How to get Rich with a Smooth Flow of Ki

Manifest Money with the power of Ki-energy…

Firstly, an apology. This article is a click bait. I am not going to teach you how to be rich by utilising Ki power, like this is some kind of ‘Ki-Energy Law of Attraction’. It doesn’t really work like that.

I am exploring the idea that wealth flows to you when your relax your desire for it. It is like standing in the sea by the beach, and trying very hard to grasp water.

You may tense your hands and grab at it, but it will slip out from between your fingers. The harder you try, the more it eludes you.

In this way, you can stand right in the midst of an abundance of water, and yet be unable to grasp none.

Remind yourself that you are surrounded by Money

This is a metaphor for money. We currently have a debt based society controlled by banks. Trillions of pounds, dollars etc flow all around us in this society, just like the water in the sea. But you will find that as you try to grasp at it with tightly clenched hands, it too will elude you.

Yet, just like the sea analogy, all you need is a container and the water will flow without resistance into it. So it is with money. You make yourself the container. You make yourself receptive to the money. Let it flow to you. Do not chase it, nor grasp at it. Make it find an easy way to come to you.

Your openness is the container

In this way, money, is a mental state. Many will find that the more you desire it,  the further away from you it is.

There are times in your life, when you do not desire it. Perhaps you desire something else, for example – a relationship, a kind of work, an experience, the completion of a creative endeavour, and then you find money just seems to flow to you without effort on your part.

This is an example of making yourself a receptive container for money.

So how to make yourself receptive? The million dollar question. This article explores the idea that perhaps spontaneous qigong is one such way.

Qi/Ki energy work can help you balance your mind and clear some internal garbage that  could prevent you from realising you own potential. By clearing some of these blocks, it may enable you to go on and generate more money in your life.

Stagnant Ki not only affects your health, it also affects your wealth

I believe that money is a form of energy. And just like the Ki energy that flows in the body, when it gets stuck or stagnant, then poor health occurs. Likewise, when our money Ki (or energy) is stagnant, then we have money problems.

It is kind of like a block. Something stops it flowing into our life.

There is a connection between money and health. And the flow of Ki energy in our body and in our life has a role in both.

First, I will discuss the importance of Ki flow in health.

The Chinese have a special relationship with money

It is worth noting that the Chinese are astute with money. Right now, they own most of the US debt. They have all the factories and industries. They have the second biggest economy in the world.

What is not so often noted it that they are avid gamblers. Many years ago, I frequented a casino in Wolverhampton, UK. There were many Chinese there – men, women, young and old. It was a popular pastime for the Chinese community. They also had their own Mahjong clubs, which were closed to none-Chinese. I gained admittance once, because I went with with a Chinese friend who talked our way in. However, we were very quickly asked to leave. No Gweilo (white devils) allowed!

The Ancient Chinese, health and Ki flow

The ancient Chinese emperors were also obsessed with health. They had the best that life had to offer – food, entertainment, wealth and plentiful concubines.  So they didn’t want their fun ending prematurely. This prompted the search for the elixir of health. After all what good is it to own the world, and then die at age 40 just when you’re starting to enjoy it all? They wanted to live much longer than that. And enjoy all those concubines.

China is the source of so many health preservation therapies and exercises including Taoism. Tai chi and Qigong, which are practiced by millions of Chinese. ‘Qi’ means energy and ‘Gong’ means work. It literally translates as energy work and that is what it is.

Qigong and Tai Chi incorporates exercises designed to increase the flow of Qi/Ki energy in your body. To learn more about Qi/Ki energy, check out my book – The Genki Self Health Guide. Basically, Ki is a form of energy that runs through energetic pathway in our body, called ‘Channels’ or ‘Meridians’, which provide the motive force for our internal organs and their physiological functioning.

A smooth flow of Ki energy for Good health

To be healthy, we need a smooth flow of Ki in the body. This Ki flows through a special network of energy channels (meridians). These energy channels run through the entire body like a motorway network. The Ki fuels our whole body. It enlivens every part of our body. It is similar to the circulatory system, but is not visible to physical scans. However, to energy-sensitive people they sometimes can be felt.

In sickness, a few things happen. The Ki flow gets restricted at various parts of your body. For example, a simple example is where a person gets a headache or stiff shoulders from looking at a computer screen all day. This means the Ki energy is stuck in your head or upper body.

Because the Ki stagnates in your head, there is not enough flow to other parts of your body. So at the same time you may get a weak stomach, dull back pain, cold hands and feet. If you do, then it means you have a imbalance of Ki energy in your whole body. It means too much is above, and not enough is below. So to be healthy, you have to balance the flow of Ki and get it flowing down again.

The Mood, Emotions and Ki Stagnation

Another example of Ki stagnation can be manifested in depression.

With depression, you have over-thinking, self-doubt, worry, anxiety and pensiveness. Anxiety feeds frustration which leads to poor self-esteem. The shoulders droop, a person becomes listless, loses motivation and becomes lazy.

What is happening to the Ki energy? It is slowing down and becoming sluggish. A person then eats more and puts on weight.

Antidote: Learning to move the Ki-Energy

The Chinese recognised that movement and exercise is the greatest antidote to stuck Ki. But it is not just about running or lifting weights. The Chinese went deeper. They recognise that we have an internal energy system which powers the functioning of the body. And it is when this internal energy no longer flows that eventually the physical body then manifests disease.

Poor Ki flow or stagnation can come  from many sources, for example – bad diet, work stresses, accidents, illnesses, incorrect living, bad habits. Many things can throw our balance off. Poor Ki flow can also come from an excess of emotions like anger, sadness, worry or even excess joy. With joy – think over-stimulation.

