Did the Vailala Madness warn us of the Return of the Annunaki? Part Two

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Christianity and the Vailala Madness:

In Part One of my article of the Vailala Madness, I discussed the “dancing mania” that affected tribes-men and women of the Guinea region one hundred years ago. In particular, I discussed how this dancing mania – referred to as the “Vailala Madness” contained aspects of another phenomenon called spontaneous qigong; a topic which I have researched extensively. My first article discussed whether this was an example of group spontaneous qigong.

In my first article, I was quite selective of the material I quoted in order to build a case that the Vailala Madness was indeed a manifestation of spontaneous qigong. However, it would be remiss of me not to discuss another aspect of the Vailala Madness which does not support my hypothesis, and has taken me down an unusual path.

In truth, I have no explanation for this other than speculation. I am referring to the additional observation whereby the natives undergoing the Vailala Madness also displayed two other behaviours. These were:

1) The natives were obsessed with the idea that the spirits of their ancestors were going to return to them in a large vessel. Curiously, these ancestors were going to return to them as ‘white men’.

2) Some natives talked about communication with Jesus Christ or Jehovah (God), with one of the tribesmen describing him as being ‘up there’.

These two points raised two questions for me to consider –

1) What is the effect of the imposition of an organised Middle Eastern religion on a native tribe which has its own customs, beliefs and ideas of spirituality?

And 2) Could this be an example of something more otherworldly – touching upon the theory that our original ‘Gods’ were actually alien visitors, who created us to be their slaves through genetic engineering (hence our ancestors), then left us, but will return at some point.

Here is a quote from the Vailala Madness:

Natives became obsessed with the idea that the spirits of their ancestors were shortly to return to them as white men in a large vessel, and great preparations were made for their reception. Gaily-painted flag poles and numerous tables surrounded with seats were erected in open spaces in the villages, so that they looked as if they were being made ready for a country fair. Usually the tables were decorated with bottles of flowers, which were removed and put underneath the tables during the heat of the day, and once a day the men, dressed in their best clothes, would sit at the tables to partake of a meal after the white man’s fashion. If it had gone no further than this the movement would have been unworthy of notice, but in most of the villages the natives had worked themselves into such a frenzy that it could be described as nothing less than a form of lunacy.

A middle-aged man affected in this way at Vailala, who had destroyed his ancestral charms and induced others to do likewise, came to me on one of my patrols to that village holding out an open Toaripi New Testament, and trembling from head to foot. He was afraid that he would be sent to gaol for such action, but after allaying his fears I got him to talk, and he earnestly informed me that Jesus Christ had come from above and gone through his head, and that he became so giddy that he fell to the ground. Ridicule or reasoning had no effect in them, for they were convinced that their ancestors were shortly to return as already stated, and watched unceasingly for the expected vessel. At night, when somebody imagined that the vessel was sighted, there would be a cry of “Sail, ho!” and instantly the whole village would rush out bearing lighted torches, repeating the cry; and thus kept themselves in a ferment of excitement for weeks and, in some villages even for months.

During all this time ordinary routine of village life was disturbed, gardens were neglected, all regular work ceased and instead of making copra or selling the coconuts to traders the nuts were being stacked in the villages until the arrival of the vessel. During the time that the lunacy was at its height there was a considerable increase in the number of sexual offences, but anyone with an elementary knowledge of physiology can understand how this might possibly be super-induced  by unnatural excitement. All natives most seriously affected were brought to the station, where they were put to work and regularly fed until returning to a normal state of mind, when they were permitted  to go back to their villages; and in this way some check was put on lunacy. After three or four months it had sporadic outbursts here and there.

This extract from the book – The Vailala Madness, describes a rather curious observation that the natives held a belief that they had received communication from their spirits, with at least one naming Jesus Christ, who were going to return in a large vessel as white men. Logically, we assume these ancestors to return in a sailing ship like one that brought the Europeans. There is an element of cargo cult-ism in this.

The anecdotes of their ‘white ancestors’ returning to them in a boat has similarities to Christian stories such as God communing to Moses or other figures in the Bible receiving communication from God. The messages seemed to be have been conveyed psychically or in dreams.

In another extract, a reference was made to Jehova:

A man was seen delivering an exhortation from the platform of an eravo. Dancing and singing was going on near at hand and his voice was almost drowned, but numbers of people were listening. He spoke at the top of his voice, and very rapidly: the language I am told, was English, and was not understood by the people present. The only phrases to me were “Ihova” (Jehova) (with frequent pointing to the sky): Me wantum kaikai” and “He all right.” The speaker was highly excited, striking himself continually on the chest. Throughout the performance his right leg trembled violently as if quite uncontrolled.

At Arihava, April, 1922.

The destruction of old rituals and ceremonies

It is worth mentioning that in the book ‘The Vailala Madness and the Destruction of Native Ceremonies in the Gulf Division‘, the author also discusses how at the same time that this ‘Vailala Madness’ was occurring, there was at the same time, an abandonment of the native’s traditional rituals and customs, which had been practiced for generations, possibly to be lost forever, especially if the younger generations did not continue their practice.

In some way, I feel that this is also relevant. The planting of a new (white man’s) religion (Christianity) from thousands of miles away, with a new way of life based on trade, money, labour and work (consumerism) must have been a huge change to their life. Also, has this not also happened in every other country, including even the European countries, at some point in time? I touched on this topic in my blog post – ‘The Death of the Shaman‘.

I wonder if these large cultural changes on their sacred and traditional rituals and customs may have somehow triggered these energetic (possibly spiritual) disturbances/awakenings and spontaneous movements?

I would also not discount the question of – what if these mass occurrences were caused by the introduction of a new spiritual entity into their lives, like a kind of possession. However, I have no evidence for this speculation.

The Annunaki

I also wonder if the description of a large vessel could even indicate aliens and that these tribesmen were receiving messages about the return of the Annunaki?

This fits into a different theory as put forward by two different authors, one of whom is     Dr. Jack Pruett, who wrote a book called ‘The Greatest Deception’. In this somewhat controversial book, the author puts forth the argument that the Gods of the Bible are in fact an alien species (the Annunaki) that actually made humans as a type of slave cattle using technology and genetic engineering. These aliens also have extremely long lives compared to humans who have a life expectancy equivalent to that of a fruit fly in comparison to these aliens.

Pruett also discusses how the Annunaki are far more technologically advanced but unfortunately spiritually un-enlightened. They were involved in family disputes for power over the Earth. Unfortunately, us humans are also caught up in their family dispute. There is also a belief that one branch of the family – including Jesus, will be returning to the Earth to retake dominion at some point in the future at which point, there will be another war afterwards in Israel. Could this be the return of the ancestors (the white men) in a large vessel?


Another source of this alien idea is from the book “Gods of Eden’ by William Bramley, who wrote a comprehensive book about how we have been having contact with aliens for thousands of years, including how the Gods (or custodians) of the Bible are in fact aliens and that they have been influencing us ever since through various secret societies. Sadly again, we are like cattle to them. I would recommend reading this book.


Whether you believe in aliens or not, a scientist could easily explain the Vailala Madness away by saying it was a form of group hysteria or hypno-suggestion gone awry. But I feel there was more to it than that. I don’t think we are anymore wiser than our ancestors . And in fact, as we fast-forward 100 hundred years later from the Vailala Madness of 1919 to today, you could argue that another type of madness has occurred worldwide with the Great Corona Pandemic of 2019/20.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from the movie – Jason and the Argonauts, 1963.

Avicii, Spontaneous Qi and The Vailala Madness of 1919-1923: Part One

A hundred years ago, a strange phenomenon occurred amongst the Vailala native tribes of the territories of Papua New Guinea. Whole Villages were infected by a spontaneous dancing trance-like disease. It spread from village to village causing the natives to enter into trance-like, involuntary dance movements. The phenomena occurred for a few years from 1919 to 1923 and then died out. It was recorded by the anthropologist F. E. Williams in his book – ‘The Vailala Madness and the Destruction of Native Ceremonies in the Gulf Division‘,

Is this an example of Group Spontaneous Qigong?

I have been researching a phenomenon, I refer to as, ‘spontaneous qi or spontaneous qigong’. For more information, visit this page.

In my research, I suspect that this phenomenon – the Vailala Madness, contains aspects of spontaneous qigong. And in fact, there are several other instances in recorded history of groups of people being drawn into performing spontaneous trance-like dances or involuntary movements.

Such a phenomenon sounds bizarre, just like something out of an X Files episode, but there have been records of it, especially in the so called ‘primitive’  and native civilisations in the World, and even in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Usually in the past, such occurrences have been attributed to a kind of mass hysteria, or some sort of toxin – perhaps mould on their crops causing group hallucinations. In other cases, a specific medical disorder is attributed to these occurrences, though there are no way of proving, disproving or confirming any of these assertions. They are just theories.

Scientists seek ‘rational’ explanations for everything. I suspect if this had occurred today, it would be blamed on global warming or even the corona virus, rather then something supernatural.  Personally, I believe these phenomena to have a spiritual and energetic aspect to them, as well as a spontaneous qi component.

Why is this important to research? I think that spiritual awakening offers humanity the one and only true freedom in this world. I believe that spontaneous qi offers a step into this direction.

Some caution

However, I do not simply want to triumph these phenomenon as only being a positive thing. It is quite possible there are element of spirit possession, possibly even demonic possession in some of these cases.

I also consider that possibly Christianity, in particular the imposition of this Middle Eastern religion onto a people that previously had their own cultures, gods and spirits, can be a distortive and disruptive factor upon these people, and may even be the cause of such dance like phenomenon, particularly the Vailala Madness. I will discuss this in part two of this article.

As with all things energetic and spiritual, there are dangers to be weary of, should you explore these paths.

Below is an extract of Appendix B., taken from the book – ‘The Vailala Madness and the Destruction of Native Ceremonies in the Gulf Division‘, written by F. E. Williams in 1923, which concisely reports this ‘dancing-type mania’ amongst the native tribes of the Guinea territories a hundred years ago:

Appendix B. Extract from Annual Report, 1919-1920, of the Gulf Division, by G. H. Murray, Acting Resident Magistrate.

The Vailala Madness.

A most curious movement originated in the Western part of the Division in August or September, 1919, the villages of Nomu and Arihava both being credited with having started it, but whether any one individual is responsible still remains a mystery. It spread Eastward from village to village, causing intense excitement amongst the natives and alarm to some Europeans, being commonly known as the Vailala or Orokolo kava-kava (madness).

In Pidgin-English the symptoms were described as “head going round,” and when word would come that a new village was affected it would be such-and-such a village “head-he-go-round”. It was thus described because with the majority of the natives concerned their heads would jerk quickly from side to side, and, with some, the muscles of the legs and arms would also twitch as in St. Vitus’ dance, and one can readily imagine how the former, if kept up for any length of time, would make them fall to the ground from giddiness.

