The Corona Virus Pendulum


The Russian author Valim Zeland talks about the trap of Pendulums in his book series – Reality Transurfing. Pendulums are essentially waves that we as humans get trapped into, which sucks our energy and carries us into a direction that services the pendulums growth. We become fuel for the pendulum.

Daily life is full of a multitude of pendulums. As more people get sucked into the pendulum’s swing, the more its momentum grows and the bigger it gets, further sucking in more people.

The important thing about pendulums is not to give them our energy. Live apart from them as best as you are able. Be aware of them, but never emotionally invested. It’s a hard thing to do in this day and age, when pendulums are thrust in our faces.

A person trapped in a pendulum may argue – ‘but if you don’t pay attention or play a part in it, it will affect you’. Actually no. The moment you get emotionally involved – either angry or fearful, the result is always a sucking and draining of your energy.

For the last few years in Britain, we’ve had the Brexit Pendulum. It has been full of non-stop debates and arguments between politicians, journalists and the general population. And now, just as a final ‘decision’ on Brexit seems to have been made, suddenly we have a coronavirus pendulum thrust upon us. Will we ever get a break?

And if a person can stop panicking for a moment and consider the last few pandemic scares – SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, Mad cows disease, Aids… you can see the same patterns repeating again. It is yet another pendulum.

Disregarding the constant red-alarm bells going off in the media regarding coronavirus, here are some starter questions: What if there is no coronavirus? What if people died of other causes and a blanket cause was being blamed? A virus boogeyman. What if regular influenza viruses, pneumococcal infections or regular pneumonia cases were being  misattributed to this same mysterious and terrifying virus and then overhyped?

Be aware that all through life and every year our bodies encounter and deal with numerous viruses, including coronaviruses. If our bodies are in a weak state, these viruses can be harmful to us, even fatal. If we are in relatively good health, our bodies deal with them, though we may suffer for a while. Such is life.

But watching the news in this age is fear porn. Stimulating and building us all up to a mad erotic frenzy. Blaming the Chinese, or the Africans. Doesn’t that seem racist? Or has this word been so beaten to death by now it has lost its meaning? Or blaming cows, bats, pigs, or monkeys.


One of the most notable things of the coronavirus is how it was first attributed to the Chinese eating bats. The ‘powers that be’, have a sense of humour. I vaguely remember the same thing about ebola originally being found in a cave somewhere in Africa and again there being a bat connection in the book – ‘The Hot Zone‘.

Here is a picture of a Chinese person eating bats that went viral.

Screenshot 2020-02-23 at 09.44.28
Screenshot: Chinese influencer eats bats – causes massive pandemic.

Here is a picture of me eating bat soup. With chopsticks, so you can tell it was in China.

The bat is one of my son’s toys. He likes creepy things. It is made of rubber. It looks less gross than the one eaten in the actual bat photos above that apparently ALL CHINESE eat. Especially in Wuhan. And no, the picture wasn’t taken in China. It was taken in London.

We all remember Dinosaurs went extinct. What kind of flu got them I wonder..? Dino-rona.

What is the point of my bat photos? A little joke, sure, but the consideration here, is can we trust what we see at first glance. Photos can be used to create any kind of narrative. Some degree of objective evaluation should be adopted by the audience, especially in these times. But I am getting ahead of myself here. Back to bats…

Bat Hoax

Here is an article saying that some of the famous Wuhan bat pictures were actually filmed in Palau or Indonesia in 2016. Not Wuhan. And Apparently, eating bats is quite rare, even looked down on in China:

Videos of Asian people selling or eating bats have been circulating on social media since news broke of the coronavirus outbreak in China, with claims that bats are a possible origin of the new virus. The France 24 Observers team investigated six of the most shared videos. Five were filmed outside China, in Palau and Indonesia. None of the videos had any documented link to the outbreak.

Apparently, this lady in the screenshot above may have eaten the bat in the Pacific nation of Palau last year. And media reports of the Chinese eating bats were picked up and spun out of the control by sensationalist media outlets (pretty much all Western media then):

We found the Douyin account (Chinese version of TikTok) who posted this video (木タ木琪77).

In her profile, she says she is a student at the University of Wuhan. When we checked her account on January 28, we saw that she had deleted all her posts. She had also added a phrase to her profile, reading…

Stop being idiots; these videos are from last summer!”

Source: Is bat soup a delicacy in China? We debunk a rumour on the origin of the coronavirus –

Spin and the The hidden dangers of Instagram

Just think, one day, you’re taking selfies whilst on holiday in Palau or Indonesia eating bats and bugs for your Instagram account. And then a year later, you’re Patient Zero in the Zombie Apocalypse. Who’d have imagined it?

This is just one of the unusual bits of drama and spin arising around the coronavirus. The other is the mysterious account of the whistleblower doctor Dr Li Wenliang, who first alerted everyone to the virus, was warned by the government against spreading panic, and then died from the virus.  (despite testing negatively for it several times previously). It could almost pass for the plot of a movie. Perhaps it is.

Then of course, there are the various reports of bioweapons, predictive programming from a Dean Koontz book, and Bill Gates gets mentioned as he usually does. It’s all so very disorientating. And I think that is the point. The Pendulum wants us to be disorientated.

Lies and Panic

Can you really trust the information in front of you? Does anyone else remember that expression – “Weapons of Mass Destruction”? We are lied to all the time. How many families lives were destroyed because of that brutal piece of propaganda?

