People who are able to set off Spontaneous Qi Activation (AMENDED)


An amended post about acupuncturists who have the ability to activate a spontaneous qi effect in patients when needling them…

UPDATE and AMENDMENT (29th August 2018):

I previously published this blog post on August 11th 2018. It was originally titled: ‘Dr Skakov and Spontaneous Qi Activation’. I have had to change this article and alter the title.

Recently I have been in correspondence with the owner of the Planet Veda YouTube Channel, who first published these YouTube videos of Dr Skakov. He is kindly enlightening me on many things, some of which are a bit beyond my current understanding.

It is apparent that I am mistaken in some of my facts. I also wrongly used an image of who I believed to be Dr Skakov but is actually not. The image was a screenshot taken from the documentary below about healers. The documentary was in Russian (a language I don’t understand) and I had assumed that the main person in the documentary was Dr Skakov. This was an incorrect assumption.

There are very few pictures available of Dr Skakov. I deleted the photo I used from this original post and replaced it with the above forest image. My apologies for anyone who has been mistaken by this post.

I am currently in the process of amending this particular blog post. I have also been asked not to discuss what I learn from Planet Veda, for at least until my understanding is much clearer. I feel this is a wise step to take and I will respect this.

For the time being, I will let this blog post stand with its amendments as the information I have referred to is in the public domain. However, I will not write any further on Dr Skakov for the foreseeable future.


On hindsight, I would say that I let myself go more than usual with this article. I am usually much more careful with my fact checking. For example, when writing my book – The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists in Japan’, I was obsessive in checking, double checking and triple checking some of the facts. For example, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how many Blind Schools Waichi Sugiyama actually opened, because I was getting different numbers from different sources.

In this case, I probably got a little too over exited with the content. So I will temper myself from hereon-in.

I would like to thank Planet Veda for correcting me and his patience.


Below is the rest of the original article with some amendments…

Some further discussion on activating spontaneous qi in a patient when needling. More information about the Russian Acupuncturist Dr. Skakov…

My first encounter with spontaneous qi activation

I discussed about the activation of spontaneous qi effect in a patient by using acupuncture in a previous post (Day 13-14). In this blog post, I mentioned my friend and acupuncture colleague Miro Baricic, a Croatian who has this ability.

Miro Baricic

Whilst attending an Acupuncture training in Amsterdam, we exchanged acupuncture treatments. My treatment was as standard for me. However, His treatment was something different. He used one needle which he inserted into my Liver 8 acupuncture point and utilised the Shudo Denmei SRI technique. Then he sat down and left me alone.

The treatment

‘Is that it?’ I thought. But then, suddenly I felt an unusual urge to move my legs – a kind of involuntary movement. And then the movements become stronger. My limbs shook and I found my body moving into lots of different movements.

I felt a little embarrassed and tried to stop the movements, but they continued despite my efforts. I could not stop them. Miro said to me “It’s fine, just let it be”. So I did and let the spontaneous movements occur to my body. My limbs and torso shook, twisted and made all sorts of involuntary movements. I had no control over it. It just kept happening.

Miro just sat in his chair unperturbed by what was happening. He was probably checking his Facebook account.

The results

After an hour, the movements started to slow down until they came to a natural stop. Afterwards, I felt recharged and my mind was so much more positive. I actually wanted to go straight out and party after that treatment. I felt great.

It must have released so much stagnant energy in me as well as stuck emotional energy. At the time, I was holding on to lots of stress – financial, career and family, – the usual kind of stuff.

Researching the spontaneous qi effect

Since then I have been fascinated by the spontaneous qi activation effect. It is quite uncommon for acupuncturists to encounter this phenomenon. I have decided to research it more in my own way. I am particularly curious if it is possible for any acupuncturist to develop these abilities.

On a later occasion, I would like to include more information about Miro and an interview with him in this website. This will have to wait till I get the opportunity to meet with him again, which is usually about once a year or two.

30 day spontaneous qigong trial

This experience led me to carry out my 30 Day spontaneous qigong trial. I practiced spontaneous qigong, 10 minutes a day, for thirty consecutive days.