And what about money?

Good health, smooth Ki flow and the flow of money

Firstly, health equals money. As with the Chinese emperors seeking their elixir of health, the modern day equivalent is seen with the many celebrities who spend thousands on private healthcare, including regular massage, acupuncture and other complementary therapies.

It is clear that wealth becomes less important, if you don’t have the health to enjoy it. Conversely, good health is less enjoyable if you have poverty. So, really we want an adequate amount of both in life – health and wealth.

Another factor, is that you need health to make money.

Without health, your income generating potential becomes lower. With abundant health, your potential increases. And what’s really important is energy. Energy is the basis and with that we need a smooth flow of it not just in out bodies, but in our life in general.

Excess energy means you can put more into a business or a job or in learning skills for a good job or way to generate more income. However, these types of activities can be draining on the body, so you need to replenish that Ki energy so you can keep going. You need also to balance and recharge energetically.

Activity seems to beget more energy. If you slow down and tell yourself that you are too old, or too dumb, or not educated, or that its too late – then this is what will happen. If you keep a youthful attitude to life, enjoyment and willingness to learn or try new things, you can enhance your energy flow.

Age, mental state and Ki flow

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, you have to acknowledge that he seems to have a phenomenal amount of energy for a man in his 70s – to run for President, which is like a year long gruelling job interview.

We see the same kind of energy in people like Jack Lalanne – the keep fit enthusiast who was still pumping weights into his 90s. Recently, I had a client in her 70s, who was living her life like she was in her 40s.

These above examples were also wealthy.

Money is energy, energy is money

Money is a form of exchange and essentially it represents energy. It is a physical representation of energy – energy we can expend. It represents our skills, the services we provide, our effects on other people, our luck, what we own, and a whole lot of intangible things.

There is no clear logic to money. Or even fairness. Those that seem more deserving of it – nurses, nursery assistants, get paid very little. Those that seem undeserving, money changers/lender/bankers/footballers get the most.

Some people have an abundance of it without effort on their part. Others work 12 to 15 hours a day and struggle to pay their bills. Money does not follow the rules of fairness or of such statements such as ‘a fair days work for a fair day’s pay’.

This is why I look at money as something different – it has an energetic quality. And part or it is about flow. You invite the flow to you. Like standing in the sea, you can be surrounded by it, but grasp none. It seems to me there is a karmic and energetic motivation behind money.

If you do not have money, consider your relationship with it. Do you grasp it? Are you desperate for it? If yes, this indicates you fear it and you don’t have enough if it. You have to make it something that does not hold power over you.

Dating: don’t be desperate.

There is this theme in dating. When you seeking a mate, don’t be too desperate to get him or her.

For example, if you are a guy chasing a girl and you go out of your way to get her – making yourself alway available; always changing your plans to be with her if she asks you, letting her flake on meetings with you and yet still agreeing to meet her after – all because you want to please her and make her like you. What then is the result of this?

That girls sees you as the nice friendly guy – “like a brother”. You are friend-zoned and then she goes and dates a jerk and tells you all about it when she has an argument with him.

To get the girl, it is advisable that the guy be indifferent. Chase and be clear about your intent, but don’t be upset about the outcome whether you get it or not. Move on.

Treat a love interest like a hamburger

On a trip with a friend, he met a young woman who was particularly enamoured with him. She asked him to meet him at a specific time when she finished work and to make sure not to be late. “Promise me, you will come at this time” she told him. “Promise me!”

However, when the time came to meet her, he felt really hungry and wanted to get a hamburger.

I told him, it would probably make us late, but his stomach took priority. So we stopped at MacDonalds where he proceeded to order two Big Mac sets and ate them both. He was really hungry.

As a result we were late for his meeting with her and she had already left. He didn’t seem disappointed. He just let it go. Personally, I wouldn’t do that, but I have much to learn.

This is as it is with money. Of course, it is easier to say than done, especially with all those hormones and emotions flooding around. But to put your heart on your sleeve leads you to be tossed and turned like a ship in a storm with full sails open. A rocky ride.

Respect and want the money, but do not grasp at it. Open yourself up as a container to it so it flows to you, but don’t grasp at it. How to do that – one way is to relax our bodies. To create a smooth flow of Ki in our lives in general.

How to Enhance the flow of Ki in our life

So how do we rebalance our Ki energy? Regular qigong can help. It does not mean it will make you rich. But it can help balance your mind and reduce the grasping.

Here is one exercise:

Entering the meditative zone

Here is a simple meditation exercise based on spontaneous qigong. The object is to tune into the subtle energy movements of your body.

Sit in either seiza (legs folded above your ankles), cross-legged or on a chair with a straight back.

Close your eyes. Take some deep breaths for a few minutes. Then relax into a normal breathing pattern.

Then just sit there for 5-10 minutes.

Get rich with Ki

Quietly observe your inner body without attempting to affect any change. Be aware of any sensations, any feelings of swaying or vibrations, pulsations or energy moving up and down your legs and arms. If you feel anything – great, but don’t try to do anything.

Bring it to an end after five to ten minutes.

Do this every day, twice a day.

That’s It?

Wait! So just sitting is going to improve my flow of Ki and make me rich?

No, of course not.

It’s not the sitting that increase the flow of Ki. It’s the tuning into your own body’s  energy. It is this turning away from the outward world, from the stresses, problems, desires and million other distractions. It is about connecting to the energetic flow. Over time, this can enable you to tune in and enter the ‘Meditative Zone”. This can enable a smooth flower of Ki in your body and your life.

The meditative zone is a strong energetic and healing field that we all have to ability to access. However so many of us don’t do so, or haven’t developed our sensitivity enough to feel it.

