Mike Chang: How Often Should I Stretch to Get Flexible?

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I really like this video made by Micheal Chang on stretching for flexibility.

I was debating with myself over whether I should promote a Mike Chang video.

He is a YouTube star, and merchant, who made a fortune, with the promoting of his exercise programs including building a six pack.

On a plus, he motivated a lot of young people to get into fitness. On the other hand, he got criticism for being very salesy and money orientated. Selling various products and promoting hard a typical – ‘buy my products and you will get 6-pack abs in weeks!’ – kind of thing. However, he seems to have changed now and matured.

I think that self-improvement is a good thing. Though we are far more obsessed with how we look compared to earlier generations. The idea of taking photos of yourself and posting it in public, is completely alien to my father’s generation, who grew up during the 1940s. Hence the massive increase of instagram models, which has just exploded in the last ten years. There was never this kind of thing before. A new kind of narcissism.

The other thing is this constant drive to make the ‘dollar’. It’s permeated in our culture and is to our detriment. As though we are a species of Ferengi (from the Star Trek Universe). Though what can you do when you live in such a money (is debt) orientated society? And no one, absolutely no one, looks up to the Ferengi.

Anyway, this was a good video by Mike Chang with a really simple approach to stretching and gaining flexibility.

And he really looks so much better now, than when he was younger, bigger and salesy.

Mike Chang: How Often Should I Stretch to Get Flexible

Summary Points

Here are some points that Mike Chang mentioned in the video:

  • Stretch throughout the entre day, anytime you feel tightness, stretch.
  • Stretching is nothing fancy. You are just stretching out your body. But you can’t leave your body constantly feeling tense.
  • Don’t worry about how far you can go. Even after 10 minutes of stetching, you will find you will be able to further than 10 minutes ago. Your body will start letting go more.
  • It’s all about progression, and letting the body let go of tension and relax. As we let go of tension, we let go of stress, trapped in areas of the body that are tense.
  • If we are constantly stressed, then we need to stretch more to let go of tension. We don’t want it in the body. It is bad for the body.
  • We all have time to stretch. We all have 24 hours a day. We all have the same amount of time. But some people complain they don’t have time and others do a lot with the time they have. We all have just 5 or 10 minutes to stretch.
  • Stretch anywhere – on the train, when travelling. You don’t need to be in a studio or working out. You can do it anywhere. Whenever you feel tense or tight.
  • You don’t need to sit or lie to strech. You can stretch standing up like with a standing forward bend. Open your chest, stretch out your hamstrings. You can do all sorts of stretches.
  • We get so used to not taking care of the body, that stretching becomes some kind of special event. And when the body doesn’t feel good, you don’t want to use it. It becomes easier to just lay around. So you have to start small. Work your way up. Do whatever is comfortable, then stretching becomes normal. It becomes habit.
  • Change the way your body feels. Lift up your perception of your body. Start stretching throughout the day, so that stretching and letting go becomes a habit.
  • You dont need permission to start stretching. Just go ahead and do what your body wants. Anytime you feel tightness, stretch.
  • When we are constantly tense, it fires the flight or flight nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. We are always tense. If our body is tense, so too is our mind. Stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • When you are in tune with your body, you will become aware of any areas of tension and stress. When we let go of tension, we let go of stress and we let go of the negative emotions that stay in the areas of the body which are tense.
  • Do it throughout the day.

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