Spontaneous qigong is a form of qigong, where you allow the qi to lead the body. This can lead the body to carry out all sorts of bodily movements, for example – backbends, shaking and jumping on the spot.

As any readers may be aware, I have been practicing and writing about spontaneous qigong regularly. I also concluded with a satirical post about enlightenment, which was intended as a bit of humour. I will be writing a more detailed series of posts on spontaneous qigong in the next few weeks and then I will conclude this topic.


I heard from another well-known blogger that when you tap into an energetic place and enter into a natural flow of writing or doing things from the heart, that you can start to encounter synchronicities in life.

Whilst writing these posts I have been searching for other articles or videos on this phenomenon of spontaneous qi activation. Over the last few years, I had picked up a few articles, here and there.

However, I made one discovery recently, which I would consider to be a synchronicity. On YouTube, I found some videos about spontaneous qi on Planet Veda’s channel. His channel had only been started a few weeks earlier. How’s that for timing?

Planet Veda’s YouTube Channel

It was exactly what I was looking for. Not only did he show lots of videos of spontaneous qi activation by a Russian Acupuncturist called Dr Skakov, but he also replied to my comment on YouTube and shared some more information and videos about Dr Skakov.

This reply prompted me to write this blog post to share some of this information as it is really fascinating.  I have also added the links that this site provided at the end of this article.

Dr Skakov

Dr Skakov is an acupuncturist in Sochi, Russia. He has the ability to set off the spontaneous qi activation effect in his patients when he needles them. On his website, he includes many videos of his patients having spontaneous qi effects after needling.

Planet Veda provided some background to Dr Skakov and mentioned Dr Skakov’s teacher – Master Aleksey Falev:

“Dr. Skakov is one of those rare few individuals in this world who has learned secret techniques passed down only in certain Chinese Qigong & Acupuncture lineages.

Years ago, his teacher – Master Aleksey Falev [M.D. PhD] – spent years training in China and was blessed and fortunate enough to have been taught some confidential methods which are normally only revealed to Chinese practitioners who descend in family lines.

Master Aleksey Falev was also fluent in ancient Mandarin, so he could understand the Chinese mindset. His student – Dr. Skakov – was fortunate enough to be taught these secret techniques.”

Videos of spontaneous qi activation

Here are some additional YouTube videos showing Dr Skakov’s treatments (all in Russian).

Planet Veda’s reply to my comment

I had wondered how some of these videos was made and who was behind the translation into English. In his reply, he shared that he is an English teacher in Russia. His friend is doing the rough translation and he is writing and speaking the texts in correct English. This must have been a lot of work to do. Several hours at least, so thank you for your work.

Here are the links to the above videos here and a link to Dr Skakov’s website (in Russian).

On these links, are videos of dozens of patients who experienced the qi-activation effect. If you are curious about how the spontaneous qi effect appears, it is worth checking out these videos.

The activation effect

He mentioned how he was an avid sportsman who had been in a few car collisions over the last four decades. As a result, he had some severe restrictions in his body. I assume he would have some muscular pain also.

He said that when he gets the qi activation effect, it is so powerful it lifts parts of his body off the bed. He also talked about how Dr Skakov’s treatments have been healing his body, (or should that be, activating his own qi to heal his own body)

“(The qi activation) is so strong now that it lifts parts of my body off the bed. The Qi (Sakti) is healing all the skeletal & muscular problems I have had for over four decades. I was an avid sportsman and was in a few car collisions and had severe restrictions in my body.”

Going Deeper

This is where it gets more unusual. I asked Planet Veda if he knew anything about how Dr Skakov had developed these abilities? For example, did he do intensive qigong or meditation practice, or was he born with these abilities?

I was replied – Dr Skakov does not practice qigong nor was he born with this power. He did say that  Dr Skakov was an acupuncturist in a previous lifetime, who understood the concepts of qigong.

Dr Skakov’s teacher – Master Aleksey Falev

Also apparently, his master (who is now dead) – Master Aleksey Falev (M.D. PHD) – taught him “only 15% of the key to unlock and awaken the qi. The student is then supposed to unlock the other 85% of this ability themselves with their own experience and diligent practice.