Some Europeans, who know nothing of the movement except from heresay, may be disposed to ridicule it and say it was all chicanery or mummery, but there is not a shadow of doubt that hundreds of natives were thoroughly sincere in their statements and I believe that they were the victims of auto-suggestion, unconsciously putting themselves into a state akin to hypnosis…  Hypnosis, far from being a condition of sleep, is a condition of heightened attention.

And like the corona virus epidemic today, the Vailala Madness spread swiftly through the villages…

The phenomena of the Vailala Madness may be regarded in their collective aspect. Once begun, the madness spread with the swiftness and certainty of an epidemic throughout the coastal villages, meeting almost everywhere ready acceptance or the feeblest resistance.

Spontaneous Qi movements

This extract describes movements that sound very similar to spontaneous qi movements. For example the description of “head-he-go-round”, whereby the native’s heads would jerk quickly from side to side. Also, the movements such as “the muscles of the legs and arms would also twitch as in St. Vitus’ dance” can be observed in people with a spontaneous qi activation.

Additionally, the reference to St Vitus’s dance opens up a whole new avenue, which I will cover in another article. St Vitus’s dance takes its name from a Roman Saint in the 4th century, which legend speaks of, as being a famous healer who performed miracles. St Vitus’ dance refers to a group phenomenon which seems to draw people into a trance like dance. It occurred in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Additionally, the extract above considers that this Vailala Madness is a form of self activated hypnotism. I understand that the spontaneous qi state, is similar to a trance state, albeit it, one where you have full awareness. Alexander Brighton, who wrote a book about spontaneous qigong called ‘Zifagong‘, describes the spontaneous qi state as a ‘hypnagogic state’ – a state in-between waking and sleeping, and a state similar to hypnosis.

The author F. E. Williams gives individual accounts of people he observed affected by the Vailala Madness:


During a moonlight evening numbers of people were collecting in the open squares of the village. A young man named Mara stood on the eravo platform; he was bending, swaying and tottering, hands on hips. He continually rolled his eyes and uttered exclamations, which the onlookers said were unintelligent to them…


On the same evening another man, Mankape, was seen sitting on a verandah. He did not declaim, but moaned and shuddered continually in a way suggestive of teeth chattering.

Mankape is a much older man, of rather forbidding appearance but of mild and pleasant manners. He is popular in the village. He has a reputation as diviner, and possibly as puripuri-man (Sorcerer or medicine man). There was no suggestion of imbecility in his appearance, but he had that lined face and somewhat worried expression which may possibly be associated with puripuri or native occultism.

Lifting the energy around the Solar Plexus Centre (Chakra)?

Another extract shows a young man sounding as though he was trying to activate or raise the energy of the solar plexus centre:


A young man, Karao (of fine physique and appearance)… stood aside, stuttering and mumbling in the familiar manner suggestive of teeth chattering; he made a few symmetrical gestures with both hands, but for the most part motioned with his right hand before his solar plexus as if encouraging his stomach to rise. (Both the symmetrical gestures and the “fanning” movement before the stomach have been noted in one of two other cases).

Meanwhile he heaved long sighs, and looked genuinely distracted. Finally he moved across to the flag-pole, and stamped round and round it, shouting such phrases as – “Hurry up!” “What’s-a-matter?” “Come on boy!”…

I would interpret these actions by Karao as someone who was purposely trying to activate the spontaneos qigong by “fanning” upwards around the solar plexus energy centre. However, it sounds as though he wasn’t able to activate it, hence his frustrated exclamations of “Come on boy!” and “What’s-a-matter?”

Is the source of these Vailala movements coming from the Dantian?

These account examples were of the recognized “Head-he-go-round Men”. What was also described in this book was a subjective description of the symptoms of the Vailala Madness. One example suggests that the movements emanates from the lower belly, which equates to the Dantian field in Traditional Qigong and Chinese Medicine.

The actual feelings of the subject are not very easily understood. The common native name for the condition, Iki haveve, which means literally “Belly don’t know, ” would appear to arise from the facts (1) that the seat of the strange sensations is commonly felt to be in the belly; and (2) that the subject, when overcome by them, does not know what he is about.

The stomach is certainly regarded as the source of inspiration by those especially gifted Automaniacs who can divine; and one of them has defined to me two distinct stages of the seizure: first, iki haveve, when he is simply dizzy or ecstatic; second, iki pekakire – “Belly he think,” when the inspiration rises. Pekakire means literally, “to climb.” As for the alternative name haro heraripe, haro means head, and the word heraripe appears to indicate a whirling motion. It is usd of the wind, bea heraripe meaning a whirlwind.

Here the author shows the connection between the dantian (energy centre) with the ‘spontaneous’ movements of the Vailala madness, but also as the source of power for diviners or witch doctors.

I find it curious that the word “iki” is also a word used in Japanese, meaning ‘life‘, and which would be the source of spontaneous qigong activation.

The word “Pekakire” meaning to climb, possibly alludes to kundalini rising energy or it could be the energy rising from the dantian, maybe up the Ren Channel (Meridian) into activating a spontaneous qigong state.

The word “heraripe”, indicating a whirling movement – suggests the energetic spiral and dancing movement of the whirling dervishes. I have already written before about the spinning motion in spontaneous qigong activation here.

Consider that the dantian (the lower energy centre) is universal energy centre for all humans regardless of where they are from, what race, culture or land they are from. The dantian field is not just a theoretical construct that only the ancient Chinese knew. All humans have the dantian as their energy centre. However, as we have become more modern, civilised, and ‘educated’, we have moved away from the hara (lower belly) as being a source of focus and instead we focus on the brain.  Too much yang energy above. Too much yin below, making us unbalanced.


I believe that these trance-like movements, as observed in the Vailala Madness are similar to spontaneous qigong trance states. The movements such as “Head-go-round” -where the head jerks quickly from side to side, and “the twitches of the legs and arms” are movements that can occur in spontaneous qi activation.

What I do find interesting is that the ‘Vailala madness’, (perhaps in actuality a manifestation of spontaneous qi movement), or what I would like to call the ‘sacred dance’, can actually be passed on and spread from person to person just like a viral disease.

This idea I find fascinating, particularly, as at the time of writing this, the world is in the midst of the ‘Corona pandemic’, which has a huge amount of media-driven manipulated fear, and hysteria.

Reading this extract about the Vailala Madness gives me hope because it suggests to me that spiritual awakening – can be passed on from just one single awakened person, to all those around him or her. So therefore if just one person awakens (reaches a state of enlightenment), then potentially everyone around that person, can do too.

Next Article

This is the end of Part One. In my next article, I will discuss the theory put forward behind the sudden start of this mysterious phenomenon: The Imposition of Christianity and the Vailala Madness. I will also briefly consider spirit possession, or demonic possession. Again, I draw no conclusions. This is a blog post, not a peer reviewed article, so I have the leeway to go wherever I want.

Avicii and the Vailala Madness???

So what’s the Vailala madness got to do with the music star, Avicii?

Yes, it is clickbait, but there may be a connection…

Here is a curious video from Avicii, that for some reason seems to show something quite similar to how the Vailala dance, spreads from person to person.

It makes me wonder if there is a message being sent out by Avicii or at least whoever directed his videos. If you consider that many music videos these days are full of subversive/sexual symbolism and imagery, then it has got to be said that Avicii’s videos bucked the trend. Compared to them, his videos seem more positive.

Next Post –

Part Two: The Introduction of Christianity and the Vailala Madness 

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Making Difficult Decisions: Listen to your Heart

Sometimes we are faced with choices. These may be choices to change your life course. Or to move someplace new. Perhaps start a new job, or relationship.

Choices can lead to big changes in your life. And so it is normal to be a little anxious. Most choices require an active decision on your part. Do you take the new path or stick to what you know? What is the right choice for you? What to do… What to do?

How to make a decision

One time, when I had to make a big decision, I spoke to a colleague who advised me to make a list of all the pros and all the cons of the possible choices, and then make a decision based on that.

This idea of running through the pros and cons seems sensible. It seems logical, but it doesn’t work for me. On that occasion, even if I did the list and decided that one of the choices was better, I still found myself second-guessing and pondering again on my choices. I would basically keep changing my mind. Not good.

I think that human life is not always logical. Certainly not the way I live it. I prefer an intuitive approach.

This made me think of something the British philosopher Alan Watts once said when making decisions. It went something like this – ‘you spend hours and hours going through the pros and cons of a decision, and then finally when the time comes to make a choice, instead, you make a snap decision based on how you feel’.

Yes, this sounds right to me.

Listening to your internal advisor

The advice that really speaks to me came from the Russian author Vadim Zeland, in his book series called ‘Reality Transurfing

Reality Transurfing.jpg

Vadim says that if you have to really convince yourself to go ahead with a particular decision, then this is the heart speaking to you that it is not right.

He believes that your heart knows on a deeper level what is right for you and what is wrong.

I have learnt that if you feel any unease deep in your heart over a decision, or you have to convince yourself to make a decision a certain way, then it is not the right path.

I recall something my driving instructor once told me many years ago, when I was learning to drive. She said, ‘when you are at a junction and you are not sure whether you can go, then don’t go’.

One example from my own life was the choice to move to a different part of the country for work. Though logically, it seemed a good choice to take. I could never shake the feeling that it was wrong for me. There was a lot of doubt in my heart and mind.

In the end, I overrode my heart, and chose what I thought was the logical decision. I moved but it didn’t work out. Even after making the decision, I could never shake the feeling that it was the wrong choice. Numerous small obstacles came up. My family was unhappy. In the end, it didn’t work out, and I ended up backtracking, but I lost time and money doing so. Fortunately in the end, I also learnt from this experience. I learnt that I had to trust my heart and intuition more and listen to it, when making big decisions.

The alternative space

The Russian author Vadim Zeland talks about the ‘alternative space’ – a different dimension or reality, which your heart is tuned into. This means that your heart (not the physical organ) sees the different possibilities, realities or future behind a choice.

On the other hand, the mind (which we tend to use when making decisions), attempts to use logic, but probably more likely operates on past-conditioning when making decisions. The mind may also operate from a perspective of fear or survival and can override any messages coming from the heart. You can think of the heart as intuition. Also what we call the ‘gut feeling’.

I believe that if we can follow our heart, it can lead us to a more fulfilling and prosperous experiences in life.

Anxiety and Fear

A choice to do something new or different can be scary. It is natural to feel some fear when embarking on a new endeavour. But you have to distinguish whether this fear is just the normal kind of anxiety a person can get from doing something new, or whether it is a message from the heart telling you that this is the wrong choice for you.

A sense of fear and anxiety when doing new things is normal and will help you to grow if you overcome it. On the other hand, a sense of unease about a decision may well be the heart directly communicating to you from the ‘alternative space’, that this particular decision is not right and can lead to an undesirable outcome.

