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John Dixon Acupuncture

About me

My name is John Dixon. I am a qualified acupuncturist based in London, UK. I am British born, originally from Shropshire.

I trained in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture and Japanese Meridian Therapy (Toyohari) acupuncture.

Additionally, I have qualifications in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reiki.


I qualified in 2007 at the University of Westminster. At the time, they had a large complementary therapy program and offered a few different courses.

I sometimes get asked how long I studied for? At university my TCM acupuncture certificate is a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc). It took me 3 years to train. This also included hands-on practical, clinical experience, treating members of the public under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.

These days, there is a trend for some vocational qualifications to be set at degree level. For example, nursing is changing over to becoming a degree-level qualification instead of a vocational subject. They are also removing the grant for it. (All I can say is – get ready for a shortage of nurses in this country).

After graduating, I worked for a while as an acupuncturist in Tower Hamlets, East London, but then I had the opportunity to live in Japan and I took it.

Interest in Japanese systems of acupuncture

I was introduced to the Japanese system of Acupuncture by two experienced acupuncturists – Eitaro Hamano and a teacher in Japan called Masahiro Honda. Mr Honda gave me a very basic informal training and including me in his acupuncture study groups. He also tried to get me to learn Aikido (he was a black belt), but it wasn’t really my thing.

I was in Japan a few years and then returned to the UK, when I set up my clinic proper. Initially, I started in East London, and then moved to North London. I also undertook formal training in Japanese Meridian Therapy (Toyohari) in Amsterdam.

My Japanese is at a basic level. I have forgotten most of what I learnt. Which wasn’t a lot to begin with.

Experience in Palliative Care

Along with my own private practice, I worked for three years as Lead Acupuncturist at St Joseph’s Hospice, one of Londons, oldest and largest hospices. Prior to that position, I had volunteered for two years treating ward patients and out-patients. I have a reasonable amount of experience in treating complex diseases such as cancer, MS, COPD and other life-limiting diseases. I have written a few articles on treating some of these conditions in my Acupuncture Articles section.

I have been running my current private practice in London since 2012. Initially, I rented clinic space. Nowadays, I usually only do home visiting as it suits the way I work. I primarily work in the North London area. However, I so sometimes travel further afield to visit clients.

My journey to Oriental healthcare

I occasionally get asked about other types of work I have done? The answer is that I have always primarily been working as a complementary therapist.

From my early 20s, I developed an interest in alternative and complementary healthcare. This was because at the time, I suffered quite badly from a disease called ulcerative colitis. This is a form of bowel disease, characterised by recurrent remissions and flare-ups. It can be very serious during an acute phase. I had to be hospitalised and spent a few bewildering years learning to cope with this unpredictable disease.

After treatment, I resolved myself to look for natural ways of dealing with this illness rather than be dependent on a lifelong prescription of steroid medications.

The Chinese acupuncture shop

I learned a great deal about nutrition, but it wasn’t enough. My illness was returning despite the steroids. And then one day I stumbled upon a nondescript Chinese medicine shop in a local market place. I was curious about the herbs in the window and then the Chinese receptionist grabbed me and bundled me into a back room and persuaded me to have acupuncture.

I was game for anything. But truly I didn’t expect anything to come from this. I just wanted to try out something new.

And then to my amazement, over the next few days, I could feel a change occurring. My stomach was feeling more firmer – more under control. There were less symptoms. I continued with weekly treatments and the improvements were much more noticeable. There was nothing else in my life that could be causing this improvement. It was the acupuncture.

After a couple of months, I felt I had reached the limit with the treatment. I had plateaued. My gut was not completely cured, but fortunately, it was no longer in the danger zone. Acupuncture had helped stabilise it. It was 60% better, whereas before it had been about 30%. The rest was up to me to  figure out how to heal myself and make some positive life changes.

A new hope

This was the start of my journey into Chinese medicine. I knew that I had to learn all about this mysterious therapy – acupuncture and to continue to learn about health and spirituality.

Fortunately, My gut condition is much more stable today and I manage it with lifestyle and dietary changes. I am also grateful that I am able to indulge in all softs of foods, alcohol, late nights and long distance travel without problem. I have not taken any medications for this disease for 10 years and counting.

Throw the CV in the bin

I also have had a variety of different jobs over the years before and whilst building up my acupuncture practice. Some of the jobs I’ve had are: receptionist, van driver, ESOL teacher, gardener, factory worker, waiter, hotel doorman… Once I even got a gig playing a cowboy at a New Years event (worst American accent ever). Suffice to say, none of those jobs ever suited me otherwise I would still be doing them. Especially the cowboy.

My path to Oriental healthcare is really me just following my soul’s direction. All the events that have occurred in my life have led me here. And the more I practice (even when there are difficulties and challenges), the more I continue to enjoy it. In fact, when I move away from it, I tend to hit resistence in life.


I am an author. I have written a few books – some health books and some fiction, along with an active blog on this website. One of my recent books was a project on blind acupuncturists in Japan.

I periodically submit articles for publications to various journals. I have written a few articles for the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine (NAJOM) and I co-authored an article for the International Journal of Palliative Nursing. See my publications page for more information.


These days, we all have to be a little bit of everything if we are self-employed. I am continuously expanding my skills and looking for new directions to move into. This website is a reflection of that. Next up – videos.


This website was a plan, which has been long in coming. I had wanted to create a large personal website for several years. This was not just to promote my services, but also to act as a platform for showcasing my writing works and other projects.

I intend for this website to be a hub of information and unusual insights into different aspects of energy work, health, healing and wellbeing. And of course, acupuncture related topics.


Most websites will not usually have a heading like this. But for those who don’t know me, it may be of use.

I am a calm and patient person and non-judgemental. I have gone through my own bit of suffering in life as well as my fair share of failures (and successes). So I can understand some of the difficulties and challenges that many of us have to go through at various times in our lives. In short, I understand that life sucks sometimes. But that we must get on and learn to deal with it.

I recognise that I still have a lot to learn about life and also about acupuncture. It is an ongoing process. I am grateful for this particular path I am on and I hope that I can help you move a little closer to overcoming any health challenges you may have. I also hope to be able to help you move closer to achieving your own unique and special potential in life. I believe that everyone’s life has great value as well as a purpose to it.

Finally, I have a quirky sense of humour and I am very happy to meet new clients.

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a dating profile.

I am married with kids.

Best wishes