Qigong breathing to counteract the negative effects of Masks

I work in a medical organisation in the UK, and I routinely have to wear masks, gloves, aprons and visors. It is a condition of my work. The mask rule has evolved over the course of last year, from only wearing one when seeing patients face to face in the early days of the ‘pandemic’ to having to always wear one upon entering the building.

I always adhere to the mask rule, but I don’t agree with mask wearing. Whilst masks may offer some protection if you are in the presence of a person who is frequently coughing and expelling aerosols, I don’t believe it protects anybody from any infection, especially from breathing in so called infected vapours from the “asymptomatic”.

I recall a time on a train in Japan several years ago, I managed to get a seat on a rush hour train (no mean feat) and an older company worker was standing just over me. He was coughing away with an obvious infection and wasn’t bothering to cover his mouth. He also wasn’t wearing a mask, which is quite unusual for the Japanese who love masks. This was in pre pandemic times. At the time, I wouldn’t have been upset if by chance the doors were to malfunction and open during motion, and that cougher was to fall off . I note that after that encounter, I did not come down with a flu or cough myself.

This brings me to the terrain versus germ argument. We live in a sea of bacteria, fungi and miroorganisms, even parasites. We have them on our skin, in our gut, everywhere. Some of them are the so called ‘good ones’. Some are the ‘bad ones’. We can have both the good and bad ones in our gut, but it doesn’t mean they will make us sick. It may even be that we need both the good and bad ones. Our relationship with microorganisms is more complicated than we are trained to think.

I believe that if your body is healthy and robust, it will deal with infections swiftly. It may even become stronger after it has had a pathogenic invasion. But this kind of old wisdom seems to have died a death in the current age. It seems forgotten that the body is able to heal some diseases by itself, even without antibiotics, and that also fever does have a purpose and a function in the body and is not something to be feared. This change in thinking has made this current pandemic possible.

I have considered that viruses may have an important function in clearing out toxicity in the body. I know that in the past when I have overdone things and come down with a flu, I have suffered considerably, but then once I have recovered, there is a kind of golden period, where I feel my body is clearer, lighter, almost purer. For a short time, I feel like only eating simple wholesome foods, no meat, no sweets or snacks. I start to feel that this must be what it is like to be really healthy. Not the faux healthy that you get from shopping at Planet Organic. It is a like a real natural healthy. Unfortunately it only lasts a few days, and the old temptations and desires for rich foods and sweets creeps back in. And alcohol too.

I have been influenced by the old natural hygiene movement. I even undertook a fast with the famed naturopath Dr Keki Sidhwa many years ago. Though there are some aspects of Natural Hygiene that I don’t agree with, I do feel there is great wisdom in some of their ideas about the body.

I have also heard that viruses have never been isolated. The measles virus apparently has never been isolated. Scientists look at a bunch of genetic material and other gunk under an electron microscope and then point out one and say there that is it. They then dye the mixture to highlight the one they say is the virus. I don’t know if that is exactly true.

I have also considered if what we think of as viruses are not necessarily eternal pathogens, but are actually simple messenger proteins that trigger the body and other bodies around them to activate a cleansing process which has specific unique symptoms. This causes the diseases known as chicken pox or measles. It may be that these diseases have a function in the body. Not necessarily a harmful one.

I will add the disclaimer that this is all speculation, I offer no evidence or argument for these theories.

I don’t believe the mandate to wear masks is based on any actual evidence. I recall early on, the idiot Fauci (or Faus’ti?) in America, telling people not to go out and buy all the masks because they don’t do much good to protect against infection. He changed his mind after that. Now he recommends people wear two masks. I have read some studies and articles by surgeons talking about the pointlessness of wearing masks. Last year, there was a Chinese jogger who actually blew out his own lungs because he was jogging wearing a mask. Now I see joggers in this country wearing masks. I believe that if you are a ‘physician’ advising people to wear two masks, you are not a real promoter of health, no matter how famous or ‘respected’ you are.

If the masks really work, then why then is the infection rate still so high in the UK? Just about everyone I see in the supermarket, in the workplaces, even in the street or alone in their cars is wearing a mask. The majority of the population is genuinely fearful of the virus and compliant with the rules. The population also largely polices itself.

I have heard several stories from people being ‘mask shamed’ – that is – having random members of the public telling them to wear a mask if they weren’t wearing one. This would probably be understandable if this was a group of young kids, but the people who tell me these stories were elderly patients with health conditions (some clearly visible), and some who were actually exempt from wearing masks because they had medical conditions that affected their breathing. They should never be ‘shamed’ in this way, but they are, and I suspect a great many people who are exempt, will simply wear a mask to avoid confrontation. Which is actually a form of discrimination.

The media would have us believe that because a group of irresponsible people in parts of the country are having house parties or not wearing masks or social distancing, it is causing the infection rates to go out of control making the UK the sick man of Europe. Really? I’m sure all these young 20 something olds are visiting their elderly grandparents every Sunday after their maskless party. I believe these so called ‘mask rule breakers’ are in the minority, because everywhere I go, all I see is adherence to the mask rule.

Another issue with masks is I don’t believe that any organisation has ever carried out a proper risk assessment to its employees of the dangers of prolonged mask wearing. Masks were only supposed to be a short-term measure until the ‘virus is under control’. However, ‘the virus’ has never been under control. It never will be under control. The “virus” keeps coming back in new mutated forms. In 2022 we will probably still be made to wear masks. Maybe even two masks. Possibly even outside, when we should be breathing in fresh air. Not filtered through plastic material.

Employees are now wearing masks for up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, month after month. If they are using public transport, add an additional hour of mask wearing. If they pop into the local supermarket, the ‘mask guards’ at the door will ensure you wear a mask for an extra 30 minutes. Perhaps the only time you are not wearing a mask is when you are sleeping.

People have their face covered more than uncovered. Those idiots (so called ‘leaders‘) will have us exercise wear masks, have us procreate wearing masks, even give birth wearing masks. Sadly, this is no joke. If God or evolution had intended masks to be a natural protection for our species from viruses, we would have been born with an extra flap of skin on our cheeks to cover our face like gills on a fish.

What I find particularly worrying is seeing kids wear masks. Kids are supposedly the lowest affected by ‘the virus’. Yet the mask mandate is being equally pressed on them in different ways at school or by particularly fearful parents. Will masks ever go away? Is the next generation being trained to see masks as normal? What are the implications of this? And what does this do to their longterm health?