Fear or Heart?

If decisions scare you, you should judge whether this fear is because you are being challenged or stretched in a way that you are unfamiliar with, but which may be good for your development. Or is it fear, because your heart is communicating with you that it is the wrong decision?

If the heart is communicating to you that it is a wrong choice, the feeling will be heavier and tied in with a sense of foreboding. The choice simply feels wrong, regardless of whether it would be best for you from a logical standpoint. It may also be a choice that you have to continuously persuade yourself to do, or one where you can’t stop having doubts about it, even after making a decision.


I also believe that life throws us small signposts or synchronicities when you embark on a new life or path that is in tune with your spiritual and life development. These are signs from the universe that you are going the right way. So just keep going.

These signposts may be things like meeting a new person that you totally in tune with. Or even obstacles simply disappearing from in front of you, making the path smoother. It may even be money flowing to you, to encourage you on your way.

On the contrary, when you are not in tune with a decision or choice, you may find many small annoyances or obstacles keep coming up. For example, you may meet more annoying people, who just keep turning up in your life. Or perhaps if you move somewhere new, small things keep breaking down – and you have to deal with them. It may seem coincidental but I don’t believe such things are. They are negative synchronicities.

When a choice you make is in tune with your heart, then the decision will make you excited even if it will be difficult. These feelings are good indicators that it is the right path and is likely to lead to all sorts of interesting experiences in life.

Next Post

Courage and Taking New Paths

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Reality Transurfing Steps I-V. Vadim Zeland. 2016

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Japanese garden bridge – Silvia Lüthi.  akupunkturplus.ch


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Ochiru no Alice (Falling down Alice)

Thumbnail Ochiru no Alice

Are we the dying, the poisoned, the shepherded – carroted and sticked? Living in an age where down is up. Wrong is right, everything is backward. Where disease is health. Freedom is slavery, our thoughts are not our own. It matters not whether you take the red pill or the blue pill, or even if you are aware of what that means. Because whether you think you know the truth or not, it keeps changing. What you think is true is false. What appears good, is really bad. And what actually is Good, is ignored.

We have always been at war with Oceana… Or was it Eastasia? Does it even matter?

Worse is that it is intentional. Subsequent generations are played with… toyed. Like rats in a cage, set pointless tasks to evaluate them for pointless reasons. To study how we behave under certain circumstances, how we react to certain stimuli. Why? For no reason other than control. Possibly, even for entertainment.

How does the scientist feel as he looks upon his cage full of rats. His clipboard in hand, studying whether the rats go right or go left. Do they fight or love? Do they eat or starve? Do they grow tumours or lose their hair? Their fate is in his hands. Is this what it is like to play God?

We like to think we are the highest forms of life on this planet and we play this game telling ourselves that we are a benevolent species aiming for perfection – for equality. But its cognitive dissonance. The way we call ourselves animal lovers because we love our pets, but turn a blind eye in the supermarket aisle at the rows of meat packaged in plastic. How did they get there? – We cannot think on it. And skin care products. Drugs, pharmaceuticals. Let’s not lie to ourselves. I am not vegetarian. I simply say that if we must exploit, then we should do it knowingly.

But really, it is us that are the experimented on. We are the rats. And we experiment on each other. We do not realise that we are only really a few steps away from doing what we do to animals – to humans. Perhaps it would only take one unstoppable virus that kills all of our livestock and then how long would it be till we have battery farms for humans?

Soylent Green is your future. You know that it would suit you.


You can take any aspect of life right now – politics, geography, education, health, medicine, disease, rights, the law, the environment, animals, food. Anything at all, and its all backwards,

Behind the presumed ‘truth’ – the official line, you will find those sidelined voices that speak out things contrary. Things are not as we believe them to be. And then those same voices will be criticised, ridiculed, marginalised, censored and given the ‘conspiracy’ label.

We used to joke about those guys walking around with ‘the end is nigh’ signs, or nutters wearing homemade tin foil cap. But now, I’m not sure people laugh at them anymore.

The Herd, or is it Horde

The common herd, another word for society, will accept the standard ‘truth’ and will join the chorus against those that question and doubt. Get in line, conform! They scream. Kind of like Donald Sutherland’s character in the final scene of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’

They are not one of us!

It is a societal form of peer pressure. Consider that ‘herd’ is a term that refers to animals – to lifestock. Do you want to be part of the herd? Do you want to consider yourself as just another sheep or cow?

Have you heard the expression ‘herd immunity’ in reference to vacc*ination? Stop and think what they expression is calling us. That we are animals – no different to cattle, or in perhaps – cats, dogs, or horses, which are more privileged animals.

Rabbit Holes

You could pick any number of worldly issues and go down that road explaining how the believed truth should be questioned. But, what would be the point. There are plenty of people who have questioned and researched it.

But I ask –  what if everything you thought was true, really was completely untrue. What is even these bodies, this world, the people around you was not real. Yes we are talking about ‘awakening’ – ‘Enlightenment’ – The breaking of the mind – of reality to see what is beyond our noses.

Perhaps the reason why the world is so upside down is because a greater force is shaking it up so much in order for us to awaken from our slumber.

“Wake up, you’re asleep, you’re in a game. You’re hallucinating? What you think is real is actually a hallucination. It’s a game? Its VR, and you’ve got to wake up soon. You are running out of time! Most people only have around 50 to 70 years. Some more, some less. So what are you doing sleeping!”

Screenshot from Red Drawf episode – ‘Back to Reality’, a drama, set onboard a mining spaceship in the future and lost in deep space. Here the crew awaken and find out they have actually been living in a computer simulated total immersion  game.


Ochiru no Alice – Alice falling down the rabbit hole

Would you be willing to escape the lab cage? The walls are comforting, secure. A domesticated dog or cat does not escape to the wild. It cannot. It would not survive a few nights. It has had its wild instincts domesticated out of it. Kind of like what is happening to our younger generations with technology and liberalism. Even me too.

The Soul

In olden days, religions talked of the soul. We don’t hear much of it anymore. As though the soul is a construct. A make-believe story.

Yet, without a realisation of the soul, we have only the body. If we believe in only the body, what a devastating thing death will be! To believe that this is it. How hard we will grasp on to life right to the very end.

A spiritual friend tells me – “We are not our bodies”. I struggle to absorb this statement into my being. Intellectually I get it. But I do not ‘know’ it.

And the planet… What if this was really a prison planet for our souls?

The eternal soul which passes from body to body. Reincarnation, rebirth after reincarnation. Life full of worries and sufferings. Over and over again. Do you really have anything more to learn by being a woman or a man again or being born in this part of the world or that part? Won’t the lessons just be the same?

And if the planet is a giant prison. Then even those gatekeepers – the leaders, the politicians, the presidents, and the secret leaders behind those gatekeepers are no different to the prison guards. They themselves a form of prisoner, because  they too spend their best years behind the bars with the horde, just with a few more privileges.

Break Throughs

It is typical for a guru to attempt to break a student’s with questions or koans (unanswerable questions).

Here are some ideas for you to consider

  • Despite the billions spent on Medicine and pharmaceuticals, and finding cures, why instead do new diseases crop up? And why is there no end in sight to the original diseases we are fighting?
  • Why don’t we learn about managing money at school, even though our entire life, and in fact, out entire existence will be  governed by it? Instead, we are encouraged to spend, buy and voluntarily walk into huge, lifelong debt. Mortgage anyone?
  • Did slavery really go away, or has it been replaced with a different system?
  • Is cancer a natural consequence of the world we live in? Will our age be defined not by the number of people that get cancer, but by the number that don’t?
  • What if this increasing cancer rate was intentional?
  • And finally, what if just for one day, every time you heard a mainstream news story, you decided to believe exactly the opposite?  Yes, it means believing that the world is flat!

Prison world

A prison is typically seen as a cold place with an undercurrent of violence. With hardened people running on survival instinct. It has a dense and heavy vibration. Still, within those walls, there will be friendships, goodwill, trust, support and camaraderie. These are the positive traits of humans that can remain no matter how much hell, war, famine or evil is imposed on a society.

But still is is a prison, with walls, restrictions, rules and a squashing of human dignity and respect.

Workplaces can be the same. Imagine working in a call centre with a overly-stressed manager, ridiculous targets and having to ask permission to use the toilet (kind of like a Chinese Apple factory). And you’ll see another kind of prison. Again a dense repressive energy. This is the repression of human potential and spirit being squeezed into a small hole. Our spirits are not meant for this surely?

Is that not the same vibration of the earth? – That of a prison. Where the desire to compete, to struggle, to get one up, to stick your head over others. To get so much money so you can buy toys that make you look more important, or at least to be able to keep up. with everyone else who buys the same story – that we are our wealth, that we are our status. A world governed by fear that others will take what we have, or that we must take to get ahead. So let’s beat them to it.

And yet, for all our efforts, in the end are we truly at peace? Even the person who gets top marks in life and gets the prefectures badge, the respectable job title… No, very few are ever really at peace at the end of their life. Mindsets carry on to the end. Does anyone even know what it is like to feel at peace – truly at peace in the world? Few do.

By the way, I realise that by far the greatest obstacle for us from attaining any kind of spiritual awakening, wisdom or even peace of mind, comes from one of the greatest underrated dangers to all of us. This is entertainment, light and electricity.  The most obvious are our entertainment devices – the smart phone  (all unless you want to use it to read my stuff, of course),and previously the TV.

Entertainment sucks our attention. Before you know it, you could easily spend half your life binge-watching numerous TV series on streaming services. Artificial light upsets your natural sleep cycle.  Our smartphones are addictive. TV is hypnotic and makes the young mind impatient and lazy. Losing the ability of creativity, critical thought, logic and imagination.

And maybe that is the plan.

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Death of the Shaman: Has the UK become a Spiritual Wasteland?

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Energetic Blocks and Suppressing Life

Spiritual beings not physical

I read a quote this week.

We are not physical being having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

The physical world is like the virtual reality for our spiritual beings. The problem is that we take the physical world all too seriously and ignore the soul. We forget that we are spiritual beings. It is like the TV series Red Dwarf, where the characters all discover they are actually characters in a Virtual Reality computer game called ‘Better than Life’.

The purpose of dis-ease

Is this not the purpose of sickness, accident and illness or even unwanted situations in life? To shake a person out of a state of comfort and relative stability. To push them into exploring and seeking out new paths and life experiences.

Or is there no meaning to disease? It is all just random. Or genetics?

Clearing blocks

All of our experiences create blocks both mental and physical. Are you even aware of the blocks in your own body? Few people are, except when they see a therapist, who puts them in touch with their body.

If you could release all your blocks, can you imagine just how liberating it would feel?  It would be as though you are a completely different person. What could you go on to do? What are your potentials that you are locking in tight into your body?

