Dr Skakov – Latest Video

Dr Skakov video
Dr Skakov video

Here’s the latest video about Dr Skakov’s treatments in Russia. He is a powerful acupuncturist with the ability to set off a spontaneous qi activation with acupuncture. The really great thing is that his work is documented on video so we can see that such things are possible. His work is translated into English.

Spontaneous qi activation is the process where your own bodies qi/ki energy is activated, leading the body into all sorts of spontaneous body movements, which helps clear blockages in the channel. These energy blockages can be a cause of illness so it is good to clear them. See the related articles below for more information on this phenomenon.

Planet Veda’s YouTube Channel

The video is shown on Planet Veda’s YouTube channel. Please like and subscribe to promote his work. He has made it available in English.

In this video, we see a patient called Sergei who initially did not have his spontaneous qi activation with his first sessions of acupuncture. However he returned for treatment and this time when Dr Skakov was showing him some exercises, the movements suddenly activated.

I recognise some of the movements he makes from my own practice. Some of his other movements are very similar to yoga poses. 

Powerful healer

Some people are looking for a powerful healer in life. They may have a health condition that they have struggled with, and tried all sorts of programmes and retreats.

If you have the means, then I think a visit to Dr Skakov would be worth it. I understand he is close to the Red Sea – a very pleasant part of Russia. For more information, contact Planet Veda on planetveda@pamho.net (English ok).

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