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This is the latest YouTube video and rewrite of an earlier post I wrote called ‘Computer Games are Good for Us….

The video is posted on The Genki Health Channel. The rebooted article transcript follows the video.

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Article Transcript

Computer games are good for you.

Everything your parents told you about computer games was wrong.

Think back to all those times when you were a kid and your parents would complain about you spending too much time playing games. Go outside. Do some homework. Do some housework, they would complain. Well, they were wrong.

It is true that spending too much time in a dark room, lying or slouched in front of a screen for hours is not good for our physique and muscle development. Nor for our pallor and vitamin D production which needs sun on our skin.

However, there are some major advantages that all this game playing has on our mental development.

Firstly, playing computer games in childhood helps make us tech savvy in later life. It helps develop our left brain – the analytical and logical side of the brain, which is important, which is important for planning and problem solving.

Why is this important? If you are a child of the computer age which ranges from the 1970s to the current age, you may notice that your parents or grandparents (who were not of this age) struggle with things  that you take for granted. Such as email, using the internet, using smartphones and tablets. And in fact, as technology increases and things become more digital, our world will be using more and more of this in the future.

One of the reasons they find it hard to learn is because a lot of this technology cannot be learnt in the traditional way. Such as is in a classroom, taught by a teacher. Mostly it is hands on training. You start using it and figure your way through. When you get stuck and you don’t know how to do something, then you seek out help from the internet community through online tutorials or search engine searches. This way of learning is drastically different to the way we are taught in traditional schools.

These are the same sort of skills that are developed from playing video games. Most games involve some kind of problem solving scenarios. They require learning certain patterns. An example of how children learn from immersing themselves rather the tradtional way of classroom learning is seen When a kid buys a new game, and then they discard the instruction booklet and instead jump straight into playing the game, figuring it out as they go along.

Computer gaming improves motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. You learn to use your hands and fingers quickly, carrying our delicate actions. Your brain memories patterns unconsciously. Simple things like swiping touchscreens and pressing with the right amount of pressure at the right point are skills developed in this way.

And even you if started off playing a basic game like space invaders in the 1970s or Mario in the 80s, you will be just as prepared for the more sophisticated games that are coming out today because these same skills, motor functions and left brain usage has been developed.

There is a myth that computer gamers looks like ghosts with no friends and spend their lives locked away in dark room. But this is not true. Look around, there are gamers everywhere. People playing candy crush or Tetris on the train to work, Kids will invite other kids to their homes to play together. Even adults pays games as a way to relieve stress

There is even scientific research to show the useful effects of computer games on children’s learning and mathematical skills. One author – Marc Prensky wrote:

Playing console and video games can be beneficial to the ‘native digital’ children of today. They help prepare kids for life in the 21st century. Gaming helps children to develop skills like prudent risk taking, formulating strategies, execution as well as making complex ethical and moral decision making.

Many gamers have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, corporate workers, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals.

Yin and Yang.

Of course there needs to be balance – Yin and Yang.

In the body, yin and yang are complementary and polar opposites.

Yin is related to sitting or lying, inactivity, and the brain. Yang is related to movement, activity, the muscles.

Playing games, and sitting down or slouching as well as, using the eyes and brain excessively means the body becomes too Yin. We have to balance this excess yin with yang.

Therefore, if we play games,  to balance this yin energy, we should exercise more, go for walks, go to the gym, or some soryt of activity like martial arts, sprts or dance.

These are all Yang activities will help make our bodies healthy.

We can exercise whlst playing games. For example, try playing a games in a position that is beneficial for your body. Instead of slumping – sit cross legged, and periodically straighten up. This will help opens up your hips an dstretch your legs and helps with your posture. .

Instead of snacking on junk and cola, snack on nuts or fruit and drink tea instead. And try to keep the windows and curtains open to get fresh air and sunshine, which is pure yang energy.

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