There are unseen costs to an epidemic, so we had better be sure we are in one. How much misery is inflicted on the world especially for businesses and hotels on the financial edge, going bust, or businessmen losing everything and  committing suicide in despair due to the collapse in the tourist industry, leaving behind families. Will we see these kinds of stories emerging in the aftermath? We can wait and see, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The message transmitted in coronavirus is simple – You are all going to DIE, so PANIC! Don’t think – PANIC! Shut your brain down. Listen to us. Believe everything you hear. Give your mind over to us!

Going viral

Jon Rappoport questions the whole paradigm of these deaths being caused by a mystery virus. What if a virus is not the cause? Jon wrote a book called Aids Inc: The Greatest Scandal of the Century, and I did not know it at the time, but there were a number of distinguished doctors, scientists and molecular biologists in the 1990s who questioned the whole HIV = AIDS paradigm – here and here.

One physican – a Dr Robert Willner even purposely injected himself with HIV infected blood in a press conference in front of the cameras to demonstrate that the whole things was fake. He tested negatively afterwards,

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 21.37.27
Dr Robert Willner injected himself with HIV tainted blood in a press conference. Tested negative for HIV afterwards.

One of the arguments in a nutshell being that they are unable to properly identify the virus. And yet, despite these credible scientists and doctors questioning the whole HIV = AIDS paradigm, the mainstream medical system and media ignored it. All through the 80s and 90s we had AIDS fear thrust in out heads. As a kid I remembered some of those terrifying TV commercials. Everyone was and is terrified of it. Yet was it all true?

Update: July 2020 – Interesting that the Immunologist Dr Fauci, who has been so prevalent in pushing the coronavirus fear in the US, was also prominent 40 years ago in the original AIDs epidemic.

Another virus on the block

What has AIDS got to do with Coronavirus? Coronavirus is another in a line of viral scares that ‘the powers that be’, throw at us every few years or so. If you think I’m a conspiracy nut, think about it for a while: We’ve had Zika, Ebola, Bird Flu, SARS. Every virus is going to kill us. This time it is the big one.

And there is a part of us that wants to think it is the End. We want to believe the collapse is coming. Perhaps it’s a fear ingrained in our psyches after experiencing the great flood of Biblical times, an event which was recorded by cultures all around the worlds. Perhaps, we have a collective memory of being annihilated. A kind of PTSD or Stockholm syndrome when it comes to matters pertaining to the apocalypse. Paul Simon sings – “every generation throws a hero up the pop charts”, here we have – every generation is terrified by a new viral boogeyman, or several.


Back to Corona virus – So what is causing these deaths?

Jon Rapport puts forward an argument that pollution could be a significant causative factor for these deaths. China is well known for being heavily polluted. In Wuhan, just last year, there were protests against an increased risk of pollution, since a new factory plant had been built. The kind of pollution the Chinese face, is a toxic combination of industrial age pollution (smog) and modern pollutants – chemicals, plastics and who knows what else in the air. Jon writes:

At the very beginning of my coverage of the “China epidemic,” I cited evidence the air quality in Wuhan is chronically dangerous.

Among other sources, I referred to a Yale review which stated that the mixture of toxic elements in the air is unprecedented in human history. The synergistic effects of these individual toxins is unknown.

I also mentioned the large street protests against air quality in Wuhan that took place last summer. These protests were also carried out in other Chinese cities. The government was obviously alarmed at the nascent rebellion.

The protests are now gone. Because the cities are locked down. It’s all about “the virus” as the cause of illness.

Horrific air quality brings on lung infections of all kinds, including pneumonia. Pneumonia is THE illness attributed to the coronavirus. How convenient.

The Chinese government has recently ruled that testing patients for the coronavirus isn’t necessary for a diagnosis of “epidemic illness.” A CT scan of the lungs is sufficient. If the patient thus shows signs of pneumonia, he is labeled “a coronavirus case.”

Air quality? Brushed aside.

Assessing studies of annual pneumonia deaths in China – covering years long before the supposed emergence of the new human coronavirus – I settled on the estimate of 300,000 deaths a year.

Assuming this death rate is more or less constant, hundreds of thousands of people could now be called deceased “coronavirus cases” without a flicker of interest in the actual cause of their illness. Those CT scans, picking up signs of pneumonia, and absurdly leading to the label “coronavirus”, are a perfect tool for deception.

Jon Rappoport Blog – Wuhan and the Polluted Air as a source of epidemic illness, Feb 23rd 2020.

To support this proposition, here is an article in CNN in July 2019: China has made major progress on air pollution. Wuhan protests show there’s still a long way to go:

Recent weeks have seen major protests there – in themselves a rarity in China – over plans for a new garbage incineration plant.

Holding banners with slogans such as “We don’t want to be poisoned, we just need a breath of fresh air”, thousands of people took to the city’s streets over two weeks in June and July calling for the suspension of plans to build the plant.

“We are fearful that the plant is too close to residence area”, one protestor in the city of 10 million told state media. Others expressed concern that emissions could worsen air pollution and harm residents health.

Local officials were apparently surprised by the scale and size of the protests, which came after several similar waste plants were reportedly found to be giving off dangerous emissions. Photos and videos shared on social media showed large crowds marching in the streets near where the plant was to be built, and police arresting numerous protestors.

The government has since suspended building of the plant, which locals said had halted protests, but a heavy police presence remains in the city where the situation is tense.

CNN article, written by James Griffiths, July 11th 2019

This is China. People have got to be really angry to protest against the government. I think that something like your kids and family members having to breathe toxic polluted air would be such a breaking point.

For years Western countries have been shipping their garbage – our plastics to China for recycling. A lot of these recycling plants were actually small scale family workshops where the whole families would work daily recycling these plastics into some kind of recyclable pellets. It is a hugely time-consuming process.

