2019 Goals

2019 Goals. The future of my website. Some reflections on living and dying, self-ishness and self-lessness. Being a Master. Being an asshole. And a fantastic new promotional offer at the end. YOU don’t want to miss it…

I want to invite you to join me on my mini voyage. There is no danger to you. And it won’t cost you a penny. (Though do feel free to buy my merch).

This post is motivated by me wanting to share some of my motivations for this site. This centres around the issue of authenticity

This is not just a website or a blog. It is a platform and it is a business. It is a business which I intend to generate an income from.

I want to explore the possibility of creating an acupuncture/healthcare website that is also a business. This is something I don’t have experience in doing before.

A call for help

However to do this, I would really appreciate your help. If you could share links or posts of mine to any other people crazy enough to read this stuff or on any other social media accounts. Would be greatly appreciated and very helpful. Of course, I am not calling you crazy. Perhaps a little eccentric. Though, I suppose that is a polite way of calling someone crazy.

The Journey

So I would like to invite my reader(s) – (that’s you Stan) to follow this journey. Watch me and see if I succeed. In this way, you can see if it is something viable that you can do for yourself.

Or not.

Dark alley salesman

I will be more open in how I do it. In this way, I don’t have to feel like a backstreet X-rated DVD salesman with his merchandise in his grubby trench coat. We’re all been there at some point or another. Or not.

I will talk about what I am doing to make JohnDixonAcupuncture.co.uk an online business and platform. To an extent I have showed signs of that with some of my posts.

For example, with the promo article for my book – The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists (yes… flogging merch again), I put the background story into the project that led to that book getting written. It is not just the book. It is the journey.

Sales Funnels

I do also want to move away from this concept of – ‘look at me, look at my reputation and what I’ve done, so follow me as an authority’.

There is a common method of many online businesses. That is to pre-sell, sell and sell some more. There is the concept of a sales funnel. You draw people into the funnel all the way down. As though people are prospects/targets/marks etc.

You draw people in by offering freebies, – like a free e-book. (which I have done). Once you get a person’s email address, you send repeated amount of emails to get them to sign up to a course or program. Often every day.

I actually have a mailing list. However, I think I manage to send an email out about once every two months and that is only when I think I have an article that is relevant to the people who have signed up.

The problem, is that this method of hankering for the sale isn’t congruent with me. I don’t really want to be one of those guys badgering people to buy my merch.

Also I don’t have a training course either.

You also have to portray the image of success – ‘I am success. Follow me and you can become one too’.

But whilst I have had some moments of what is deemed success. I’ve had my share of un-successes too. Haven’t you?

Your failures are as much a part of you as your successes.

Some people are ok with their failures in life. These are pretty grounded people and are not defined by them. Other people don’t like to talk about those failures as though it lowers the way they look to others.

Yet, it is still a part of who we are. Do you deny your failures and only dwell on your successes? It depends also on how you define success and failure.

It reminds me of that conversation between the evil Mr Han and the Karate fighter Williams in the movie – Enter the Dragon.

Mr Han: – “We are all ready to win, just as we are born knowing only life. It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for.”

Williams: – “I don’t waste my time with it. When it comes, I won’t even notice.”

Mr Han: – “Oh. How so?”

Williams: – “I’ll be too busy looking good.”

Getting it out there

In reality, I’m no different to you. In terms of acupuncture or therapy work, or any kind of practice, there are plenty of people out there better than me. More experienced than me. Talented, smarter and more successful than me. Even better looking than me. That’s fine.

But, it may be that I’m better than you at putting things out there. I’ve overcome some of my inhibitions and have learnt to self express through the medium of words. I can write without restriction. It took me a long time to get to that place. Other people want to write. Some people have a book in them that wants out, but their own inhibitions block them.

Getting things out is as much a challenge to your inhibitions as it is about doing the work. But if you can challenge that, you will grow.

Which is what I am learning to do with this site. And again this is only because I’ve made the decision to do it and have taken steps towards it. Anyone else can do the same.

