The Genki Health Channel: YouTube

The Genki Health Channel Screenshot
The Genki Health Channel Screenshot

I am pleased to announce a new YouTube Channel. It is called The Genki Health Channel.

I have already experimented with making some YouTube videos before. It is quite a time-consuming, but educational experience.

I have studied plenty of other video makers especially as I have a small toddler who likes watching toy videos a lot. I also have my favourite YouTube channels, so it is interesting when you start looking at videos from a different standpoint – how did they make these videos.

I almost never watch terrestrial TV (even though I have to pay for a TV license – go figure)

One approach I have chosen is to convert my blog posts into videos. Some of my posts get a lot more traffic than others. Some of my older posts get no traffic at all. I figure this may be an effective way to reformat some of my older posts and get them seen.

I am also interested in collaborating with others in the future on making videos. Especially as this is a health related theme, I am always open to suggestions for topics.

Please support me by subscribing or sharing. I will be creating other videos. The video below is a conversion of my first blog post on my website – Modern living makes us weak.

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