Here is an Amazon Prime movie called ‘Plastic China‘, which I recommend at least watching the trailer for, as it shows a small-scale family-run recycling workshop, with this man’s kids spending their days playing among a sea of plastic waste from the West (and no doubt ingesting small amounts of it into their bodies). But we don’t care, because we don’t see our plastic once we throw it away, and anyway they all eat bats.

According to the most recent statistics, provided by the Chinese Plastics Processing Association, in 2006 the country was home to roughly 60,000 small scale, family owned workshops devoted to recycling plastic.

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 07.51.07

Yi Jie, age 11 with her mother and sister, from one of these family owned recycle workshops – recycling our plastics. Screenshot from ‘Plastic China’.

These are some of the plastics they have to deal with. Can you recognise what they are?

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 07.58.29

If you cant see the picture clearly, it’s medical waste. I sure hope it wasn’t used. However, in the documentary, apparently, they also received things like used syringes to recycle. And one of the sorter’s biggest fears is getting pricked (and potentially infected with who knows what). This is very wrong.

Ironic, that the Western world panics about an over-hyped virus, while the real apocalyptic factors of this planet – plastics and pollution are ignored. Perhaps this really is the End Times.

Take it Back. We dont want it!

But now, the Chinese have stopped accepting it all. The whole plastic recycling thing just doesn’t work. And now, China is stuck with millions of tonnes of Western waste – a lot of it plastic. So what are they going to do with it all? Answer – burn it. Burn it all.

Yes – all that plastic, we diligently separated out and shoved in the correct bin. Never aware of the carbon footprint as it is shipped to the other side of the planet. It turns out that even with billions of people and thousands of family-run recycling workshops – its just too much plastic to recycle.  They don’t want any more otherwise the whole of China will turn into one giant landfill. It probably already is. So they are going to burn it.

It’s ironic. As we try to be more greener, we only make it worse for the planet. We could have just burnt the plastics in our own countries. Or at least buried it. But instead, we found it more efficient to ship it to China for them to burn. Can’t risk those carbon credits – we’ve got to get carbon neutral here. Perhaps, instead of sending them our plastic, we needed to ship out Greta and her cohort to educate them all.

And all that pollution burning… Wouldn’t that be a causative factor in causing respiratory distress, pneumonia, lung disease, COPD, even death in the local population. Also, as we are in the flu season, if you added in a flu virus, could that be the final breaking point? Well yes.

Images of recycling plants in China and burning of plastic computer parts.

I often wondered what happened to all those old white desktop computers that everyone used to have 10-15 years ago? They didn’t go to computer heaven. Well in a way they did – as their plastic components joined the ether as smoke and pollutants. To be breathed in by the Chinese and their children.

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 22.14.01

I bet that sometime in the past, this canal must have been so much clearer. Possibly people could bathe in it. Have picnics by the side of it. Is this really progress?

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 22.14.43

More than that, the pollution is affecting the health of the Chinese. The image above shows children with respiratory disease at a hospital in Hangzhou for various reasons, possibly pollution (But not Coronavirus).

Source:  Plastic, poverty and pollution in Chinas recyling dead zone – The Guardian

Coal, automobiles, burning plastics and chemicals: A REALLY BAD combination of pollution

But real air pollution is not so simple. The new study argues that smogs in China contain more ingredients than those found either in the legendary “pea-soupers*” of 19th and 20th century Europe and North America or in the modern rich world, vehicle-generated smogs.

*’pea souper’ – English expression referring to Pea Soup fog’/’killer fog’/’black fog’. Pea soup fog – a thick yellowish-greenish coloured smog.

In China… the development of coal-fired industries and increased automobile use have overlapped, which has resulted in the emissions of a complex mix of air contaminants.

Three other cities listed as regularly suffering dangerous levels of four or five of the pollutants are Jining, also in Shandong, Wuhan in Hubei province, and Jiayuguan and Jinchang in Gansu.

Picture of Wuhan air pollution in 2009

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 15.44.08

It looks pretty built-up in this city in Wuhan. Are there any parks? Trees? Pandas? What kind of air do they breathe there?


Anyone remember the ‘Great Year of Smog’ in London, 1952?

It was before I was born, but my father told me about it. He grew up in London in the 1950s. The Great Smog was a combination of cold weather, no wind, and smoke from coal-burning, which created a thick heavy smog that blanketed the city for a week causing respiratory distress, and death. It also reduced visibility, hence the stereotype of London being a dark foggy (smoggy) city, frequented by Jack the Ripper types. Little has changed, except there is no more smog.

According to reports, 4000 people died as a direct result of the smog and a further 10,000 were made ill due to the smog’s effects on the respiratory tract. Most of the dead were young, elderly or had preexisting respiratory problems. (Source Wikipedia, yes, I know sorry)

London’s-Great-Smog-1952 - devastating isasters .com

Picture: ‘London’s Great Smog 1952’. Source:

Notice how they are wearing face masks (well kerchiefs). Just like today in Asia. Also notice how they are really well dressed compared to today. But that’s another topic.

Hard to imagine, but SMOG actually causes respiratory disease

Doesn’t that all sound kind of similar to Wuhan?

On February 13th, the death toll from the  coronavirus was 1,367 according to China’s National Health Commission. Now deaths are over 2000 worldwide on the 24th Feb, 11 days later. And yet still this number is less than the 4000 who died in the Great Smog of London, which lasted only four days from the 5th December to the 9th December, until weather changed and quickly dispensed the pollution. Additionally, a further 100,000 were made ill with respiratory disease due to the Great Smog. The population of Britain in the 1950s, was undoubtedly much smaller than the population of China today.

