upcoming book – The Genki Self Health Guide, which I feel is relevant. Here, I talk about how stress leads to physical tension, which gets locked into the musculature of the body. Over time, these leads to a blockage in the flow of Ki energy in the body and can lead to diseases:

‘Tension’ can impair health by restricting the Ki-energy flow to the internal organs resulting in overactive or under-active organ functioning as well as through the muscles leading to muscular pain.

Sickness is caused by the holding of tension in the ‘body energetic’. By the energetic I refer to the body in total – the muscle zones, the fascia, the bones, the joints, the blood and the skin, all of which encompass the Channel pathways and acupuncture points.

Stress equates to tension. Tension restricts Ki-energy flow. Poor Ki-energy flow leads to health problems. This is why Oriental medicine and the health practices of tai chi, yoga and qigong can be very beneficial to the body because they release this tension. If we practiced just ten minutes a day of qigong meditative exercise we could perhaps release some of the effects of tension and stress that otherwise could make us sick years in the future.

Source – The Genki Self Health Guide: Improve your Body and Mind with Traditional Oriental Medicine


Genki health Japanese onsen

Spontaneous Qigong Activation Movements

When people first have spontaneous qigong (especially if activated by a powerful healer), then the movements are usually very wild or dramatic. Lots of movement – arms flailing, back bends, yoga poses, jumping or spinning.

Kind of like this… (courtesy of Planet Veda, showing Dr Skakov activating spontaneous qi in his patients):


In some ways, it may even looks like an exorcism. And indeed this is just what it is.

Except it is an exorcism of stagnant Qi out of the body. By releasing this, the body can start to clear its Channels of Pathogenic Qi.

As stagnant qi clears, you get fewer movements

However, as you practice more frequently or have more spontaneous qigong activation sessions, you should find the movements become less wild and instead become quieter and gentler.

My friend Miro told me that this had happened with some of his patients. In the beginning, the movements were wild. But after a few treatments, they became gentler.

Releasing the darkness within

On one occasion, he told me that his patient would growl and grimace like a wild animal when he had spontaneous qigong activation. It truly was like something out of the movie – The Exorcist.

In the beginning, this patient came in with almost black eyes and had a hard, constrained rigid demeanour. His was holding on to all sorts of tension inside. After having spontaneous qigong sessions, these growls stopped, his face, softened, he became calmer and his eyes became brighter.

It sounds like something out of a movie, but you can tell in a person, when there is a lot of darkness within, as the eyes are almost black. And it can be construed as a form of possession.

Do we have darkness within?

Absolutely. How could we not considering the experiences and emotional manipulation we are exposed to throughout our life. 

Here is another extract from Irina Tweedy. She was a famous spiritualist in the UK in the 70s and 80s, who underwent an intense spiritual training with a Sufi master in India. Finally, towards the end of her break-through, she wrote in her diary of some of the dark stuff that was released out of her psyche in the form of hallucinogenic visions:

Last night was even worse than the first, if such a thing is possible at all. It was unbearable. Beyond myself with desire, half unconscious, I suddenly noticed in the dark room around me some kind of whirling, dark, grey mist. 

Trying to focus on it, I detected that there were strange shapes moving about and soon I could distinguish most hideous things, or beings; leering, obscene, all coupled in sexual intercourse, elemental creatures, animal-like, performing wild sexual orgies. I was sure that I was going mad…

I did not even know, not in this life at least, that such disgusting practices are possible; with dogs, men, women and horses, the most ghastly spiderlike creatures obscenely moving around, all leering at me, dancing, grey shadows…

Things I never knew could be done, or could exist; the most lecherous filth, I had to witness this night. Never knew? If I did not know it, how could I see it? It must have been somewhere in my depths, or else how could I see it? It must have been in me

The Chasm of Fire – Irina Tweedie, pg59

The Chasm of Fire Irina Tweedie

If that is the kind of stuff that came out back then in a reserved woman, what of today?

Just to add, Irina had lived a relatively conservative life, compared to today. She was the wife of a Naval officer. Her husband died prematurely and then after, she undertook a spiritual search for meaning in her life through religion. This led her to India, where she met a Sufi master, who became her teacher. She underwent a challenging initiation.

That someone like Irina had such darkness and “lecherous filth”  to be released from her psyche as part of her “liberation” can only make me wonder  – what of people today? What kind of “lecherous filth” would come out of the psyche and bodies of modern men and women today?

This is a world where we are exposed to, and have our emotions regularly stimulated with anger, jealousy, sex, lust, desire for power, status and material things. And that’s just the stuff coming from Disney. Even worse is the stuff projected to us from Hollywood movies (land of evil), pop music and social media (Facebook is evil(hashtag)). A Catholic client once said to me – that the devil is prevalent today in this world. I am inclined to agree with her.

I can only assume, we have blockages aplenty. And some of this will be of the “lecherous” type.

For the sake of our souls, our Ki/Qi energy flow, our spirituality, our mental emotional wellbeing. We need to cleanse ourselves of these influences.

My Spontaneous Qi Activation

When I first had a treatment with Miro, the movements were dramatic with lots of arms and leg movements. However. On subsequent treatments, my movements were not as wild as the very first time I had an acupuncture session from him.

So, that means my Channels were getting gradually clearer.

Qi blocks in the Channel Energy System

The idea of blockages in the Channels was discussed in my other article about Qigong Masters in China – which I wrote about in this article – Interviews with Qigong Masters in China: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (8):

Energy Channels represent another vital system of a human being. In healthy people, they are transparent, free (of blockages) and full of light. In those who are exhausted and ill, the energy channels look drained, dried, fainted and “knotted”, and in the origin of diseases, plugs can be seen

The Channels of those who practice qigong are free, radiate bright light and filled with qi.

Master Lu Xuezhi:

What is pathogenic energy?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are causes of disease called – ‘The Pathogenic Factors’.

These are typically classed as:

  • Cold
  • Damp
  • Wind
  • Heat
  • Dryness
  • Fire
  • Phlegm

In another article, I will write about these pathogenic factors, but it is a large topic and I don’t want this article to get too unwieldy.

In this article, I will discuss a new idea for a modern pathogenic factor, I refer to it broadly as “Latent Heat / Pernicious Qi / Evil Qi”. One of which is a term used in a John Hicks textbook on Five Elements Acupuncture

Latent Heat / Pernicious Qi / Evil Qi

This pathogenic factor (which is really a multitude of different pathogenic factors mixed together in a confusing mass of badness in the body), gets lodged in the Channels and parts of the body, causing a blockage in the flow of Qi.

It is probably one of the more controversial forms of pathogenic qi. And could be considered a modern pathogenic factor.

It is also an exposure of a pathogenic factor, which instead of being dispelled from the body, it is suppressed and lodged internally.

It has a weakening / enervating effect on the body. It is not immediately life threatening, but it does cause an internal disruption of the flow of energy, and can lead to chronic illness.

In our current society, I think that this is the most prevalent type of pathogenic factor we are exposed to. It differs from the other pathogenic factors, which were considered in a time when health and sickness was more simple.