Over time, as your sensitivity increases, the tuning into your body and this meditative zone will become stronger and you may experience other types of things like more swaying, spontaneous movements and your body leading you into unblocking yourself.

However, to begin with, this simple meditation exercise can be a good introduction. If you are interested in taking it further, do read my articles on spontaneous qigong.

So try it, and if after a while of doing daily meditation to encourage a smooth flow of Ki,  suddenly a lot of money comes to you – feel free to attribute it to this article. Buy me a cappuccino or even better buy my book: The Genki Self Health Guide.

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Worship the Goddess of Money

Inviting more money into your life – Part 2…

This is a follow up to my previous article: Worship the God of Money. However, I was aware that in that article, I referred to the God of Money in the masculine and that actually there is no reason to assume the god is a man or woman or something else. So for this article, I decided to use the term ‘the Goddess of Money’ to balance things out.

In my first article, I talked about how there is a God of Money (or Goddess of Money) and steps to bring it to us. So let’s continue… (and don’t worry, I won’t mention the space worms burrowing into your brains again).

Attracting the Goddess of Money

The Goddess of money does not like to be forced or begged. Such attitudes are beneath her and she will shun you. She wants to be seduced and she wants to feel special. But more importantly – you want her to feel that you don’t need her, and that you are happy with or without her. You do this with your attitude.

You must believe money is coming. It is like attracting a girl. You must approach her and signal interest because you are a man and the Yang energy chases. It is an active energy and it is a man’s energy to be direct. But you should do it with indifference to the outcome. Maybe you will fail or maybe you will succeed. Win or lose, is the same.

It is about attachment. If you are too attached to an outcome, it will run away. But if you are indifferent, apparently women will be more interested. They will chase you. (Well that’s what I read in a woman’s fashion magazine.)

It is the same with money. Don’t be so desperate. The goddess of money can’t stand such desperation. It’s embarrassing for her. Money will avoid you. It is at times, when someone is most desperate for money, such as when a late payment or bill is due, is the time when money doesn’t come. In fact, usually more bills come instead. But when you are not worried about money, that is when it flows to you. So aim to get it, but be indifferent to the outcome and adopt a mindset that money will come.


Money comes in exchange for service to others. To put it simply – you do something or make something and then someone pays you for it. The greater the value of the service, the more someone will pay. Why are some jobs paid minimum wage, even though they are hard work. Yet other jobs have huge hourly rates and you earn the same amount for less time worked? It is because of knowledge and demand. Minimum wage jobs require less knowledge. There is more competition. You must increase your hourly value to get paid more.

Increase your value

So the answer  is to improve your knowledge and improve your skills. Learn to provide something that other people do not. Study. Takes courses or extra certification. Learn a language. Build your people and social skills. Gain qualifications. Stand out. My father only had a high school education. In the 70’s, he went to night school and got his college level education and then went to university as a mature student. Quite a few people did that back then around their day jobs and were able to increase their hourly value by taking on extra skills. These days, the way is different. You don’t need to go to night school. A lot of things can be learnt online or through correspondence courses. It’s how you choose to spend your spare time. Will you spend it watching trivial TV soaps or use it to educate, improve yourself or broaden your mind?

Time equals money

You must increase the value that you provide to others to be paid more. When you are young, you have more time, but less resources and less responsibilities. Use it to improve yourself, your knowledge and even your personality and character. While you are young, you have time to work on this. It is your greatest commodity. Don’t waste it playing games or taking drugs. Instead build your skills.

When you are middle-aged, you have less time, but more experience and maybe more resources. Your time is even more valuable, so use it smartly. In some ways you must push yourself harder. Dealing with family and jobs does not leave much energy to work on yourself. But you must. Even just 30 minutes a day. Never become complacent. You never know what will come up in life. Family problems, job loss, a sudden expense. Never let your guard down. Stay hungry.

When you are old. Energy and time is less, but you will have wisdom and knowledge. Use it. It is valuable. Unless you spent your whole life watching TV drama and drinking. This is the age when technology is your biggest challenge. So learn it any way you can. Be the cool grandparent who knows how to use an iPad and send emails. Keep learning. It staves off alzheimers.


Without a doubt you will need luck. you can’t control it. But you can make it receptive to you. Open yourself up to it by doing all the actions in these two articles. Strive for money without grasping. Luck will come to you because Luck has a special affinity with the Goddess of Money. Lady Luck is like the sister of Money. Even if money is still reluctant to come (if there is a little hesitation), Luck will sometimes come instead for a preliminary visit. She brings opportunities, one of which may open up the door to money.


At times in your life, unusual opportunities will arise. They may carry a difficulty, a sacrifice or risk, but there may be something in it that will open up doors for you if you take it. Sometimes a job opportunity will come up or a chance meeting with someone.

On the other hand, opportunities are like testers and nothing more. Keep a critical mind with opportunities. Sometimes, they may not amount to anything. Sometimes a big chance may come about but then fade away at the last moment. This just means that it was not meant to be or it was not right for you and you should wait because something else will come. Always follow what your gut tells you about a potential opportunity.

Gut Feeling

Decisions can make you money or break you. Take that job, move to that city. Marry that person, work with that business partner. What does your gut tell you? Listen to it. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, even though it may seem like a great opportunity, stop and take notice.

Your gut is your second brain. And it is not hindered by the mind and thoughts. So it is more instinctual. It reads things differently. If it is really uncomfortable – listen. It may be picking up on something you haven’t noticed with your brain. Trust it. A bad decision can set you back financially. It happened to me because I didn’t follow my gut. I realised too late and then lost a work opportunity, money and time. Tuning into your gut feeling is also a way of connecting to the Goddess of Money. She doesn’t communicate with us through our crude communication methods. She communicates with us on a deeper subconscious level.