However, it is still early days yet for coronavirus, and there is another trick they have. Here is another CNN article:

Deaths in China from coronavirus top 1,300 with big jump in cases as country expands diagnosis. CNN James Griffiths February 13th, 2020.

Note that the title of the article above reads – “as country expands diagnosis”

The BIG question is just what does that phrase “expands diagnosis” mean? Well that is the trick to dramatically increase the number of people infected with coronavirus, so that we well and truly have a pandemic.

Here is an extract from the article:

The government explained the spike as due to a change in how the cases are tabulated – the total will now include “clinically diagnosed cases” after rising numbers of residents complained about the difficulty in getting tested and treated for the virus.

“Clinically diagnosed cases” are those patients who demonstrate all the symptoms of Covid-19 but have been unable to be scientifically tested, or died before they were tested… Almost 34,000 patients have been hospitalised across Hubei, the central Chinese province of which Wuhan is capital, including 1,400 or so in a critical condition. So far 3,441 patients have recoved and been discharged.

Source: Deaths in China from coronavirus top 1,300 with big jump in cases as country expands diagnosis. CNN James Griffiths February 13th, 2020.

Wait a minute – here they are saying they are diagnosing people without actually testing for the virus. They simply need to present with symptoms of coronavirus and they will receive a diagnosis.

So what exactly are the symptoms?

According to the NHS website in the UK, the symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) are… wait for it…:

  • a cough
  • a high temperature
  • shortness of breath

Source NHS 

Ok, so this symptom checklist is just too general. And also I think they need to add two more symptoms formally to the list. (Though they are unofficially there already). These additional symptoms are:

  • Be Chinese
  • Have come from Wuhan, (but actually anywhere in ‘ASIA’ counts).

So I checked the WHO website and really could not find any actual definition of symptoms. The closest I found was this:

Infection with 2019-nCoV can cause mild symptoms including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever.

It can be more severe for some persons and can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties.  More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as diabetes and heart disease) apear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus”

Source WHO: Q&A on Coronaviruses

This sort-of-definition from WHO doesn’t even include ‘shortness of breath’ as a symptoms, making it more inclusive.

In black and white, these types of symptoms do not seem so sensational. It certainly doesn’t sound like a ‘death virus’.

As far as I can tell – these symptoms could be due to any other type of flu, pneumococcal infection or pneumonia. These are the types of diseases that sweep the world every single year, infecting tens of thousands, and in some cases can kill the very young, the elderly, the malnourished and immuno-compromised. The same kind of flu’s, which we are always being hammered into getting a flu va*ccine for. Again to put it in some kind of perspective, there were an estimated 50,000 winter deaths in the UK between 2017/2018, which the Telegraph reported:

It is likely that last winter’s increase was due to the predominant strain of flu, the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine and below-average winter temperatures.

Source: The Telegraph – Ineffective flu jab blamed as extra winter deaths hit 40 year high

That’s 50,000 deaths during one winter (and in one country) – no doubt the elderly, homeless and immuno compromised. But compared to Coronavirus deaths (2000 deaths worldwide), which sounds like the real pandemic?

Consider also that in 2018, 2175 people in the UK died of pneumonia (Source: Express & Star). Yet, to add an interesting twist, some pneumonia deaths in China are not all being attributed to Coronavirus (Source: South China Morning Post). Though I wonder if this is the case for all pneumonia cases and all hospitals? I kind of doubt it and suspect that corona is being diagnosed in a blanket type way. But then again, this is all just speculation on my part.

So if you have the symptoms of regular flu or fever, you too can get diagnosed with coronavirus. Of course, there needs to be an Asian connection. Either you came back from there or met someone from there. And by Asia, yes, I do mean the entire continent of Asia stretching from Russia to Japan. Singapore, India, Mongolia, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia. Its all ASIA and they all eat bats over there. Seems kind of racist…

STOP THE PRESS: But wait, every week brings something new – now Italy is the new hotzone. Tomorrow: Who knows? It’s the Silk Road… The Silk Road Damn it. As it was for the Black Death, so it is with Corona.

The Dummies Guide to Diagnosing Apocalyptic viruses

So going back to the topic of clinical diagnosis – what this means is that if you present with symptoms of the flu or cold (e.g. high temperature, cough, sore throat, fever), then you too can be diagnosed with coronavirus. No actual tests necessary. Of course, there needs to be an Asian, bat and now an Italian connection. Though, no doubt that will expand over the next few weeks.

Just how accurate is that really? I mean its not like the bubonic plague where a 14th century, poor, malnourished peasant could be clinically diagnosed if he presented with multiple flea bites, enlarged swollen lymph nodes, bulbous abscesses (bubos), and everyone in the village had the same symptoms. Then it would be a pretty good giveaway that it was has the bubonic plague and you probably don’t need to carry out tests to be sure it is the Bubonic Plague. Clincial diagnosis would be good enough.

But with coronovirus, someone may catch a regular flu or fever and then suddenly  its like…

Donald: CORONA DEATH VIRUS!!!! Screams in high pitch

Woman: No! its just a nasty cold!

Screenshots from Invasion of the Body Snatcher, 1970s version

Consider that in a regular flu outbreak, deaths in the sick and elderly increases. In these circumstances, the deaths can be attributed to flu. But would that be truly accurate, if the person was severely immuno-compromised or elderly with underlying health conditions and which led to pneumonia.

