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Acupuncture Home Visiting in London

Home Visiting Acupuncture / Massage in London

I provide a home visiting acupuncture service in London.

Currently, I do not work in a fixed clinic. If you are seeking that service, there are many other providers available, searchable on the internet.

The areas I cover are:

  • North London and North West London
  • Central London

If you live in other areas, and you are interested in an acupuncture home visit, feel free to contact me and I will decide if I can visit. There may be an additional £5 charge.

Contact Me

To contact me, please call, text or email to:

acupuncure contact

Or send a message through my contact form on this website.

If I do not answer, please leave a message with your number and I will get back to you.

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NO SALES CALLS PLEASE. I do not want to buy Google listing space!

Availability – Times and Dates

I can provide greater flexibility over appointment times and days. I can provide sessions on weekends, evening and national holidays. The earliest I can provide treatment is 11am. The latest appointment I can provide is 8pm.

Benefits of Acupuncture Home Visits

In the old days, doctors used to do home visits. They’d turn up to a person’s home carrying their bag of equipment. Nowadays with the systemisation of medical care, this rarely happens anymore.

Home visits fits my way of working as I can provide more flexibility with appointment times, than if I worked in a fixed clinic. Also some people find it very difficult to travel due to age, health condition, or because of children, so this service can help.

I have years of experience in London of providing an acupuncture home visiting  service. I have visited people in large multi-bed houses, council flats or rooms in shared flat-shares. As long as I have a place to treat, I can provide acupuncture.

What to expect from a home visit acupuncture session?

I do not carry a coach/treatment table with me. This is because  I may be using public transport, particularly in CPZ area (controlled parking zones), e.g. Islington.

In CPZ areas, parking is very difficult to find during daytime hours, and parking ticket fines are excessive. Also, on other occasions, it is difficult to park close to a person’s home, meaning that carrying a treatment tables is more challenging.

For this reason, treatment will be carried out on a sofa, or bed, or yoga mat on floor or any other comfortable flat surface available at your home.


You will need to wear loose fitting clothing. I will need a towel and water. And not much else. In some instances I use burn moxa – a herb which has therapeutic effects on the body. This is dependent on any smoke alarms you may have.

Please make sure you have eaten at least 1 or 2 hours before treatments. It is not advisable to provide acupuncture on an empty stomach.

Treatment consultation

At the beginning of the session, I will take a consultation, to find out about your health condition and presenting problem. I will take notes. Following that, I will provide a treatment.

Treatment Duration

The Acupuncture home visiting treatment will typically last 45-50 minutes in total. The actual acupuncture treatment may be around 20-30 minutes.

If you request, reflexology or massage, then the treatment will usually last 40 minutes.

If you wish to have a longer session, I can extend up to 90 minutes.

Number of sessions

Depending on the type of problem, it usually takes a short course of treatments to get a positive outcome. I recommend you try out a course of 3-4 treatments to begin and then assess.

Treatments are usually carried out once a week or twice a week. But some people prefer more frequent or less frequent sessions than this.

About Me

I have years of experience of providing acupuncture in London. I have worked in clinics in Islington and also worked at St Joseph’s Hospice as Lead Acupuncturist, treating many patients with complex and life limiting illnesses such as cancer, COPD, MS and other diseases.

Additionally, in my private practice I have treated many conditions particularly muscular pain, stress, insomnia, depression and others.

I am trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM). However, I primarily practice a Japanese-influenced form of acupuncture. This is typically  a gentle form of acupuncture which uses a lot of moxa.

I also can provide reflexology and Indian Head Massage in treatments.

I trained at a the University of Westminster, in Japan and in Europe. My acupuncture license came from a British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) accredited institution.