Has anyone ever asked those kinds of questions?

Do masks even work? Consider that virus particles can enter via the eyes, then if you are serious about not catching ‘the virus’ you need to be wearing either a visor or glasses. But many mask wearers do not, so then just how serious are they about avoiding ‘the virus’?

The greatest problem I have with masks is that I believe they are damaging to our health. I believe that they will lead to an increase in cancer – related to the lungs or throat and that they weaken the immune system by hindering our breathing. I believe they will actually lead to an increase in respiratory infections as we breathe in our own waste gases and bacteria builds up in the inside of the masks, which we then breathe back into our lungs.

I suspect the chemicals used in the construction of the masks are carcinogenic and that we are breathing those carcinogens in for up to 10 hours a day.

I have also seen countless masks littering the roads. It is disgusting, and if ‘the virus’ is so dangerous, then these discarded masks are essentially biohazard waste and need to be picked up by people wearing protective equipment and incinerated. But they are not, and I don’t see an epidemic of dogs or cats getting corona (yes pets can get it too apparently) from sniffing these masks. Or are refuse collectors dropping down dead in their hundreds? I haven’t heard any reports in the media.

I read one article pointed out that there are billions of masks in the sea. So much for saving the environment. 2020 has utterly poisoned the planet with these ridiculous masks. The chemicals used in the production of these masks are entering the food chain at the marine level and eventually will cause all sort of hormone disruptions and ultimately lead to cancer in animals and humans.

No one ever questions where the masks come from? Who is making the masks? Exploitation has created these masks. No doubt this has created a billion dollar business in the sweatshops of India and China, which feeds on exploiting humans in the poorer parts of the world.

Masks reduce our oxygen levels, which impacts our brain and mood. The Japanese award winning immunologist Toru Abo theorised that a cause of cancer is hypnoxia. When the body’s cells do not have enough oxygen they become susceptible to cancer. He recommended deep breathing exercises as a way to reduce the risk of cancer.

But here we have masks encouraging a state of hypoxia. The deliberate reduction of oxygen in the bodies cells. If Toru Abo had not died a few years ago (in somewhat suspicious circumstances) what would he have to say about the widespread use of masks?

I suspect the prolonged wearing of masks will lead to increases in cancer cases in the medium to long term. Cancer is a terrible disease to deal with. The official survival rate of corona is around 99 percent. The survival rate of cancer is much much lower. On a side note, I have seen far more people suffer with cancer in the last year than I have seen Covid cases. The real epidemic is cancer. Yet in the media, all we hear about is corona.

There is also the final dehumanising aspect of masks. It hinders communication. It drives us apart. In olden days, before a prisoner is executed, a black mask will be put over his head. This dehumanises them and make onlookers less likely to feel compassion for them. Masks make us less humanlike. A robber wears a motorbike helmet to hold up a shop. A member of the ku klux klan wears one, a slave is forced to wear a kind of face obstruction called a ‘bit’. Masks separates and dehumanises. Now we are afraid to talk to each other without a mask on. Or even shake hands. Some people probably even hold their breath in fear when walking past someone on a busy street.

I think we need to reopen the debate of whether masks actually do any good. Because if we don’t, I believe we are going to see a massive increase of respiratory diseases and cancer in the future. But consider there is a whole new industry that has grown up around masks, just like the tobacco industry. I have no doubt that research will be produced by scientists with strong conflicts of interest, who will show the benefits of masks, who themselves have dubious ties to these new industries.

And also, people really do look ridiculous in masks. On the street, women look less attractive. Men look fearful. Acne is increasing because of the trapped sweat. I also think it is crazy to wear a mask in the park. This is your opportunity to breathe in some fresh air from the trees. To cleanse your blood and your lungs. Not your own stale breath.

It doesn’t matter if it is a branded mask from Adidas or Nike, or a blue plastic one made in slave labour sweatshops. It still looks ridiculous. And this comes from someone who has to wear one frequently. And all the time, I am always reminded of the character – ‘The Gimp’ from the movie Pulp Fiction, whenever I see people wear masks in situations when they don’t have to.

I won’t finish this article with all doom and gloom

If you must wear a mask for work, for prolonged periods of time, then you must, absolutely must, make efforts to counteract the harmful effects of the hypoxia. As a matter of life or death, you must practice breathing exercises at least twice a day, and especially after you have finished wearing your mask.

Ideally, you must practice in the fresh air, in a park, or if you practice at home, then keep a window wide open, unless you overlook a busy road. There are various types of breathing exercises from yoga, qigong – it doesn’t matter which type, they all are all absolutely essential in this age, where the simple act of breathing is being suppressed in an unnatural way.

The best teacher of breathing exercises was the qigong teacher Geoff Pike. He was a British born, naturalised Australian, who was famous in the 80s for his books ‘Chi the Power Within’ and ‘The Power of Chi’. He survived throat cancer in his 40s using a combination of radiotherapy and his qigong breathing exerices. He then lived for another 40 years.

Here is an extract from his book on breathing:

Try taking three very long, deep breaths inhaling through the nose as slowly and silently as you can. Hold each breath for the count or three, exhale through the mouth as slowly and silently as you can and again count to three before taking the next breath. It is likely that you’ll find the inhalation shortish and somehow unsatisfactory, like only finding the capacity to drink half a glass of water when you are thirsty. You may find the exhalation hard to control, as though your lungs are unaccustomed to overfilling and eager to spill out.

Average lungs don’t like to be reminded that they are only working at half their capacity, even if they feel overworked. You may experience brief dizzyness, possibly fleeting patterns before your eyes. You will almost certainly feel strange in some way if you really tried to fill your normally half-filled lungs, especially if you are a smoker…” (or frequently have to wear a mask – italics mine).

Geoff Pike, ‘The Power of Chi’

In the months and years to come, many people will become shallow breathers. The effects of which will not be immediately noticeable until later on, as over time, the lack of healthy breathing slowly weakens the immune system and general vitality of the body.

With this knowledge in mind, and even if mask wearing mandate becomes entrenched for several years, one method of counteracting the harmful effects of this would be to simply to go for a walk in the woods or a park, sit quietly and breathe deeply over and over again.