This does not just refer to spiritual powers. It could be more down-to-earth things. For example, a new life course or letting go of a relationship that isn’t working for you. Or a change of work or lifestyle and doing something new and scary – a new business, travel, new people, changes.

Suppressing the superman within

What if superman decided he had to purposely suppress his own powers. He thinks to himself that he doesn’t have to time to be running around being a hero and flying around in spandex.

No, he needs to take his life and career serious. He has a really good chance of promotion and a pension at the Daily Planet, but he needs to put all his energy into that.

So he hides away his spandex and plays at being Clark Kent every day putting in the long hours, meeting the deadlines, sucking up to his boss. He gets pasty faced and short tempered, living on a daily dose of coffee and bagels.

Clark starts smoking and puts on a few pounds. He enjoys a few late nights and drinks at the strip club with Jimmy when Lois is out of town visiting her mother. Who? Clean-cut Jimmy the press photographer? He wouldn’t do such a thing! Ah ah, he would do too. He’s not been the same since that stag-do in Reno.

Perhaps Clark plays at superman two weeks a year or occasionally on Sundays if he has the energy, which is hardly ever. He leaves all that saving the world stuff to another lifetime.

Meanwhile Lex Luthor follows his dreams and decides to run for President. And actually has a good chance of winning. If Trump can do it, so too can Lex.

I know who I find more interesting to follow – Lex.

Life creates blocks

This is an analogy. We carry all sorts of blocks in our musculature and our mind. These blocks limit our potential. The irony is that they use our own energy against us, just to keep themselves in place.

Our inner superhero

What is our inner superman (or superwoman)? What would we look like without all our mental, emotional and physical blockages in life? If I had to express what I think it is with words, I would describe it as freedom, lightness, playfulness, joy, trust, abundance and love. The opposite to what a lot of people feel.

This is why such exercises like qigong, yoga and meditation can help to unblock this. Although, in some cases, a strong dose of spontaneous qi activation is what is needed to clear out those channels.

In my book The Genki Self Health Guide, I wrote about tension  and ‘strictus’ – a tightening  of the energy Channels of our bodies caused by tension. This impacts our health in a negative way. There are so many things in life that cause the tightening of our energy channels.

What is not noticed is the accumulative effects of this tension over years. We adopt holding patterns in our musculature. We adopt postures, habits, and mannerisms, which become entrenched. They cause our personalities to change, even result in emotional and psychological problems.

We need to shake it all free to be truly healthy. To try to get back the looseness mentally and physically of a toddler. That is real health. Not pharmaceuticals or fast cars. Health is freedom from tension.

As Bob Marley sings:

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Nobody else can free our minds…

And bodies too…

And buy my book.

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Bio-Energy: Energy Exchange with a Voodoo Priestess, by Caroline Graham

Bio energy voodoo priestess

Bio energy voodoo priestess

Bio-electricity is a kind of electrical force, which I believe also refers to the Qi/Ki energy of Chinese medicine.

On this website, I have written previously about a phenomenon called ‘Spontaneous Qi Activation‘, which I would describe as a kind of bio-energetic charge that is passed from a practitioner, with a high level of Ki energy, to someone with a relatively lower level.

This charge itself activates the receiver’s own qi, causing them to clear their own Energetic Channel (Meridian) Pathways, by setting off lots of spontaneous bodily movements such as flailing limbs, joint rotations, jumping up and down, dancing, even making various sounds.

But I believe that this bio-energy charge can be shared in different ways between people. When two people with a similar charge or spiritual development meet (whether they are aware of it or not), it may be possible that this charge can be felt by either of them when they touch. Possibly also, if they connect their heart chakras (ie – by hugging).

Bio-Electricity and Qi/Ki

‘Bio-electricity’ is a term describing a form of organic or human energy, and I think for Westerners, this is easier to comprehend or accept than words like ‘Qi’ or ‘Ki’ or ‘Prana’, as it sounds more ‘scientific’. Of course, it is hugely ‘unscientific’ so if that bugs you, then please stop reading.

This bio-electricity or bio-energy, is not strictly the same as the electricity running through our pylons and wires in the house. But it is similar. This bio-energy is the motive and living force within us. And it is something that can be built up by prolonged energy work practices like meditation or qigong. It is also potentially the key to healing. And it manifests in different ways.

Meeting with a Voodoo Priestess

In this short interview with a friend and colleague – Caroline Ann Graham, a fellow acupuncturist, told me of a physical exchange she had with – no less, a modern voodoo priestess in New Orleans.

In this account, she told me of a powerful electric-type charge she got when she had physical contact with the priestess.

Though, she did not use the term ‘bio electricity’, I have chosen to use this word as I consider that what she felt was a connection of this ‘bio-electricity’ or Qi/Ki. I have chosen to interpret her encounter as an energy exchange caused between two people that were ‘vibrating’ on a similar level. Other people may disagree with my interpretation. Feel free to put me straight in the comments.

In this interview, Caroline recounts how on a holiday around America, she took part in a tour to visit a local Voodoo Priestess. The meeting was short but it left a life-long impression, and may even have been a major turning point from moving Caroline onto a new path from being solely a professional West-End singer and onto the path of the healer.

Caroline describes this energy as a kind of ‘electricity’ which passes from the Priestess to her, through simple touch and almost blew them apart. It was that strong a sensation.

Here is an abridged transcript of the interview. The video interview recording follows at the end.

Interview with Caroline Graham: Meeting and Energy Exchange with a Voodoo Priestess

I was with my husband and we were on a great tour of America for holiday and to celebrate an anniversary

You know how it is. We were in the hotel and we were looking up stuff that you can go and see and do. And in one of these little brochures was the idea of going to visit a voodoo priestess in her sort of temple.

We didn’t know anything about it except received wisdom of a bit of stuff about animals and usually quite dark doings, you think of voodoo – sticking pins in dolls and all that malarkey. I was pretty much ignorant of it all but forever on the spiritual quest to see what is what. I said ‘lets go and see this’.

We booked in and we were taken in a group. There were quite a lot of people – about 20 or 30 people. And in we all filed in and sat down either on the floor or on various chairs. And sure enough, there she was. A wonderful black lady, who her sort of opening gambit was that she felt that it was a good idea to open up her place and explain exactly how things work and the fact that it is ‘to do good works for the community’. But interestingly, if you had asked me ten or fifteen years ago whether I would end up as a voodoo priestess, she said ‘I would have laughed at you. My background is I picked cotton in the fields in the Southern states. Then I trained to become a nurse’, she said. And I guess she got, what would be our equivalent of ‘the call – the call to do the work’.


So there she was and she said ‘what I am going to do is I’m going to channel what I feel are the questions in the room or the reasons why you have all come. And be inspired from your thoughts, and sure enough she began to move almost rhythmically and became very very fluent and very expansive and so on. And I thought ‘this isn’t quite how she began with her nature and her presence’. It was like she was filtering. Like in American Indian parlance – the ‘hollow bone’ if you like, for channelling information.

And she also explained about Christianity coming into the Voodoo realm and how many of the symbols were adapted, and so you have this sort of juxtaposition, rather like we have in things like mistletoe at Christmas and stuff like that. Stuff absorbed into later religions from the pagan heritage as it were.

Anyway, it got quite interesting because she would go around and point up people in the audience – ‘oh you are so and so, or you are interested in so and so’, and she was right.

You are a ‘Seeker’

And then she turned to me and said: “Ah! – You are a seeker” and that resonated with me a lot because at that time I was very much hunting for the unseen. I had always straddled the arts and sciences, and with the rise of quantum theory and explaining all the stuff that is difficult to explain, and of course sensing the unseen in life, in terms of energetics.

I was a singer, still am, but I was a professional singer and you are dealing with the flow of energy and so of course you are interested. And so she said – “yes you are a seeker” and then she proceeded on and so forth and in the end she finished and it was a very warm atmosphere and people started to file out.

It is typical of me to linger and I was actually the last to leave. And she came to me and I said ‘I wanted to thank you for your talk’. Then suddenly she put her arms around me in a tight embrace and we were like two firecrackers! Whoop!

There was this energetic charge that shot us apart and she said

“Ah. You are the same as me!”

And honestly, when I think of it now, I get tears in my eyes, because emotionally I knew the truth of it. And it does not mean that I am going to become a voodoo priestess but it was ‘like’ recognising ‘like’.

A changing experience

And I came out in a mess as I am now explaining this to you now. And I was thinking ‘goodness’ because my husband had remained outside. He had said you can go in but I don’t want to go in, as he is not interested in these kinds of things, but he is very happy as long as I am happy and delighted for me to have that experience.

So of course I wanted to clear myself before going back to him because he would think that I would have been upset by some ghastly sort of thing. But actually it was tears of joy and of feeling a sense of rightness or corroboration or provenance for the fact that my path was not illusory and so that I could proceed with gusto.

Entering the path of the Healer

And I did go on to do things, like experience the wonderful work of the Sacred Trust in this country, run by Simon Buxton, who wrote a terrific book called the Way of the Bee, which is about the Hellenic heritage of Shamanic practice in Europe and I did do various things, and I could have gone on to do their 3 year practitioner course, but I didn’t.

I then went in to acupuncture, because it is energy training essentially – working with the energy within somebody’s body, and from there into healing work – I say healing advisedly, really it is to become the hollow bone that I spoke of earlier, whereby the healing light can simply travel through the hands to help someone – not to heal myself – nobody does that, it is simply that you are a conduit. And there we are. That is where it has led to today.

Additional questions

Question: Do you remember the name of this priestess?

Answer: I don’t remember the name of this priestess and it was a long time ago but  she has remained in my mind ever since. She was in New Orleans. Central New Orleans

Question: Can you describe this electrical feeling you had?

Answer: It was extraordinary. Literally, we couldn’t have sustained the embrace. It was like a… (Caroline makes a kind of crackling sound), and it went right through you. Right to Earth. In you and then down. Lightening, literally lightening.

Question: And she had a regular life before she became a voodoo priestess?

Answer: As she said, if she had been asked years ago if she was going to work as a priestess, she would have laughed. And this is comforting actually, in that, any work like this is open to everyone if you want it… If you want it… This is a very human pastime.

Video of Interview


Many thanks to Caroline Graham for sharing this story and giving me permission to write about it.

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Death of the Shaman: Has the UK become a Spiritual Wasteland?

consumerism shaman
consumerism shaman
Has the West become a dead place spiritually?

I have wondered this after living in the UK for almost 40 years.  I live in London but grew up in the Midlands in the countryside.

I have lived in and travelled to different parts of the UK and everything looks the same everywhere you go. The same shops, Costa coffee shops, supermarkets, same high-streets, same love of football or rugby, same conversations, same motivations and desires e.g. buying houses – it occurs everywhere.

This is a generalisation. There are of course many open-minded people and seekers. Many people on the spiritual path, seeking a life of meaning.