I think this will make the experience more authentic for me and I hope it can be more useful for people visiting my site.

On a side note, I have used WordPress’s new editor – Gutenberg, which they have forced upon everyone. It is jarring and buggy. I am so used to the old one.

In creating my website, I looked at lots of different websites and blogs to see the journey that some of the more successful ones went through. I want to know if it is possible to recreate it. Their journeys fascinate me.

Student master model

Talking about portraying yourself as the success – ‘look at me’ model… The traditional model is where you are the authority. High up in the hierarchy – the expert, the teacher, father figure. Students come to you and they reinforce that message. To an extent you become godlike, guru-like. A little infallible.

But what about this model…?

We are all just vessels on this grand journey of life, all with our experiences and journeys. From time to time we come side by side and share our experiences with each other.

Sometimes one ship has more experience than another. They have sailed to different seas. They have more knowledge than the other and so adopts a teaching role to the other ship. E.g sharing maps, knowledge of the natives on certain islands – which ones have cannibals. Which island has beautiful women – that kind of thing. Then they depart and continue their personal journeys.

Then at some point later on, the roles are reversed. The ships with less knowledge gets more experience and them meets the previous teacher and shares its knowledge. The student becomes the teacher.

You both level each other up as you live your respective journeys.

The limitations of the teacher student relationship

Once you see a person as a teacher and only a teacher, you lock both of yourselves into only one kind of relationship. That teacher will always be higher than you. Even if you have developed more.

It’s the meaning behind the ‘student becomes the master’ phrase. We are meant to surpass out teachers. But we are also meant to be surpassed ourselves. Nothing is ever fixed in place throughout life.

It is used in the movie Star Wars. If teacher and student see themselves as competitors, then there can be antagonism between them.

They will fight to the death. Just like Obi wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. But say they let go their egos and realise that they can learn from each other. The master becomes as a student again. The student becomes the teacher. They then balance their knowledge again. As life draws to a close, by sharing, they have travelled so much further together.

My friend Miro, tells me everyone is a master. He said to me ‘you are a master. I am learning from you’. Everyone for him teaches him something about life.

Me, a master? I think he was drunk when he said it. 

I do like the meaning and sentiment behind this statement. I see the point. Everyone we meet can teach us something about life. Everyone has a lesson to teach. Perhaps no greater person than that person who we choose as a partner.

Lots of lessons to be learnt there.

This concept goes against tradition

It sounds idealistic. This concept doesn’t work in traditional arts. The teacher is the master. Always. It goes against the common way, but wouldn’t it be quite exceptional?

My point is that if I set myself up as an expert (which I’m not anyway), or an authority in this field, I have to take on a certain role. But I also limit my own growth as I have to portray myself as infallible. (Which, I sure am not)

There are some masters or gurus. Though they are experts in their field, they show contradictory or incongruent behaviour to people around them. They can be rude, or take advantage of their position. Or offload their weirdness onto others around them.

In my mind, it’s fine to be an asshole. But don’t pretend to be higher and better than everyone else if you haven’t mastered the art of human relationships. Be an asshole from the offset. But be an asshole to everyone. Even to your favourites.

To be (an asshole) or not to be

A big part of healing is the mind. Hence the power of the placebo effect. It is important to be positive. Not something, I am always good at.

It reminds me of a good therapist I worked with once. Very compassionate towards her patients. Wanted to help them and make them feel as good as possible. She was very popular with them too.

However, with her co-workers, she could be mean and rude at times. Sometimes rubbing them the wrong way.

I had to ask, why this difference in her behaviour towards her patients compared to her coworkers?

She said she wants to do everything for her patients.  It is important to do the best for them because they are sick. But she missed something important.

We are all patients. We all need healing.

What if tomorrow, I get really sick. Will she suddenly stop being an asshole to me and become nice, just because I am sick? That would seem inauthentic to me.

Either be an asshole to everyone, or be friendly to everyone. But don’t do the switching and changing. That’s how I feel anyway.