Quit Netflix – Strengthen your Mind

Originally, I wrote this article a few weeks prior to the Great Corona Pandemic of 2019-2020. I was planning to publish it sometime in March 2019, but with the population of Western countries held in a prison-like lockdown, it seemed quite pointless to write about why we should quit netflix or any other kind of TV watching as a time when everyone is literally ordered to stay at home. During this time, watching TV may the one thing keeping people sane, providing a kind of story-time soma.

Perhaps there was a reason why so many hours of TV series have been produced in the last ten years. As though in preparation for this moment. And certainly, with this amount of internet streaming, we would need a faster internet like 5*G. I still remember as a kid having to wait a week for the next 30 minute episode of a favourite drama. But now these days you can binge watch an entire 3 or 4 seasons in one go.

However, as the lockdown draws to a close, I think it is time to publish my original article. It will be time to break this new habit of sitting in front a screen. And not just any the TV screen, also our smartphones.

It may come across as irresponsible, but I want to talk about how we are, by our nature, a social species. It is unnatural to keep humans caged up all day, jus as it is unnatural to keep battery chickens caged up. Without exposure to dirt, to people and even to viruses or bacteria, our immune systems have no chance to be strengthened. It is not viruses or bacteria we should fear. It is the overall condition of our immune system that decides whether we flourish or wilter and die.

Stockholm Syndrome

Some of us have possibly enjoyed our captivity. Able to indulge in exercise, play video games and binge watch TV or even just carry on as normal speaking on the phone with friends. Others have not fared so well. Anxiety, worry, lack of human contact, unable or unwilling to seek medical care for longstanding health problems (which have absolutely nothing to do with corona), but are equally as troublesome if not more.

There are even people in poorer countries who are literally starving to death because they are forbidden to go to work. Does that not seem ironic?

Anyway, I want to iterate my point – that all these streaming services, these entertainment resources, this 24/7 mainstream media, thumping out its negativity and panic mongering with stories of millions of people dropping dead; is not good for us as humans.

This period may have made many of us addicted to these streaming services. Soon will be time to break these addictions. Get out in the sun, meet people, touch people, stand next to people without fear of an invisible danger. Don’t wash your hands except for after going to the toilet or when handling food. And consider your fear of death. It is by fear that we are controlled. It is by the stimulation of any of our emotions and desires (or sins, to be Bibilical), that we are controlled.

Here is my original article:

Quit Netflix, Strengthen your Mind

A couple of years ago, I took out a subscription to Netflix. For a long time, I was impressed with the massive range of TV dramas and movies for such a small amount to pay each month. What’s the catch? I wondered.

The catch is you. It is not the TV drama that is the product. It is you. Or more precisely, your attention. Your focus. Your mind. Your very life force is sucked in by Netflix.

Netflix is designed to have you glued to the box. Why? Netflix is another form of bread and circuses. Keep the masses content with full stomachs and entertainment, and they won’t read the writing on the wall.

In this day and age, all tech companies are vying with each other to grab your attention. You are the product. Facebook, Disney, Apple, Netflix… they all want You!

They don’t want you sitting quietly and reading a book or meditating. They certainly don’t want you thinking. There’s nothing in it for them if you do that. Your mind has got to be occupied all the time.

Fortunately, my generation has had less conditioning than the current. I grew up in a time where there were only 4 TV channels, and most of the day, there was nothing of interest on for young eyes. Saturday afternoon was the golden time, where they showed The A Team. Most of the time, there wasn’t much on, so we just went out and played in the sunlight, fresh air and dirt. And we didn’t wash our hands all that often. When we got a fifth channel – imaginatively named – ‘Channel 5’, we thought we were living the good times. That was until we watched it and realised it was the same as the other Channels.

And then came satellite and the internet and streaming services and now, I can watch anything I want, anytime I want. No more impatiently waiting each week for the next episode to come out. Nowadays, you can binge watch an entire batch of seasons.  However, even though I had less conditioning (brainwashing), it still affected my generation pretty hard.

My father’s generation came from the stone ages. He still listens to the wireless (radio). He’s never ever owned a TV. Must be great to tell the TV licence people to “Go Away! – I don’t have a TV, what are you going to do?!”

Not that he would use that tone, but just as an example of how intrusive the BBC license gestapo are, he had to show one of them into his home to prove he didn’t have a TV, otherwise they just kept keep bugging him.  My TV is not even connected to an aerial. I use it for DVDs and connect it to the internet, but I still have to pay a license even though I haven’t watched the BBC for years. Some people even go to prison for not paying a TV license.

Philosophically, how can anyone support the BBC when they imprison more women than men, especially single moms or over 70s for not paying a licence. If it’s so important to them, then design a TV that won’t let you stream the BBC or terrestrial TV if a person doesn’t pay their license… and then listen to the great gushing sound as they lose money each year as TV-watching demographics reduce.

So anyway, the choice of having millions of TV dramas and movies to pick from sounds great, but in reality, it’s not. For example, there was this recent release of what the office worker of the future will look like. Hunchback, varicose veins and pasty skin.

If this picture is true, then the office worker of the future will likely spend their evenings watching nonstop Netflix dramas after spending 8 hours in front of a screen at work.

But it is not just the physical effects of non-stop watching TV. We forget the effects this all has on our minds.

Firstly, it dissipates out attention, focus and concentration.  A sluggish body makes a sluggish mind. Thinking requires energy, and if your body is not running at optimum, that energy is in a shortfall.

Additionally, too much entertainment makes for gluttony. You don’t appreciate or enjoy what you have, because you have too much of it.

I found that when I watched Netflix. I could not find anything to watch. I would flick through film after film, after film, unable to decide what to watch. I would start a movie, and within minutes grow bored and start watching another one.

Basically too much choice is bad for you.

It also makes us less decisive, less focused, more easily manipulated by the media and basically dull and zombie like. And when you watch a TV drama, you want to eat snacks and junk. Junk and a cool movie is a great combination. As a treat it’s fine to do sometimes, but every day – Trouble.

Hence why you need  to focus on strengthening the mind.

And here is the person, who can teach you how – Koichi Tohei

Tohei was a Japanese Aikido instructor who specialised in a system of Ki-Aikido. He wrote a great book called the Book of Ki: Co-ordinating Mind and Body in Daily Life.

