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The Genki Self Health Guide

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The Genki Self Health Guide: Improve your Body and Mind with Traditional Oriental Medicine

Genki is a Japanese word meaning ‘energetic’ or ‘full of life’. It is also translated as ‘healthy’.

The Genki Self Health Guide provides a beginner’s guide to Traditional Oriental Medicine. This book has simple, practical advice based on the principles of ancient Eastern healthcare.

Book Description

In the book, I discuss the following concepts:

  • Ki /Qi in the Body and its importance for our health to have a smooth flow
  • An introduction to the Channel / Meridian system – the network of energetic pathways that run through the body and organs.
  • The book contains a simple explanation of Yin and Yang in the body.
  • A major theme is how regular activity keeps your body young as well as the importance of deep breathing and meditation especially for balancing the emotions.
  • I look at causes of disease. Particularly how stress and tension blocks the natural flow of Ki-energy in the body. This book provides simple strategies for counteracting these negative effects. 
  • Additionally, The Genki Self Health Guide has a beginner’s guide to self-acupressure showing some key acupressure points for self-treatment. As well as some information on food and diet.
  • To conclude, the book takes a look at the background of Traditional Oriental Medicine and its world-changing introduction in the West.

The Genki Self Health Guide is a simple lay-person’s guide to learning all you need to know about Traditional Oriental Medicine and how it can help to improve your life.

Purpose of the Genki Self Health Guide

One of the intentions behind this book is to provide a simple, easy to understand guide to Oriental medicine.

Something that I could recommend to patients who want to understand more, but who don’t want to study too much.

Especially people who don’t want to read academic text-books on Traditional Oriental Medicine. And there are a lot of those kinds of books.

This is not a simple thing to achieve, because there is a lot of information in traditional oriental medicine.

What do you include? What do you leave out? How do you stop the reader switching off? How do you offer them something practical that they can do for themselves to improve their health.

Just reading about qi alone is not going to do that. A book has to first inspire action and then guide.

What books to recommend?

Years ago, when I considered what book to advise to patients wanting to learn more about traditional medicine, not many books would come to mind.

For example, one of the best guides to Chinese Medicine is Fred Kaptchuk’s book – the Web that has no Weaver. A seminal piece. But I wouldn’t want to read it for light entertainment. It is more for a student. I’ve only read it once.

Perhaps the book ‘Between Heaven and Earth by Harriet Bienfield is a better introductory book. But still doesn’t quite hit the mark for me.

The Genki Self Health Guide

With the Genki Self Health Guide, I provide a friendly walk into the vast garden that is Traditional Oriental Medicine

If you are a person with no background in Traditional Oriental Medicine, I think it will be easy to understand and interesting enough to engage the reader. 

This is not an academic book, so don’t expect too much depth. Instead, it is a practical self-health oriented book. Even if you are a therapist, I feel this book may has something useful for you too. 

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Release Updates and promotion

The book is now available as an eBook format on Amazon (all marketplaces).

The Print version will be released soon after. And then it will be made available to other book merchants this year.

Currently the Genki Self Health Guide is available though these Amazon links: (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide (Kindle) – The Genki Self Health Guide

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