Illness not allowed to run its course

One main cause of ‘Latent Heat / Pernicious Qi / Evil Qi’ is by not allowing an illness to run its natural course. Instead an intervention occurs which disturbs the natural process. For example, antibiotics, steroids, vaccin*ations are introduced at a crucial time and which disrupts the disease process or the immune system. These can be considered suppressive type drugs. They could arguably be considered ‘Cold’ or ‘Damp’ pathogenic factors.

But how do you treat this specific kind of lodged Cold or Damp Pathogenic factor with orthodox Acupuncture or herbal medicine treatment? It is merely palliative treatment.

Considering Western Pharmaceuticals and interventionist techniques as a potential cause of Latent heat / Pernicious Qi / Evil Qi, is controversial, because our current society operates on a pharmaceutical model. if you reject this, you can be heavily criticised. 

I suspect that some examples of suppressed or ‘Latent Heat /Pernicious Qi / Evil Qi’ can be seen in conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue disease, Multiple Sclerosis. As well as some types of cancer or inflammatory bowel disease.

Some of these conditions – for example fibromyalgia are difficult to treat (included with acupuncture). They are difficult to classify and difficult to find a root cause. Their symptoms appear confusing because it is as though the whole body’s neurological system is scrambled.

Some psychologists consider this illness psychosomatic i.e. in the imagination. This is wrong.

These conditions do have specific physical manifestations, observable to Chinese medicine practitioners. Yet even from a Chinese Medicine point of view, these diseases are an abnormality. Perhaps they are a modern-made disease, possibly with a entero-viral component, which is why there is no record of this illness before. And also why treating these diseases with acupuncture produces mixed results and reactions.

 Environmental Pathogens

In the time the classical Chinese Medicine Text, the Huangdi Neijing was written, around 3-5000 years ago, the world would have been relatively simpler. These days we are exposed to toxins unimagined back then. It is time to consider updating our understanding of sickness and pathogenic factors.

For example, we are exposed to emissions from petrol and diesel. Inner city residents especially those close to main roads breathe in high levels of pollutants in the air. Perhaps this could be considered ‘Heat’ and ‘Dry’ pathogenic factors.

Foods contain unnatural man-made substances – E-numbers, additives, preservatives, traces of pesticides, also metals, GMO’S, and way too much sugar. It is recognised that these substances are implicated in cancer, neurological conditions, and other ailments.

Many of use are exposed to metal, particularly mercury. This comes from mercury amalgram fillings – small amounts which leach into the body. But also aluminium and mercury from vaccin*ations. The latter also contains (alien to the body) proteins and virus particles from animals and human foetuses. 

There are traces of hormones – which comes from our drinking water. People who take oestrogen drugs or the pill – remnants of the hormones are passed into the urine and not filtered out. Also there are traces of antibiotics from factory reared animals, which we consume. How does this affect the body?

Pharmaceuticals – Legal drug use is increasing. These have to be detoxified by our Liver. Some substances get stored in our fat. Increasing numbers of kids are getting prescribed drugs at earlier ages. ADHD, Ritalin. Teenagers are getting anti-depressants. Some girls get prescribed the hormone disrupter – the Pill or the morning after pill.

Stress – I think our levels of stress are probably far more insidious than at any time in the past.

The Past? What are you talking about? You mean when we had high childhood mortality, epidemics, famines, war and everything was generally covered in dirt…? Yes, but back then, stress was more clearcut in its nature.

Constant Low-level Stress

Now, it is a different kind of stress. It is low-level and constant. The stress of getting through daily life. Always rushing from one place to another. Stressing to pass exams, get a job, keep the job, carry out work projects, pay the bills. Impress your boss or co-workers, pass your evaluation, the constant stress of keeping up. Stress of social media. Stress of commuting.

Stress lowers the immune system. The body is always in a level of low-grade anxiety. Stress could be considered ‘Internal Heat’ Pathogenic factor. We literally cook inside slowly, like frogs in a pan of slowly boiling water.

“Shall we jump out yet?” Says one frog to the other

“Naw, just five minutes more”

Wi-fi toxicity

Wi-fi. Electromagnetic and radiation from devices – the internet / smartphones. What would the ancient Chinese think of this? As yet, we have no idea what the effects of living in a wi-fi world is going to have on us long-term. Soon, they will introduce 5G. Then, I suppose 6G, 7G and so on. We are like the guinea pigs of this new technology. In 10 or 20 years we will find out just what the effects will be.

Possibly lower fertility rates in both men and women.

The Ki in our Channels is a form of energy. But what kind of effect does this WiFi energy have on us? Or the electro-magnetic energy waves from smartphones (which we are constantly glued to). Not to mention other devices like the TV.

We are living in an environmental soup of low grade toxicity. I use the word ‘low grade’ because generally these factors are not strong enough to make their effects on us apparent. The effects are likely accumulative and probably is affecting us on a daily basis, without us being aware.

Cancer and Auto-immune disease

Some people may wonder why rates of cancer, childhood cancer, autoimmune disease and autism are increasing, despite our advanced medical technology and the billions spent on pharmaceuticals.

But I would say, actually, this is probably a natural reaction of the world we live in. And the more toxicity that is introduced in our environment and in us, the more these disease rates will increase.

Does this mean we give up technology, drugs, medicines, and go and live on a commune in Siberia? Hell no… Hawaii perhaps. But really, these influences are everywhere now. So it’s really about limiting their influence over us. We need to be aware of these factors and look at ways to negate their harmful effects.

Constant Electo-magnetic stimulation from the devices all around us

A few years ago, I shared a long car journey with my friend Shaun. He made sure to switch off his phone all the time except when he used it. And he kept it away from his body. In contrast, mine was (and still is) always switched on and next to my body in my pocket constantly.

I used to think he was just being quirky. I mean how else are you supposed to check your email, your notifications, how many likes you got, the news, twitter, facebook, instagram, YouTube, PinInterest, your email, the estimated size of  Kim Kardashian’s butt, David Beckham’s new perfume line, your email, the latest news on Brexit, on and on and on… Who cares.

Now I am starting to realise he’s right.

It is horribly addictive and all the time you are bathed in low-grade electro magnetic energy. And keeping that device in your pocket next to your crown jewels… Can’t be good. Are we going to see an increase in testicular cancer ten years in the future?

Shaun wrote this book – ‘

‘How Toxic are my Trousers: A Guide on Refining the Senses to Navigate the World of Materials’.

How Toxic are my trousers Shaun Sutton

It is about how it is better for our body and our energy to be surrounded by natural materials. And how artificial materials like polyester is bad for our energy.

Polyester looks kind of naff too. Unless you’re MC Hammer. Hail to the Hammer.


In this token, I’d recommend that we all need to break this modern-day addiction to smart phones. That’s a hard one to do. They’re so new and make life so much more convenient. But they are only going to get more addictive and more essential to our life. Right now they are like mini computers, bank cards, password notebooks, TV’s, tracking devices, map books – everything. At some point, they’ll start implanting this stuff into the actual body.