And if you seek these people out, you will find them. But if you don’t, it is normal never to encounter them and to fall into the usual path (treadmill) of life, work, school, money, sports, holiday and buying houses. Buying houses is a huge favourite. And sports. And the soap drama Eastenders.

It does not surprise me that in the last few decades so many people travelled to the East seeking out gurus, masters and mentors.

They seek out what we have lost here. In truth, there should be no need for them to go to the East if we had preserved our spiritually. But we haven’t. The West systematically attacked and destroyed it and replaced it with a huge shopping centre.

Spiritual Heritage

It seems strange to say that England is a spirit-less place. England is a country with Stonehenge and other stone circles around the land.

Spiritual Decline

The British isles clearly have an unusual past with myths of King Arthur and the wizard Merlin, ghosts, fairies and the ancient druids. However, over the centuries, this spirituality has been systematically wiped out. The religion of science is predominant now. Before it was Christianity, which replaced the ancient beliefs of the Celts before. Nowadays, education teaches little about nature, the earth, the plants around us and instead focuses on preparing us for the workplace and the cult of consumption.

Stonehenge is a ruin. There is nothing energetic there anymore, whatever its original function was.

Witch Hunts

The West and especially England, for hundreds of years hunted down and killed Witches. In the years 1644 to 1646, Witch-finder General Matthew Hopkins was attributed with the execution (murder) of 300 alleged witches.

A person could be alleged a witch simply for having things like a ‘devil’s mark’ e.g. extra nipple, mole or birthmark. Hopkins techniques were adopted in America, the New World, where witchhunting continued.

All in the name of the Christ, – which is supposed to be the religion of peace.


Alleged Witches were tested by ridiculous methods – such as being tied to a chair and then thrown into water.  If they did not sink, they would be accused of witchcraft. If they floated or swam they would be executed as witches. Their choice was to either drown or be executed.

The Witch-hunters painted these ‘witches’ as servants of evil. Of these thousands of people who were executed, how many were really true servants of evil? There is different type of magic – white, black and grey. How many of these accused ‘witches’ did practice the dark arts?

Were these also our Shamans?

And how many were simple herbalists – people who knew how to speak to plants, knowing which plants contained the healing remedies for a person’s ailments? How many of these ‘witches’ practiced traditional healing methods or did things like meditation, prayer, or used  hallucinogenic mushrooms to create altered states of consciousness?

How many of these were our original Western Shamans?

By hunting and killing people who are in tune with nature, you kill the spirit of a land.

In short, we killed out shamans…

No more Shamans anymore

So this is why we have no indigenous shamans of our own anymore. Or perhaps, there are a few of the Celtic tradition around.

Certainly, there are a few who have adopted the shamanistic practices of other cultures – the Native ‘red’ Indians of the North American continent, or of other cultures.

Witch and wizard resurgence

Harry Potter and those Twilight movies probably resurrected a fantasy view of witches and wizards.

However, I assume that the true path of the witch, is very similar to that of the shaman or even the guru. It is a difficult path to pursue, full of letting go of everything that society considers important. It probably means withdrawing from society and communicating with beings in different dimensions, communicating with nature and with the spirits of plants.

But if that is too hardcore, apparently, there are some modern ‘Shamans’. Practicing in Chelsea, Kensington or Kent, who cater to high-income professionals and celebrities.

Whatever you are told, think the opposite

We think we are free. Actually, whatever you are ‘taught’ to believe, is usually the opposite.

Today, we live in a ‘rational’ world. People pride themselves on being rational, sceptical and disbelieving. Though it protects us, it also closes us off to spiritual things.

We are also all kept busy, busy, busy all the time, which stops us from being able to reflect or contemplate. Time is the most important factor that hinders spiritual growth. we have work to do or find, money to make, bills bills bills to pay, things to buy, holidays to take, parties to go to.

We reinforce the collective perceptions of this spiritual wasteland

When a person tells you they saw a ghost, naturally you disbelieve them. Deep down, you may be secretly curious – almost excited, because such tales excite something deep within. Maybe you even had your own experiences, which you don’t tell people.

Or when people talk of spiritual occurrences, you switch off. What has that got to do with work, career, status and MONEY? Nothing!

There are many dimensions in this world. As Shakespeare’s Hamlet speaks:

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Not to worry, if you are met with blank stares when you initiate such topics, start to tell a person about your work, your holiday, the football, or a house you are buying, and all will be put to right.

We form the perceptions of children

Children are full of questions. They are learning and making sense of the world. They listen and accept everything we say as truth. It is a privileged position to be in, yet also carries with it great responsibilities.

What view of the world do we want them to form?

 – A world, where we must work to pay bills and build status. Where people’s success is defined by a bank balance, the number of zeros in it, your house and the amount of stuff you’ve paid for? A rational world, where there is no mystery, no wonderment? Where everything is explained to us by scientists and doctors and the media? And anything outside of that is to be ignored. Don’t go there. Never go there.

Where children must obey and believe everything that is fired at them through the TV, the media, school textbooks.

Who writes the textbooks? What is their agenda? Does it truly match your own? Or have you let them decide that for you also?

Spiritual death leads to ennui (a limited appreciation of the magic of life)

Ever wonder why anti-depressant use is so high. Things are so bad, they are even prescribing them to children. Depression is not the normal state of being. It reflects an abnormal situation.

The ennui is all around us. It is in those young men smoking pot on street corners, why – to fit in? To be cool? Or to escape?

To quote Withnail and I, as they are driving in London drunk. Withnail spots a sign on the road to warn drivers to slow down as it is an ‘accident blackspot’:

Accident Black Spots! These aren’t accidents. They’re throwing themselves into the road. Throwing themselves gladly to escape all this hideousness!

Or the ‘successful’ ones, that run headlong through the mill chasing success, status or money, who then in middle age, drink wine, just the same way those teenagers smoke pot.

It is all to escape, but also to try to re-capture something missing. But what?

Some people are fortunate to have a passion in their life choice, A person who speaks with enthusiasm and passion when they talk about their work or their direction in life. They are the alive ones, the lucky. They know their path.

Connecting with your spiritual self does not mean withdrawal from life or society. You are still in it, but not of it.  And importantly, it can help you find the path right for you.

Penguins are not all alike, though they may look like it.

Gut feeling

We all have a spiritual ability intact, albeit to a lesser degree. We call it the ‘gut feeling’. If a decision does not feel right too us initially and we have to persuade ourselves to go along with it by rationalising, it means that our spirit is communicating that it is not right for us.  But will we listen or continue to rationalise?

The greater difficulty is for those who are so out of balance, that this sense fires off all the time and they can no longer trust it.

The path to be a shaman

If you or I wanted to become a shaman, we would have to first break all the programming, we have been entrenched with since we were born.

If we wanted to live in a universe of oneness, we would probably have to go through an upheaval to our senses, perceptions and our understanding of how the world and society works. This can put many off. This is why, our culture is so devoid of natural shamans anymore.


Our modern-day spiritualists come over the TV screen and in self-help books. Our sanctioned spiritualists are those funded by the American money machine – The Californians and their mecca of new age and positivity.

They are behind the walls in the castle up high. They have created their own Tibet, closed to the outside and in their own bubble of “positivity”, turning a blind eye to suffering, contradiction or just plain evil because it is “negative”. Self congratulatory and speaking in buzzwords. Oprah is their God. The Secret is their Bible. The devil is Trump. What happened in Tibet by the Chinese can happen to any bubble. A bubble is no good.

The 100 monkey story

We are all in this together. I remember the 100 monkey principle from one of Deepak Chopra’s books. Though he’s one of those LA ‘gurus’.

Once a significant number of monkeys on one island learned how to wash the mud off the potatoes in a stream, to make them more edible, suddenly all the other monkeys on the other islands also absorbed the same knowledge, even though they had never met. As though there was a universal consciousness among all the animals.

It works either way. Right now, the majority of people live in the rational world. Hence this is our reality.

More Shamans, less bureaucrats please

To end this musing – we think nothing of being a catholic, or christian, jew, muslim, sikh, buddhist, atheist etc.

But we need more shamans and white witches too. More people who practice the primordial healing arts and who live it. Healing is not just about people and our souls. It is the earth too and our relationship with it.

And I don’t mean those who are practicing the dark side. There are those around.

Writing this in London, England in 2019, I know that I am far disconnected from oneness, god or even nature. And that this is the norm.

And perhaps, it is why I feel a deep sorrow within, that can not be satisfied with buying stuff or self-help books.

That is except for my book – ‘The Genki Self Health Guide’ – mine has all the answers you need. Yes buy that.

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Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (10c): Raising the Energy


This is the third account of how once you start on the path of energy work, you can  increase your sensitivity to energy and you may have certain energetic experiences.

A warning

Before, I continue, I should add a warning.

It can be risky to mix and match systems. Once you pick one energy system, you must stick to that. Though the ultimate goal may be similar, the techniques each system uses can be different.

It is kind of like trying to force a British electrical appliance into an European plug socket. There will be a mismatch of voltage. Accidents can occur. Some energetic systems can contradict or reverse each other.

Some people do search and seek out different masters and try out different classes and systems. In the early stages, this is fine. But once you find a system or teacher. Stick to them, and them alone.

This is the approach I took. In my 20s, I went through a process of seeking. I visited different classes and teachers to see what I may feel. In the end, I did not stick with any of them as it did not fit me.

In this article, I will discuss the strong energetic sensations I experienced when visiting a Sahaja Yoga Class.

3. My visit to the Sahaja yoga class

My third occasion occurred unexpectedly at a yoga meditation class in Swiss Cottage, North London. I had picked up a flyer for Sahaja yoga meditation classes held at the library. At the time, I was an acupuncture student, and was open to trying out  all things energy, for example – Buddhism classes, meditation, yoga, qigong and tai chi.

Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja yoga is a system of meditation created by the Indian guru, a woman called Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923 – 2011)


Sri Mataji maintains that there is an innate spiritual potential inside all of us and that it can be spontaneous awakened leading got self realisation. This yoga specifically works on raising the Kundalini energy.

Sri Mataji traveled and lectured around the world for 40 years. Also they do not accept payment. I do not recall if I ever paid for a class when I attended. I may have paid a donation, but I don’t recall.

Her organisation is huge with classes and branches in many different countries.

My first class

The class started out with a regular meditation session. I am not particularly keen on group meditation. I am also self-conscious about my stomach growling or gurgling or the need to swallow saliva. This quiet and perfectly natural bodily functions seem to become as loud as thunder when you are sitting among a group of people in silence. Even worse if you have gas.

I always wondered why yogis eat the types of food that are highly likely to cause gas – vegetables, lentils and pulses.

Sorry for my British toilet humour.

Pair work exercise

When the meditation came to an end, the leader introduced an exercise we were to carry out. It was not anything I had experienced before. We were to pair up and in turn, one person had to sit on a chair, whilst the other stood behind to do some kind of energy work.

