Activating Spontaneous Qi / Shi Delon, Jason Dean videos – Message from Janne (1)

Shi Delon Jason Dean Spontaneous qigong
Shi Delon Jason Dean Spontaneous qigong

I received an email from a reader of my spontaneous qigong articles – Janne from Finland.

Janne had also experienced the spontaneous qi effect. He shared his personal experience about spontaneous qigong and provided some links to videos on this subject. He gave me permission to share what he wrote in this article.

Here is Janne’s message to me:

I am also really interested in the phenomenon called spontaneous qigong. I also work as an acupuncturist and bone setter, and I have been doing healing work for about 20 years.

I wasn’t aware that there was a thing called spontaneous qigong until one day maybe 7-8 years ago. I was doing some regular zhan zhuang (qigong) standing exercise and I was getting the urge to start moving myself spontaneously.

After that I googled if there was similar experience’s with other qigong practitioners and discovered that zifagong (the Chinese word for Spontaneous Qigong – SQ) is really popular in china 🙂

After that I have read every article that I have found about the subject and of course also want to learn more. Today if I practice spontaneous qigong, sometimes the movement is like from the 5 animal frolics qigong (animal movement) but sometimes the movement is something else.

With clients I can sometimes get some spontaneous movement using just energy, it doesn’t make a difference if I use needles or not. But the movement is really small, like a fast muscle spasm and then it’s gone.

Janne also shared with me information about a Shaolin monk called Shi Delon, who utilises zifagong (spontaneous qigong). As well as an English student of Shi Delon called Jason Dean.


I was glad for Janne’s email. This is the reason why I have written many articles on the subject of spontaneous qigong.

I wanted to put my own experiences out there to share with others and invite others to discuss their experiences. 

Even though I am not that experienced in qigong, I found this phenomenon so curious, I wanted to learn and write about it more. Particularly as so few people in the world know about it.

And it beats talking about football. 

Spontaneous qigong is not that common or even well-known, but I believe it is a fundamental aspect of qigong. I have found some articles and a text that discussed the interest in spontaneous qigong in China in the 1980s, during its Qigong-boom years. some of this I will be sharing and discussing later. 

My understanding and experience of spontaneous qigong is not that deep and there is a lot of things I do not understand yet. As I learn more about it, I will be recording my recordings and thoughts here. Hence these articles. 

My experiences

Janne mentioned some interesting things. His first experience of spontaneous qigong came during regular zhan zhang practice where he felt the urge to start moving spontaneously. 

This was similar for me. I found the urge to move spontaneously during a regular home practice. It started during one of the exercises of the 8 pieces of brocade.

Setting off minor spontaneous qi in patients

Janne also mentioned how he felt he set off minor spontaneous qi movements in his patients – 

the movement is really small, like a fast muscle spasm and then it’s gone.”

In one of my previous articles, I recounted a single incident when I thought that I had also set off a spontaneous qi effect in a patient – Setting off Spontaneous Qi in a patient? Spontaneous Qigong Practice – Days 13-14

The movement was so minor, that I wonder whether it was just a coincidence. But it had some of the hallmarks of a spontaneous qi activation effect. There was an unexplained, and ‘out of character’ movement in the limb of my patient. It kept flexing and relaxing constantly. As well as a brightness in his eyes afterwards.

On that occasion, I used points I don’t usually use. I was not able to repeat the effect when I saw him again, but then –  I also never tried using the same points. 

Just to add. I do not chase this effect in any of my treatments. I do not understand enough about it yet.

Shi Delon, Jason Dean (Shi Xing Lik) and Spontaneous Qigong Videos

Janne also showed some video links to a Shaolin Monk – Dr YK. Leung PhD  ‘Shi Delon’ and his British student Jason Dean (Shi Xing Lik).

Janne mentioned this about Shi DeLon

He (Shi Delon) can also trigger the spontaneous healing effect without needles by pressing hand acupoints and using energy. He has one student – Jason Dean who can also do the same thing. 

There are a lot of videos. It is clear that Shi Delon is a Master in this field. He has several students.


Here is a link to Shi Delon’s homepage –


Here are links to Shi Xing lik (Jason Lee’s) Websites – (Site contains incomplete pages Feb 2019).

It seems that Shi Xing Lik (Jason Lee) is now practicing in Slovakia. Here is the website – (English and Slovakian available).


Jason Lee (Shi Xing Lik) at his temple in Leeds, running classes with spontaneous qigong
We see Shi DeLon, setting off spontaneous qigong movements in patients and students in Slovakia and tai chi practice
Irish Daoist Medicine Practitioner Collin Dampsey (Xing Gao) setting off spontaneous qi in patients
Shi Xing Yi (Johnny Tsang) (British/Chinese student of Shi Delon) interview
Other Videos and Articles

Here are the video links, websites and information that Janne shared with me. 

Video links to Shi Delon and Jason Dean’s videos


Website –


Link to article about spontaneous five animal play (wu qin xi):


YouTube Channel – Temple Tai Chi

Temple Tai Chi YouTube Channel

Contains other videos on Spontaneous Qigong

There is a lot of information in these videos and links to explore for those interested in exploring spontaneous qigong and healing.  

One thing I take from these videos is that these abilities can be developed with the cultivation of internal energy and regular practice for several years. However, guidance on how to activate and use these spontaneous qigong healing abilities are necessary.


Many thanks to Janne from Finland for sharing this information with me, and in turn, helping me share it with you.

Next Part

Spontaneous Qi as an Origin of Qigong (Message from Janne – 2) Date – TBC)


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