And then who knows what that will do to our energy field and Ki flow?

And for those Gen X’s and Boomers and older Gen Y, we can remember a time before smartphones and Facebook.

It wasn’t as bad as you think it was. 

And Facebook. I swear Facebook is the work of the Devil. Unless you want to use Facebook to share one of my articles. That is perfectly acceptable. If not, then it’s evil. And it is your God.

So how do we classify all these environmental and pathogenic factors? and what is the effect on the body? How do we label them?

Medicine is always evolving, especially Chinese medicine. This is something for us to consider at this time in our history. We need a word to describe this new pathogenic factor.


I will put forward the Japanese word – ShouKi – (瘴気 /しょうき) (pronounced “Show- Key”) – to define this new pathogenic factor. 

Shou-Ki translates in the Online Japanese dictionary as Miasma – a noxious form of bad air believed to cause diseases’.

The Miasma theory came from Ancient Greek medicine. Miasma refers to poisonous gases or vapor filled with particles of dead or rotting matter. In Miasmatic theory – it is said that diseases were the result of toxins in the environment, water, air and from poor hygienic conditions.

In the modern sense,  these ‘poisonous gases’ can relate to emissions from automobiles, factories etc. The ‘waste particles’ can refer to hormones in the water. And in meat too, there are remnants of hormones. And the ‘particles of dead matter’ – specific pharmaceuticals (Wi*38) contains fragments of these.

So, there you go – the word Shou-Ki refers to the pathogenic factor of ‘Latent Heat / pernicious Qi / Evil Qi’. 

Modern day living, stagnant Qi and Pathogens

Our current lifestyle exposes us to lots of pathogenic factors. If our bodies are healthy, they will easily protect usor dispel these factors. Especially, if it’s in the form of a mild sickness like a cold.

But say we get a minor illness or a self-limiting illness.  Instead of letting it runs its natural course, we suppress it  with drugs. Or we do not allow adequate recovery time. Or we prevent the natural course of the disease (either involuntary or voluntary), then these pathogens get lodged in the body. Even more complex illness can be lodged in the body by intervening too aggressively.

So is there a way to get them out? – is the million dollar question

I think if there is a way to dislodge these factors, it is going to be very uncomfortable.

It may mean the body has to re-experience the disease (pathogenic factor), it has been suppressing and then be allowed to deal with it without outside interference (drugs).

Possibly there is a risk of death by doing so. But it’s the same risk you might have to consider for say something like disappearing into the Amazonian jungle to live in a hut with a shaman and drinking ayahuasca.

There is no safe*space when you undertake the spiritual path.

Time, space and care is required. You would probably have to go to a specialised place in the world where such a cleansing could be carried out.

This process is likely based on the homeopath Hahnemann’s theory that disease and healing occurs in layers. And that healing occurs in the process of clearing newest diseases to oldest. 

But we are not allowed to talk about homeopathy these days – ‘shhh… it’s just water…’.

Manipulating information

On a side note, I did a google search on “Hahnemann Homeopathy theory” and all the searches that came up on page one is how ‘Homeopathy doesn’t work’ or is ‘quackery’ etc. I had to search Yahoo instead to clarify the theory of disease process in Homeopathy.

Though I haven’t used Homeopathy, this principle is perfectly logical and can even fit with the principles of Meridians/Channels in Traditional Oriental Medicine. For example, disease affects one Channel. If unresolved, it can move on to affect a related Channel causing a new set of symptoms. To treat, you can either work backwards treating the more recent problem before moving on to the older one, or you can treat the original weak Channel.

Clearing out stagnations

With Shou-Ki, the body probably needs to undergo a cleansing period – vegetarianism, fasting and herbal remedies for some time in preparation.

And then there is a need for some kind of intense period of practice – yoga or qigong. And a prolonged recuperation period.

And then, this latent heat may be cleared. Maybe.

I don’t think it can be easily cleared from any therapy – alternative or medical. Having a session once a week. And no drug either can do it.

These are just my thoughts. And very few people will or can do this kind of thing.

The moderate approach to clearing pathogenic Qi

However, if a person doesn’t want to go this far, a person can still slowly clear themselves. For example, – switching to a predominately plant-based or vegetarian diet and reducing meat. Avoid overeating, removing toxic substances like cigarettes and sugar. Reducing TV,  Social Media and Internet/Smartphone exposure (except for my site). Getting fresh air and indulging in a regular activity like yoga, qigong, tai chi, gardening or walking.

Also carrying out a mind-based practice like meditation, prayer or a kind of daily contemplation is order to clear out emotional tension. Even having a long and personal dialogue with yourself can help.

This would help the body function more optimally, as it has less toxins to process. And I have heard several accounts of people with chronic conditions who are able to improve their symptoms by making life changes to their diet and daily habits.

Such things are at odds with modern day living and society – where we are always encouraged to be ‘busy busy busy’. Striving to succeed. Attain. Accomplish. Impress. And make money. But there comes a time in a persons life when such thoughts become almost unavoidable.

Some example of positive lifestyle changes can be found in my book – The Genki Self Health Guide

And spontaneous qigong (zifa gong) could be a part of that gradual cleansing process. I am curious what kind of movements a person with a condition like fibromyalgia might manifest.

If your life is being made miserable by a chronic disease. Then it may be worthwhile trying out zifagong. And especially to see a healer who can activate it in you.

Once pathogenic energy has been cleared

So how do we know when there is no more pathogenic energy left in the body. How do we know when the body has cleared its Meridians/Channels of its blockages?

The answer logically should be when there are fewer movements during zifagong. But what then? 

The answer is provided in an extract in a book called Zifa Gong by Alexander Brighton, which I will post a review about soon.

Alexander diligently practiced spontaneous qigong for two years. In this book he wrote:

After two full years of practicing zifa gong (spontaneous qigong), the energy in my body no longer generated any movement at all — except for one.

After two years of practice, every morning for the next two months, my internal energy simply forced me down to the ground into a cross-legged posture, as if to declare me ready for meditation.

Alexander Brighton, Zifa Gong

This tells us that there is an end game to spontaneous qigong. Or rather the beginning of a new stage.

Janne also makes a mention of how the spontaneous qi naturally leads him into a meditative pose at the end of practice. I recall that I also experienced this a few times at the end of a zifa-gong practice session:

After the spontaneous movement is finished, then usually comes the spontaneous meditation posture, it can be a posture of sitting or a lying on the floor.

Fancy that, the body’s Qi leads you into meditation naturally. You don’t have to lead it.

It is known that meditation is the pathway into greater spirituality and consciousness. It is more than just a way to reduce stress.

I can only conclude that meditation led by spontaneous qi must be a deeper and more profound experience. And it is highly significant that the spontaneous qi only leads that body into a meditation pose after it has cleared the meridians (or pathogenic qi).

Get on your butt and Give me Meditate!