The standing person had to position themselves behind them and carry out some kind of hand activity whereby they moved energy up the spine by, making a waving motion with the hand in an upwards direction along the spine.

At first, I did not really understand just what was the purpose of this activity. A middle-aged lady, with a warm glint in her eye, readily paired up with me. She beckoned to me to sit down. I was glad to be the first to sit in the chair.

This lady stood behind me. I closed my eyes, not really sure what to expect. I assumed it might be some kind of Reiki treatment. I’d had a few Reiki treatments previously, which I had found relaxing, but nothing more.

But this time was different – very different. I did not know what the lady behind me was doing, but I did feel something quite unusual and very noticeable.

A rising sensation

I had an unusual sensation of something rising up my spine. It was quite sudden. And then I could feel my heart beating crazily. I was having palpitations. At the time, I was in my 20’s and had no heart problems. So this sensation really took me by surprise.

I also felt very hot. ‘What the hell is going on!?’ –  I thought.

I opened my eyes and watched the other class members in front of me. They did not seem to be doing anything unusual. The person behind the sitting person was simply waving her hands in an upward fashion up the spine of the seated person.

Being British, I didn’t want to complain, so I kept these sensations to myself, but they were becoming quite intense, and I was getting a little worried. I spoke out:

“I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable”

That was an understatement. Actually I was feeling very uncomfortable – I was hot, sweating excessively, and my heart was beating wildly. I could actually hear my own heart thundering in my chest. I wondered if it might explode.

The lady brought the exercises to an end and faced me. I told her – “That was powerful and very strange, I could really feel something”.

The lady said to me, “I couldn’t get it to rise all the way”. What did she mean by ‘it’? I thought.

She told me – “You have some blockages in your throat as well as your abdomen.

I had read up on some concepts of Traditional Indian medicine, and in particular the chakra system. So I took her statement to mean that she was referring to my throat chakra and second chakra.

I thought it interesting how her findings fit in with my own understanding of my own unique energetic pathology and health condition.

Blockages – energetic and physical

For example, in my 20s, I suffered with a digestive disease called ulcerative colitis. This kind of condition affects the lower abdomen causing inflammation in my gut (the second chakra area).

In my late teens and 20s, I metaphorically swallowed up a lot of emotions – anger, frustration and self-esteem areas in my gut. My stomach muscles have always been tight since.

As regards the blockage in my throat chakra, this also fits.  Ever since I was a child, I have had difficulties in fully expressing myself. I was a very late talker and grew up in a broken family. It may have come from my upbringing. Communication is related to the throat chakra.

Even ten years later as I write this, I am aware I still have these blockages present. Guess I’m a bit lazy when it comes to spiritual work.


Truthfully after this experience I was bewildered. I did not understand just what kind of exercise this was about. I didn’t get an opportunity to do the hand movements on my partner as our time ran out. On that occasion, I got the full-time for myself.

That day, I did not see anyone else react with any unusual sensations. I wondered if this was because the person I partnered up with had some special ability or was this exercise the same for everyone?

But then people probably feel different things. Maybe other people got a pleasant sensation from this exercise, which made them happy to keep returning

Return to the yoga class

I found the answer to that question, when I returned to the class once more. I did not want to wait a week, so I attended the next available class. This was at a different location in Hampstead. The people there were different.

The class format was the same, although there was one guy at the front who had removed his socks during the meditation. We were all packed into a small room, it was summer and he didn’t seem to care that everyone in the room had to smell his feet.

We moved on the pair exercise and I partnered up with an older pleasant-looking women. I took my seat eagerly waiting to see what would come.

But this time, there was nothing. After she had finished, I told the lady I had felt relaxed. But I was a little disappointed that I did not get a repeat of the first occurrence.

Then we switched places and I tried out doing the exercise on her. I had to ask the teacher for guidance on what I was meant to be doing. She did not feel anything from my efforts and neither did I.

In hindsight, I felt that the initial reaction must have been because the first women doing it to me, was sensitive to the energy and could feel exactly what she was doing. Whereas on the second occasion, the person doing the movements, did not have the same level of sensitivity and was still a student.

I was in two minds whether I should pursue this class and keep going. Was it right for me? A part of me felt a little fearful, as I did not know what I was getting into. These palpitations and chest sweating was quite an extreme sensation.

Perhaps I should have been brave – not a pussy, and gone and done it.

Asking for a Second opinion

I decided to ask my qigong teacher, Dorothea, at the time for her opinion. I still had some doubts and fears from what I had briefly experienced.

I considered that this yoga class was designed to manually activate and raise the kundalini energy. However, I had read accounts that there were risks when the kundalini energy rose. The biggest concern I had was whether this was safe for me. Dorothea shared some stories about her previous teacher and then she answered my question.

Dorothea was a student of the sufi master Irina Tweedy. For a short time, Dorothea was my qigong and tai chi teacher. And taught me other things.

Some stories

One of the stories Dorothea told me was of how one time she was walking to see her teacher at her home in North London. As she came close, she felt a strong presence. It was Ms Tweedy’s energy and she felt it all the way up to her house.

Another story she told me was that on one occasion, Ms Tweedy told Dorothea she would do something for her. And like a switch being turned on, Dorothea felt an incredible state of bliss. She felt incredibly good and at peace in the world. This bliss was to last a short period of time. Afterwards, Ms Tweedy asked her how she enjoyed the feeling?

I wish at the time, I had recorded her stories in better detail. It is now almost ten years later that I write this, and some of these stories are not as clear for me. This is my lost opportunity. I needed to be writing earlier.

Should I manually awaken the kundalini?

But anyway, as regards the Kundalini awakening. I asked Dorothea, is it right to have the kundalini energy manually awakened like this? Is it safe?

And Dorothea told me:

“When you are ready for it, it will awaken by itself. It is better this way then to try to raise it yourself.”

What does this mean? Well, instead of forcing something powerful like the kundalini to rise prematurely – it is better instead, to put the ground work in. Build the foundations. Spend years of your life practicing meditation, yoga, qigong, Taoism – clearing your blockages, strengthening your mind, removing your desires, cleansing your body. And this is better carried out under the guidance of a trusted teacher.

Then a time comes, when spiritually and physically your body is ready for it. Then it happens naturally. Or maybe it never comes – not in this lifetime. And that is because you are not ready for it.

That is how I interpreted Dorothea’s advice.

Energetic Sensations

There have been other occasions some years ago, when I have felt a mild wave in my lower spine during periods when I have regularly practiced meditation.  I wondered what would happen if I focused on those sensations. Yet, I chose not to. Mentally, I don’t feel ready for any kind of bizarre and strong energetic occurrence. And certainly not for a kundalini awakening, which i have read to be a turbulent experience.  So I don’t chase it.

I have read accounts from people whose kundalini had awoken spontaneously or through intense meditation practice. In some of these stories, it caused lots of disruptions to these people mentally and physically. There was one story I read where this woman’s life was completely torn upside down by the kundalini rising.

Granted, there are other stories of people where the kundalini rose and the person was able to deal with it experiencing all sorts of psychic phenomena and abilities. This is very tempting for people to chase. Especially young men.

Many men would like to have X-Men Powers. X-Ray vision is especially useful to adolescent boys.

I decided that in my case, I will let the Kundalini rise by itself and without participating in specific exercises designed to manually rise it. If that means it will never rise in my lifetime, then I am fine with that.

So I never went back to any of these Sarajah yoga classes.

Do we need to follow gurus?

Without intended to be too critical (though I suppose it will sound like it), I wanted to share some personal thoughts about Sri Mataji.

Whenever I saw a picture of this women, I did not find her particularly attractive. I know – she is an elderly women, but what I mean is, that I don’t get any positive vibes from seeing her image. She has passed away now.

Physically, she seemed a bit overweight and was not really what I consider as someone in good physical condition or health.

In comparison I would say my father is far healthier looking. He doesn’t meditate. He does simple (yet physically hard) gardening work, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and eats simple foods.

Also my qigong teacher, Dorothea was in really good physical condition due to her tai qi and qigong practice, even though she was in her 70s (or late 60s) at the time, I met her. I trusted her.

I understand that when you follow this system, you have to spend a lot of time meditating on her image, the same way Buddhists meditate on an image of Buddha.

But personally, I don’t want to meditate on her image.

Conclusion of these three energetic accounts

These three accounts I have shared are not meant to give the impression that I am a particularly spiritual or mystical person. Obviously, I am not. These accounts are certainly very mild compared to things that other people, spiritual students or mystics have described.

I’ve had no hallucinations or synchronicities, no books flying off shelves, no visions in the jungle after taking ayahuasca. Or downloads from higher spiritual entities passing on their knowledge to me. Heck not even any aliens shoving things up my butt.

Just a basic perceiving of the energy.

I include these simple accounts for several reasons. Firstly, to show that energetic encounters and experiences are not so unusual and can be common.

We can all experience such things if we practice energy exercises, do meditation, and keep an open mind. There are lots of people out there that work and live with energy or do spiritual work and such things are accepted as a part of reality.

Energetic Universe

We are energy. For acupuncturists or other healers, we must remind ourselves that we are first and foremost energy healers. What we find on the body – the symptoms are a disorder of the energy flow. Whether that is meridians, chakras, or the auric field.

Though we may use a system, we are still working essentially with energy. It is easy to forget that and become systematic with our treatments. But this is the same as with western medicine – attempting to treat everyone as though they are the same.

Our work is about energy. Therefore developing our sensitivity to energy can only be to our advantage.

It is no coincidence that qigong is related to Chinese medicine. There is a historic relation.

Is energy work necessary for an energy worker?

It is true that we do not need to practice energy work in order to be good at acupuncture or healing, especially in Japan, where there are many acupuncturist who don’t do any qigong.

I do think they develop their sensitivities in other ways. For example, by repeating the same needling movement (in Toyohari) and regularly practicing in study groups.

But it is the energy work that provides that deeper dimension to acupuncture and healing.

“Put on the sunglasses”

Once you open up your awareness of energy, it does risk reminding a person that the physical world we live in is broader than our 5 senses tell us.

It even risks bringing other annoying questions to the forefront of our overactive minds.

Is there more to life than what we think? To this physical reality?

Or even more dangerous: Is the purpose of our life –  to work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours, play 8 hours, the largest illusion thrust upon modern mindkind?

The path less trodden

To attempt to follow a set path laid out in front of us and feel miserable if we fail at it. To consume goods and to compete with each other. All the time turning a blind eye to the contradictions and the destructions heaped upon the world.

Also to take our cue from the media, and voices of authority surrounding us, which in the last year has become almost hypnotic. This is the normal path.

Or do we dare to venture off the path. Ah… but there be risks. Like getting lost in the forest and wild animals. But it does open us up to new adventures, encounters and a broadening of our horizons. Along with the ability to at least see – that there is writing on the wall.

