Qigong breathing to counteract the negative effects of Masks

I work in a medical organisation in the UK, and I routinely have to wear masks, gloves, aprons and visors. It is a condition of my work. The mask rule has evolved over the course of last year, from only wearing one when seeing patients face to face in the early days of the ‘pandemic’ to having to always wear one upon entering the building.

I always adhere to the mask rule, but I don’t agree with mask wearing. Whilst masks may offer some protection if you are in the presence of a person who is frequently coughing and expelling aerosols, I don’t believe it protects anybody from any infection, especially from breathing in so called infected vapours from the “asymptomatic”.

I recall a time on a train in Japan several years ago, I managed to get a seat on a rush hour train (no mean feat) and an older company worker was standing just over me. He was coughing away with an obvious infection and wasn’t bothering to cover his mouth. He also wasn’t wearing a mask, which is quite unusual for the Japanese who love masks. This was in pre pandemic times. At the time, I wouldn’t have been upset if by chance the doors were to malfunction and open during motion, and that cougher was to fall off . I note that after that encounter, I did not come down with a flu or cough myself.

This brings me to the terrain versus germ argument. We live in a sea of bacteria, fungi and miroorganisms, even parasites. We have them on our skin, in our gut, everywhere. Some of them are the so called ‘good ones’. Some are the ‘bad ones’. We can have both the good and bad ones in our gut, but it doesn’t mean they will make us sick. It may even be that we need both the good and bad ones. Our relationship with microorganisms is more complicated than we are trained to think.

I believe that if your body is healthy and robust, it will deal with infections swiftly. It may even become stronger after it has had a pathogenic invasion. But this kind of old wisdom seems to have died a death in the current age. It seems forgotten that the body is able to heal some diseases by itself, even without antibiotics, and that also fever does have a purpose and a function in the body and is not something to be feared. This change in thinking has made this current pandemic possible.

I have considered that viruses may have an important function in clearing out toxicity in the body. I know that in the past when I have overdone things and come down with a flu, I have suffered considerably, but then once I have recovered, there is a kind of golden period, where I feel my body is clearer, lighter, almost purer. For a short time, I feel like only eating simple wholesome foods, no meat, no sweets or snacks. I start to feel that this must be what it is like to be really healthy. Not the faux healthy that you get from shopping at Planet Organic. It is a like a real natural healthy. Unfortunately it only lasts a few days, and the old temptations and desires for rich foods and sweets creeps back in. And alcohol too.

I have been influenced by the old natural hygiene movement. I even undertook a fast with the famed naturopath Dr Keki Sidhwa many years ago. Though there are some aspects of Natural Hygiene that I don’t agree with, I do feel there is great wisdom in some of their ideas about the body.

I have also heard that viruses have never been isolated. The measles virus apparently has never been isolated. Scientists look at a bunch of genetic material and other gunk under an electron microscope and then point out one and say there that is it. They then dye the mixture to highlight the one they say is the virus. I don’t know if that is exactly true.

I have also considered if what we think of as viruses are not necessarily eternal pathogens, but are actually simple messenger proteins that trigger the body and other bodies around them to activate a cleansing process which has specific unique symptoms. This causes the diseases known as chicken pox or measles. It may be that these diseases have a function in the body. Not necessarily a harmful one.

I will add the disclaimer that this is all speculation, I offer no evidence or argument for these theories.

I don’t believe the mandate to wear masks is based on any actual evidence. I recall early on, the idiot Fauci (or Faus’ti?) in America, telling people not to go out and buy all the masks because they don’t do much good to protect against infection. He changed his mind after that. Now he recommends people wear two masks. I have read some studies and articles by surgeons talking about the pointlessness of wearing masks. Last year, there was a Chinese jogger who actually blew out his own lungs because he was jogging wearing a mask. Now I see joggers in this country wearing masks. I believe that if you are a ‘physician’ advising people to wear two masks, you are not a real promoter of health, no matter how famous or ‘respected’ you are.

If the masks really work, then why then is the infection rate still so high in the UK? Just about everyone I see in the supermarket, in the workplaces, even in the street or alone in their cars is wearing a mask. The majority of the population is genuinely fearful of the virus and compliant with the rules. The population also largely polices itself.