We are told to meditate. It is supposed to help us relax the body, calm the mind, achieve a connection to the infinite/god/ etc. But the reality is that most people struggle with it. It is almost torturous to sit and try to stop your mind. So much easier to look at your smartphone. To check Kim Kardashian’s Butt size. David Beckham’s new tattoo etc.

So perhaps this is a reason for our inability to concentrate. We are full of energetic blocks. It hinders our ability to quieten the mind. By carrying out zifagong, the body removes many of these blocks and puts us in a trance like state, which is more conducive to entering a meditative pose.

Return to homeo-stasis

In this age or environmental toxicity, our bodies are increasingly moving deeper into an extreme state of imbalance. In order to bring us back to a more homeostatic – balanced state, many of us would do well to practice some of the internal arts – like qigong or yoga pranayama. And maybe go further by considering zifa gong. Start off, by reading more articles on my website. Links below.

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People who are able to set off Spontaneous Qi Activation (AMENDED)


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5 Animal Frolics and Spontaneous Qi as an Origin of Qigong – Message from Janne (2)

5 animal frolics spontaneous qigong
5 animal frolics spontaneous qigong
Spontaneous Qi as an origin of Qigong

In this next part, I explore and discuss the concept that qigong sets like the Five Animal Frolics and even the 8 pieces of brocade may possibly have evolved from spontaneous qigong movement.

What are the 5 Animal Frolics?

The 5 animal frolics’ are an ancient set of exercises sometimes attributed to the Chinese monk Hua Tao. These are a series of health exercises modelled on the movements of the Tiger, Dear, Bear, Monkey and Crane. These exercises work on specific Channels (Meridians) and enhance the flow of Qi in the body. 

These exercises are covered in detail in the book – ‘The Complete System of Self-Healing Internal exercises‘ by Stephen T. Chang.

Here is a YouTube video of them:

 Janne shared me his thoughts of these exercises:

Today there are really many styles and forms about the five animal play and almost every one of them is teaching the styles where you just imitate the movement’s of these five animals. Then it’s like an actor who plays a role, but who’s not the real thing.

In spontaneous five animal play, the animal moves comes from the energy of the meridian, and is unique for everyone although you can spot the certain animal moves when the energy moves one meridian to another.

My own theory is that the spontaneous form of qigong is the origin of many qigong styles. 

My own thoughts on this and experience with the 5 Animal Frolics

This thought by Janne fits with my own belief about the origin of qigong, tai chi and especially the origin of the 5 animal exercises.

I wrote before in this article – Qigong and Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Part One,  about my first attempt at practiced the 5 animal exercises in my early 20s, whilst looking for a way to heal a digestive disease. This was years before I had any understanding of acupuncture or qigong or knowledge of energy work.

Basically, I didn’t have a clue how to do these exercises. Here is an extract

My first introduction to qigong came in my early twenties. My mother had bought a copy of a book which showed the ‘5 animal frolics’ – an ancient set of exercises sometimes attributed to the Chinese monk Hua Tao. This book contains a series of health exercises modelled on the movements of the Tiger, Dear, Bear, Monkey and Crane.

This was the pre-internet days. These days you only need to open YouTube, and you can get your own personal teacher. Back then, nada.

I can recall practicing the bear and a monkey exercise. And I took it literally. I thought the monkey exercise meant you had to pretend to be a monkey. So I did. I modelled myself on Clyde in the Clint Eastwood movie – ‘Any which way but lose’ with a little bit of Planet of the Apes thrown in for good measure. I made some impressive monkey noises and monkey movements. 

I didn’t bother with the crane or deer. I just couldn’t get my motivation. I probably needed more acting lessons.

You Need a Teacher 

This echos what Janne said about someone who watches and then imitates the moves is a kind of acting. 

This taught me that you really need a good tai chi or qigong teacher when learning these exercises.

You can only get so far by yourself with a book. I came to the same conclusion when trying to learn the piano by myself with a book.

We need systemisation

It is important to mention that there is great value in systemised sets like the Five animal exercises and 8 pieces of brocade. And also in people learning and imitating the moves (without allowing the flow of spontaneous qi). 

By having a systemised set, people can learn these moves and gain the benefits of enhancing their qi.

Also it is unrealistic for people to immediately enter spontaneous qi or even understand the flow of qi in their bodies when learning these exercises for the first time.

So basically, imitation is a necessary step to go through and to learn to carry out qigong exercises.

But if you want to take it further, my proposition is that spontaneous qigong is another level of qigong. Though it does seem to be an optional level. 

Spontaneous Qi as the basis

The other thing I learned, which came years later after discovering spontaneous qigong, is that I believe these exercises evolved from spontaneous qigong practice. 

This understanding came to me one time during a period when I was undergoing regular spontaneous qigong practice following an encounter of having spontaneous qigong actition through an acupuncture treatments with Miro (Miro Baricic – Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (7)).

During one of my own practice sessions, I found the spontaneous qigong movements led me into performing tai chi type movements. On another occasion, the spontaneous qigong movements led me into kung fu type movements with punches and accompanying yells.

Whilst in the past I have done some classes of tai chi and a handful of kung fu classes. I have not done either enough to develop any muscle memory. So, these two occasions were very unusual

Primeval Qi

It also led me to understand that these spontaneous exercises and sets were like gifts. Either a gift from our body. Or a higher force. A force that wants to teach us ways to improve our life and health. Also that these exercises can be shared with others to help improve their flow of qi energy.

I suspect that everyone has their own set of spontaneous qigong exercise which they will be led into performing when their SQ is activated. It may be an exercise that is particularly unique to them, like their fingerprints. 

My theories about the Five Animal Frolics Qigong exercise

I had two thought about the origin of this specific exercise – the Five Animal Frolics:

  1. They were a systematization of an original spontaneous qigong exercise

Personally, I believe that the five animal frolics were a set of spontaneous qigong movements that the practitioner then attempted to categorise and process into a system of movements. Due to the Ancient Chinese and Taoist practice of observing nature, he likened these specific movements to that of animals. 

2. Animal spirits

Or here is another possibility, with an echo of the traditional culture of some Native Indigenous cultures:

The practitioner who developed these exercises was imbibed with the spirits of these specific animals perhaps through a trance or deep qigong meditation practice and was led to carry out animalistic type movements based on their energy pattern.


These are just theories and not really provable. But if I had to choose one, I would say that it was likely the first choice. The five animal frolics were a systematisation of a series of exercises developed from spontaneous qigong practice.

Spontaneous Qi and Systemisation

The original teacher – (Hua Tao?), activated his spontaneous qigong. The qi led him into these spontaneous movements in a specific pattern.

Afterwards, the practitioner attempted to categorise and record these movements into specific sets based on these spontaneous movements. He then taught these movements to others and they were recorded on paper.

This is based on other observations about kung fu (especially kung fu movies), where specific styles and movements are based on animals or insect type movements. For example – the snake, dragon, the crane, praying mantis, etc.

So then this same principle was applied to these qigong sets, hence they became the 5 animal sets. 

So basically, what I am saying is that spontaneous qigong is the basis of many qigong movements and probably some tai chi.

