Local BLM Protest North London

My biggest regret of 2020 is not writing a diary and recording more of what is going on around me, along with photos. These are unusual times and it is becoming aware to me more and more that historical changes are occurring in the UK.

In nearby leafy Muswell Hill, a small Black Lives Matter Protest was held today, 14th June 2020 in the town square (if you can call it that). There were two black women speakers, who spoke about racial issues and discrimination with a degree of intensity. Some names were mentioned of people, who I assume had been discriminated against in the UK. Some people held up signs with these same names on. I was not able to record the names.

The protester’s, who I assume were local residents listened intensely and respectfully went down on their knees when instructed for what seemed to be around 10 minutes (must have been uncomfortable for some). A few people held the ‘black power’ fist aloft. It was a peaceful protest.

I would describe Muswell Hill as a Middle Class, high income area, with many professionals, and many of its young being university-educated. It is predominantly white. As far as I am aware the Liberal party has a lot of support here. It is a very pleasant area with a high amount of politeness and respect toward others. There were two police officers, though they stayed far at the back, out of the way with refreshments. It was highly unlikely there would be any trouble in this area.

The protest lasted around 30 minutes and then the small crowd dispersed. There was a mix of old, middle aged and young adults. Some wore masks. Some practiced social distancing, but due to the limited space, it was not really possible to maintain the full 2 metres. (So I suppose Corona’s gonna get some). Here are some photos:



Taking the Knee…



I do not share any particular affiliation or support for BLM or any other political organisation or protest group. I simple show this for historical purposes only.


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