Book fo Ki

Here is one section where Koichi Tohei talks about why we should learn to focus our mind and not let it be dissipated by various distractions:

Unify your mind

Diffuse sunlight can be concentrated by a lense to create a flame. Dissipated by a search light, however, even the strongest light becomes weak. Concentration is power. The mind is no different. Instead of acknowledging and acting on this simple fact, most people weaken the power of their minds daily doing things like trying to eat while reading the newspaper or studying while listening to music…

Tohei recommends we practice strengthening the mind by sitting in Zazen (a meditative pose) every day and keep the mind focused on one point in the lower abdomen. This is meditation and if you have not practiced it, you will find it incredibly difficult to do. Your mind will go crazy. ‘It is too quiet, how can sitting doing nothing be so hard? Quick reach for the control’.

But it is the problem of having too much entertainment. It actually weakens our minds and our focus. Concentration is a skill. it needs to be developed and practiced.

Tohei recommends the following sitting exercise:

Keep one point

I practiced Zazen with great enthusiasm under a priest in Kyoto during my college years. I tried to keep mind and body unified at all times whether at school or on the train.

A basic precept of Zazen is “Stretch the spine, put the nose and naval in line, line up the ear and shoulder, and sit like a rock… also Keep one point in the lower abdomen. (italics mine)

Book of Ki. Koichi Tohei

keep one point

Even just sitting like this helps strengthens your spine and posture meaning that the hunched back office-look of the future won’t happen to you. Give it a go.

I decided to cancel my Netflix – after I watched everything I wanted to watch. There’s only so much TV I can take. By the way, if you do get a subscription, I recommend the anime – ‘The Disastrous Life of Saiki K’. I also highly recommend the movie Okja, by the Korean director Bong Joon-ho. It will make you think about battery farms and our relationship with animals.

Netflix to Prime

Next, I might write an article about Amazon Prime. My one year old kid keeps buying it. How? You simply just have to get your hands on the Amazon Firestick control and if you press the buttons enough time, you’ll subscribe to Amazon Prime. No need to enter passwords or anything. He’s also bought Rambo 3 the same way, which I still can’t bring myself to watch, even though I used to be a Sylvester Stallone fan. Eventually, I got so tired of repeatedly cancelling my Amazon Prime subscription, I just kept it. Though if you buy lots of stuff from Amazon, it works out as good value.

Next Post

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References and Images

Book of Ki: Co-ordinating Mind and Body in Daily Life. By Koichi Tohei. Japan Publications Inc. Tokyo 1976.

Images from 123RF.com


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REVOLUTION in the PlayGrounds


It is recognised that coronavirus is low risk for children. The highest risk groups are the over 70’s especially those with underlying health issues. It may have made sense for these highest risk groups to have undertaken a self-quarantine for the duration of the peak of the virus, and then gradually get back to being in the world again, socialising and seeing grandkids once the peak was over and enjoying their twilight years.

The UK government actually downgraded the coronavirus on 19th March 2020, but that news was largely ignored by the mainstream media. It was no longer considered a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID).

It is curious that Japan had a death rate of 1000  due to coronavirus and the UK had one of around 40,000. Japan has double the population of the UK making this discrepancy in figures even more curious. They also have a very large number of elderly. Japan didn’t do a lockdown by the way and kept many businesses open. Though they did go full-on with the mask wearing and they did close the schools quite early on as well as being more stricter with flights into their country. Perhaps if we had adopted a similar approach, we could have avoided destroying our economy and had a similar outcome. Consider also that despite locking down – the ‘death rate’ attributed to coronavirus still seemed to rise and rise.

Despite this, in its wisdom to save us all, our politak-crats placed everyone under house arrest, ordered all schools and shops closed. It also made life more challenging for families with small children by closing all soft play areas, zoos and museums. This I can understand, but it went further and shut all the playgrounds.

So I wondered, just what exactly are families with small children supposed to do? Especially if they live in an inner city flat with no private garden.

By doing so, they took away one of the few safe spaces for children to play in – ie playgrounds. For toddler-age children in inner cities, who do not have the luxury of private gardens, local playgrounds are invaluable. Playgrounds are usually gated, so parents can relax while their small toddlers can run around, use the climbing frames, slide, swing and not disappear off out of sight or be at risk of cars on the many roads.

Here are some photos of our local playground:


Interesting slogan: “Together…”

And just to make sure the message is clear, the local Kouncil placed chains around the gates.


The message is clear: Playgrounds are DANGEROUS. They must be closed.


Everything is always “For your Safety”.

By the way, it is summer time, the death rate due to corona is dropping and there doesnt seem to be any flu-like illnesses going around – coronavirus or even the regular flu (if you can remember that it still exists), and yet the parks are still closed.

I have noticed two side effects of this policy. Firstly, with no playgrounds, nurserys or pre-schools and no friends or elderly relatives allowed to help out (lockdown rules), young babies, and toddlers are watching more TV than is healthy.

This lockdown also places more strain on already tired parents who now have to entertain their smaller kids without a break when they are bored of watching TV, and are somehow supposed to do home schooling for older kids. Lest they end up playing video games all day long.

Secondly, when you did go out for your one time/one hour of allowed ‘exercise time’, kids now have to play on the streets and local grassy areas which have not been closed off. There are some downsides to this. On grassy areas, you have to watch out for dog poo constantly because many idiot dog owners let their dogs crap everywhere and just leave it.

Also ‘social distancing’ becomes a joke, when you have a small toddler who wants to run where he wants to. You have to constantly keep your child away from other people. You can see the mental and physical tiredness in other parents with toddlers who don’t want to have to police their child’s movements, but are obligated by the social distancing rule to keep their child away from others (lest lives are lost).

You also have to watch out for cars. As there is less traffic on the roads, people are speeding more. I wonder if traffic accidents have increased?

I wondered if by forcing this lockdown and social distancing rules, other problems have occurred as a result. Like how in the Chinese revolution, Mao ordered the killing of the sparrows that were eating all the crops in order to increase grain production. However, this led to an increase in the numbers of locusts, which ate all the crops anyway, as they lacked a natural predator (the sparrows apparently), causing an even worse grain shortage.  The law of unintended consequences.

Fun alert

My local Kouncil went crazy in the way they closed off the playgrounds. They were not taking any chances. In one park, they actually put large fences around all the fun areas. Here are some photos:


This is a large metal fence around the zipliner. Behind, there are fences around the swings. I assume this is because touching the swings and zipliner can spread the virus and hence is DANGEROUS. Unlike pin card machines, door handles, the poles in buses or even shared computers at work. It appears that Coronavirus likes metal surfaces or rope exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

Here is another zipliner chained up. The Kouncil really hates zipliners.