“Dr. Skakov does not practice Qigong and he was not born with these powers. But I do know that he was a Chinese acupuncturist in a previous life who understood these concepts of Qigong. His guru (who has passed away now) in the current life, taught him only about 15% of the secret keys used to awaken the qi. The student is then expected to realize the other 85% by practicing diligently.”

Past Lives

I must add, that I did not expect the answer to come from a past life. The concept of reincarnation is a part of Buddhism and I have read books about people remembering their past lives, but I have never experienced anything like it for myself.

I categorised the concept of past lives in the same field as aliens or supernatural powers – things that could be possible, but that I have no personal experience of.

However, as there is no other explanation for where this ability came from (e.g. intensive qigong or meditation practice, unlocking some spiritual abilities) then I have to accept that the ability came from one of his past lives.

This leads me down another rabbit hole to consider. If Dr Skakov was an acupuncturist in a past life with knowledge of qigong and who is carrying his experience on into this current life, it makes me wonder about my own past lives.

Unlocking abilities

One of the more curious things Planet Veda mentioned, was in reference to the videos of Dr Skakov’s patients. He said that what is more “dumbfounding” are the videos they don’t show.

“Some people developed clairvoyance. Some are able to see into their own and other people’s past lives. I know one of these people who developed even more than that.”

Down the rabbit hole

This is all very new territory for me. To be able to unlock psychic abilities in people by activating their spontaneous qi is quite unusual. Does this lead us into an ‘X’ Men kind of world, where people’s latent spiritual and psychological powers can be unlocked?

Could it be like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis scene, in the movie ‘Kung Fu Hustle‘?  signifying how the lead character, Sing has his qi-energy channels cleared and his kung fu skill unlocked.

Supernatural powers

I did discuss about spontaneous qigong being able to lead to short-term spiritual powers in practitioners in some of my earlier blog posts. For example, there is Hsiao Guang who developed the ability to heal. Chen Hsiao, also. However, she referred to these powers as “the branches of the tree” and for us not to become obsessed with these powers otherwise they can distort the trunk.

This makes me wonder. What if this is the natural state of a man (and woman)? What if we were capable of so much more, but instead we live with suppressed bodies, lives and abilities?

Our bodies physically carry all sorts of blocks, but so does our mind with all the various conditioning that we are subjected to. For example the chasing of money, success and also conformity. Are these not some of the most powerful blocks?

Acting from compassion and a desire to help

Planet Veda mentioned that a doctor should have compassion and a desire to help those suffering.

“Unless a doctor has great compassion towards the suffering of others and has a desire to help them, this power cannot be awakened in the doctor or acupuncturist”.

Scarcity mindset

My friend Miro Baricic also said the same thing to me on a few occasions. Especially when I would talk about the importance of making money and business from acupuncture. He told me: ‘It’s not important. Don’t chase the money’.

I think to him, I must have looked like Gollom. My motivation over the last 10 years has been focused on money. This is because, these last ten years, I have been living a scarcity-minded lifestyle. I think that is a block to release, which I am working on with my writing work.

Unlocking our own stagnation with qigong and yoga

To finish, Planet Veda mentions the value of yoga or qigong training in creating a stronger spontaneous qi activation effect.

“My friend and I however, did practice qigong & yogas. As a result, our qi activations are far more powerful than other peoples.”

This was something I had suspected would be the case for a long time. It was good to get some further confirmation of this.

Kiko (qigong) energy exchange class

For several years, I attended a qigong class, led by a Japanese teacher called Hiroki Kurihara. He called it GenKiko and he ran several classes in London until he eventually returned back to Japan. He was a student of the Chinese teacher Master Lam Kam Cheun and author of the book ‘The Way of Energy“.

Hiroki had developed his own method of practice. One of the things he created was an energy-exchange exercise.

GenKiko qi-energy exchange exercise

This was an exercise where a few class members would be given a cushion each and instructed to stand at the back of the room. Then at the front, Hiroki would stand facing a class member and practice a kind of back-and-forth arm movement, kind of similar to the push-hands exercise in tai chi.

Hiroki would instruct you to gently press your forearm into his and then he would gently press it back in a kind of circular movement. There was no force, it was all done very gently. Then, after a few moments of pushing, suddenly, you would feel a great build up of qi-energy and it would send you flying down to the end of the room. You would be saved from crashing into the wall by the class-members holding cushions.