Primeval Healing

Also I’ll go further and hypothesise that spontaneous qigong is closely linked to shamanism and original healing. This is a trance that shamans enter causing them to perform dances. It is also similar to the whirling dance of the Mevlevis, which I wrote about here – Energy Moves in Spirals and Whirling: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (5)

It has the potential to heal and connect to the universal spirit. Also, it may be able to remove blockages – energetic,  physical, mental and emotional in our lives. 

These are hypothesises, based on my limited experiences of qigong and energy work. I do believe that there is a deeper component to spontaneous qigong.

What is interesting is the accessibility of Spontaneous qigong to most people, which can be experienced after the person has practiced qigong for a few months. This suggests, it may be a part of a human inbuilt healing and cleansing software.

Other Videos and Articles

Here are some other video links, websites and information that Janne shared with me. 

Video links to Shi Delon and Jason Dean’s videos





Website – Shaolin.org.uk



Link to article about spontaneous five animal play (wu qin xi):



YouTube Channel – Temple Tai Chi

Temple Tai Chi YouTube Channel

Contains other videos on Spontaneous Qigong

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Pathogenic Energy release manifests as Spontaneous Qi movement: Message from Janne (3)

There is a lot of information in these videos and links to explore for those interested in exploring spontaneous qigong and healing.  

Many thanks to Janne from Finland for sharing this information with me, and in turn, helping me share it with you.

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Activating Spontaneous Qi / Shi Delon, Jason Dean videos – Message from Janne (1)

Shi Delon Jason Dean Spontaneous qigong
Shi Delon Jason Dean Spontaneous qigong

I received an email from a reader of my spontaneous qigong articles – Janne from Finland.

Janne had also experienced the spontaneous qi effect. He shared his personal experience about spontaneous qigong and provided some links to videos on this subject. He gave me permission to share what he wrote in this article.

Here is Janne’s message to me:

I am also really interested in the phenomenon called spontaneous qigong. I also work as an acupuncturist and bone setter, and I have been doing healing work for about 20 years.

I wasn’t aware that there was a thing called spontaneous qigong until one day maybe 7-8 years ago. I was doing some regular zhan zhuang (qigong) standing exercise and I was getting the urge to start moving myself spontaneously.

After that I googled if there was similar experience’s with other qigong practitioners and discovered that zifagong (the Chinese word for Spontaneous Qigong – SQ) is really popular in china 🙂

After that I have read every article that I have found about the subject and of course also want to learn more. Today if I practice spontaneous qigong, sometimes the movement is like from the 5 animal frolics qigong (animal movement) but sometimes the movement is something else.

With clients I can sometimes get some spontaneous movement using just energy, it doesn’t make a difference if I use needles or not. But the movement is really small, like a fast muscle spasm and then it’s gone.

Janne also shared with me information about a Shaolin monk called Shi Delon, who utilises zifagong (spontaneous qigong). As well as an English student of Shi Delon called Jason Dean.


I was glad for Janne’s email. This is the reason why I have written many articles on the subject of spontaneous qigong.

I wanted to put my own experiences out there to share with others and invite others to discuss their experiences. 

Even though I am not that experienced in qigong, I found this phenomenon so curious, I wanted to learn and write about it more. Particularly as so few people in the world know about it.

And it beats talking about football. 

Spontaneous qigong is not that common or even well-known, but I believe it is a fundamental aspect of qigong. I have found some articles and a text that discussed the interest in spontaneous qigong in China in the 1980s, during its Qigong-boom years. some of this I will be sharing and discussing later. 

My understanding and experience of spontaneous qigong is not that deep and there is a lot of things I do not understand yet. As I learn more about it, I will be recording my recordings and thoughts here. Hence these articles. 

My experiences

Janne mentioned some interesting things. His first experience of spontaneous qigong came during regular zhan zhang practice where he felt the urge to start moving spontaneously. 

This was similar for me. I found the urge to move spontaneously during a regular home practice. It started during one of the exercises of the 8 pieces of brocade.

Setting off minor spontaneous qi in patients

Janne also mentioned how he felt he set off minor spontaneous qi movements in his patients – 

the movement is really small, like a fast muscle spasm and then it’s gone.”

In one of my previous articles, I recounted a single incident when I thought that I had also set off a spontaneous qi effect in a patient – Setting off Spontaneous Qi in a patient? Spontaneous Qigong Practice – Days 13-14

The movement was so minor, that I wonder whether it was just a coincidence. But it had some of the hallmarks of a spontaneous qi activation effect. There was an unexplained, and ‘out of character’ movement in the limb of my patient. It kept flexing and relaxing constantly. As well as a brightness in his eyes afterwards.

On that occasion, I used points I don’t usually use. I was not able to repeat the effect when I saw him again, but then –  I also never tried using the same points. 

Just to add. I do not chase this effect in any of my treatments. I do not understand enough about it yet.

Shi Delon, Jason Dean (Shi Xing Lik) and Spontaneous Qigong Videos

Janne also showed some video links to a Shaolin Monk – Dr YK. Leung PhD  ‘Shi Delon’ and his British student Jason Dean (Shi Xing Lik).

Janne mentioned this about Shi DeLon

He (Shi Delon) can also trigger the spontaneous healing effect without needles by pressing hand acupoints and using energy. He has one student – Jason Dean who can also do the same thing. 

There are a lot of videos. It is clear that Shi Delon is a Master in this field. He has several students.


Here is a link to Shi Delon’s homepage – Shaolin.org.uk


Here are links to Shi Xing lik (Jason Lee’s) Websites – TempleHolistic.co.uk (Site contains incomplete pages Feb 2019).

It seems that Shi Xing Lik (Jason Lee) is now practicing in Slovakia. Here is the website – www.HumansInstitute.com (English and Slovakian available).


Jason Lee (Shi Xing Lik) at his temple in Leeds, running classes with spontaneous qigong
We see Shi DeLon, setting off spontaneous qigong movements in patients and students in Slovakia and tai chi practice
Irish Daoist Medicine Practitioner Collin Dampsey (Xing Gao) setting off spontaneous qi in patients
Shi Xing Yi (Johnny Tsang) (British/Chinese student of Shi Delon) interview
Other Videos and Articles

Here are the video links, websites and information that Janne shared with me. 

Video links to Shi Delon and Jason Dean’s videos





Website – Shaolin.org.uk



Link to article about spontaneous five animal play (wu qin xi):



YouTube Channel – Temple Tai Chi

Temple Tai Chi YouTube Channel

Contains other videos on Spontaneous Qigong

There is a lot of information in these videos and links to explore for those interested in exploring spontaneous qigong and healing.  

One thing I take from these videos is that these abilities can be developed with the cultivation of internal energy and regular practice for several years. However, guidance on how to activate and use these spontaneous qigong healing abilities are necessary.


Many thanks to Janne from Finland for sharing this information with me, and in turn, helping me share it with you.

Next Part

Spontaneous Qi as an Origin of Qigong (Message from Janne – 2) Date – TBC)


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Video: What is HEALING?