And by the way, at the time of writing this article in the UK, there is flu and cough going around. I see people coughing and sneezing in Town. People in workplaces and schools have colds. It is that transitional point between winter and spring when colds and flu’s become commonplace. How easy it would be to diagnose any of these cases as coronavirus – especially if you have just come back from China (or Italy now).

Flu and Pollution Deaths

Lets go back to pollution as a cause of death:

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 15.27.32

Notice how China comes up as a dark red – 500,000 to 1,250,000 deaths in 2017. Wow, that is a lot of deaths! How many deaths due to coronavirus so far? – around 2-3000. I wonder – will the number of pollution deaths actually go down in 2020 because deaths are attributed to something else? – Say like a mysterious virus?

And how about, Chinese politicians and big business gets tired of the rising deaths of pollution and people protesting, but they don’t want to cut down on business. What can they do?

Here’s the same chart interpreted a different way:

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 15.27.32

Problem solved. Let’s start the Lockdown.

Flu Deaths

Consider also the deaths attributed to flu each year. For example – in an article in the BMJ: US had record flu deaths last year says CDC:

A record number of US patients died from flu last year, with 80,000 deaths recorded in 2017-18, says the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Robert Redfield.

He gave the 80,000 estimate during an interview with the Associated Press in New York… it means that the 2017-18 period will have had the highest number of deaths from flu, by some margin, since tracking began in 1976. The previous record as 56,000 in 2012-13.

Source – BMJ: US had record flu deaths last year says CDC:

Putting these figures into some kind of perspective, coronavirus deaths is far less than regular flu deaths in previous years. And much less than deaths attributed to pollution.

You may argue that the virus has only just gotten started. It will be a pandemic sweeping the world, killing everyone. Just like ebola, just like SARS, just like Zika, Oh wait…

Except that those particular diseases didn’t do that. Even though the media got us all thinking that they would.

Hmm… I spot a pattern here.

‘But NO’, you argue. It’s different this time. Its the next Spanish Flu! Its the next T virus! Its a bio weapon. The smoke in Wuhan is not pollution. They’re burning the bodies. It’s the CIA. It’s Bill Gates.

I’m not saying it couldn’t be any of those things. Maybe it is. I’m just stating that the one thing it most definitely is – is HYPE. Massive amounts of it.  The media and the powers that control it are hyping and sensationalising it all. For what purpose I can only speculate.

I’m also throwing up another possible cause of these deaths in China – Pollution leading to an increase in pneumonia cases and lung diseases, with deaths attributed to the  newly discovered mystery Corona virus. Followed by both the Chinese and Western Medias over-hyping it and attributing their own regular flu and pneumonia cases, in their respective countries, to coronavirus statistics.

And as I mentioned earlier, this idea is not my own – but something considered by Jon Rappoport who knows a lot about virus hype. Out of all the theories being banded around by mainstream and alternative media, that sounds quite logical to me. Far better than theories of CIA plots, GM viruses escaping labs in order to further Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestone’s Master Plan, mastered by Bill Gates.

Of course, there may be some of that in there too. But in this situation, I’m going to veer towards it being the hype hypothesis.

I argue here – that we can’t believe all the reports or the hype. Nor can we believe that this virus is the killer it is said to be. We should even question the presence of a virus in many of these ‘confirmed cases’. I believe there may be other explanations for the deaths and diseases in Wuhan, that need to be considered more thoroughly.

But wait…

STOP: don’t ask questions. don’t evaluate anything you hear….

PANIC – DO IT NOW! It’s the Apocalypse!

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 16.51.07
Screenshot: Resident Evil 4 Game

Forget these surgical masks. If anything instills panic, it’s them. No, If you’re going to wear a mask, then get one that covers your face and has holes for eyes. Look like you mean business.

And buy a chainsaw.

Fear is contagious

It is what we are not being told that matters. And we will rarely get the full facts. Instead all we get is media hype, fear mongering, ie fear porn, which activates the reptilian brain fight or flight response. 

Just last week, I heard a story from someone. He had gone to hospital for a consultation. In the waiting a room, a family came in with a small child with cold and fever. It was heard that they had just got back from “Asia”. Suddenly, fear and panic swept over the hospital waiting room. The other patients started leaving the area. The family were told to return home. No doubt guys in white suits would come along after to disinfect the waiting room.

Asia is a big continent. And kids… kids get colds and flus and fevers all the bloody time.  Especially in the winter and spring months with the change of temperature and weather. C’mon. But no, if you are Asian and have a fever and have come back from Asia (Pakistan?) then you have the death virus.

It can be worrying enough dealing with a young kid with a high temperature or infection. But then when you add something like fear of the coronavirus into the mix, it can easily become the final fuse blown in a tired, frazzled parent’s brain. We get mental shutdown and people just go along with it. It is hard even for the most rational-minded person to not get sucked in by the pendulum, when they are facing a continuous onslaught of hype and media fear-porn.

Panic, everybody panic.

The Marie Celeste

In Yokohama, there has been this somewhat bizarre quarantine-type drama going on, with passengers on board the cruise ship  – the Diamond Princess, confined to their cabin rooms after an outbreak on the cruise ship. I suppose the cabin crew are still allowed to move around to feed the holiday makers, otherwise we’d have seen a famine as well as a siege. (Update – now there is a similar quarantine drama going on in a hotel in Tenerife full of British holidaymakers).

Just what kind of movie drama was going on there? Where is Steven Seagal when you need him? Under Siege III needs to be made.

Steven: WE KNOW YOU LIKE JAPAN. Get over there and SUSHI some CORONA ASS!

into the sun

And get your ass to China on the way there Steven. Kung Fu some Corona. In fact, Steven did star in a movie where he killed some vampire-type creatures. There’s your bat connection there.

against the dark

What has corona go to do with Steven Seagal? Well what has corona got to do with bats or even seafood markets?