Scams and Cons

If something sounds too good to be true, its a scam.

I repeat.

If something sounds to good to be true and you do it, you will be scammed. You will be ripped off. You will lose your money You will be embarrased.

We want to believe in that one big score. This is because there is an inner gambler in all of us. For most of us, that inner gambler is well under control. But occasionally, just occasionally, somebody will come to us who knows how to press our buttons and awaken that gambler. And if we are not used to dealing with the internal gambler, we may give him too much of an audience. We listen and let the inner gambler talk us into going ahead with whatever scam is in front of us. It is so easy to do and we must always be vigilant.

Perhaps we are afaid that we might miss out on a great opportunity – a once in a lifetime chance to get ahead. So, then we listen more intently to the sales pitch (the hook) and slowly put a pillow on the face of our own inner voice telling us its a bad idea. We muffle them so we can’t hear the warning screams because this scam sounds so good. Actually we want to believe in it – that if I only invest my money here, I will make a return of XXXX and never have to work again. But the Goddess of money does not like false idols.

Know thy enemy

Scammers, con artists, thieves, they are all around us. We don’t see them, but now and again one will cross your path. Any because we are not used to having these curious animals in our midst, we can be susceptible to them.

This is because, we will hear them out and give them our time. We will be polite and will treat them like normal human beings. This is a mistake because they are scum. They are the worst people on the planet – Cockroaches. Here, trust your gut feeling. Don’t get drawn in. Most importantly, escape their presence as soon as possible. Make sure to interrupt their spiel abruptly before they get into full flow.

Scammers use a form of hypnotism. They have power over weaker minds. It is like the force in star wars. Weaker minds can be manipulated by those using the force. They hook you by playing on your desires, your greed. Don’t have a weak mind.

It is amazing, but even the most highly educated, wealthiest people can be scammed. Celebrities often get scammed with Ponzi schemes. If you’ve been scammed, forgive yourself. It can happen to anyone. Learn from it and resolve yourself to be stronger.

I know this guy… story

There was a guy in my neighbourhood. He ran a repair shop and he was a big talker.  I went there a few times as I felt he knew what he was doing, but I always came away feeling I’d been ripped off or paid too much for something that I could have bought elsewhere or off the internet.

But one time, he really surpised me. He came on thick and fast with a ‘big money making opportunity’. I was shown youtube videos of sales pitches, leaflets and he wanted me to come back with my family for a full-on presentation. The guy was practically drooling at the mouth. I looked at what he was showing me and was amazed – He was trying to sell me into a pyramid scheme.

What surprised me was that this was an intelligent businessman and yet, the material he showed me was amateurish, had spelling mistakes and had a massive cringe and fakeness factor about it. Pyramid Schemes come in various forms, but they’re all the same. It’s all about sucking people into an energetic funnel. It disgusted me and I never went back. A few months later, his shop was closed down. I heard he’d been arrested for fraud. I guessed that someone else had lost money through his scheme and informed the police. Thats karma.

Shields to maximum

Don’t give scammers or con artists any personal information or contact details and never expose your family or friends to this scum. If they start screwing you or your family. Report them to the police. Like the cockroaches they are, they will scamper into the darkness.

There’s no quick or easy money this way. Even the people that set these scams up end up going to prison. They always take it too far. They can’t help themselves. So what – they enjoy the good life for a while. The only consolation for them is too think of all those hookers they banged and that yacht they sailed whilst Big Freddy is raping them in their prison cell at night.

Scamming can also become a virus you can catch. Sadly, this is true. A decent person can be infected with the scamming virus and then go on to infect others. Kind of like zombies. I’m talking mostly about pyramid schemes. Once you are hooked into one, you will want to hook other people. In fact, you will have no choice but to hook them otherwise you can’t get your money back. The question is, would you hook your own grandmother?

Look after your things.

Have good quality items. Treat them well. They represent money. Objects have energy. Perhaps on another plain of existence they are sentient beings. Perhaps material objects are the subjects of the Goddess of Money. If she favours you, she will send more to you to serve you. If you treat them badly they will leave you or be resentful towards you.

Strange as it seems, there are some objects that seem to be lucky and others that are unlucky. There is guy on my street. He has a nice car, but for some reason it seems to attract lots of mini bumps. It has dents and scratches all over it. On one occasion, someone was using a power-tool as he was doing some work on the road next to it and damaged it. The worker could have done the work next to any car on the street, but he chose that one. Even I have accidentally scraped that guy’s car and I rarely ever scratch anything with my car. Its almost like the car is attracting this kind of energy to it. I wonder if this energy has come from the owner?

So treat your objects with respect – especially good quality items. Treat them well. Keep them a long time. Repair them. Respect them, enjoy them. Be grateful for them They represent money. Show the Goddess of money that you appreciate her gifts.

Ways to make money

The only way to make money with a regular average income job is by living within your means and avoiding debt. Temper your desires. If you have an average income, you may not be able to become a millionaire unless you have a way to reduce your living expenses or you get a sudden windfall like an inheritance. But really there is nothing wrong with this. Do we really all need to be millionaires? Isn’t there something wrong with this thinking?

Our grandparents generation lived with less desires. They lived within their means. It’s just in the last 25 years, we’ve had this kind of materialistic desire come over us all. We must have stuff. We must buy stuff. Shop and consume.

Its almost like those space worms have burrowed into our brains and are manipulating our behaviour. Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have used “space-worms burrowing their way into your brains” as a SEO keyword phrase.

If you want to be rich, than running your own business is one of the ways to it. This depends on what value you can offer and whether it is in demand. It is not the route that anyone can take. Some people are better off working in organisations. That is their true calling. Some people are better off as employees. Be true to what you like. Then you can thrive.