I have heard several stories from people being ‘mask shamed’ – that is – having random members of the public telling them to wear a mask if they weren’t wearing one. This would probably be understandable if this was a group of young kids, but the people who tell me these stories were elderly patients with health conditions (some clearly visible), and some who were actually exempt from wearing masks because they had medical conditions that affected their breathing. They should never be ‘shamed’ in this way, but they are, and I suspect a great many people who are exempt, will simply wear a mask to avoid confrontation. Which is actually a form of discrimination.

The media would have us believe that because a group of irresponsible people in parts of the country are having house parties or not wearing masks or social distancing, it is causing the infection rates to go out of control making the UK the sick man of Europe. Really? I’m sure all these young 20 something olds are visiting their elderly grandparents every Sunday after their maskless party. I believe these so called ‘mask rule breakers’ are in the minority, because everywhere I go, all I see is adherence to the mask rule.

Another issue with masks is I don’t believe that any organisation has ever carried out a proper risk assessment to its employees of the dangers of prolonged mask wearing. Masks were only supposed to be a short-term measure until the ‘virus is under control’. However, ‘the virus’ has never been under control. It never will be under control. The “virus” keeps coming back in new mutated forms. In 2022 we will probably still be made to wear masks. Maybe even two masks. Possibly even outside, when we should be breathing in fresh air. Not filtered through plastic material.

Employees are now wearing masks for up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, month after month. If they are using public transport, add an additional hour of mask wearing. If they pop into the local supermarket, the ‘mask guards’ at the door will ensure you wear a mask for an extra 30 minutes. Perhaps the only time you are not wearing a mask is when you are sleeping.

People have their face covered more than uncovered. Those idiots (so called ‘leaders‘) will have us exercise wear masks, have us procreate wearing masks, even give birth wearing masks. Sadly, this is no joke. If God or evolution had intended masks to be a natural protection for our species from viruses, we would have been born with an extra flap of skin on our cheeks to cover our face like gills on a fish.

What I find particularly worrying is seeing kids wear masks. Kids are supposedly the lowest affected by ‘the virus’. Yet the mask mandate is being equally pressed on them in different ways at school or by particularly fearful parents. Will masks ever go away? Is the next generation being trained to see masks as normal? What are the implications of this? And what does this do to their longterm health?

Has anyone ever asked those kinds of questions?

Do masks even work? Consider that virus particles can enter via the eyes, then if you are serious about not catching ‘the virus’ you need to be wearing either a visor or glasses. But many mask wearers do not, so then just how serious are they about avoiding ‘the virus’?

The greatest problem I have with masks is that I believe they are damaging to our health. I believe that they will lead to an increase in cancer – related to the lungs or throat and that they weaken the immune system by hindering our breathing. I believe they will actually lead to an increase in respiratory infections as we breathe in our own waste gases and bacteria builds up in the inside of the masks, which we then breathe back into our lungs.

I suspect the chemicals used in the construction of the masks are carcinogenic and that we are breathing those carcinogens in for up to 10 hours a day.

I have also seen countless masks littering the roads. It is disgusting, and if ‘the virus’ is so dangerous, then these discarded masks are essentially biohazard waste and need to be picked up by people wearing protective equipment and incinerated. But they are not, and I don’t see an epidemic of dogs or cats getting corona (yes pets can get it too apparently) from sniffing these masks. Or are refuse collectors dropping down dead in their hundreds? I haven’t heard any reports in the media.

I read one article pointed out that there are billions of masks in the sea. So much for saving the environment. 2020 has utterly poisoned the planet with these ridiculous masks. The chemicals used in the production of these masks are entering the food chain at the marine level and eventually will cause all sort of hormone disruptions and ultimately lead to cancer in animals and humans.

No one ever questions where the masks come from? Who is making the masks? Exploitation has created these masks. No doubt this has created a billion dollar business in the sweatshops of India and China, which feeds on exploiting humans in the poorer parts of the world.

Masks reduce our oxygen levels, which impacts our brain and mood. The Japanese award winning immunologist Toru Abo theorised that a cause of cancer is hypnoxia. When the body’s cells do not have enough oxygen they become susceptible to cancer. He recommended deep breathing exercises as a way to reduce the risk of cancer.

