Energetic Blocks and Suppressing Life

Spiritual beings not physical

I read a quote this week.

We are not physical being having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

The physical world is like the virtual reality for our spiritual beings. The problem is that we take the physical world all too seriously and ignore the soul. We forget that we are spiritual beings. It is like the TV series Red Dwarf, where the characters all discover they are actually characters in a Virtual Reality computer game called ‘Better than Life’.

The purpose of dis-ease

Is this not the purpose of sickness, accident and illness or even unwanted situations in life? To shake a person out of a state of comfort and relative stability. To push them into exploring and seeking out new paths and life experiences.

Or is there no meaning to disease? It is all just random. Or genetics?

Clearing blocks

All of our experiences create blocks both mental and physical. Are you even aware of the blocks in your own body? Few people are, except when they see a therapist, who puts them in touch with their body.

If you could release all your blocks, can you imagine just how liberating it would feel?  It would be as though you are a completely different person. What could you go on to do? What are your potentials that you are locking in tight into your body?

This does not just refer to spiritual powers. It could be more down-to-earth things. For example, a new life course or letting go of a relationship that isn’t working for you. Or a change of work or lifestyle and doing something new and scary – a new business, travel, new people, changes.

Suppressing the superman within

What if superman decided he had to purposely suppress his own powers. He thinks to himself that he doesn’t have to time to be running around being a hero and flying around in spandex.

No, he needs to take his life and career serious. He has a really good chance of promotion and a pension at the Daily Planet, but he needs to put all his energy into that.

So he hides away his spandex and plays at being Clark Kent every day putting in the long hours, meeting the deadlines, sucking up to his boss. He gets pasty faced and short tempered, living on a daily dose of coffee and bagels.

Clark starts smoking and puts on a few pounds. He enjoys a few late nights and drinks at the strip club with Jimmy when Lois is out of town visiting her mother. Who? Clean-cut Jimmy the press photographer? He wouldn’t do such a thing! Ah ah, he would do too. He’s not been the same since that stag-do in Reno.

Perhaps Clark plays at superman two weeks a year or occasionally on Sundays if he has the energy, which is hardly ever. He leaves all that saving the world stuff to another lifetime.

Meanwhile Lex Luthor follows his dreams and decides to run for President. And actually has a good chance of winning. If Trump can do it, so too can Lex.

I know who I find more interesting to follow – Lex.

Life creates blocks

This is an analogy. We carry all sorts of blocks in our musculature and our mind. These blocks limit our potential. The irony is that they use our own energy against us, just to keep themselves in place.

Our inner superhero

What is our inner superman (or superwoman)? What would we look like without all our mental, emotional and physical blockages in life? If I had to express what I think it is with words, I would describe it as freedom, lightness, playfulness, joy, trust, abundance and love. The opposite to what a lot of people feel.

This is why such exercises like qigong, yoga and meditation can help to unblock this. Although, in some cases, a strong dose of spontaneous qi activation is what is needed to clear out those channels.

In my book The Genki Self Health Guide, I wrote about tension  and ‘strictus’ – a tightening  of the energy Channels of our bodies caused by tension. This impacts our health in a negative way. There are so many things in life that cause the tightening of our energy channels.

What is not noticed is the accumulative effects of this tension over years. We adopt holding patterns in our musculature. We adopt postures, habits, and mannerisms, which become entrenched. They cause our personalities to change, even result in emotional and psychological problems.

We need to shake it all free to be truly healthy. To try to get back the looseness mentally and physically of a toddler. That is real health. Not pharmaceuticals or fast cars. Health is freedom from tension.

As Bob Marley sings:

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Nobody else can free our minds…

And bodies too…

And buy my book.

Genki Health Japanese Woman stretching

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