Bladder 53 胞肓 Bāo huāng/ Hō-kō

Bladder 53


Bāo huāng (Chinese) / Hō-kō (Japanese)

Bladder 53 Acupuncture Point

Location: Three cun lateral to the medial line, below the lower border of the process of the second sacral vertebrae.

1.5 cun lateral to Bladder 28. On the same line as the 2nd sacral foramen (Bladder 32)

Location Note: On the same line as two other acupuncture points – Bladder 32, which is over the 2nd sacral foramen, and Bladder 28, which is 1.5 cun from the midline, level with the 2nd sacral foramen.

Point Energetics: Bladder Vitals