Body looseness and the Ki-energy flow

It was a curious experience and I practiced it many times. One thing I did notice was that the energy-exchange movements manifested differently in different class members.

For example, two of the larger male Caucasian members got very little movement. In both cases, they were very open to the exercise and wanted to experience it, but they consistently got very little energy movement. They hardly moved at all. I always felt this was because their bodies were relatively stiffer than other class members.

On the other hand, some of the Japanese ladies had unusual movements. One thin, middle-aged lady would go fluttering down the room waving her hands, hopping and laughing. Another woman had a kind of gentle tuning and gentle spinning movement.  I felt this was because they had more open and looser bodies.

In contrast, myself and another young 20-something Japanese girl called Aki were sent flying down the room with great speed. I felt this was because we were both slim and loose. She was very flexible.

In my case, I had a regular qigong practice and was at the time doing yoga. I was also in my 20s at the time. Now I am older and a bit more stiffer, I may not move the same way.

Opened up energy channels and physical bodies

I always felt that the reason the qi energy-exchange movements was so strong with me and Aki was because our muscles and channels were already opened up. This idea was strengthened in me further, when I experienced the spontaneous qi effect when Miro  Baricic treated me with acupuncture and the ease at which he can set the movements off in me.

I believe this shows that regular exercise – qigong, yoga or any kind of exercise must be good for keeping a clear channel flow and for having a strong qi activation effect. It must also be good for our health.

If the channels run clear with an ample flow of qi energy, then it helps us to maintain a healthy state. I have met people, that keep up a regular exercise or activity like yoga, martial arts or dancing who look a good 10 or 15 years younger than their biological age, maintaining a youthful and attractive appearance.

Further questions

I can fully understand the benefits of spontaneous qi activation for muscular skeletal problems or problems evolving from imbalances of the skeletal frame. But what of more complex illnesses like cancer, Multiple sclerosis, or viral diseases?

On Planet Veda’s channel he adds this quote, which I have to take with a pinch of salt:

When a person’s internal qi (Prana, energy, Kundalini) is awakened, that qi energy can heal any ailment known or unknown without the need of external help.


I have some doubt when I hear claims of something being able to cure any disease or sickness. This is because I have chased such results myself.

Also I have worked in a hospice environment and worked with many patients with terminal illnesses or suffered with life-limiting diseases. When you work in an environment like that, your perception changes and it is harder to believe that there is a one-great cure-all, magic bullet or method.

The Universe has a way of throwing up an exception to the claim that something can heal all diseases.

I also think that the physical symptoms and manifestation of a disease can be like the peak of an iceberg. There are so many unknown factors hidden underneath the surface.

And that’s without mentioning such concepts like karma, which adds a different dimension to illness. If we’re going to consider seriously the idea of past lives and reincarnation (which I am starting to do now), then we also have to consider karma. I thought they come as a package.


I have heard that some people live a ‘karmic lifestyle’. This means they have an extra amount of suffering in one lifetime in order to burn off more of their soul’s karma. I guess it’s kind of like Jesus sacrificing himself to save mankind.

Living a karmic lifestyle means you’re going to suffer a lot more, which includes illness and death.  So in this case, you’re not going to heal that disease. However, all this is conjecture. I don’t know if its true or not.

Sometimes, I do wonder if I am living a karmic lifestyle. Perhaps I did some really bad things in my last life.

Nonetheless, it some cases it may heal serious diseases

Whilst, I do think there are limitations to what the spontaneous qi can do to heal these complex diseases. I can accept there will be a few cases of people where this kind of therapy could have a great impact.

Can the qi activation bring a spontaneous cure in cancer cases? Can it send MS into a remission? Possibly. There may be one or two cases where miraculous results have been achieved.

However, I would need to have more experience and knowledge of this practice. At the moment, I am still just scraping the surface.

Secret Key?

What is this secret training that Master Aleksey Falev underwent and that he passed down to his student Dr Skakov?