Are we so fragile as a species that a minuscule virus can appear in a bat in a Chinese wet market and within weeks destroy human civilisation? Really question – Just how on Earth did we survive all these years without hand sanitiser and face masks? Boy we must have dodged so many bullets (or bats) just to make it this far. And this does not mean I believe in it being a bioweapon either.

In fact, I am so fed up with this discrimination against bats (and Chinese), that I have decided to attribute the cause of coronavirus to Steven Seagal. Yes that is right. Steven is responsible. Forget animal to human viral transmission. Here we have Steven to Humankind transmission.

I mean it’s no less scientific an explanation than anything else the media drudges up.

The Diamond Princess

And what of the elderly couple that died on board the quarantined cruise ship the Diamond Princess? Did they truly die of coronavirus as was reported? Or was it the fact they were confined to a cabin without fresh air, like prisoners? What if they had other health conditions? Will we hear about that? Or will their unfortunate deaths be counted as coronavirus statistics? Which they have done already.

And in fact, we now know that they did have underlying health conditions:

Two passengers from the cruise ship quarantined in Japan have died after contracting the new coronavirus, the first deaths among the more than 600 people on board who have been infcted, a Japanese health ministy official said on Thursday.

The two people, both Japanese, were an 87 year old man and an 84 year old woman, the Japanese broadcaster NHK reported. They were taken to hospitals on Feb 11 and 12 and both had underlying health issues, the broadcaster said. No other information about them was immediately available.

Source: New York times – Japan reports 2 deaths Among Cruise Ship Passengers:

And just how were they tested? You have to dig very hard to find any examples in the news of how the tests were carried out. All I can find is that people were tested as either positive or negative and there was some questioning about the accuracy of these tests by some of the infected. Yet little about how the virus is actually tested. So I assume they were tested based on symptoms.

But here you have Elderly couples cooped up in a prison cell, I mean cabin, unable to go out, get fresh air, get exercise, and are fearful and stressed – then get sick. What a surprise. They had underlying medical conditions, which we are told nothing about. What if they ran out of medication? What if they needed to see a doctor but were unable. So many ‘whats’.

The only thing I know for certain, is I will never go on a cruise. And if at any time in my life (perhaps when I am elderly), the idea starts to appeal to me, someone please slap me. We’ve had cruise ships sinking and now Ghost ships. No thank you. I think if I travel, I’ll do like my father, and backpack.

(Update: 20th April – Now a few weeks after the whole world has been put into a so called ‘quarantine’, i.e. lockdown. I realise now that the original lockdown on board the Diamond Princess was probably an early test for doing a lockdown on a wider scale – ie on entire countries. And we can see from the Diamond Princess just how ineffective that was). So what is the point? I wonder if we are being treated like lab rats in a giant social experiment?

Do they even have a test for Coronavirus?

Here’s another article from the BBC Are Corona Virus tests flawed?:

There are deep concerns laboratory tests are incorrectly telling people they are free of the coronavirus. Stories in several countries suggest people are having up to six negative results before finally being diagnosed.

Meanwhile officials in the epicentre of the epidemic, Hubei province, China have started counting people with symptoms rather than using the tests for final confirmation.

As a result, nearly 15,000 new cases were reported on a single day – a quarter of all cases in this epidemic.

Source: BBC – Are Corona Virus tests flawed?

A question: Why do they keep retesting the same person, until they get a positive result for coronavirus? Is it a case of – ‘we’ll just keep testing you, until the we get the result we want’? ie. The ‘Positive result’ being the right one – like a test on an exam.

Well I suppose they will argue that people can still be infected even without a positive result, or perhaps they will argue that it takes time for the virus to show up. Who knows? It all sounds like a fudging of results.

This BBC article also brings up other points where the tests can show fake results.  I won’t go too deeply into this, But I think the main point to take from this article is not that people are not being diagnosed enough. But that testing for coronavirus is inaccurate and flawed.

Hence why diagnosis is based on clinical signs and symptoms rather than actual tests. But considering that the symptoms of coronavirus are EXACTLY the same as symptoms for other flus and fevers, just how accurate is this? Not very.

What we then get is not an under-reporting of coronavirus cases. But actually an over reporting. That is not true science. Or medicine.

Additionally, again by changing the way they diagnose it – by basing it on these generalised symptoms – suddenly the number of cases dramatically increases. Like widening the goalposts. By a lot.

BUT wait: Update – the Chinese reverted back to the old way of counting cases. So now the cases will go down again. Its a magic counting system. Kind of like snakes and ladders. The pendulum swings again, giving us more drama and frustration and keeping us on our toes

The problem with writing about this particular coronavirus scare – is that news updates and panic about the whole epidemic/pandemic/apocalypse comes thick and fast every day and every week. Even the smartest, most vigilant people can find their resistance worn down by the constant spin, till you start believing in the stories and then start fearing. Then the pendulum has you.

For example, just now, we hear of an outbreak of cases in Northern Italy accompanied by images of people spraying the streets with ‘who-knows-what’ kind of chemical in order to kill the evil death virus.

How effective can such a method be? Very ineffective, I should think. Generally viruses don’t survive well outside the body, and I should think there’s even less chance of surviving, let alone infecting people if remnants of such a virus are lying on some street or road.

I suppose theoretically some pigeon may get infected by hopping around on the street and then spread it to some pigeon-loving local, feeding it pizza on a park bench. So hey, let’s spray that poison (or whatever it is). It looks more dramatic and action-like. And it contributes to the pendulums growth.