Then there are the slides. Deadly harborers of infection. This fencing took some creative effort. Our glorious Kouncil actually put a fence all the way around this slide, which is on a slope:


They also fenced off the skateboard park and chained up the tennis courts. We hereby declare that PLAYTIME is BANNED! Get back to your CELLS for your LOCKDOWN Small little prisoner people. Go and watch some more TV and eat your sugar.

And the tire on a rope chain. Alas no more swinging:


Fortunately, in their compassion, our glorious Kouncil left the children this medium-sized rock to play with. Ah bles-sed are the small mercies. This rock was not fenced off. Though, I  do wonder if the Kouncil had thought about putting one around it.


Perhaps this means that coronavirus cannot survive on rocks.

However, the kids had had enough. Lacking the regularity of school, haircuts and fun for several week, the children eventually went feral. They organised themselves into gangs and roamed wildly across the land. And then a few weeks later…

They tore down the fences!


Anarchy in the Playground!



The skatepark and tennis courts had also been un-officially re-opened. However, I didn’t take any pictures of it because there were lots of teenagers in there, skating, playing tennis and roller skating and I didn’t want to incriminate any of them. Particularly as none of them seemed to be practicing social distancing.

As far as I could tell they were having fun in the sunshine instead of being at home watching Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel and eating sugary snacks, where they would be safe.

But, do you know what…?

No one died!

There has been no outbreak of coronavirus in the kids in the local area. No teams of hazmat wearing doctors brought into my local area setting up field hospitals with helicopters whirring above. No people dropping dead in the street like those videos from China. No mass graves being dug on the football field nearby. Although there were some other visitors there.

No none of that. Just kids having fun.


I investigated and discovered that a small gang of local teenagers was responsible for breaking the lockdown and tearing down the fences. Here is a picture of the local gang from the Guardian newspaper:

lord of the flies

I met with one of the local gangs of kids who were responsible for tearing down this fence and  interviewed their leader Ralph.

Me: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed Ralph. Can I ask, why did you tear down the fences around the playground?

Ralph: The fence around the playground was symbolic. We tore down the fence because, it represented a prison. It sent a message to young children to get used to living in a mental and physical prison state from now on.

Me: But what about the risk of the virus. Isn’t there a risk of infection when kids are touching the swings and slide, or when kids are breaking the social distancing rules?

Ralph: What infection? I don’t see anyone around me coughing or sneezing. Do you? I haven’t seen anyone sick for weeks and it is the middle of summer. Besides I thought that is what our immune systems are for – fighting off viruses.

Me: But the rules are there for a reason, if anyone started breaking down fences, or breaking the rules of the lockdown and social distancing when they felt like it, there would be anarchy. Society could not function. Is that what you want?

Ralph: We do not want anarchy. But there needs to be a balance of risk. No one can live in a bubble for ever. Eventually, we must face difficult things. If we spend our lives fearful of all viruses, disease and death, we end up losing the point of living or damaging ourselves in other ways.

Me: Thank you Ralph.

DISCLAIMER: The views of Ralph and his gang are not shared by the author of this blog and website. The interview is presented for informational purposes only.

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The Grand Orbit Qigong Exercise with Shaun Sutton

Thanks to Shaun Sutton for this short video where he demonstrates a qigong exercise called – The Grand Orbit. This is part of a set which he practices very day.

Shuan Sutton is an acupuncturist, herbalist and qigong practitioner based in Germany and the UK. Visit his website – www.ShaunSutton.co.uk for more information.

I have also included a link for Shaun’s book below – ‘How Toxic are my Trousers: A guide on refining the senses to navigate the world of materials‘,

‘How Toxic are my Trousers?’ is available on several online market places. Shaun’s book is a personal exploration and experimentation on the effects of man-made and synthetic materials on the energy system of his own body.


I’m very grateful to Shaun for sharing this qigong video and allowing me to use it. Shaun has a wealth of experience in Traditional medicine and healing.

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Please… No more Panic this Pandemic

Don't panic Corporal Jones

Panic during an epidemic harms the spirit and mind, which in turn weakens the body and causes more harm to the individual. Panic itself can make a person sick, or sicker then they would normally have been. Here is a quote:

The mind or “spirit” of an individual often reacts on his body. It is a commonplace of medicine that the patient must not be allowed to become despondent. An epidemic associated with a panic will do considerably more harm than an epidemic without a panic. It would be a good thing during an epidemic if all melancholic forecasts could be prevented. Medicine has often great value in such a case if the patient has faith in it, and quite apart from its real curative value.

W. M. Strong, Government Anthropologist and Chief Medical Officer. 1923

This quote taken from the introduction of the book ‘The Vailala Madness and the Destruction of Native Ceremonies in the Gulf Division, was written almost 100 years ago. I find it ironic, that this short quote I came across in this book whilst researching a different topic, has so much relevance today in April 2020, whilst we are in the midst of this media-driven fear ‘pandemic’.

Every single day, every mainstream media outlet in this globalised planet throws out fear and panic with shock headlines and inflated death figures due to the corona virus.

We hear how every day, hundreds of corona patients are dying. How they are burying bodies en-mass by men in hazmat suits in mass graves. We hear of how family members are not allowed to attend funerals and how trucks are lining up outside hospitals ready to take away the piles of dead. PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC PANIC NOW.


We don’t seem to hear much of the details on these deaths – about the  autopsies, which seem to be carried out very quickly, if at all, or any details of the actual testing.  Most deaths are being recorded as corona virus I assume are based on ‘clinical observation’ – that is, if a person presented with any symptoms of corona virus (e.g. cough, flu, shortness of breath), then they can receive a corona virus diagnosis. But I would have thought, that these symptoms need to be differentially diagnosed from other similar diseases. For example – was it the corona or was it a pneumococcus infection responsible for the flu like symptoms – especially if it occurred before a person’s death?

It seems that if corona virus is interpreted as being present during a person’s death (or at least as a factor), then corona can be put on the death certificate as the cause. So even if a person had stage 4 cancer, in theory it was the corona virus that killed them. At least one doctor has come out and argued that this is a growing practice in the USA as guided by the CDC to do this. Other doctors are arguing –  that a person dying ‘with‘ corona, is not necessarily the same as dying ‘because of’ the corona virus.

Other scientists question the accuracy of the varous tests, particularly as it seems that it tests for the presence of corona virues (a family of viruses) in general, as opposed to the specific ‘covid 19’ strain. And then some scientists even suggest there are different strains of ‘covid 19’.

