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Mar 18. Spontaneous Qigong (Zifa Gong) in Germany

Mar 14. Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (10): How to Practice Spontaneous Qigong

Mar 11. The Myth of the English Gentleman, Football Hooligans and Why the UK needs Confucianism

Mar 04. Spontaneous Qigong Book Review: Zifa Gong by Alexander Brighton

Feb 28. Pathogenic Energy release manifests as Spontaneous Qi movement: Message from Janne (3)

Feb 23. Five Animal Frolics and Spontaneous Qi as an Origin of Qigong – Message from Janne (2)

Feb 20. Activating Spontaneous Qi / Shi Delon, Jason Dean videos – Message from Janne (1)

Feb 11. 7 Reasons to Upgrade to the Business Plan

Feb 06. Video: What is Healing?

Feb 03. Video: 7 Reasons Why Walking in Good for You

Jan 31. Video: Neck Pain! Press these Three Points

Jan 26. How NOT to get OLD: YouTube Video

Jan 22. Imperfections make us Attractive: YouTube Video

Jan 20. Alyssa Dazet Interview with Peter Deadman

Jan 17. Are we Slaves? New YouTube Video

Jan 15. Dr Skakov – Latest Video

Jan 10. New Book Promo: The Genki Self Health Guide

Jan 09. YouTube: Computer Games are Good for You

Jan 06. The Genki Health Channel: YouTube

Jan 04. Conventional Medicine, Cancer and Qigong: Article in Qi Journal


Dec 29. 2019 Goals

Dec 23. Fire First, Aim Later: Forays into YouTube

Dec 20. How to get more Followers with Pictures of Cats

Dec 15. Exposure: Do a Barbara Windsor

Dec 08. Move Towards Freedom

Dec 02. No Followers, No Likes… No Cry: Intermission (6)

Nov 24. Katsugen and Richard S. Omura: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (9)

Nov 18. Interviews with Qigong Masters in China: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (8)

Nov 12. Miro Baricic: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (7)

Nov 04. John Chang: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (6)

Oct 28. Energy Moves in Spirals and Whirling: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (5)

Oct 21. Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Part 4 -The First Time

Oct 14. Encounters with Spontaneous Qi – Part 3: Hard Qigong Fail

Oct 07. Hiroki Kurihara & GENKIKO: Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (2)

Sep 30. Qigong and Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Part One

Sep 23. Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Serialisation

Sep 17. How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Sep 09. Easy Digestion and Using a Pressure Cooker

Sep 01. A Tale of Two Fishing Habits: UK and Japan

Aug 29. The New Religion of Gluttony

Aug 19. A Tribute to the Qigong Master Geoff Pike

Aug 17. New Arrival

Aug 15. Further Down the Rabbit Hole

Aug 11. People who are able to set off Spontaneous Qi Activation (AMENDED)

Aug 4. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 30 – Conclusion

Aug 4. How I Attained Enlightenment with Spontaneous Qigong: Day 30

Jul 28. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 27 – 29

Jul 22. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 24 to 26

Jul 19. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 20 – 23

Jul 16. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 17 – 19

Jul 14. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 15 – 16

Jul 11. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 13 – 14

Jul 09. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 12

Jul 07. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 11

Jul 05. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 9 – 10

Jul 03. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 8

Jul 01. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 7

Jun 30. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 6

Jun 28. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 5

Jun 27. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 4

Jun 26. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 3

Jun 25. Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 2

Jun 23. Day 1: 30 Days of Spontaneous Qigong Practice

Jun 22. 30 Day Trial of Spontaneous Qigong Practice

Jun 14. Cheap is False Economy

Jun 10. 5 Ways the World is a Madhouse

Jun 07. Intermission: Blogging Update 5

Jun 06. Manarchy in the UK: Chavification – Part 2

Jun 06. Manarchy in the UK: The Decline in Manners – Part 1

Jun 05. Walking after a Meal and Gestational Diabetes

Jun 04. Fiction: Unblock your Writing Blocks

Jun 03. A Good Sweat: Physical Activity and a Long Life

May 31. You are all Otaku: Part 3

May 27. You are all Otaku: Part 2 – The Nail that Sticks Out gets Hit

May 24. You are all Otaku: Part 1

May 20. Success is a Lie

May 16. Rubbish London: 5 Bits of Trash on London Streets

May 15. How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction: Part 3

May 14. How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction: Part 2

May 13. How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction: Part 1

May 09. 12 Years a Slave: I was a Prisoner of the Steve Pavlina Cult

May 05. How to Squat to get a Callipygian Butt

May 03. Theme Cafes in Japan

May 01. Vending Machines in Japan

Apr 28. Intermission: Blogging Update 4

Apr 24. Catharsis: Better Out than In – Part 3

Apr 22. Catharsis: Better Out than In – Part 2

Apr 18. Catharsis: Better Out than In – Part 1

Apr 15. Fortune Comes in by a Merry Gate

Apr 10. Small Acts of Goodwill

Apr 08. Are you a Hater?

Apr 08. 7 Reasons Why Crying is Good for You: Part 2

Apr 01. 7 Reasons Why Crying is Good for You: Part 1

Mar 25. 7 Reasons Why Walking is Good for You

Mar 22. Intermission: Blogging Update 3

Mar 21. Worship the Goddess of Money

Mar 20. Worship the God of Money

Mar 19. Unleash the Inner Healer

Mar 18. What is Healing?

Mar 17. What to do if you’re young and your life is stuck

Mar 16. Find your Inner Captain Kirk

Mar 15. Add a Suffering Plug-In

Mar 14. Become more Stylish as you get Older

Mar 13. Charisma: How to get it

Mar 12. When Doors are Shut in your Face

Mar 11. Intermission: Blogging Update 2

Mar 10. What’s your Life Script?

Mar 09. Regrets

Mar 08. Low-Level Entities

Mar 07. Intermission: Blogging Update 1

Mar 06. A Monster to Slay

Mar 05. Encourage Money to Come to You

Mar 04. Our Dark Side

Mar 03. Sometimes Life just Sucks

Mar 01. Don’t be a Money Stalker

Feb 28. In my Day

Feb 27. What is a Blog?

Feb 26. Access your Inner Guide

Feb 25. Our Imperfections Make us Attractive

Feb 24. Facebook is Designed to Manipulate You: Part 2

Feb 23. Facebook is Designed to Manipulate You: Part 1

Feb 22. Insomnia is good for you sometimes

Feb 21. Waichi Sugiyama: The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists in Japan

Feb 20. Slaves

Feb 19. Computer Games are Good for us


Oct 11. Modern Living makes us Weak