But here we have masks encouraging a state of hypoxia. The deliberate reduction of oxygen in the bodies cells. If Toru Abo had not died a few years ago (in somewhat suspicious circumstances) what would he have to say about the widespread use of masks?

I suspect the prolonged wearing of masks will lead to increases in cancer cases in the medium to long term. Cancer is a terrible disease to deal with. The official survival rate of corona is around 99 percent. The survival rate of cancer is much much lower. On a side note, I have seen far more people suffer with cancer in the last year than I have seen Covid cases. The real epidemic is cancer. Yet in the media, all we hear about is corona.

There is also the final dehumanising aspect of masks. It hinders communication. It drives us apart. In olden days, before a prisoner is executed, a black mask will be put over his head. This dehumanises them and make onlookers less likely to feel compassion for them. Masks make us less humanlike. A robber wears a motorbike helmet to hold up a shop. A member of the ku klux klan wears one, a slave is forced to wear a kind of face obstruction called a ‘bit’. Masks separates and dehumanises. Now we are afraid to talk to each other without a mask on. Or even shake hands. Some people probably even hold their breath in fear when walking past someone on a busy street.

I think we need to reopen the debate of whether masks actually do any good. Because if we don’t, I believe we are going to see a massive increase of respiratory diseases and cancer in the future. But consider there is a whole new industry that has grown up around masks, just like the tobacco industry. I have no doubt that research will be produced by scientists with strong conflicts of interest, who will show the benefits of masks, who themselves have dubious ties to these new industries.

And also, people really do look ridiculous in masks. On the street, women look less attractive. Men look fearful. Acne is increasing because of the trapped sweat. I also think it is crazy to wear a mask in the park. This is your opportunity to breathe in some fresh air from the trees. To cleanse your blood and your lungs. Not your own stale breath.

It doesn’t matter if it is a branded mask from Adidas or Nike, or a blue plastic one made in slave labour sweatshops. It still looks ridiculous. And this comes from someone who has to wear one frequently. And all the time, I am always reminded of the character – ‘The Gimp’ from the movie Pulp Fiction, whenever I see people wear masks in situations when they don’t have to.

I won’t finish this article with all doom and gloom

If you must wear a mask for work, for prolonged periods of time, then you must, absolutely must, make efforts to counteract the harmful effects of the hypoxia. As a matter of life or death, you must practice breathing exercises at least twice a day, and especially after you have finished wearing your mask.

Ideally, you must practice in the fresh air, in a park, or if you practice at home, then keep a window wide open, unless you overlook a busy road. There are various types of breathing exercises from yoga, qigong – it doesn’t matter which type, they all are all absolutely essential in this age, where the simple act of breathing is being suppressed in an unnatural way.

The best teacher of breathing exercises was the qigong teacher Geoff Pike. He was a British born, naturalised Australian, who was famous in the 80s for his books ‘Chi the Power Within’ and ‘The Power of Chi’. He survived throat cancer in his 40s using a combination of radiotherapy and his qigong breathing exerices. He then lived for another 40 years.

Here is an extract from his book on breathing:

Try taking three very long, deep breaths inhaling through the nose as slowly and silently as you can. Hold each breath for the count or three, exhale through the mouth as slowly and silently as you can and again count to three before taking the next breath. It is likely that you’ll find the inhalation shortish and somehow unsatisfactory, like only finding the capacity to drink half a glass of water when you are thirsty. You may find the exhalation hard to control, as though your lungs are unaccustomed to overfilling and eager to spill out.

Average lungs don’t like to be reminded that they are only working at half their capacity, even if they feel overworked. You may experience brief dizzyness, possibly fleeting patterns before your eyes. You will almost certainly feel strange in some way if you really tried to fill your normally half-filled lungs, especially if you are a smoker…” (or frequently have to wear a mask – italics mine).

Geoff Pike, ‘The Power of Chi’

In the months and years to come, many people will become shallow breathers. The effects of which will not be immediately noticeable until later on, as over time, the lack of healthy breathing slowly weakens the immune system and general vitality of the body.

With this knowledge in mind, and even if mask wearing mandate becomes entrenched for several years, one method of counteracting the harmful effects of this would be to simply to go for a walk in the woods or a park, sit quietly and breathe deeply over and over again.