Some people come alive with their own businesses. Even the most straightforward and less glamorous business are the most lucrative. For example, a cleaning business as well as any kind of trade business – building, renovations is always in demand and can be highly profitable. I hate to say it, but acupuncture is not a highly profitable business. At least not in the UK. Although, there may be some exceptions.


Debt is a tool. Sometimes in your life you may need to utilise it as leverage. Like when buying a house or starting a business.   Other times it is a liability like when using it for consumption, paying for holidays or possessions. Learn the right time to utilise debt and when to avoid using it.  Sometimes, it is unavoidable to go into debt. For example, if you have a new family or change of location. Ideally, we never have to use it and can pay things outright, but sometimes its not possible especially in this age of high (hidden) inflation, low incomes and microscopic interest rates.

Sometimes debt is an emergency measure. Debt drains money with interest payments. You are losing money. It’s a slow leak in a rubber dinghy. Debt can buy you time. Or it can take you a few steps ahead quickly. But it comes at a price. This is a debt based society. Having a credit card and paying it off can help your credit score, which can help you leverage more debt if you ever need it.

People around you

The people around you will influence your attitude to money. If your partner is a big spender, that will affect you and make you spend more. Conversely, if you are a big spender, you will influence your partner, and they will spend more. Keeping up with other people will affect you because if you are around people who care too much about giving a good impression to others, than that will influence you.

For my father’s generation growing up in post war Britain, everyone was poor, so no one cared about showing off or even locking their front doors. Nowadays, on these same streets (he grew up in Fulham – lot different back then), if you don’t drive a BMW or Range Rover, your neighbours will judge you negatively. And of course, all the houses have electronic security systems.

To End

So here are some more titbits about money. Perhaps, paying attention to them will attract the goddess of money to you. Or at the very least, stop those space worms from burrowing into you brains.

Worship the God of Money

Inviting more money into your life…

Cameraman:  “I like money”

Frito:  “I can’t believe you like money too. We should hang out”

Cameraman:  “Totally”

 – Quote from the movie Ideocracy

This is a website and blog about health and fitness. So of course its natural to talk about money. No really it is. It’s an unavoidable part of life. Our wellbeing is caught up with our financial health. Money provides opportunity. Not having money brings stress and fewer opportunities that impacts our wellbeing. Having lots of money opens doors and choices to us.

Here are some brief thoughts about money.

Don’t try too hard

“I want to be rich. I want to be rich.  Money, money, money come to me!.” – Repeat the mantra 100 times each day.

It just reeks of desperation. It’s like trying to force yourself to sleep at night if you have insomnia. The sleep just won’t come. But if you can relax eventually it will and you won’t even notice it. It’ll slowly creep up on you until you’re feeling drowsy and nod off.

The Inner Scrooge

On the other hand, perhaps there are some things we can learn from Scrooge. The image of Scrooge is someone who sits alone at night counting his money in a miserly way. However, apart from his general meanness and risk of eternal damnation, he was actually a very successful businessman.  He was probably the equivalent of a millionaire. He lived and breathed money.

So perhaps Scrooge’s money balance was just too wrong. Perhaps he was too miserly, he had to go into the complete opposite direction (by becoming manically generous) in the end of the story in order to balance the forces.

So what was Scrooge’s secret to Money? I think he respected it as an entity. He worshipped it. Every penny was important. He hated to spend anything frivolously. Perhaps this is the same as worshipping the god of money. Except that he was too devout. Perhaps a kind of fundamentalist. We can learn from Scrooge, but we don’t need to go to that extreme.

Respect but don’t desire

Money is the same, it just won’t come if you desire it too hard. It’s a mindset. You have to encourage it to come but not force it. You have to open yourself to it in order to attract it. Here’s a simple tip: If you see a coin on the floor, pick it up. Put it in your wallet and spend it. But before you do, give thanks to the God of Money.

Thats right, imagine there is a god of money.

God of Money

Shintoism is a Japanese religion. The Japanese actually follow both Shintoism and Buddhism. They respect ceremonies from both religions as part of life. There is no – “well, I’m a Buddhist so I can’t go to that shinto shrine” – the same way a Christian won’t go to a mosque and vice versa. They’re dualistic and pragmatic. The Japanese will incorporate different things from other cultures if it improves their life. For example, they incorporated Western Scientific medicine alongside their traditional medicine. They incorporated Western military practices into their army, yet kept the spirit of bushido – the way of the warrior.

In Shinto, they respect many gods. Many of them are related to nature. This is a country that sits on the cusp of many tectonic plates. Mount Fuji is an active volcano. They are moments away from a mega tsunamis, or earthquakes that can bring complete annihilation. If your country’s people had lived like that for thousands of years, you too would see the spiritualism in nature.

There are gods of rivers, mountains, rocks, people, animals – all sorts. And there is a god of money. Let’s entice that god away from Japan and into your life. Worship the god of money. Give thanks to the money you have in your pocket, whatever the amount. When you receive any money, give thanks. Perhaps even create a mini shrine.

It’s like those cats in the windows of Chinese shops with the paw that goes up and down. They’re designed to encourage good fortune and business. Create your own shrine or ceremony. Perhaps have a lucky coin or a gold coin or large denomination note with you at all time, but never spend it. Or develop a mini prayer to say thanks to money when it comes. Even if money comes from welfare, always appreciate it. Give thanks to the god of money.

