Ochiru no Alice (Falling down Alice)

Thumbnail Ochiru no Alice

Are we the dying, the poisoned, the shepherded – carroted and sticked? Living in an age where down is up. Wrong is right, everything is backward. Where disease is health. Freedom is slavery, our thoughts are not our own. It matters not whether you take the red pill or the blue pill, or even if you are aware of what that means. Because whether you think you know the truth or not, it keeps changing. What you think is true is false. What appears good, is really bad. And what actually is Good, is ignored.

We have always been at war with Oceana… Or was it Eastasia? Does it even matter?

Worse is that it is intentional. Subsequent generations are played with… toyed. Like rats in a cage, set pointless tasks to evaluate them for pointless reasons. To study how we behave under certain circumstances, how we react to certain stimuli. Why? For no reason other than control. Possibly, even for entertainment.

How does the scientist feel as he looks upon his cage full of rats. His clipboard in hand, studying whether the rats go right or go left. Do they fight or love? Do they eat or starve? Do they grow tumours or lose their hair? Their fate is in his hands. Is this what it is like to play God?

We like to think we are the highest forms of life on this planet and we play this game telling ourselves that we are a benevolent species aiming for perfection – for equality. But its cognitive dissonance. The way we call ourselves animal lovers because we love our pets, but turn a blind eye in the supermarket aisle at the rows of meat packaged in plastic. How did they get there? – We cannot think on it. And skin care products. Drugs, pharmaceuticals. Let’s not lie to ourselves. I am not vegetarian. I simply say that if we must exploit, then we should do it knowingly.

But really, it is us that are the experimented on. We are the rats. And we experiment on each other. We do not realise that we are only really a few steps away from doing what we do to animals – to humans. Perhaps it would only take one unstoppable virus that kills all of our livestock and then how long would it be till we have battery farms for humans?

Soylent Green is your future. You know that it would suit you.


You can take any aspect of life right now – politics, geography, education, health, medicine, disease, rights, the law, the environment, animals, food. Anything at all, and its all backwards,

Behind the presumed ‘truth’ – the official line, you will find those sidelined voices that speak out things contrary. Things are not as we believe them to be. And then those same voices will be criticised, ridiculed, marginalised, censored and given the ‘conspiracy’ label.

We used to joke about those guys walking around with ‘the end is nigh’ signs, or nutters wearing homemade tin foil cap. But now, I’m not sure people laugh at them anymore.

The Herd, or is it Horde

The common herd, another word for society, will accept the standard ‘truth’ and will join the chorus against those that question and doubt. Get in line, conform! They scream. Kind of like Donald Sutherland’s character in the final scene of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’

They are not one of us!

It is a societal form of peer pressure. Consider that ‘herd’ is a term that refers to animals – to lifestock. Do you want to be part of the herd? Do you want to consider yourself as just another sheep or cow?

Have you heard the expression ‘herd immunity’ in reference to vacc*ination? Stop and think what they expression is calling us. That we are animals – no different to cattle, or in perhaps – cats, dogs, or horses, which are more privileged animals.

Rabbit Holes

You could pick any number of worldly issues and go down that road explaining how the believed truth should be questioned. But, what would be the point. There are plenty of people who have questioned and researched it.

But I ask –  what if everything you thought was true, really was completely untrue. What is even these bodies, this world, the people around you was not real. Yes we are talking about ‘awakening’ – ‘Enlightenment’ – The breaking of the mind – of reality to see what is beyond our noses.

Perhaps the reason why the world is so upside down is because a greater force is shaking it up so much in order for us to awaken from our slumber.

“Wake up, you’re asleep, you’re in a game. You’re hallucinating? What you think is real is actually a hallucination. It’s a game? Its VR, and you’ve got to wake up soon. You are running out of time! Most people only have around 50 to 70 years. Some more, some less. So what are you doing sleeping!”

Screenshot from Red Drawf episode – ‘Back to Reality’, a drama, set onboard a mining spaceship in the future and lost in deep space. Here the crew awaken and find out they have actually been living in a computer simulated total immersion  game.


