Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Serialisation

Notification of an upcoming serialisation of blog posts on ‘Encounters with Spontaneous Qi’ – qigong and energy work…

Encounters with Spontaneous qigong

As part of my 30 day spontaneous qi trial, I made many references to a longer piece of work I was writing.

I had originally intended for this longer piece to be an article or possibly an eBook. I had written over 10,000 words of unedited material – (or in other words – a mess of grammar, punctuation and oh so many spelling misatkes).

This longer piece of work recorded my general experiences and encounters with spontaneous qigong and other qi-energy sensations.

Break it down

On reflection, I decided to break this larger article down into a series of blog posts and to publish them on a fixed schedule. I feel this approach may be more suitable for me, because my article was well over the 10,000 word mark and has become an editing nightmare.

I already have enough difficulty keeping up with correcting the spelling mistakes in the articles and blog posts that I have already published. This way by breaking this article down into say 1000 words, it is a lot easier for me to edit it.

I’m not a Jedi

Just to say, I am no master or a teacher. Though I have written a lot of about qigong, especially spontaneous qigong, I am not a particularly high level practitioner. Nor am I a teacher. In truth I am a mediocre qigong practitioner (if barely that).

However, I see myself as a bit of a writer and researcher and I would like to explore this facet of qigong more as it is not so well known.

Also, I have been fortunate enough to have met some interesting people with knowledge and experience in some unusual things with which they have shared with me.

Take the blue pill

Some of the things I write may seem unusual or fantastical to others who have not experienced qi work before and they may take what I write with skepticism. On the other hand, some of what I write may seem a quite normal or even basic to people well versed in energy, spiritual and qi work.

That doesn’t mater. What is important is that I put these experiences out there for people to read and reflect on. I will activate comments for this whole series of articles, so if anyone wants to add or share anything, go for it.

Perhaps you may think, I’m reading too much into or misinterpreting the experiences I write about? That’s fine and perhaps there’s truth in that. But as far as I am concerned, these experiences did happen.


I am adopting the serialization approach to writing. This was a common method employed by some great writers such as Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle. And simply by mentioning their names in this article, makes my work sound more important by association. They would write their stories as they went along and have them published periodically in magazines.

It is probably not a common method today, but I think for my purposes it will enable me to get this work out there. Later on, I may turn it into an eBook if I feel fit.

I am also going to be very busy over the next few months, with a new addition to the family, but I do want to keep up a regular publishing schedule, so this may be an effective way to do so.


To finish this blog post, I will briefly discuss what topics I will be covering in my serialization. Generally, I will be talking about such things as:

  • First discoveries of qi
  • Meeting with an experienced qigong practitioner – Irish Glen
  • Having qi projected into my gut
  • Seeing the qi flow
  • Qi sensations in acupuncture and my first experience with spontaneous qigong
  • Japanese qigong teacher Hiroki and his energy exchange exercise
  • My brief experience with Hard qigong breathing exercise
  • Autobiography of a Yogi – attending the Self Realisation temple in London
  • Feeling energy at Canterbury cathedral
  • Brief sensation of Kundalini energy at Sahajayoga meditation class in North London
  • Experiencing the spontaneous qigong effect with acupuncturist Miro Baricic
  • Other Spontaneous qi acupuncturists
  • Background and research into spontaneous qigong
  • Learning how to practice spontaneous qigong by myself
  • Exploring spontaneous qigong – whirling dervish movement.
  • How to enter a spontaneous qigong state

I hope you look forward to reading this series. Click below for the next article –


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One thought on “Encounters with Spontaneous Qi: Serialisation

  1. Great to look forward to John. Please maintain your regular sense of humour and don’t become over serious, it’s bad for the heart. I enjoyed both the lightness and darkness, you often conveyed in your recent blog posts.

    We are all beginners, it’s the place to stay and learn from. If we are an expert or teacher I can’t imagine we learn and develop so well. So it’s good you see yourself in the way you do.

    Best to family and with family life


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