How we live influences how we die

And another, thing. Just because you are sick doesn’t make you a better person. Some people are selfish in life. Then they become sick and they are still selfish in death.

I don’t mean this in a bad way. But some people are self-ish. In life they took for themselves and in sickness they continued the same. Some people are self-less. In life, they considered others. In sickness, they thought of others.

When I worked in hospice care, I had an example of two such patients. Both patients had terminal cancer. Due to the increased demand for our therapy service, there was a huge waiting list with many people with shorter prognosis’s, waiting patiently for therapies.

However, this one patient demanded continuous treatment and often complained when she could not get any more. She often got her way though it was unfair to the other patients who only got a small amount of allotted treatments. She also got lots of other perks that no one else could ever get, some of which she really didn’t need. 

There was another person who enjoyed receiving her allotted therapies and got a lot of benefit from them. In her case, I actually wanted to offer her a few extra sessions due to some significant stresses going on in her life, but she didn’t want to deny someone else the service, so accepted the discharge.

This made me realise that whilst sickness does transform a person – bringing out some of what is perceived to be our negative traits – e.g. irritability, short temperedness, depression due to pain and fatigue, – it does not fully account for all our behaviours. That comes from us – our personality and character. Which we have spent our whole lives in making.

My mother in law, was a good example. In life, she was kind and easy-going. In her death (from cancer), she took all the pain and suffering, quietly and uncomplainingly. Even caring about others right to the end – not wanting to cause trouble for her family. She was a wonderful person. I don’t think I could deal with death as well as she.

Plan A

So anyway, this website is continuing for a while yet. And there are some new things coming out for 2019 like a new book.

There are other aspects to this project which I don’t share now, but would like to later on, as it shows that this particular path I am pursuing, is not without difficulties and hoops.

So hang around and see what comes.

And don’t forget to buy my merch.

Plan B

On a final note – Perhaps, this won’t work out?

No problem. I have a plan B. My other online business: –


Sign up to my upcoming free ebook:


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And as an extra bonus, If you sign up, I’ll send all my prospects free daily photos of cats.


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  1. Hi John, as ever your blog post kept me live and interested in reading to the very end, like when drinking a good pint of ale, with just the right balance of fragrant bitter hops and malting.

    I share your sentiments on teaching and looking for a new model upon which to have as a platform for business, not just because like you I’m considering how to best go about it, but because I too am tired of the former system and guru/ teacher model of providing learning as a service whilst earning.

    Or are we just shouting into the wind?

    There used to be an old ethic of sharing knowledge, freely, between healers and students of healing, as much as between anyone really. People didn’t so much try big ’em selves up 15 or 20 years ago, people were more hearty and genuine, having more heart to give. Society is becoming drawn because it’s getting thin on heart, or time, or both, and community power as you describe, with knowledge sharing is what we need as our aid.

    I’m not sure of where we are headed with our shared sentiments. Maybe we are just shouting to the wind.

    I connected to your link and blog on what is healing, and felt you connected to something concerning the mind and letting go as significant. But then it got lost within the body of the rest of the blog and ideas on curing people or not. Curing is not possible in healing work, as it implies symptoms, and essentially we can’t cure our minds in healing. I can’t cure mine anyway.

    Through your writing you are becoming more able to ad lib and talk on the subjects that interest you, and us, as you are speaking from the heart. That’s healing by demonstration. I really liked your first YouTube blog from the ancient woods.

    You are connecting with the way, the creator spirit, and showing this to us readers. That’s healing. You are showing the way to letting go during our journey through the healing processes people engage with daily, as a person we can identify with, and not as a teacher. That’s special. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with everything you write here. I like the idea of connecting with the creator spirit. I feel it was something I did not do for many years. Now I can honestly say I do feel a connection. I will return at some point to the mind, healing and letting go. There are lots of different things to explore. I think even if shouting in the wind, some people do hear and a seed is planted. So keep shouting.

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