Social Distancing in the UK


Social Distancing Newthink

During the Great Corona Virus Pandemic of 2019/2020, one of the rules mandated by the UK government was ‘social distancing’.

You must maintain 2 metres (6’6″) between you and other people who are not immediate family.

This is especially essential in parks, where people might be tempted to break the rules. It’s called Robin Hood syndrome. Where people hide away in nature, build their own communes and escape the rules of the state.

And just in case, you didn’t know how far 2 meters is, the local Kouncils helpfully drew pictures on the footpaths to show us:


The Kouncils also put up signs to remind us that maintaining 2 meters between us and our fellow man, woman and child SAVES LIVES.


And this rule also applies to DOGS. You must keep your dog 2 metres away. Also only one walk a day was allowed.


Footpaths are not usually 2 metres wide, so some people actually walk on the road (the area where cars drive) to maintain the social distancing rule when they pass someone.

Personally I think its safer to keep on the path at all times.

By the way, if you travelled to Europe, you may only need to social distance 1.5 metres (Germany and Poland) or 1 metre (in Sweden and Norway). If you went to Australia, its 1.5 metres. In the USA, around 1 metre (6 feet). I don’t think they even did social distancing in Japan which had one of the lowest rates of Cor*na virus deaths in the world.

All makes perfect sense to me.

If there was a correlation between the length of social distancing and numbers of infected or number of deaths or cases, then in theory the UK should have the lowest number of cases and deaths as we have the furthest social distancing (a whopping 2 metres). And in theory Japan should have the highest number of cases and deaths. But that doesn’t seem to have been the case at all. The UK’s death count is over 40,000. Japan’s is around 1000.

And if you ever felt paranoid that people might be crossing the road when they saw you coming. Well now its true.

Disclaimer: I do not condone or support breaking the social distancing rules. I personally follow the guidelines. However, I do question the sense behind them.

It is also not clear to me whether these ‘rules’ are actually enforceable ‘laws’. According to the ITV website in an article called ‘Police in England told they do not have power to enforce social distancing‘, it was written:

Neither the original Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 from March 26 nor the amendment enacted at 12:01am on Wednesday state that keeping two metres apart is a legal requirement.

This basically means to me that social distancing is not the law. So what is it?




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