If it was really lethal, we would be seeing a real lockdown

Instead, people are allowed to travel and ‘infected people’ allowed to return home. If it is so lethal,  people wonder why people at risk of infection are being flown back into their home countries? To spread it of course – the fear that is, and the virus. The pendulum needs more people infected to continue its momentum.

If it really was a death virus – for example – that you only have to be in the same room as an infected person, and you will die – then it is highly doubtful, these people would be allowed to travel. The rich and poweful need servants too. They don’t want to catch something from the help.

Ebb and Flow

Another thing to consider is that in a year’s time, the whole hype and epidemic will be finished, and be collectively forgotten about, much like SARS and EBOLA. Does anyone even remember Zika anymore? And then everyone will settle back into collective complacency again. Until the next big scare is released and our apocalypse PTSD is triggered, kind of like a Manchurian Candidate trigger is switched on in our brains.

Activate Panic Program. 3, 2, 1. Engage… Dino-Rona Virus Scare 2021 is Go.

Coronavirus is a pendulum. It is running its course. When it is finished, a new fear will be invented. And it will probably have a quirky name like they all have.

Do we want our emotions and minds toyed with, manipulated like we are test subjects in a lab rat experiment? We must question everything we hear. Even the alternative media should be questioned.

That is how to escape this pendulum. Don’t succumb to fear. Question everything.

And if you want some guidelines, here are some:

Wash your hands (especially after using the toilet), don’t defecate on the street, don’t spit on the ground or in elevators and don’t eat bats. Some things are just not meant to be eaten. Oh, and perhaps it’s time to so something about our garbage and plastic problem. But unfortunately, that may be beyond our ability at this point in reality.

A rational approach in Japan

And here – to finish, is a conversation written on Twitter by Richard Lloyd Parry, Asia Editor of the Times. A voice of reason in a panicking world:

(DISCLAIMER: No fear-porn will be promoted in the following extract):

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 10.45.55

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 10.46.51

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 10.48.00

Update – 15th March 2020

So a few days after writing this, Japan succumbed to the fear and shut down their schools setting off the wave of panic in Japan… The pendulum grows. Mind you, they do have big stakes in all of this. Japan is holding the Olympics and I am quite sure they absolutely do not want to cancel or even postpone this event. This is a country that likes running to clockwork, so I can understand this action.

(Update 4th April 2020 – Olympics were cancelled till 2021)

And since then, the rest of the Western world is also in the process of being locked down. Curfews in place – right in front of our eyes. Police state powers introduced and incredibly, people are actually welcoming these changes. This is truly a different event.

Odd that celebrities and politicians seem to be getting infected all over. Though, I am yet to meet a Bill or Betty around me with the diagnosis*. **, And curiously whenever these celebrities and politicians get it, it’s so mild because they still seem well enough to make broadcasts.

I remember catching flu in past years, and the last thing I wanted to be doing is speaking with the outside world in any way at all because I felt so wretched. Yet they all seem quite alright, considering its a killer disease. Of course, when the average person gets it, it’s a killer. FEAR FEAR FEAR.

*Update 16th April 2020 – Ah wait, Prime Minister Boris got it and had to go to ICU. 

Curiously, this whole ‘celebrity-getting-the-corona-virus’ seems to be a worldwide anomaly from the USA to Britain, Japan, even Thailand. It’s not the homeless on the street getting it, with their dirty unwashed and unsanitised hands and poor diets. Oh no, – it flies right over them and goes straight and attacks the famous in their 5 star hotels and gated mansions. They had better hire a new cleaner. Their old ones are clearly not scrubbing the surfaces adequately.

We’re also seeing his pattern of aged comedians in various countries apparently dying from it. Ken Shimura in Japan. Eric Large in Britain. The media… is going into overdrive, ney – hyperdrive. And we are still not at peak media fear-mongering yet.

**(Update 04/04/20 – Actually, I am aware of one person who was told she has Coronavirus, but no test was carried out, it was based on her symptoms and the person in question was told to stay at home and was not sent to one of these makeshift hospitals) 

Oh, yes, and toilet paper, and various other products are stripped off of supermarket shelves all over the world. People are afraid – afraid of death, afraid of the unknown, and this fear is being played upon by those that people trust (the powers that be) causing them to panic and act irrationally. All they are trying to do is protect themselves and their families. But they have been swallowed by the pendulum.

My opinion on this whole coronavirus hype has not changed, despite the headlines and ‘supposed increasing death rate’ (mis) attributed to coronavirus. I still stand by the assertions I have written about in this article.

Further Update 04/04/20

At the time of originally writing this article and publishing it, the corona virus was mostly predominant in China and on board a cruise ship in Yokohama. Since then, it has decimated Italy and is now spreading through the rest of the world.  It is just getting started in the USA. I wonder how lockdown and curfews will be received in a country that has guns? I wonder how they will cope when all fast food restaurants are shut down? When Postal meets Corona. The may be another reason for all those makeshift hospitals, that will become apparent as events unfold. What happens when the citizenry of a country rebel?

And what of the arguments I raised in this article – that corona virus is a blanket term for different causes of death related to lung and respiratory type diseases – pneumonia, pollution-related deaths, influenza as well as other complications particularly in those with compromised health and disease?

On the face of it, these arguments seem weaker, however, if we do a little research we can find that some of these arguments still apply. For example, I discussed about how a particularly pernicious form of pollution should be considered as a factor in the high death count in China. In fact, this also applies to Northern Italy. One of the few true journalists left in the world – Peter Hitchins, explored this in his interview with Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, one of the most highly cited research scientists in Germany and an infectious medicine specialist.