I dream of money

Dream of money. How can you dream of money? It’s simple: here’s an experiment. Before you go to bed at night, watch the most goriest gruesome violent movie you can. Perhaps watch all of the Saw movies. They’re horrendous and I guarantee your sleep will be full of violent disturbing dreams with gory imagery. On a side note, I think those movies are rubbish – simplistic, unimaginative and pointless. Don’t watch them.

There is no need for you to test this unless you really want to. But the lesson is that the last thing you have in your mind before you sleep – will pervade your dreams. So read about something related to money or wealth last thing at night. Perhaps the book: The Millionaire Next Door or a Dave Ramsey book if you like that kind of stuff. Perhaps think of the god of money or visualise your ideal life as you fall asleep. It will burrow its way into you conscious mind, gradually imprinting a new mindset, just like those space worms burrowed their way into the brains of Captain Kirk’s crew in ‘The Wrath of Khan’. Sorry, is this a bad metaphor?

Audit your spending

Make a record of your expenses in a small notebook for a couple of weeks.

This is not about budgeting. It is about recording your expenditure and taking note of the flow of money going into and out of your life. This also makes you look more critically at the value of goods. Once you have completed, this exercise, you never have to do again.

The problem with paying for everything on card is that you lose that connection with money. You don’t notice what you are spending. So get used to carrying cash and spending it again.

There’s an interesting scene from ‘Big Money’, the Japanese TV drama about stock trading. The lead character – a recent college graduate, who can’t get a job despite going for many interviews is very intelligent and has a good head for numbers. In one scene he carries a small notebook with him and records all his expenditure. When he’s walking through the supermarket with his girlfriend, he mentally calculates the cost of everything they put in their basket and could repeat it. This is a way of respecting the god of money.

Cheap is a false economy

Avoid cheap anything. It is bad value. Cheap things break quicker. They wear out. Whether it is electronics or clothes, it does not last. Cheap stuff also carries with it cheap energy.

If you don’t have money to buy high quality brand goods, you can still buy some good quality items second-hand. Ebay or Oxfam online sells good quality brand clothes  and products cheaply. Look carefully and find the right things. However, sometimes these can be poor value. They may break sooner and they won’t have a guarantee. They may carry the energy of the previous owner. If it is possible aim to buy a few good quality items brand new and look after them well. They can last many years longer than ‘cheap’ items.

For example, We bought a cheap pushchair through eBay second-hand. It was one of the really expensive brands – Bugaboo. We thought we were getting a great deal buying such a good pushchair for a low price. And seriously, some of these pushchairs cost more than my car! It ended up being a waste of money as it didn’t last long. I couldn’t alter the seat settings easily and I couldn’t even sell it on. I ended up buying a new pushchair from a shop. So much for cheap.

No Budgets

Also forget the budget. Only poor people care about budgets. Budgets are about accepting that you only have a limited amount of money and learning to live within your means. It trains you to accept being poor. And don’t cut coupons. It is a false economy. Work on increasing your income instead or not spending on things you don’t really need (but you have been manipulated into thinking you do).


Avoid processed or frozen foods just because they are cheap. Eat the best food you can. This doesn’t mean going to restaurants all the time. This is false economy. Go to small ethnic shops. Buy vegetables, fruits, herbs. Splash out on good cuts of meat and fish. Cook, boil, and make highly nutritious yet inexpensive meals, full of health maintaining vitamins and minerals. Stews are an easy way of doing this.

Eat more healthily because, far more important than money, is your health. So eat fresh whole foods. Avoid the junk. Junk food is expensive. It makes you unhealthy. It makes you foggy. You can’t think clearly. You miss opportunities to make money. An athlete fuels themselves with quality nutrition so they can function at their optimum. They don’t fill themselves with junk. You want to be healthy to enjoy the money that is coming to you. Rich people care about their health. All the most famous people are in good health, except for those that give in to their desires.


Temper your desires. Temper your addictions. Even if you have an insanely high income – if you have excessive desire or addiction, you will become poor.

A good example is Micheal Jackson. He was the richest, most famous person on the planet. The god of money favoured him for a long time. Unfortunately, he was a shopaholic. Watch the documentary with Martin Bashir. One scene shows him shopping in an expensive store. It was full of gaudy objects of “art” at obscene prices. He bought half the shop. It was all trash. None of it would bring him happiness. I heard he died with about $400 million in debt.

But isn’t that what many of us do. Go shopping to make us feel better. To escape problems? Clearly, he had a spending problem. It was probably a way to escape deeper problems in his life.


That is what addiction is. A way of escaping. The problem is that addictions are nearly always expensive and a waste of money. Gambling, alcohol and sex – all costs.

Even addiction to money sucks your soul and life energy away. Look at most finance  workers. They have insane amounts of money. They can buy the best cocaine, the best hookers. But does that make them happy? Wait… maybe it does…

No, the point… I’m making is that addiction sucks away your precious energy. It takes over you. Possesses you like a bad spirit.

Temper your addictions. At the heart of addiction is desire. Addictions are just mis-directed desires. You desire something – but you can’t get it. So you escape by misdirecting your attention.

The answer: Temper your mind. How do you do that..?


You temper your desires by meditating on your heart. Not the heart organ. The heart chakra – the energy centre. Many successful people make meditation a part of the daily life. Meditate on your heart chakra for 20 minutes every day. Temper your mind. Temper your desires. Stop wasting money on addiction.

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Take some breaths and watch your body. As you relax you’ll notice the thoughts passing through your mind. Send them to your heart centre. Let them get swallowed up. Your Heart is the Emperor of the body. If you empower the Emperor, it will calm the whole body.

All of these steps will change your relation to money. It will take away the desperation for money also, which will help attract more of it to you. And perhaps the god of money will pay you a visit. And here is part 2 of this article: worship the goddess of money.

