How to get more Followers with Pictures of Cats

how to get more followers with pictures of cats
how to get more followers with pictures of cats

I came across an interesting website run by a young lady. It teaches a person how to get hundreds of followers and subscribers to your website before you have even written your first post. You can even get 300 visits on the first day you go live.

A lot of it is by utilising other social media – e.g. Facebook and twitter to do pre-promotion.

Imagine that? A website with zero content gets hundreds of followers, subscribers and visits on the day it is activated. It doesn’t even have a single article. What are they looking at – the empty template? The potential of what it can be? Like crowds of people gathering around a single seed on the ground.

Behold, this mighty seed will one day be an evergreen (in another hundred years).

So, what are all these people visiting/liking/following for? 

‘Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Anybody?’

Micheal Douglas asks this question better…


If this doesn’t make you wonder if this follower and subscriber stuff isn’t all a big scam then you should definitely sign up. 

Perhaps I’m jealous. After all it’s the other way round for me. I have over a hundred articles and only my friend Stan reads my stuff. And I think that his wife doesn’t like him doing so – “why are you wasting your time reading that weirdo’s website again?”

Perhaps, I should follow this website program. Ah, but no. Then it  would mean going into Facebook land. Not going to happen.  

A new online strategy

This then only leaves me one option… I have to rename my website.

No longer will it be 

Henceforth, it will be called:

Feel the feline

And here are some to get started with:

Yes, click the ‘like’ button

Yes, press the ‘follow’ button

I am cute. Press the button

Cat (right): you’re not being cute enough! Show more cuteness. 

Right now, I feel a vibrational echo. Millions of people hammering away – left-clicking their mouses, frenzily tapping their smartphone screens. 

Follow. Yes. Like. Yes. Subscribe. Yes… Bliss. 

I feel a great disturbance in the force. Feel the feline Luke. 

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