Here is the latest video for The GENKI Health Channel on YouTube:

What is HEALING?

Narrated again by the wonderful Caroline Graham, with some video footage of winter snow in the UK.

Please like, share or subscribe. Every click you give helps the Channel grow.

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How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction

In my hand was a lightsaber. I was flashing it around and making that cool swishing sound-effect that lightsabers make. I was a Jedi…

Suddenly, in the distance an ominous figure appears and hurries to me. I can see from the dark shape and cold-featured mask, that I have just manifested Darth Vader and he’s coming to kick my butt. So I do what every self-respecting Jedi does. I run away.

Or in other words, I woke up from my dream.  But before I did, I had one sudden insight. I realised that I had manifested Darth in my lucid dream with an ‘act of association’.

Dream Worlds and how to manifest Darth Vader

Dreams are usually weird and fulls of random people, occurrences and acts. But in this dream, I became aware that Darth Vader’s manifestation was not completely random. Even though I did not manifest him on purpose in my dream. He had been manifested because of my act of waving a lightsaber around. As I mentioned before, it was due to a ‘act of association’.

It worked like this: There are a lot of different characters in the Star Wars Universe, but if you think of lightsabers, the most obvious association is Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker has his epic battle using his lightsaber against Darth Vader. In my dream, I was playing with a lightsaber and my dream universe picked up on that and created the figure most associated with it, which was Darth.

The Law of Manifestation

And this made me think about the ‘law of manifestation’ and of the various ways it may work. Of course, this is a dream and in the dream world, anything can be manifested (particulary if we control our dreams with lucid dreaming).  In the real world, if I pretended to be a Jedi Knight, Darth Vader is not going to suddenly turn up.

However, I assume that this is where the theory of synchronicities come in. So even though the physical being Darth Vader doesn’t turn up, it is quite possible for me to encounter other Darth Vader paraphernalia. For example, I may come across someone wearing a Darth Vader mask, or I may see a poster for a new Star Wars movie.

And in fact, in a local charity shop, that I pass by every day, there is a kids book in the display window called “Darth Vader and Son’. But seeing how popular Star Wars and Darth Vader is these days, then I could either interpret these as coincidences or as synchronicities. It is up to me, how I want to interpret this data. And that has been my attitude these last ten years to the concept of the ‘Law of Manifestation’.

The Secret – Pah…

Personally, I really didn’t go for all that ‘The Secret’ hype a few years ago. It just all seemed so American, too slick and hyped up. This idea that you can manifest absolutely anything you want – new car, money, women and so on, seems too easy and too sensational.

I mean I tried and tried to manifest a meeting with J-Lo, but it just didn’t happen. And I’m still waiting on Lady Gaga.

My wife advised me to read a book by Ester and Abraham Hicks and I bought it and read it, but something about it just didn’t click with me. On the other hand, when I recently read through a book by David Spangler, his writings really made sense and seemed more grounded.  I would highly recommend this book.

And then there is real life

I think we’re all aware that life isn’t all glossy like in The Secret and full of everyday miracles and you can manifest everything you want. Actually, life is full of lots of messy stuff. People being sick, dysfunctional families and all sort of life-dramas. We don’t see these undercurrent stories when we meet someone in daily life. We only see the mask. But many people have something going on behind that mask. It’s part of life.

For a few years, I worked in a hospice setting doing acupuncture. At that time, I was working with people dying of terminal illnesses, or living with life-limiting illnesses. Or I would support their family members. Some of the patients were in wheelchairs and unable to use any part of their body. They were completely dependent on carers. When I met some of these brave people, all this Law of Attraction gloss just seemed fake to me.

Peeling away the kitsch

Perhaps, because it has been marketed so sophisticatedly and hyped up, it all seems so fake.

But I recognise that there is something of real value in it behind all the hype. In this article, I will talk about one of the ways that I think manifestation works, by creating ‘acts of association’ in our lives.

My life frustrations

Just like everyone else who reads books like The Secret, I have frustrations and unmet wants in my life. There are circumstances in my life I was unhappy with.

For example, we needed to a bigger place to live in. London is going through a property bubble and there is no affordable housing for younger couples with children. I was stretched to my limit just to pay for the small private place I had. And just like other people, I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and working all the time, just to see my money go on taxes, rent, bills and groceries, with nothing for the future or for other purposes. This didn’t seem a life I wanted. Basically I was stuck.

I would spend all my time think about what I was missing, and considering how I could make it happen. But it was kind of like banging a square shape into a round hole. In the end, it just became all too frustrating.

Yet, I suppose, that is the life I had been manifesting up till now.

Suck it up

Most people will say thats life, just suck it up. This is normal… right?

But then I would see other people with different types of lives. Lives where they are pursuing their interests and their passions. Lives where their income is so high, it enables them to pursue lots of different life experiences. Yes, there are plenty of people like this in London.

And then I thought, well why them, and not me? And I answered: sure there are differences in our life circumstances, which make this more doable for them, but essentially, it could be me also.

Manifesting Darth Vader with acts of association

So what has this got to do with manifesting Darth Vader?

That dream made me consider the Law of Attraction again, but a little more deeper. I considered the possibility that we can manifest things – not by focusing directly on the thing we want, but by surrounding ourselves with things that are associated with the object of intention. Or in other words, by introducing into our lives, ‘acts of association’ with the desired objective.

For example, the lightsaber is an object that is highly associated with Darth Vader. So in my dream, it was natural that he would show up. But in  daily life, manifestations are not always immediate or so direct.

So in the physical world, We have to think a little more thoughtfully about the act of association. We also have to be patient for it to take effect in our lives, once we have introduced the new act of association… Very patient.


For example, if you have an illness, the object is to get healthy. People will usually see a doctor and get tests and receive a treatment. Some conditions like bacterial infections can be pretty much treated with a course of antibiotics and the problem goes away. But other problems aren’t treated so easily. Perhaps some symptoms can be suppressed, so a person can continue functioning in society.

In this condition, your direct objective is to get healthy. But no matter how hard you may think of it, it doesn’t come.

I know this feeling. In my twenties I had a disease called ulcerative colitis, that hit me strong. Yet, after my symptoms were suppressed were steroids, I never felt my body operated at the same level of efficiency as years earlier. I remembered what it was like to have a healthy body and I wanted it back.

‘Acts of Association’ – which choice feels right to you

In this situation, to bring health, by focusing on acts of association. I had to consider what are the acts that a healthy person does? What about unhealthy acts?

Healthy ‘acts of association’

So I made changes to my life. In effect, I introduced an act of association. I introduced pro-active healthy living practices and dropped a lot of unhealthy living practices.

For example, I read cookbooks on healing gut disease. I actually bought a steamer and steamed salmon and ate it with lemon, whilst listening to classical music to aid digestion. (even though at the time, I had long hair at the time and had been listening to bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Faith No More – quite a contrast).

I read about how carrots are really beneficial for your gut lining, and so I ate so much boiled or steamed carrots, my skin actually started to turn a light shade of orange.