Ochiru no Alice – Alice falling down the rabbit hole

Would you be willing to escape the lab cage? The walls are comforting, secure. A domesticated dog or cat does not escape to the wild. It cannot. It would not survive a few nights. It has had its wild instincts domesticated out of it. Kind of like what is happening to our younger generations with technology and liberalism. Even me too.

The Soul

In olden days, religions talked of the soul. We don’t hear much of it anymore. As though the soul is a construct. A make-believe story.

Yet, without a realisation of the soul, we have only the body. If we believe in only the body, what a devastating thing death will be! To believe that this is it. How hard we will grasp on to life right to the very end.

A spiritual friend tells me – “We are not our bodies”. I struggle to absorb this statement into my being. Intellectually I get it. But I do not ‘know’ it.

And the planet… What if this was really a prison planet for our souls?

The eternal soul which passes from body to body. Reincarnation, rebirth after reincarnation. Life full of worries and sufferings. Over and over again. Do you really have anything more to learn by being a woman or a man again or being born in this part of the world or that part? Won’t the lessons just be the same?

And if the planet is a giant prison. Then even those gatekeepers – the leaders, the politicians, the presidents, and the secret leaders behind those gatekeepers are no different to the prison guards. They themselves a form of prisoner, because  they too spend their best years behind the bars with the horde, just with a few more privileges.

Break Throughs

It is typical for a guru to attempt to break a student’s with questions or koans (unanswerable questions).

Here are some ideas for you to consider

  • Despite the billions spent on Medicine and pharmaceuticals, and finding cures, why instead do new diseases crop up? And why is there no end in sight to the original diseases we are fighting?
  • Why don’t we learn about managing money at school, even though our entire life, and in fact, out entire existence will be  governed by it? Instead, we are encouraged to spend, buy and voluntarily walk into huge, lifelong debt. Mortgage anyone?
  • Did slavery really go away, or has it been replaced with a different system?
  • Is cancer a natural consequence of the world we live in? Will our age be defined not by the number of people that get cancer, but by the number that don’t?
  • What if this increasing cancer rate was intentional?
  • And finally, what if just for one day, every time you heard a mainstream news story, you decided to believe exactly the opposite?  Yes, it means believing that the world is flat!

Prison world

A prison is typically seen as a cold place with an undercurrent of violence. With hardened people running on survival instinct. It has a dense and heavy vibration. Still, within those walls, there will be friendships, goodwill, trust, support and camaraderie. These are the positive traits of humans that can remain no matter how much hell, war, famine or evil is imposed on a society.

But still is is a prison, with walls, restrictions, rules and a squashing of human dignity and respect.

Workplaces can be the same. Imagine working in a call centre with a overly-stressed manager, ridiculous targets and having to ask permission to use the toilet (kind of like a Chinese Apple factory). And you’ll see another kind of prison. Again a dense repressive energy. This is the repression of human potential and spirit being squeezed into a small hole. Our spirits are not meant for this surely?

Is that not the same vibration of the earth? – That of a prison. Where the desire to compete, to struggle, to get one up, to stick your head over others. To get so much money so you can buy toys that make you look more important, or at least to be able to keep up. with everyone else who buys the same story – that we are our wealth, that we are our status. A world governed by fear that others will take what we have, or that we must take to get ahead. So let’s beat them to it.

And yet, for all our efforts, in the end are we truly at peace? Even the person who gets top marks in life and gets the prefectures badge, the respectable job title… No, very few are ever really at peace at the end of their life. Mindsets carry on to the end. Does anyone even know what it is like to feel at peace – truly at peace in the world? Few do.

By the way, I realise that by far the greatest obstacle for us from attaining any kind of spiritual awakening, wisdom or even peace of mind, comes from one of the greatest underrated dangers to all of us. This is entertainment, light and electricity.  The most obvious are our entertainment devices – the smart phone  (all unless you want to use it to read my stuff, of course),and previously the TV.

Entertainment sucks our attention. Before you know it, you could easily spend half your life binge-watching numerous TV series on streaming services. Artificial light upsets your natural sleep cycle.  Our smartphones are addictive. TV is hypnotic and makes the young mind impatient and lazy. Losing the ability of creativity, critical thought, logic and imagination.

And maybe that is the plan.

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