So then this leads to another question – how can an accurate va*ccine possibly be developed for ‘covid 19’ if it cannot be distinguished from other less harmful corona viruses? Consider that as yet, there is no cure or vaccine for the common cold. The common cold is a member of the corona virus family. And say, Covid-19 mutates each year? Covid-20, Covid-21 etc…. Then in theory, a vacc*ine would become quickly obsolete, meaning that the whole world could be stuck down by pandemic and lockdowns every few years.

Or is this the plan?

So then we should get used to lockdowns. As well as doing all our shopping online because all the other shops and businesses around us are boarded up, long shut down. And kiss goodbye to Easter. Or holding hands with your new girlfriend. Unless you like the feel of latex.

I suspect we are seeing massively inflated death figures being reported in the news. This in turn creates fear and panic in the general public, who for the most, trust the mainstream media.

We should ask, that if the pandemic is so deadly, why has it been downgraded by the UK government. It is now no longer a “high consequence infectious disease”:

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK…  in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall)…

Source: Guidance – High Consequence Infectious Disease. Gov.UK Website

Squeeze Me…?

So is it a deadly killer disease or isn’t it? Which is it? If it isn’t, why are the media absolutely terrifying the population with headlines of high death rates and collapsing hospitals with a steady stream of celebrities getting it, and aged celebrities dying from it? What is going on?

All of this over-reporting of death figures due to corona, has one effect. It creates fear and panic in the population; It causes stress, which suppresses our immune systems; It creates irritation which leads to arguments with family members, even worse – violence; It leads to depression and mental health issues leading to self harm or even suicide. These are some real dangers and consequences of this prolonged lockdown. (By the way, the word ‘lockdown’ is a prison expression – Think on that).

In 1923, W. M Strong wrote about the importance of avoiding panic during an epidemic. Panic can cause considerably more harm. In 1923, epidemics were more widespread with TB, Small pox, scarlet fever, dypyheria and many others. They had a much closer contact with infectious and harmful illnesses. 100 years ago, the world was arguably more dangerous and medicine not as developed, and yet a rational and measured mindset was encouraged by the Chief Medical Officer in the face of epidemics. Bear in mind this was  written in 1923, just a few years after the Spanish Flu.

Panic freezes the brain. It creates a fear state. It stops rational thought and discourse.  It leads to knee-jerk reactions. Shutting down an economy, will have consequences. Strange how that today, panic is the most prominent emotion being pushed on us.

Placebo and Panic

Consider the placebo effect. Placebo is a clinically observed effect, where the mind can heal the body (like magic) simply by believing so.

For example, a person with an identifiable disease is given a sugar pill and told by a doctor that this pill is a new breakthrough medicine which will completely cure the patient of his ailments. The person believes completely in the doctor’s assertions and takes the pill. And then as if by magic, his symptoms and disease disappears. Even if examined under an X-Ray, there will be no more signs of the disease. It is like a kind of miracle. The pill had no active medical qualities in it; it was simple a sugar pill. It was the persons own mind and belief that healed him.

This is a very simplistic example, but it is well recognised that placebo needs to be accounted for when testing new drugs. In fact, scientific studies have to create control groups when testing drugs. For example, one group of patients takes the fake (sugar pill) drug. Another group takes the actual drug and none of the patients are allowed to know which group they are in. This way scientists know whether any curative effects of the drug they are testing is due to the actual drug itself, or whether it is the placebo (i.e. the patients own mind) that is healing him.

However, what should be considered is that the placebo effect can work in reverse.

If the mind can make a person heal, it can also make a person sick It can make a disease much worse than it would normally be. It may even in most extreme cases cause premature death.

And this is why panic during this pandemic is harmful. If you read daily shock reports (which I find to be quite questionable in their accuracy), then it creates an intense fear state in the individual.

If in this fear state, you were to get a simple cold, or regular flu or your asthma was to start playing up due to the change in seasons and pollen as we enter spring; this fear state can play absolute havoc with your mental and physical state.

For example, say that in the back of your mind, you had that pernicious thought – ‘what if I have the deadly corona virus? Am I going to dieeeeeee?“. This is not good for anybody’s healing. Your mental state is an important factor in health and wellbeing. Our thoughts have great power over our mental state and physical body.

Even if you do get sick at this time, keep a positive and optimistic mindset. Avoid despondency (giving up). And if you can stomach it, eat a fresh orange, daily for your vitamin C. Keep your windows open to get fresh air. And absolutely do switch off the TV and avoid reading the news.

Do not fear. Do not listen to the mainstream media. Some of their actions should be considered evil.

In fact, read my book instead – The Genki Health Guide. And consider that we are entering into a new age, where we should be taking more responsibility for our own health and bodies.

Fear will be the new normal unless we learn to accept that death is one stage of our physial life, just as birth is.  And that the unknown is a part of our spirtual journey. These are deeper questions that modern life hides under the rug.

Fear of the virus is paralysing our minds. And we are not seeing the bigger picture. Especially all the other monkey games going on around us – much bigger things. Stay Awake.

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Ulcerative Colitis: Healing Steps – Podcast 1

Here is a YouTube Video I made, on my newly named YouTube Channel: ‘JohnDixonAcu’:

The subject is about Ulcerative Colitis – an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which I suffered from in my 20s and which I have learnt natural ways of managing. Apologies for any background noises in the recording. This is something I will be aware of in future recordings.

Please like and subscribe. Video below:

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Genki Health Japanese Woman stretching

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Mike Chang: How Often Should I Stretch to Get Flexible?

Mike Chang Stretching thumbnail

I really like this video made by Micheal Chang on stretching for flexibility.

I was debating with myself over whether I should promote a Mike Chang video.

He is a YouTube star, and merchant, who made a fortune, with the promoting of his exercise programs including building a six pack.

On a plus, he motivated a lot of young people to get into fitness. On the other hand, he got criticism for being very salesy and money orientated. Selling various products and promoting hard a typical – ‘buy my products and you will get 6-pack abs in weeks!’ – kind of thing. However, he seems to have changed now and matured.

I think that self-improvement is a good thing. Though we are far more obsessed with how we look compared to earlier generations. The idea of taking photos of yourself and posting it in public, is completely alien to my father’s generation, who grew up during the 1940s. Hence the massive increase of instagram models, which has just exploded in the last ten years. There was never this kind of thing before. A new kind of narcissism.