And just to put it in perspective – the only thing I knew how to cook up till then was an English Breakfast. That is fried egg, fried bacon, fried sausage and toast. Really, fatty, greasy and unhealthy. Or I might eat leftover Chinese take-out from the night before (looking back it was no wonder, I got sick).

And I realised that these were all big acts of association of how to be an unhealthy person. So instead I decided I wanted to live the life of a healthy person, so I adopted the eating habits of one.

And then years later, all these healthy living life changes and bits of knowledge I absorbed back then, has now become my work. It is stuff, I can share with clients today.

Refusing acts of association that didn’t feel congruent to me

At the time of my diagnosis, My nurse gave me information about an organisation related to my disease. It was a kind of charity designed to create a community of people with colitis. I decided to become a member and got the newsletters and read through their forums. But it just made me feel depressed and I wanted to throw it all away. So I did.

I didn’t want to hear from people who were suffering from this disease, who wanted to talk about how life is hard with it and no one understands their difficulties.

Nor did I want to read articles about potential ‘new cures’ and drugs as though, my whole life was dependent on some scientist in a lab.  Drugs didn’t interest me at all.

And I especially didn’t want to hear from doctors or nurses that ‘diet has nothing to do with the disease’. Of course it does. Seriously, what do they learn in doctor school? Perhaps it’s changed now.

Just to add – support organisations do great work

This is not to say, that support groups, like the one I mentioned above are all about associating with being sick. Not at all. They have a very important function and help many people. This was just my own personal feeling and personality trait. I am the kind of person, that if I was an alcoholic, I would more likely find my own solution to quitting and would avoid groups like AA, even though they can be very effective in getting people to quit drinking. It is my own preference.

Leaving paths behind

Ultimately, I wanted to find the solution and fix the problem naturally and without drugs.

I felt that if I kept reading their material of this organisation or attend their support groups, I would only lock the illness even more into me. Hence, I would only bring the association of being sick more firmer into my life.

I didn’t want that. I wanted to fix this problem naturally and also proactively. So that was the journey I undertook. I created a different act of association and I manifested a different life script for myself.

We are making our current life, step by step

In Part 1, I discussed my dream where the manifestation of Darth Vader from the simple ‘act of association’ of my dream character holding a lightsaber, led me to consider that perhaps we are manifesting our actual physical reality every moment in time.

Who you are, and what you are doing now, is a direct or indirect result of every decision you have taken up to now.

But where does this fit into health? Some diseases we have no control of, right?

Some, yes. For example, genetic diseases we are born with or circumstances or accidents that have occurred to us and are out of our control. For example, if your mother received  thalidomide when she was pregnant from the doctor, which we now know causes birth defects. Or perhaps, if someone worked with asbestos, which we now know can lead to COPD or Lung cancer.

But more often than not, we do have some control

But sometimes, there are factors that have occurred, where we do have control over. For example, if you stick too long in a abusive relationship.  Or if you work too long in a job that you absolutely hate and which gives you lots of stress, ulcers and makes you take it out on your family.

It is recognised that stress inhibits the immune system and increases blood pressure. Is it so hard to imagine that being in this kind of situation for many years could result in disease later in your middle-age years?

Work Zombie

For example, if you do a job you really really hate for years, where you think to yourself on a daily basis: “My life is unfulfilled, I hate my boss, I hate my co-workers. I am trapped. I am a zombie, I feel like a zombie…” and so on, what happens here is that you really will become a zombie.

Yes, you will.

Your skin will turn pale, you will start to shuffle and moan and groan throughout your daily life, easily snapping at people or other drivers around you for small insignificant acts. Your conversation will become mundane, lacking imagination and you’ll be easily manipulated by advertisers and the media into chasing material goods as a substitute for happiness, kind of like how zombie hordes chase after living humans for sustenance.

And zombies aren’t particular healthy. In fact, they’re dead. So you may find your health suffers too. This is creating the act of association of a zombie.

So if in your dream, you pulled out a lightsaber. Bad move. You’d probably get Darth Vader leading a group of Nazi zombies – kind of like those cheesy 1980’s horror movies.

You chose your current life

Your job today is a manifestation of every decision and step you have taken in your life before. Perhaps your path was straightforward. You knew you wanted to be a doctor so you studied hard at every level and picked up all your relevant qualifications. Then you became one. Great. (Just be aware that diet is definitely a factor in disease whatever the studies conclude).

But a lot of people land into careers and jobs in a backwards, tumbling-kind of way. I heard of a guy who was in prison for years. Then when he got out, he set up a successful building renovation business, making him a very rich man. His path to his business was certainly not clear and measured. But perhaps, if we looked closely at his actual life experiences, we may find that the seeds for this eventual business success was being planted and acted upon in many different ways all along his journey.

My own example

If I stop and evaluate, my own life I can see that my path today is the result of lots of choices, circumstances and mind-sets I have made over the years.

For example, In my early twenties, I became very sick with the disease, ulcerative colitis, that I discussed in part 1.

I dropped out of university. I fell behind my peers and I felt lost. My life had no direction.

If I had been fine with that, (as a lot of people in my hometown were), then there would have been no problem. But I had more ambition, and this lack of purpose really frustrated me.

Small and seemingly, insignificant acts I did years before – led me to who I am today

So, I made some small acts in my life to change my life script. I created new acts of association. But these were not big acts. They were all small and seemingly insignificant acts. Yet, each act was like a seed, with the potential to grow into a big tree.

I started reading a lot more. One of the first things I read at that time was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. That was a big life changer for me. It made me think more deeply about the purpose of my life. I read all his other books. Then I actually visited a local library for the first time and picked out all sorts of books about health, spirituality and I consumed them. One of them was the book ‘The Road Less Travelled’. Another life-changing book.

Fast forward five years and I am massaging another man’s feet

At the time then, I had no inclination that I was ever going to study complementary therapies, although one of my favourite books, strangely enough was the Hale Clinic Guide to Complementary Therapies. I dipped in and out of it reading about all the different types of complementary therapies. Since then, I have visited the Hale clinic’s bookshop many times in London.

However, to a young man in the countryside, all that kind of stuff was a bit girly. Yet it is those early steps that led to me massaging a man’s feet years later, in a classroom, when I trained for my Reflexology qualification. A very unusual experience for me back then, but not anymore.

Then I learnt to stick needles into myself and then other people, when I studied acupuncture. I suppose that’s even stranger. Yet, I could consider that one of the steps that led me there was reading Paulo Coelho’s book years before. Why – because it set off the beginning of a catalysis – a desire to have more meaning to my life. Small acts of association have wide-reaching potential consequences.

Unintended & unexpected consequences of earlier ‘acts of association’

So if I look at it this way, all those books I read around 15 years ago, made the manifestation of my current life possible. A path, that honestly is full of challenges (and frankly not enough money as I would like), but has definitely been interesting.

And with hindsight, if I had carried out any other acts, that could be associated with a sick person.

