Bladder 59 跗陽 (Fū yáng/Fu-yō)

Bladder 59


Fū yáng (Chinese) / Fu-yō (Japanese)

Bladder 59 Acupuncture Point

Location: Three cun superior to the lateral malleolus, in a depression, between the borders of the fibula and the achilles tendon.

Location Note: Three cun above the Bladder 60 Acupuncture Point.  Can be measured by using one hand-breath above the lateral malleolus

Shudo Denmei Location Note:

Slide a fingertip proximally along the margin of the fibula from Bladder 60. There will be a puffy place. Press the posterior aspect of the fibula with the tip of the thumb to locate a tender point. When there is no reaction, try palpating closer to the Achilles tendon.

Source: Finding Effective Acupuncture Points

According to Denmei, the puffiness is a sign of pathogenic influence and that the acupuncture point is active.

Point Indications: Use for back pain or sciatica