The other thing is this constant drive to make the ‘dollar’. It’s permeated in our culture and is to our detriment. As though we are a species of Ferengi (from the Star Trek Universe). Though what can you do when you live in such a money (is debt) orientated society? And no one, absolutely no one, looks up to the Ferengi.

Anyway, this was a good video by Mike Chang with a really simple approach to stretching and gaining flexibility.

And he really looks so much better now, than when he was younger, bigger and salesy.

Mike Chang: How Often Should I Stretch to Get Flexible

Summary Points

Here are some points that Mike Chang mentioned in the video:

  • Stretch throughout the entre day, anytime you feel tightness, stretch.
  • Stretching is nothing fancy. You are just stretching out your body. But you can’t leave your body constantly feeling tense.
  • Don’t worry about how far you can go. Even after 10 minutes of stetching, you will find you will be able to further than 10 minutes ago. Your body will start letting go more.
  • It’s all about progression, and letting the body let go of tension and relax. As we let go of tension, we let go of stress, trapped in areas of the body that are tense.
  • If we are constantly stressed, then we need to stretch more to let go of tension. We don’t want it in the body. It is bad for the body.
  • We all have time to stretch. We all have 24 hours a day. We all have the same amount of time. But some people complain they don’t have time and others do a lot with the time they have. We all have just 5 or 10 minutes to stretch.
  • Stretch anywhere – on the train, when travelling. You don’t need to be in a studio or working out. You can do it anywhere. Whenever you feel tense or tight.
  • You don’t need to sit or lie to strech. You can stretch standing up like with a standing forward bend. Open your chest, stretch out your hamstrings. You can do all sorts of stretches.
  • We get so used to not taking care of the body, that stretching becomes some kind of special event. And when the body doesn’t feel good, you don’t want to use it. It becomes easier to just lay around. So you have to start small. Work your way up. Do whatever is comfortable, then stretching becomes normal. It becomes habit.
  • Change the way your body feels. Lift up your perception of your body. Start stretching throughout the day, so that stretching and letting go becomes a habit.
  • You dont need permission to start stretching. Just go ahead and do what your body wants. Anytime you feel tightness, stretch.
  • When we are constantly tense, it fires the flight or flight nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. We are always tense. If our body is tense, so too is our mind. Stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • When you are in tune with your body, you will become aware of any areas of tension and stress. When we let go of tension, we let go of stress and we let go of the negative emotions that stay in the areas of the body which are tense.
  • Do it throughout the day.

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Physical Toil, Not Whole Foods will give you a Long Life

We have a Whole Foods close to where we live. They’ve got a great selection of foods and products, but generally we avoid shopping there, because at the prices they charge, I’d need to take out a bank loan.

There is this old joke: –

Only sick people shop in health food stores.

Is it true? Possibly. The first time I ever went into a health food shop was after I got sick with a digestive illness in my 20s and I started to learn about diet.

I tried out all sorts of foods and supplements. Things like: Quinoa – made me vomit, Udo’s oil – too oily for me, Spirulina – gave me a boost of energy when I first started taking it, but then the effects stopped, Rescue Remedy – like those fresh-breath sprays from the 90s, and various organic fruits and vegetables for juicing – definitely needed to take out a bank loan to buy those.

I don’t mean to criticise health food shops. I think they are a great alternative to the awful and exploitative conglomerates/corporations like Tescos and the rest. Though I do sometimes feel we get better value and food quality from some of the smaller businesses by non-British, which sell simple ingredients for cooking staple foods. The kind of stuff our ancestors have been cooking for centuries.

Recently, I discovered Polish bread sold in a local off-license food store. It tastes a lot better than the standard bread from supermarkets and is much cheaper than bread from the health food shops, which I understand is called ‘artisan bread’. As though bread is a piece of architecture.

I think that a lot of the foods and products they sell at Wholefoods are ego items. It’s a way to feel more healthier and wholesome by spending more money on products that have a ‘healthy’ label.

On the other hand, there are things you can buy  in health food shops that you can’t get in regular shops – like flouride-free toothpaste. So I am grateful for them to give us a choice. Isn’t it curious why Tescos can stock 5 or so different brands of fluoridated toothpaste, but not one single non-fluoride option? Or is that my conspiracy mind kicking off? Perhaps it depends on the store.

Organic Fried Chicken

I wonder what would happen if Macdonalds sold an Organic Big Mac for £1 more. Would people be tempted to buy it, telling themselves that it is healthier? Or if KFC sold battery free organic fried chicken? Maybe not. I wonder why they haven’t attempted it yet.

It wouldn’t be difficult for KFC to fence off a section in their factory farms, cram it full of chickens allowed to run around on their short stumpy legs, (hence free range) and throw organic chicken feed at them. They could even inject them with organically derived antibiotics and organic growth hormones so they plump up just great.

It’s not so far fetched. If Burger King can make the so called vegetarian – ‘Impossible Burger’ (and get sued (ironically) by vegetarians because they are cooked on the same grill as meat – yes that did happen), then organic Big Mac’s are quite possible. By the way, there will come a time in the future where Macdonalds and Burger King will have to display disclaimers on their menu boards to stop themselves getting sued.

Burger King Products are manufactured in a place that processes and handles MEAT.  Vegetarian options may contain TRACE amounts of MEAT!

If you are a true vegetarian, you have no place philosophically, stepping foot in a Burger King. Certainly not giving them any money to fuel their animal-killing empire. Perhaps an exception can be made if you just want to use their restroom, but even then it’s still pretty questionable. I mean, you’d have to be close to pissing yourself in the street to accept that it is justified to use, hence justify, the existence of a Burger King or Macdonalds.

Physical Toil

Anyway, the point of my article is that whether you buy the best and healthiest food’ or not, the most important component to robust health and a longer life is physical work, toil and activity. In fact, a combination of an active physical life and simple foods are key factors in reaching an old age. Certainly junk foods and snacks are not good for us, but I also think that the so called ‘health foods’ don’t matter as much as we think.

You can eat all the organic mung beans and soya you want, but if you don’t use your bodies the way nature intended them to be used, good health is not guaranteed. And our bodies are meant to be used. Conversely, you can eat a less than optimal diet, but if you are active throughout your life, you can maintain a good level of health.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote from the octogenarian Qigong master Geoff Pike. He passed away a few years ago after a very long life. He also survived cancer in his 40s.

