How NOT to get OLD: YouTube Video

How not to get old

Here is the latest video on The Genki Health Channel. It is called:

How NOT to get OLD

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2 thoughts on “How NOT to get OLD: YouTube Video

  1. Hi John
    Great work in trying to grapple the dragon of health care philosophy. Am
    Looking forward to learn more from where you’re at in your journey as a continuum of where so many of us are trying to make sense of the same.

    Good link to Mr Tolle. Been watching some of his talks, but now this one has freed me from the time I’ve been expending there. He said he could never bring himself to watch the Python ‘Life of Brian’, for concern it might damage is image of Jesus. He’s seemingly struggling as much as the rest of us, if his faith is so shallow and he’s over serious in his own beliefs. My favourite scene has to be where one of the Roman guards, possibly Bigus Dickus, said he’d always wanted to be called Loretta.

    Years ago on children’s TV there was a show called ‘why don’t you just turn off your television set and go and do something more interesting instead’ where the ‘why don’t you team’ of kids gave other ideas of what to do.

    Your you tube channel is a latter day ‘why don’t you’ thanks.

    And I wonder what happened to the ‘why don’t you team’ presenters? Were you one of them by chance?

    Thanks John, for guiding me away from questionable spiritual guides, and back to who we need follow, like ourselves?

    Meant in all seriousness, with a light heart


    1. “He has a wife you know… Incontinentia… Incontinentia Buttocks” – Monty Python.

      Thanks, an interesting perspective, especially about Eckhart Tolle. Its a curious thing about all these mainstream guru types. I suppose who else can you follow but yourself. But it’s interesting talking about our guides in life. There are lots of other guides around the world, not as famous, or famous in other fields, who I have learnt more from, than Tolle, Robbins, Chopra and The Secret.

      I think this day and age, it is like “Why don’t you turn your TV off and do something else’. We have the technology and tools available to use. I think the best thing we can teach a child just coming of age, is to learn to see the opportunity in this and to learn how to set up a business on the side whilst grinding through the school mill.


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