For example, I could have chosen to put my health completely in the hands of my doctor’s drugs and then kept smoking, drinking and partying, as I had done before getting sick. I could have not bothered to learn more about health and my disease. If I had taken that course – those acts of association, well then I may be still there right now in that old life, feeling very unfulfilled.

What are your acts of association?

Before I go to Part 3, I ask you to consider all those small and seemingly insignificant or even largely significant acts that you have taken all these years to become the person you are today. How many of those acts were purposely taken? How many just seemed to happen to you? How many were good acts of association and how many led to bad experiences?

In life, everything has a reason and a purpose as well as a cause and consequence. What have been your road turnings and sign posts to get you to your life today?

Manifesting a new path

I have previously discussed the idea of choosing your life script. I think this is the starting point.

We may feel stuck in an unwanted situation, feeling as though we are tumbling and falling, with no control of where we are falling to. The situation wants to chew us up and run us through its course. You are not alone in feeling this. It happens so often in life and in some ways, it is part of our life script.

In this situation, the one thing we always have some control over is our – ‘choice of mind’.

By choice of mind, I don’t mean that we can suddenly escape the situation, or magically create money or quit the jobs we hate, especially if we have a mortgage, kids, debts and the economy is bad.

What I mean by ‘choice of mind’ is that we have the power to choose if this is the life we want to manifest from hereon in. Or do we want something else?

If we want to manifest a different life, then it starts with the mind. The mind is the starting point.

Then with the mind, we formulate what it is we would like to experience and then in physical reality, we take actual steps to bring it about. We do this by introducing new acts  of association. The steps can be small. Very small. But every act sends a ripple into our new reality.

Creating new ‘acts of association’ in career

I know of someone who wants to get out of a job he hates. It sucks the life out of him, But he has family and bills. So what can he do?

Well, in his case, he is slowly transitioning out of it. He trained in a practical skill in his spare time by doing a part-time course. He set up a website for his potential business. He even applied for jobs in his new field. He still works the job he hates and is not able to make the full transition, but his mind and energy is moving in a new direction. It is only a matter of time till it happens. Then I think he will have some more challenges to go through, but the good thing is he will be able to live a more fulfilling life.

In his case, all these acts of association – the applying for the short course, the website and the applying for jobs are the equivalent of waving the lightsaber around. But in his case, I think Obi wan Kenobi will turn up to point him in the right direction of a new kind of work and life. And perhaps Yoda too later on.

Creating new ‘acts of association’ in health

The same goes with health. Whatever the state, there are choices of how we approach a disease. I had a family member who had a diagnosis of cancer. Though it was a more serious type this person was relatively young and had a good sense of ikigai (life purpose) through his career which had great meaning to him.

However, he had seriously destructive life habits. He was a heavy smoker, daily drinker and ate excessively rich and fatty foods. He went to the doctor and paid for the best expert in the field and literarily said to the doctor: “OK, now fix me”.

So then he took all the drugs, suffered all the side effects and continued his unhealthy lifestyle as best as he could. But it didn’t work. Sadly he died too early in life.

Can we manifest better health with ‘acts of association’?

It is all in hindsight now, but was this an uncontrollable consequence? Or could he have manifested a different outcome? What if he had adopted the ‘acts of association’ of a healthy person? Say, he chose to eat more healthily, quit the meats and rich foods. Cut down or better yet – quit the drinking and smoking? And perhaps he started going walking every day to help lose weight and oxygenate his body.

All of these are the kind of acts are that associated with a healthy person. By doing these acts, you manifest the life of a healthy person. Or to make an analogy –  you are waving your lightsaber around, but instead Princess Leia turns up. That’s not a bad outcome.

All the acts of drinking daily, smoking heavily, eating rich food and never exercising are the kinds of acts associated with a sick person. So even though you may take the most up-to-date, expensive medical treatment available, it doesn’t matter. Because you will still be manifesting sickness. And if you wave your lightsaber around, for sure, Darth Vader will turn up with the Phantom Menace for back up.

Everyday we are manifesting without being aware of it

So this is the meaning for me of how we manifest things in our lives. There is no magic. We are literally doing it every moment of our life.  The life you have today was brought about by associations and decisions you made years before.

In fact most people are just really lousy at manifesting things. They tend to manifest things they hate. Usually they do it by doing and thinking things that are not true to themselves.

For example, they let someone else choose a career or them and then spend the rest of their life doing it and hating every moment. And then they complain about hating their job and life… well of course you do, but you chose it.

And you can choose another.

So in this moment, even if your life sucks, think about the one thing you would like to experience as a part of your life. Then think of what ‘acts of association’ are strongly connected with it. These can be small things like reading a book on the topic, buying a item of clothing related to it, or a simple email to someone in that field – by connecting with someone who is already doing what you want to do.

In fact, I did that last week. I sent an email to Steve Pavlina regarding a playful article I wrote and asking his permission to use it. He was fine with it.

Yet by doing that, I feel I have introduced a minor act of association into my life by taking me one small step closer towards a different kind of life and contacts with more growth orientated people. And all it took was one article and a small email.

The Butterfly effect

These are the small steps, just like the fabled butterfly effect that will eventually lead to bigger, more visible results sometime later. This is what I am currently working on, especially with this new website and blog. With every word and article I post, I feel I am building a new association in my life with the manifestation of a favourable life experience. It is not clear how this will turn out, but I have faith. So stick around and keep reading my posts to see how this life experiment goes.

Create your new acts of association

At the end of Part 2, I asked you to consider your acts of associations, your steps and acts significant or insignificant, that led you to your current life experience.

Well, every moment you are alive, you have the opportunity to consciously create new acts of association. These are new seeds that may grow into something bigger sometime in the future.

A seed need not be anything big. Seeds invariably are very small and insignificant little things, but that have the potential to become mighty hunks of a tree.

It can be a thought or a small act. Some examples are reading a new book, joining a new club for something you wanted to learn but never could before. It may be discovering a new genre of music and throwing yourself into it or trying out a new type of food. It may be exploring different types of work or becoming more fashionable. We are quite lucky in life in that these days we have so many choices, even if our income is low. My ancestors certainly didn’t the choices I have today, so lets take advantage of this gift.

It may even be adopting new healthy practices like meditation or yoga practices like stretching 5 minutes a day or trying out an acupuncture session. Every act will lead to a new life experience.

A quote to end

To end, here is a quote from the Sufi Master Irina Tweedie, which she wrote after she had passed though a very tough spiritual training with her master in India. I think it relates to what I have written:

“The realization that every act, every word, every thought of ours not only influences our environment but mysteriously forms an integral part of the Universe, fits into it as if by necessity, in the very moment we do or say or think it, is an overwhelming and even shattering experience.

If we only knew deeply, absolutely, that our smallest act, our smallest thought, has such far-reaching effects; setting forces in motion; reaching out to the galaxy; how carefully we would act and speak and think. How precious life would become in its integral oneness.”

If you are interested in Irina Tweedie’s book, it is available here on Amazon.

Next article

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