Cauliflower Sid

I once worked with a lumberjack named Cauliflower Sid, who ate little but tinned cauliflower, as the ever growing mountain of tins outside his tent testified. But he also felled more timber than men half his age. He was seventy-two and died at eighty two after falling from a galloping horse. I have shared the dubious delicacies taken from fly-blown saddle bags with men who are sixty and as lusty as nineteen year olds. The fact is, the average lumberjack, cattlehand, seaman, soldier or labourer will often out-work, out-play and out last his diet-conscious brother because his daily existence keeps him fit. With the greatest respect for health foods, such men have probably never heard of ‘we are what we eat’, otherwise they would all have gone to an untimely grave under a monument of empty cans, bacon grease, dried meat, hard tack and bangers ‘n mash… not to mention the hard liquor.

Consider the huge work force of the Third World. Throughout the East you will find middle-aged to old Chinese women trotting up and down the planks of building sites all day balancing baskets of sand and cement; Indians, Indonesians, Filipinos and Malays labouring ten to sixteen hour days – all on a bowl of rice, a chunk of dried fish or meat and a spoonful of green vegetables if they’re lucky. They smoke cheap cheroots, drink cheap booze, gamble half the night, bear many children and usually call it a day in their eighties, with a roomful of respectful great-grandchildren paying for a festive send-off.

All this should indicate that physical toil is nature’s exercise which all of us were built to perform, and it helps greatly when it comes to avoiding the results of inadequate or unwise diet. How does this knowledge help us in our own situation, surrounded as most of us are, by a convenient variety of highly refined processed, frozen, dehydrated supermarket edibles?

If we are honest with ourselves, we probably accept that a dramatic change in our eating habits is unlikely to last. If there are certain things you really enjoy eating and that you have always eaten, giving them up altogether may not seem worth the sacrifice. Perhaps it isn’t. With the tremendous research and millions of words written on the subject of ‘eating for health’, we all have a fair idea of what we should and shouldn’t put into our stomach.

If we are not prepared to take a course in mathematics in order to compute the exact measurements and balance accurate combinations, there is always a simple formula.

  • Eat less meat and more fish and fowl.
  • Eat less carbohydrate and more protein and grain.
  • Eat less processed food and more raw vegetables.
  • Eat less animal fats and more vegetable oil.
  • Eat less white sugar and sweets and more honey and raw sugar.
  • Eat less white flour and biscuits and more fresh fruit.
  • Eat less refined cereals and more roughage.

The Power of Ch’i, Geoff Pike

Geoff makes some interesting points in this extract. However, there are some statements which I would question. When he describes the lifestyle of the Third World workers of drinking, gambling all night and living to their 80s, I don’t think this applies to everyone. Because even with a life of physical toil and labour,  if you don’t look after your body and diet, you can wear it out quicker. Bear in mind, these are countries lacking in medical care. Also, I am not sure about his advice of eating more vegetable oil rather than animal fat. I think that there is some research to show that animal fats are actually more healthier than processed vegetable oils. But either way, I think the quantity of fats in general needs to be reduced. Other then these points, I think his writing is pretty valid.

A personal example

For example, my father who has recently reached his 80’s has spent his entire life doing physical work as a farmer, brickie, and then as a gardener for the last 40 years, along with various other jobs here and there. He still works as a gardener at the time of writing this article. I worked with him for a few years, and can say, I didn’t enjoy the work as I am much more suited to working indoors and prefer wearing clean clothes (yes I’m soft), but I totally respect him for being able to do what he does, especially in the winter and rainy weather. And England does rain a lot.

I also see that it is this lifetime of physical toil that has conditioned him this way and has enabled him to get to the age. He has a simple diet of his own grown vegetables, store-bought porridge oats for breakfast (a favourite of Rupert Murdock, so I’ve heard), and some fish or meat bought from a local butchers or fishmonger. He is not fussy where he shops as long as they have the simple foods he wants at reasonable prices.

My father never eats sugar, biscuits, crips or chocolate and definitely not Macdonalds though occasionally he will eat from a fish and chip shop. He has no taste for those foods. He also happily drinks regular tap water.  Not filtered, – just regular tap water.

Additionally, my father has never once stepped foot in a Whole Foods store. Perhaps I should encourage him to go. I’d love to see his reaction when he saw the prices. The shelves of a Whole food store with its packaged products are a far cry from the homegrown veggies of a London allotment. Which one is really healthy?

I think also the nature of processed food has changed. Cauliflower Sid survived on tinned cauliflower. It may have been lacking in vitamins and nutrients, but it is still better than some of the processed and junk foods, he would have been able to choose today, which contains all sorts of additives, chemicals, especially appetite-inducing substances like MSG. It’s ok as a treat here or there, but this stuff is bad for you in large doses.

Changing habits

The problem is that I, like many other people of my generation and younger, have been adulterated by snacks, sugar, junk and convenience. I wouldn’t even know personally how to grow my own veggies. These processed snacks and foods are very addictive like a drug. It takes willpower to break these addictions. They are comfort foods as well as stress-dealing foods.

The risk of them is that the more stress you have, for example due to a shitty job – the more of these foods you will eat, and the more damage you will gain whether it is weight-gain, or disruptions to your hormonal system. It becomes a kind of vicious circle, because you start feeling worse about yourself and so keep on eating more of these foods in order to lift your mood, but it only makes the problem worse.

When Macdonalds is better value than health food…

We have more junk food available. It’s the only thing that is not affected by inflation. Doesn’t that seem strange? Whereas everything else is becoming expensive – bills, living costs, rentals, and salaries are stuck. Additionally, we work more than previous generations, with more women and men in the workplace, more stress and more pressure. Consequently we have more obesity and increases in diseases. General health is on the decline.

Bread and circuses anyone? Keep people’s bellies full, then they won’t get too upset that they are getting a raw deal.


I think one thing that can help us all is by getting into physical activity. Be-it sports, or regular training of some sort. Because when we learn to appreciate and respect our bodies, we also care more about what we put in them. It becomes not a vicious circle, but instead a ‘splendid’ circle, because as you feel better about yourself, you feel more encouraged to live and eat more healthier.

In other words, “We Eat to Live. Not Live to Eat”, as my dad has sometimes quoted to me.


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References and Images

Featured Image from 123rf.com (Nadejda Panina)

The Power of Ch’i. Geoff Pike. 1981 Outlet


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