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Encourage Money to Come to You

Picking up the pennies leads to picking up the pounds…

I read about this from a well-known blogger from his website years ago. The author Felix Dennis also mentioned this action, albeit clumsily, in his book on money. Since then I have put this habit into practice and my conclusion is, there’s definitely something in it.

I’m talking about the habit of picking up pennies or any form of currency when you see it on the ground. Most people would ignore a penny if they saw it on the ground. It’s not worth the effort or even the perceived embarrassment of bending over and pocketing them. So most people carry on walking. This is a mistake. Think about it. Most people would pick up a pound coin if they saw it on the street. So why not 100 pennies? That’s the same, isn’t it?

Picking up the pennies is a small way of signalling that you are open to more money coming into your life. By picking up those ‘insignificant’ pennies and then being grateful for them is a way of inviting more into your life. Here’s what I found after doing it for a while:

You start to notice money more that you would have missed previously
At the peak of this practice, I would see coins everywhere. I think there is a metaphor in this. Perhaps money is all around us. It’s everywhere in our life. But we simply don’t notice it. For example, a few years ago, I was running a half-marathon. A couple of miles in, I saw a 1 pound coin on the floor right in front of me. Even though I was tired, I couldn’t resist picking it up… Thank you. The same thing happened again, when I did my second half-marathon.

The nominations of the amount of money you find start to increase
From picking up pennies, the amounts I found started increasing. I would find 5 pence pieces, 10 pence pieces, 20 pence pieces and then that increased to 1 pound coins. How many 1 pound coins could you say you’ve found on the street? I’ve found over 10 by now. I found one yesterday. Before I started this practice, I would never find any.

The only coin that never seemed to come to me was the 50 pence piece. A seven-sided heptagonal coin. I wondered for a while, why that was the case and then suddenly  I noticed one in a phone box close to my home as I passed. Thank you.

Sometimes it’s as though the money is finding you.
I got on a bus to go home after work. I would usually go to the top deck as it was quieter. I chose a seat and next to me is another 1 pound coin. I could have chosen a seat anywhere as the top deck was empty, but I chose this one. Thank you.

It may open you up to receiving money in other ways
This is about signalling an openness to money coming into you life. If you welcome the pennies, it may just send an energy message to its friends. ‘Penny’ sends a text to her big brother ‘One Hundred’ – ‘Hey, there’s a party going on at J’s house. Theres an open bar. You’ve got to check it out’.

During the time I was practicing this habit, I found that in other ways money was also coming to my life through an increase in work at the time, income and other sources.

You have some unusual encounters.
For example, in Camden town, which attracts a lot of young, music-orientated, styled people. I was walking with a friend and suddenly spotted and picked up a 2 pence coin off the ground. Then some guy dressed like a member of the 80’s band Madness nearby said to me. “you picked up 2 pence, you c*nt”. His comment was a bit random. Not the kind of thing that often happens and I thought it was funny. It’s one of the of the reasons I like Camden Town. I’ve had some good times in Camden and some bad. It’s still a bit of a rough-looking, edgy place full of interesting characters despite the growing gentrification that is started to affect it. I didn’t mind being called a ‘c*nt. I think if you can visit or live in London and get called ‘a c*nt at least once by a guy with a London accent, then you’ve truly had the London experience. Even better if he’s dressed like a member of Madness.

On another occasion, I picked up a wreck of a penny. It looked like it had been run over by several ten-tonne trucks. The face was worn away and it had like nicks in it. But it was still recognisable as a penny. What the hell, I thought and picked it up. I wanted to see if I could use it pay for something. The check-out man laughed when he saw it and said they couldn’t take it. Anyway, after that, I felt more determined to exchange that wrecked penny and sure enough did so at the next shop.

You become less embarrassed.
Most people are too embarrassed to bend over and pick up pennies. Why? It’s just money. If you dropped a pound, you would definitely make an effort to recover it. So why not a penny? It’s still the same energy. I have found that after picking up the pennies a few times, I don’t really care about doing it anymore. Its become automatic.

You potentially become more fitter.
Well, you bend over and use muscles of your body to pick up coins.

There’s this scene from the Japanese TV series ‘Big Money’, I find interesting. In this drama, a master stock speculator and his apprentice battle an evil bank responsible for cheating many people into investing all their life savings into various questionable investments and then subsequently losing them all. Hmmm, does this story sound familiar? The story was set in the 90s just around the time of the Japanese bubble bursting and is loosely based on the Bearings bank incident.

The ‘evil’ protagonist, a young and flash new manager of the bank is involved in immoral acts to cover up his bank’s unethical acts. On the side, he also filters money away and hides his losses in his own private overseas account. At one point he says: “I never bother picking up pennies from the ground. It’s not worth my time”. He is a manipulative and successful character, but at one point, his secret bank account savings is wiped out by his opponent, save for one single yen. The message to him being that even a single yen is significant.

It doesn’t mean that by picking up the pennies, somehow millions will be coming to you. There is probably still a limit to the amount that will come into your life. But it is one way of opening the door of increased money flowing into your life. And we all need more of that.

I also would draw the line on picking up pennies off the road as my life is more important than some pennies. Even if I saw a £20 pound note in the middle of the road, I would not bother. It’s not worth the risk of cars. I also tended to quickly discard some of the foreign currencies that you will find on London streets because, I don’t think I will have any use for them. Theres a lot of charity boxes in shops where you can put them. Although, I would keep cents, dollars or euros.

In conclusion: Nowadays I don’t follow this practice of picking up pennies as much as I did a few years ago. I am kind of done with this experiment. Consequently, I don’t find money as much as I used to. I feel I leaned a few things about my attitude to money from doing this. Nowadays, I will still notice coins on ground but will often pass them by. But not always. And If I do pick something up I always appreciate it and usually put it in my wallet with its brothers and sisters as though I am running a money orphanage.

