Fire First, Aim Later: Forays into YouTube

I am reaching the end of the first stage of my online endeavours.

I have created my website – I have filled it up with a good starter amount of articles and blog posts. I have opened up some affiliate marketing channels and I have some of my own products (merch) – mainly my own books.

Next steps

I would like to explore new ways to open up more traffic to my site. Many online businesses recommend focusing on another form of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or PinInterest.

Whilst I am slowly using Instagram and Twitter, I don’t have any particular enthusiasm for them. I think you need enthusiasm.

However, I am interested in YouTube. I have already started experimenting with creating videos through my ‘Qigong with Eitaro’ work. This is not available on YouTube, but it is exclusive to my website.

However, I have been procrastinating with putting myself in front of the camera. I’m sure most people can understand this reservation.

Most people would shy away from this step as it does take quite a bit of ego – “look at me, look at me!“, which does go against my personality.

I suppose this kind of work may invite criticism or even negative comments towards me.  So this is something, I’ve got to get used to, which may not be a bad thing, as I do care too much about how I appear to others. Though, I am sure many others do too.

The other obstacle is my perfectionist nature, which stops me from getting started. For example, I record something. Then I think it sucks, which it quite likely does.  And so I stop.

That’s no good. Otherwise nothing will ever get done.

If I am really serious about this online project, then really there can be no holding back. It’s either all or nothing. And as I have come this far, I may as well go all the way.

My friend Stan sent me a message today saying something about – going out in a blaze of fire and bullets like the Sundance Kid.

I don’t know if things are that desperate but perhaps it is. If there is something in your life that you really want to do, but you just haven’t done it yet, then perhaps you need that incredible sense of urgency. As though it is your last stand.

Otherwise, it is possible to sail on through life, leaving it undone, till you reach a time in life, when that boat has sailed. You can’t do it anymore. Then it becomes a regret.

So I won’t wait till I create something perfect. Instead I will simply get started and record and upload something… anything… now.

If it sucks, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is finished.

Lets just get it on. Here it is my first YouTube entry for JohnDixonAcupuncture – YouTube Channel.

And look, I didn’t even have a shave. Dirty slob.

Fire first, aim later

In a gun duel, it is the fastest gun who wins, not necessarily the one with the best aim. Unless you are Clint Eastwood.

Don’t wait till it is perfect. Just get started and learn from then onwards.

Study Others

One of the thing I have done is look at popular YouTubers.

What I am most interested is not their most slick and popular videos with tens of thousands of views. I want to go back – way back to when they got started.

I seek out their earlier videos, where they made editing mistakes, didn’t use a mike, didn’t have good lighting.

The lack of professionalism didn’t stop them then. They just learnt and improved as they went along. I think this is an important lesson for anyone.

In society, we are too obsessed with slickness and the polished finish. I can imagine that Colonel Sander’s original brand and chicken menu had an amateurish look about it.

All those cool British pop bands from the 1980s that became giants, started off as garage bands or kids messing around with their synthesisers in their bedrooms with their friends.

They figured it out as they went along. The slickness and professionalism followed after.

So, lets see if it gets better from hereon-in, now that I have finally gotten started.

And you…

Is there anything you want to get started with?

Something that you put it off because you think it won’t be good enough? Who cares. Fire first, aim later.

One thought on “Fire First, Aim Later: Forays into YouTube

  1. Loved the video, great bit of adlipping on Japan experience. Great to see Joe checking out what was around. Very organic, for us organic audience.

    Looking forward to seeing you going with the fire and bullets in 2019, in the flesh, well nearly.



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