Here is a quote from Dr Bhakdi:

Different mortality rates may well be due to different local situations. For example, what does Northern Italy have in common with China?

Answer: Horrific air pollution, the highest in the world. Northern Italy is the China of Europe. The lungs of inhabitants there have been chronically injured over decades. And for this simple reason the situation may not be comparable to elsewhere.”

So Northern Italy has more in common with China then we think. In fact, you could even call it the Italian China. This is because, the Italian manufacturers have been playing a little  trick on us consumers. Whilst the rest of the world has shipped all their industries and factories to China to take advantage of their lowly paid slave-work force and lower quality. The Italians didn’t want all there supposed luxury clothes and handbags to have the “Made in China” label. So rather than ship their factories over there. Instead they shipped thousands of Chinese to come over there to work in little factories in Northern Italy.

I had wondered why some products with the “Made in Italy” lately seemed so cheaply made. Now I know. Here is a video from the YouTube Channel ‘China Uncensored” which discusses this sleight of hand. Watch it soon, because China Uncensored will probably get censored at some point.

If you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain. Bring the mountain to Mohammed. Or something like that.

This is not to say that pollution is the cause of it all. Or that it is the Chinese that are spreading it. Certainly a very bad form of influenza may well have been spreading among the Chinese migrant workers from Wuhan to Northern Italy and into Europe. But that this virus (corona) is mutating and spreading like a demented version of the T-Virus in the movie Resident Evil and infecting the planet, is questionable.  It is just one factor among many in this huge event that will be known in future history textbooks as the ‘Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020’. Our descendants will be looking back on this time the same way we look at the Spanish flu. So wear your best clothes when taking selfies of yourself wearing a mask. Future kids doodling in history text books at school will be judging what you are wearing.

Conclusion (Update 4th April 2020)

I would also like to leave a little fuel for thought: Just the fear itself of getting ill can make a person ill. This is the power of the placebo effect. The body has the ability to heal itself. especially spontaneously heal itself with the power of the mind, as we can see with the phenomenon known as ‘Spontaneous healing’, but it also has the power to make a person sick.

If you are under lots of stress for various reasons – perhaps you lost your job (which has been happening a lot recently), or you have financial stress. And then perhaps a bereavement or divorce thrown in for good measure. And don’t forget the quarantine – the lack of sunshine, fresh air and Vitamin D. All this makes your immune system weak. And then at the same time you get symptoms of a cold.

Well if you are already weak and then you are also subjected to this 24 hour media fear-mongering porn which the media is firing at you, telling you you are going to die if you walk within 6 feet of someone especially if you don’t have on a mask and gloves, then in your mind, suddenly that cold may be something much much worse. The programmed thought creeps it – “it could be the killer virus!” How will that affect your healing with that fearful state of mind? It could possibly make it much much worse.

This pandemic is a challenge to our mental state more than our physical state. It is an assault war against our minds.

Instead of healing naturally, the excess worry and fear may slow down healing. The mental stress will subdue the immune system. Then it is not inconceivable that this cold or flu becomes pneumonia, and then is diagnosed as corona virus. Such is the power of the mind. Things are not always so straightforward when it comes to health.

By the way, are homeless people getting corona? Is there an epidemic of homeless people flooding the hospitals? I don’t think they wash their hand all that much. Well???

I had hoped to leave this article alone and be enjoying the spring and summer. I had been planning to travel abroad. But I feel the need to keep updating it, because I am in the middle of this movie and it is still playing out. Also I am ordered to stay at home.

Much of the world is being shutdown, quarantined, locked down. By the way, the expression “Lockdown” is prison speak for shutting up the rioting prisoners. It is a form of punishment.

A cynical, conspiracy-minded person may think we were being lock-downed as punishment. For what? – well perhaps for misbehaving. All those protests – the Yellow Vests in France. The Hong Kong riots. Maybe even Brexit falls under that. As Micheal E Jones said – “the oligarchs are losing the narrative. This is their way of regaining it”. This is one of several plausible explanations.

Personally, I don’t believe in 5G or in the bio weapon theory escaping from a lab in China, which kind of reminds me of the storyline from the ‘Return of the Living Dead’ movies back in the 1980s – “Brains, Brains, Brains” – where has everyone’s brain gone?). And I really don’t believe in Qanon. Anything where President Trump is the hero has got to be a joke. As I said before, The Powers That Be have a sense of humour. But, I think the answer is much more right in front of your eyes.

The Aftermath

Very few people are looking at the wider issues that this whole lock down is bringing up. We all need to stop the panic and take a broader view of the whole situation. Also  look at what is to come.

We are following China’s model. China is a police state that treats its citizens like worker slaves. China has a tradition of murdering millions of its own people. By the way – google ‘illegal organ harvesting in China’, to see just how awful that country is. In the West we are meant to stand for freedom. The Chinese government lies – all the time. It also uses very crude, almost comical levels, of propaganda. This is not the model we want to be following. Seriously, no matter how scared of this invisible virus we are; after the whole thing abates, what kind of society are we going to be living in? Read or reread 1984 again during this lockdown to understand where this can all go.

Secondly, do you think we can shut down all these businesses, cut all these jobs without there being a massive impact on people’s lives and the economy. It was sucking before. It was abnormal before. But we are going to be seeing big changes. It may be months down the line, perhaps  years, but things are going to change in a big big way. Because what we are looking at is another 9*11 event. And that is the real thing we should be paying attention to.

Because maybe then, we will finally need all that toilet paper we’ve got stocked up in our spare rooms and balconies. To eat.


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