If you feel that money just always seems to be running away from you, then it may be worth experimenting with this for a while and see what happens. At the very least, you may get the chance to be called “a c*nt”.

Don’t be a Money Stalker

Money is always coming…

“Money is always coming”. This is what a businessman told me recently. This fellow, a restaurant owner told me a story of how one time he desperately needed 5000 euros to pay some bills and costs. He didn’t know where he was going to get the money from and there would have been some consequence if he couldn’t get it in time.

But he didn’t let it stress him. Instead, he did what most respectable businessmen would do and he went to the casino. Gambling was one of his hobbies. And that night, he had one of his best nights winning just over that 5000 euros that he so desperately needed.

Perhaps you could argue, if he didn’t ever go to the casino, he would probably already have had the 5000 euros already saved up? But then, where would be the fun in life if he did that? And anyway, his story is much more interesting this way.

BEGIN DISCLAIMER: And just to be clear. The point of this story is not that if you have money problems you should attempt to gamble. This guy was a gambling addict. And if you think you can find the solution to your money problems in the casino or any other kind of gambling, you are being delusional. This may only work for someone who is a hardcore gambler or professional gambler. But for people who are not, YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO LOSE MONEY THIS WAY (end of disclaimer).

No, the lesson I took from his words was “Money is always coming”, so therefore don’t worry about money”.

He said it so casually. Can it really be that easy? Of course it is easy to say such as thing when you have money. His business was doing well and he had disposable income to travel to different countries whenever the fancy took him. But what about when you have pressing bills and no money going in? What then is the good of this statement?

The point, I took from this, is that it’s about your attitude to money. If you stress and worry and obsess continuously about money. Then it will run away from you.

How so?

Think of a girl or boy you like. Perhaps you start to build an infatuation with that person. Maybe you start to follow that person around and you get that person’s number and call them 10 – 20 times a day… Stalker.

Then, you find out where that person is going to be on the weekend and you turn up there like it’s a coincidence, only it’s not, because it’s the tenth time it’s happened this year… Stalker

Then, you think about that person all the time obsessively. You write letters or poems about that person. Maybe you even send them to that person. Then you get annoyed when they don’t write back, and then write more letters asking why they are not replying… Stalker

What do you think is going to happen? Do you think that person is going to be comfortable with that? Do you think that person is going to want to be with you?

Hell, no. That person is going to run away. They will change their phone number, they’ll do everything to avoid you.

To add some perspective, I’ve heard that in the pick up community, some of the techniques these young men use to pick up ladies is to do the opposite. Instead of acting overly interesting in a woman, instead, they purposely show indifference to the girls they are interested in. They act as though they are not bothered if the girls want to spend time with them or not.

So perhaps the lesson is the same with money. If you spend all your time obsessing over money and bills, thinking of money, money, money, how do I get it, money, money, money, why can’t I have it? money, money, money, why doesn’t it love me?
Screaming aloud at night:

“Oh Money, Money, why hast thou forsaken me?”

I think then you have become a Money-stalker and it will stay the hell away from you.

You get my drift? So look, I don’t have any solution to where that money will come from in those moments when you really need it. But I do feel that it is your attitude to money that may be the deciding factor. It doesn’t mean you don’t want it to come. You absolutely do want it to come. The same way a young man would love the company of a lady he is trying to date. But it is about not coming on too strong. Not being a stalker. Definitely Signal your intent and interest in money. But don’t become obsessive. When you become obsessive about something, it tightens the flow of Ki energy in your body. That is not healthy for you mentally, spiritually or even physically.

If you relax your desire for money, then, perhaps, it will somehow flow to you in completely unexpected ways. It may be a small trickle at first and in those instances always be grateful so as to encourage more to come. But always think, “money is always coming”.

If you desire money too much, it will see you as a weird stalker and want nothing to do with you. However, if you indicate that you would like to spend time with money more, but still act indifferent whether it comes or not, then maybe it will feel more interested in you and want to come.

I’ll give another example, if you attend a job interview but you are not concerned about getting the job, then it often happens that you get offered the job. Perhaps it is because you appear more relaxed and so you interview well. You may really want the job, but it is about not coming off as too desperate for the job. If you act too desperate, this feeling will be picked up by the interviewees and in some cases turn them off. I think that, you need to accept the outcome either way before you go for the interview for example, you go in thinking: ‘I may get the job or I may not. It would be great if I get it, but if I don’t, then I’m grateful that I at least had the chance’, and then move on. I think this is a similar attitude that would help with money.

Perhaps it is similar to the law of attraction. I wonder how some people never have money problems and yet even more money often seems to come to them, yet other people have money problems and only seem to receive more bills in the posts. Perhaps this is something we can influence with our thoughts by changing our attitude towards money.

Since speaking to this businessman and hearing this very simple advice, I have started working on it. In the past, I would constantly stress over money, paying bills, religiously checking my budget, even have arguments over it with my wife. I was also working sometimes 6 or 7 days a week and yet despite that, my income never seemed to increase and I was still often short of money. So what good did it do me to stress about money?

But now, I want to change this. There must be a better way. So now, when I find myself worrying about money, I tell myself to relax and repeat these words: “money is always coming”. I also have started to show gratitude at times when money does come to me, even if it is only small amounts. For example, I sold a couple of copies of my new book: ‘The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists in Japan’. It’s a small amount – enough to buy a cappuccino, but I am really grateful for it. Perhaps as an experiment, I will repeat this expression “money is always coming” every day and see what happens.

Or maybe I could play the slot machines.