This is surely the shamanic path.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves based on their own filters and awareness whether to choose to believe what I say or to think I am mistaken or any other explanation. I don’t care either way. I know what I have experienced.

Perhaps I will have more significant and deeper spiritual and energetic experiences in the future. If I do, I’ll write about them here.

If anyone else has any stories to share, do please comment. I am open to listen.

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Swimming in the Qi: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (10b)

spontaneous qigong 10 thumbnail

spontaneous qigong 10 thumbnail

In the previous article – ‘Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Canterbury Cathedral‘, I talked about my visit to Canterbury Cathedral and feeling the energy field that is generated by people praying on the the same spot, possibly over many years. 

Humans in a meditative or praying state generate a field of energy that can be perceived by some people who do energy work practice.   

This concept was reinforced for me when I attended the Self Realisation Temple in London. This is a spiritual organisation founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, an Indian Yogi.

From my observation, this is a yoga system, which modelled its services similar to that of a Christian Church type service. However there was one major difference. They put a lot of emphasis on meditation instead of prayer. And they did a lot of it.

Meditation and Prayer

This is a major point, because prayer is a personal thing – a personal communion with god. But when you meditate – especially together with others, it becomes a group thing. A group communion with the ultimate spirit.

And additionally, you create a strong group-like meditative energy field.

This is what I felt when I attended a couple of this organisation’s services. In this article, I talk about my visits to the Self Realisation temple in Regents Park in London.

Just to add, this was based on two visits I made ten years ago. I have not attended this organisation’s services since. Perhaps, things are different. Perhaps, I may not feel anything if I return, just like as happened when I re-visited Canterbury Cathedral.

2. Self Realisation Temple, Regents Park, London

Whilst at acupuncture school, I occasionally chatted to another part-time student, a young woman, who was more into the spiritual side of things. She told me she had done a retreat in India and was planning on going again. She highly recommended I read a book on yoga called – the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.

A few years later, I did get round to reading it, and like many other people who read this unusual book, I was mystified by the life of this modern-day guru – Paramahansa Yogananda.

This book contains an autobiography of Yogananda’s life from childhood to his death. Forgive me for any inaccuracies, as I last read the book around ten years ago.

In the beginning, there is an account of Yogananda’s life. He belonged to a high caste family and his father had a respectable job working for the railroad company. However Paramahansa did not want to follow his father’s footsteps. He was drawn from an early age into the spiritual path and he practiced kriya yoga. He spent most of his free time meditating.  His father was unhappy that his son did not want to follow his own path, but his love for his son led him to support his decision.

After having visions of his true spiritual master, Yogananda found him – Yukteswar Giri. He devoted his life to him and continued with his spiritual training. He gave himself over to his guru, and even continued to commune with the spirit of his master after he died years later.

As I recall in the book, Yogananda lectured around the world. He also met famous scientists and other spiritual people of the time and wrote of his meetings with them in this book. Yogananda eventually came to America where he founded his organisation, lectured and built a large temple. His organisation is still around to this day.

There is an account of his death that is quite mystical. Actually the whole book is full of one miraculous story after another. 

On reflection, I wonder just how much of it was all real and how much was embellished?

Visit to the London Branch

At any rate, after reading this book, I was curious to see if there was a branch of the Self Realisation Fellowship in London.

As with many types of spiritual organisations in the West, they typically have a UK/London branch. And indeed there was. It is at the bottom end of Regents Park, close to Baker Street and Marylebone

The Temple has a website – Self Realization Fellowship, London. I checked the dates of their services and planned to visit.

At the first session I attended, I was surprised to find that the building is similar in structure and lay out to a modern Christian church. 

In a typical Christian service you sit in the aisles, listen to a sermon, sing hymns and do a prayer.

This temple had similarities to a church service, but there was one major difference – it incorporated long periods of meditation as part of the service.

That was cool with me as I was getting used to meditation classes at that time. But when I closed my eyes and participated in the silent mediation, I was struck by a very curious sensation.

I could feel energy. To be precise, I felt as though I was in a thick energy field.

It was an incredibly pleasant sensation. I opened and closed my eyes to see what was going on. I could see all the other members there sitting quietly and meditating.

There was not escaping it – the field of energy was very strong in this hall and very calming.

It was a curious sensation, because it was the first time I had ever felt this before. And at the time, I had tried out other meditation classes.

The rest of the service seemed to combine elements of Yogananda’s teaching along with some references to the Bible, which I found quite curious. I did not know an Indian religion could mix and take teachings from a different source like the Bible. Actually, I liked it, that they did this.

My way or the high way buddy

It is the idea that all paths lead to the same source, no matter what the label. For example, you must follow our religion, because if you follow that other religion, you will go to hell etc. 

Well, that’s just great for half the population of the world, who don’t follow that religion.

I see the same thing in acupuncture. People who believe their system is the best and only way and people who practice other systems, are practicing false acupuncture and therefore are all going to HELL….!

Probably the same with martial arts, politics, music, art, everything. 

I think it’s a human tribalism trait. Part of our reptilian brain kicking in. 

And as I recall at the Self realisation temple, they had pictures of unrelated spiritual masters or icons e.g. – Buddha, Jesus and some others, as though to show homage to them all.

That’s pretty liberating to see.

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Being a casual visitor, I did not go too deeply into Yogananda’s teachings. I believe they had some books and a program to sign up to, which you had to pay for if you wanted to take your spiritual learning deeper. 

I was interested, but not in a position to go any further. Perhaps, if there was not this kind of barrier, I may have continued along this path a little longer.

Regardless, I had taken some valuable lesson from this visit – the concept that people, can and do, generate a strong energetic field when they meditate together in a spiritual place like a temple or church. 

Return Visit

After this first visit, I wanted to return again a second time as soon as I could. I planned to return on the Sunday, which in hindsight, may not have been the best day for me to attend. This was to be a larger event compared to the first service I had attended, which I think was during midweek.

On this occasion, the event was busier. There were over a hundred people, with loud Indian type music and chanting and a woman at the front was banging a kind of traditional drum and singing loudly. 

As it was my second time there, and I did not know anyone, I felt out-of-place.

The service followed the similar protocol, but on this occasion there was a kind of communion – like in a Christian church, where you take the bread and wine from the Father at the front

Here, the members all lined up and went to the front. If I recall correctly, we kneeled and prayed at the front.

I went along with it, even though I didn’t really want to. I was overwhelmed by the liveliness of the event. I would have preferred to sit quietly at the back, and probably should have. 

Intense Energy

However, one thing was definitely palpable – the energetic sea was intense in that hall.

It seemed that the singing, group meditation and the greater number of people doing it, had created this huge energetic feeling that seemed to fill up every area of the hall. 

The feeling was like a kind of warmth, like a blanket. It wrapped you up, enveloped you, like a mother holding a baby. The energetic blanket felt nourishing. The sensation became more intense when I closed my eyes and it had a dreamlike quality to it.

It was quite mystifying. I could close my eyes and feel engulfed by this feeling of energy. It felt welcoming. I could see the attraction of attending ever week.

But I didn’t. This was the last time I went to the temple. 

No return

There is something I don’t quite understand about my own personality. It is that even when I discover something unusual that captures the imagination, I can walk away from it. Perhaps one of the reasons I did not feel a strong desire to return was from my conversations with the other members at the end of the services in the tea and coffee area.

On the first occasion, I had attended, at the end of the service, I was friendily greeted by an older member. He asked how I knew about the service. I told him I had read the book – Autobiography of a Yogi, and that I had found it fascinating.  Then the conversation quickly died down. There was nothing else to talk about with him. I did not think to mention about the strong energetic sensation I had felt during the service. Perhaps, I should have done.

Then another middle-aged person came and asked me the same question. Again, I answered because I had read Autobiography of a Yogi. And then once again the conversation  died down. I had the feeling, that so many people must have given the same answer to this same question.

Then I met two other younger people. I was still a young man, and so thought maybe I may have more of a rapport with them. But, despite our similarity in age, I didn’t connect with them.

They were very serious Self-Realisation Fellowship students and told me they were going to America to participate in training. They had bought the programme.  I suppose when you are focused on seeking spiritual enlightenment, small talk is no longer a priority. Also, my spiritual level, is probably of a gnat compared to them.

On the second occasion, when I went during the larger service, I felt even less like speaking to any members afterwards. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that a person must have when he first attends a large religious service for the first time without any prior knowledge, or knowing anyone.

For example, if I was to attend a mosque or a Synagogue by myself on a worship day. Neither of which, I have absolutely no knowledge of. I am sure, I would feel really out-of-place. Kind of like gate-crashing a closed club. And that was enough to put me off. 

Meeting the girl who advised me to read the book

A few years later, I met that same student, who had first advised me to read the Autobiography of a Yogi. At that time, she seemed heavily into this yoga. On this occasion, when I told her I had read the book and found it fascinating, I did not get the impression that she had the same level of interest in this system of yoga anymore. She seemed not to want to talk about it. 

Perhaps, she was done with it and had moved on to other things. I wondered if something had happened, or maybe, I was reading too much into it? Who knows? But I was a little disappointed, because, I was hoping to hear more from someone who had gone further down this particular spiritual path. 

A strong spiritual place

Nonetheless, The self realisation temple was the real deal as far as feeling energy is concerned. Also some of their teachings did make a lot of sense to me.

If you are seeking to develop your spirituality, than yes, there is something very powerful in this yoga organisation. The feeling of energy I felt was intense.  

Qigong and energy work

Does this mean, everyone who goes is going to feel this strong palpable energy sensation?

No, possibly not. 

This is because at the time, I was heavily into qigong. And just like with my account of Canterbury Cathedral, I cannot say for sure I would feel the same energy is I was to return, because now I do not practice qigong or energy work as much as I did as when I first went. So I would not be surprised if I did not feel anything if I went back today.

On reflection, I did wonder why after feeling that strong energetic sea-like feeling, why I never felt the desire to go back?

Simply, a part of me does not desire it, so I do not return. Perhaps I am following my own internal guidance system, which is simply telling me – ‘this is not your way’.

Or maybe I’m just a lazy Son of a B**ch.


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Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (10a): Canterbury Cathedral

spontaneous qigong Canterbury cathedral

spontaneous qigong Canterbury cathedral
Interior view of the ceiling of Canterbury Cathedral, UK

Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Part 10a

The next three articles in this ‘Encounters with Spontaneous Qi’ series, are not specifically about spontaneous qi or qigong. Instead, I will talking about the ability to perceive energy.

For some people, the development of a sensitivity to energy (qi/ki), may be able to help with their activation of spontaneous qi.

Once you start practicing energy work, your sensitivity to energy / qi / ki can increase. When I started practicing qigong regularly, I noticed times when I had an increased sensitivity to energy.

What does the energy feel like?

In my first two cases, I would describe the feeling of energy as like stepping into a kind of energetic zone or field. It is akin to stepping under a shower. There is a perceptible difference in the air around you. In these cases, I found the sensation to be pleasant and I wanted to stay in this field longer.

However, in my third example, the energetic sensation was more deliberate in its action. There was a clear internal movement of moving up my spine and which was related to my chakras and the Kundalini phenomenon.

I would add here, I did not have a kundalini awakening. Although, I did get a brief taster of its initial phase of movement.  This occasion was affected by a deliberate external stimuli and actually was not particularly comfortable.

This article gives the first of three examples of when I felt my ability to feel energy was enhanced after beginning qigong.

Part 10a. Pilgrimage to Canterbury cathedral

My old tai chi teacher, a German lady called Dorothea was a student of the late spiritualist Irina Tweedy. I met her by attending one of her Tai Chi classes in North London. Dorothea very kindly took me on as a private student (for no charge), for which I am grateful for. In my 20s, I was a troubled young man (still am), and I think she sensed I was a person who could benefit greatly from her input. She often told me of her experiences with Ms Tweedy and showed me various energy work exercises.

On one occasion she mentioned Canterbury cathedral as being one of the few places in this country, where she could “really feel the energy”. I did not know what she meant by that statement until I went myself.

At the time I was practicing qigong every day usually for about an hour. I had already had my first experience of spontaneous qigong. Along with my regular practice, I was attending about 2 qigong classes a week with another teacher. It was quite a lot of qigong for me at the time. I don’t do that now.

I went with my girlfriend on a day trip.  It was my first time there so we made our way to the Cathedral as it is the town’s top most famous attraction.

The Canterbury Tales

Canterbury is a spiritual place in the UK. For hundreds of years, people have been making pilgrimages to the cathedral. Founded in 597, it was rebuilt in the 11th century.

Canterbury Cathedral

In the UK, one of the oldest books written in English is ‘The Canterbury Tales’. It is written in olde English in the 14th century and tells the stories of different characters undergoing a pilgrimage to Canterbury to the Shrine of Saint Thomas Beckett.

For hundreds of years people have been travelling to Canterbury they pray to god. Rich and poor, beggars or nobles, men and women, old and young. It is a Christian Mecca.

Assassination of Thomas Beckett

Another point of interest is that a famous archbishop, Thomas Beckett, was assassinated by four knights, under orders of the King in the cathedral in 1170.

As anyone who has watched the movie Highlander knows – killing on holy ground is taboo – especially for the Middle ages, when people were more religious than we are today. And to kill an archbishop at that.

Thomas Beckett was canonised by the pope making him a saint. Since then, thousands of British Christians and Catholics have made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Beckett at Canterbury Cathedral.

Awe inspiring building

The Cathedral itself is incredible. It is huge and in pristine condition. To think that such a building was built-in the 12th century is incredible. To construct such a building in a time without machinery, no cranes, no JCBs. It was all done with horse, cart and lots of manpower.

Take a look at the image above. Can you image that such architecture was made in the 12th century with such perfect symmetry? Could we make it today?

It is infinitely far more inspiring than the Shard in London and many other new constructions made in the modern age. But that is the subject of another article, I will be releasing later on. But before I go on, ponder on this… What if we were actually devolving as a species and our buildings were a reflection of that?

A ceremonial day

On the day we visited Canterbury cathedral, it must have been a special day. There were large crowds of people and right in the middle, people were lining up to take it in turn to walk to a particular spot in the middle of the cathedral. One by one, they knelt and prayed in this spot. There must have been hundreds of people taking it in turn to kneel and prey on this spot.

I had wondered if this was the famous spot where Thomas Beckett had been assassinated? But on checking, that particularly spot is marked by a sculpture and four swords, so I don’t think it was the same spot.

As we saw all the people line up and pray, I assumed that this day must have had some significance. We didn’t ask anyone why this was occurring, and it was many years ago, so I cannot check the date. Instead, we just went along with it.

My girlfriend said we should do the kneeling and preying thing too. I wasn’t keen to do so, but she persuaded me.

So we got in line. I wasnt really sure what I was going to do when it as my turn. I was not a Christian at the time and had very little exposure to Christianity. I rarely prayed and had no idea of what you are supposed to do. So I decided I would just kneel for a minute, close my eyes, perhaps wish for loads a’ money, then move on quickly.

And soon it was my turn. I went to the spot where all the people had been praying,  kneeled down and closed my eyes. And then I felt something really weird.

It was like stepping into a shower of energy. The air, the atmosphere in that spot felt different. It was charged. It was a field of energy.

It immediately reminded me of entering a spontaneous qigong state except that instead of it being in me, this feeling was all around me and outside of my body. I wanted to stay longer. This feeling was bizarre. It felt so relaxing and I realised that it would be so easy to meditate or prey in this field. I could lose myself in this spot in a state of bliss.

Entering the energetic field: a shower of energy

spontaneous qigong shower of energy

But I couldn’t stay too long. There was queue of people behind me. I got up and moved on.

Without trying to sound too excited, I asked my girlfriend if she had felt anything at that spot? She had not.

My interest was piqued by this experience that I immediately became fascinated by this cathedral. I wanted to have a good look around.

I used to find cathedrals and churches buildings boring

In my youth, I had often been dragged to museum and stately homes. I had always enjoyed castles because of my love of knights, hosting fights, knights and battles etc, but palaces, temples and cathedrals did not excite me much.

These kinds of visits always brought back unpleasant memories of long boring car journeys where I suffered travel sickness, and then having to pretend to act interested as I was dragged around Medieval bedrooms or living rooms, which are not all that interesting for a young boy.

I always felt grateful for living in modern times watching the A-Team on a comfortable sofa and eating crispy fried pancakes (Yes, the 80’s). And not living in one of these old rooms like a period costume drama.

However, today was different. My interest was sparked. I wanted to walk around this cathedral.

A second energy spot

I found another area – a small alcove type area which clearly had been an area of prayer in the past (and maybe still was today). It had a yellow-type paint on the walls, which was faded away.

I went closer to an area that looked like an old prayer spot. And again, I felt that same zone of energy. Boom. It was intense. Again – I was in the energetic shower.

For several minutes I stopped there and enjoyed the sensation. I could easily have stayed longer just sitting in that zone of peace. But my girlfriend was waiting for me. I told her what I had felt in that area and she too went to the spot.

But once again, my girlfriend did not feel anything and at that point she was getting a little annoyed that she wasn’t feeling anything. I had to tone it down.

I realised, a couple of things about this. Firstly, my ability to perceive the energy had to be related to my regular qigong practice. It had made me extra sensitive to energy (or qi). At that time I was practicing qigong regularly. Usually, every day for at least one hour. Along with 2 weekly classes.

Return to Canterbury a few years later

This was proved to me two years later, when I returned to Canterbury Cathedral. I had long anticipated my return trip hoping to get that wonderful energetic sensation again.

However, at this time, I was no longer practicing qigong. I had become interested in other things like yoga (asanas), but no longer did qigong.

And on this occasion, I was disappointed. Firstly, the initial spot where all the people were kneeling and praying was blocked off. So I couldn’t go there. Nor could I fully remember exactly where the spot was. Also this time, there were no lines of people praying, like on the first trip. It was a regular day, with tourists milling around.

No problem, I thought. I will go to the second spot where I felt energy. However, when I got there, I did not feel anything. There were no energetic zone. No field of energy.

On reflection, I felt this must be because I no longer was doing any energetic exercises like qigong.

Secondly, the areas where I picked up the energy were clearly related to other people. These zones were created by other people praying or meditating at the same spot. It is people together that can create strong energy fields. So if hundreds of people pray in one spot or all together in one room, than they create a strong energetic or meditative prayer zone.

This idea was proved to me by my visit to the Self-Realisation temple in London, which I will talk about in a later article.

Creation of the Meditation zone

That feeling also continues after the person or people are no longer meditating there. It means that, we can create an energy spot simply by repeatedly meditating there. In the second place, my impression was that this was not a popular prayer spot for modern visitors. However, it may have been a popular spot in the past and possibly for the priests today, but I had no way of finding that out.

Genki Health Japanese Asian Woman Meditating

Whether we perceive or not, we can still be affected by energy zones

But this also means that qigong or energy practices enhances our ability to perceive the energy. But whether we perceive it or not does not matter. Because even if we cannot perceive it, we will still be affected by it. If we take a place among other people in deep meditation or prayer, we will enter their auric field – the meditative zone. It will mingle and influence our energies. It is a field of healing, and consciousness. Of course it is far better if we can perceive this energetic field. And for that reason, I encourage daily practice of qigong.

  • These insights prompt some further questions:
  • What can be the healing potential with creating a strong field of energy for a sick person?
  • Is this the reason why monks or yogini’s meditate together? Is it because it enhances the energetic field?
  • What would happen if the whole world meditated at the same time? – What kind of energetic field could be created.
  • Finally, what are the implications if the whole world is stuck in a field of negative energy – i.e. anger, violence, blame, desire, competition, jealousy, even lust?

This last question reminds me of a dream-like encounter I had, which I wrote about in this article – ‘Low-Level Entities‘. Essentially, if we meditate together in harmony, we create an aura of peace.

However, the converse is the same. If we unite our energies in a field of thick negative feeling – anger, blame, lust, we create a negative aura. And worse still, we potentially attract negative entities towards us.

The Sufi Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, successor of the famous Sufi master Irina Tweedy, has alluded in some of his YouTube interviews that when you start spiritual work and meditate, you start to ‘light’ up. Your heart awakens and you also become visible to people with a higher spiritual level.

Stopping off at the museum book shop

As we left Canterbury cathedral, we stopped off in the bookshop, I picked up a book on spiritual quotations. The book opened to a page which contained a Naomi Remen quote about healing:

Healing may not be so much about getting better as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.

Rachel Naomi Remen

The full quote is available in an interview in the book – ‘Healing and the Mind’, by Bill Moyers.

Healing and the Mind Bill Moyers Remen


Something about this quote struck me hard. It changed my perceptions of what healing really is. Healing is not just about the physical. Healing is deeper. You can be physically diseased, yet you can still be healed. Up to then, my understanding of healing was that it is about fixing the physical body.  But true healing is more than this. The physical level is only one level of our existence. There is the mental, emotional, but also spiritual. Yet, society conditions us to see there as being only one level.

This hit me, because I realised that my whole life I had been living up to what I believed were other people’s expectations of me. I was never truly living and doing things the way I wanted. As a result I had struggled at doing things in life that were not meant for me and also failing.

I hope now with this work, that I am following my own path, and healing in the process.

Video: What is Healing?

Here is a YouTube video I made called – ‘What is Healing’. It was inspired by Remen’s quote. Other videos are also available on the The Genki Health Channel:

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