Planet Veda includes this statement in his comments, which (as a practicing acupuncturist) I agree with. I certainly don’t have this ability:

“There are hundreds of thousands of Acupuncturists on this planet and YouTube is full of videos, talking about qi, qigong, Kundalini awakening, siddhis and so on. The majority cannot awaken people’s qi as Dr. Skakov does. Even if you have no bodily ailments of which you are aware, Dr. Skakov’s treatments will benefit you in ways you cannot imagine.”

As is common, such things are usually kept secret. Passed down from master to student after years of training in a lineage.

I would like to learn

The world is opening up more than before. If such abilities can be passed on to other acupuncturists to make our treatments more effective, then it could benefit more patients. But how to learn?

If more acupuncturists were to learn this ability, it would become less mysterious. Less secret and more open. More people could benefit from this kind of treatment for their illnesses.

Dr Skakov cannot personally treat every person on the planet. Not everyone has the money or means to fly out to Sochi. But if this method was learnable by others, then more people could be reached and could benefit elsewhere in the world.

But can anyone learn this ability?

I suspect perhaps not. It strikes me there may be a few factors necessary in order to have this ability.

Good health and strong qi potential

The first factor relates possibly to a robust level of health. My friend Miro Baricic is an example of someone with an extraordinarily high level of physical strength and fitness. If you’ve met him, you would see that he could easily stunt double for Jason Statham.

This robust level of physical fitness also relates to strong qi potential. Their level of qi will be far higher.

I believe this high level of qi is necessary as what I suspect is going on is that the practitioner’s qi charge is being passing into the patient like a kind of pulse-wave. This activates the patient’s own qi and gets it moving and clearing out its own channel blockages, resulting in all these spontaneous movements.

Are needles necessary?

Not always. On a few occasions Miro set off the spontaneous qi effect in me without inserting a needle directly into me. Instead he held the needle over a layer of clothing and activated my spontaneous qi movements.

He did however choose an inconvenient location to do it. But that’s another story. This implies it is not the needles, but is more about the transference of qi energy.

High to low

I think the qi potential flows from a level of high potential to a lower potential. In other words, the qi from a practitioner with a high level of qi power will flow or flood more easily into someone with a lower level of qi potential for example, someone who is sick or has lots of blockages.

So, if your qi charge is not powerful or open enough, it likely won’t be able to set off the spontaneous qi reaction in someone else.

But there are a lot of acupuncturists in robust health and who practice qigong or tai chi who don’t create this spontaneous qi effect. So there must be another factor.


There seems to be a spiritual factor behind this ability. Perhaps, it is not enough to simply practice meditation or qigong diligently (at least not in this lifetime).

Having a previous life as a healer or qigong practitioner may be a requirement. Or perhaps it may be about coming from a line of spiritual practitioners like shamans, witch doctors or psychics?

My friend Miro is coming from the ‘old country’. There is something mystical about the Eastern part of Europe.  Dr Skakov is from Russsia. Perhaps there is something in that.

Or, it could be the vodka.


This is just theorising on my part. But if these two factors are significant, then it means that my ability to set this off may be limited as my health is not 100% and I’m certainly no Jason Statham. More like Daniel LaRusso. And I think a lot of people will be the same.

Also I don’t think I have any latent psychic capabilities or know of any past lives where I was a healer. I am curious enough to go for a past life reading to find out though.

Nonetheless, it is worth exploring and seeing if it is possible for me or any other acupuncturist to be able to develop similar effects. I mean, it beats going down the Nag and Swan Public House for a pint.

The red pill

I know personally when I received a spontaneous qi activation treatment from my colleague Miro, I was dumbfounded. When he told me of his other patients, it opened me up to a new world. I had never known such things were possible.

As an acupuncturist or even ‘as a spiritual being having a physical experience’, it opens your mind to more possibilities in reality.

Miro did tell me that not everyone gets the spontaneous qi activation effect with needling. Also that at the beginning, the spontaneous qi effects are usually very strong, but as the channels become more opened up on subsequent treatments, the spontaneous qi movements become milder.

I can understand that there are people who will watch these videos of spontaneous qi activation and won’t be able to register it. Unless you physically experience it for yourself, the rational mind will look for a logical explanation to explain it or will simply disbelieve it.

It is only when you personally experience it for yourself, that the logical mind can get blown away – Hasta La Vista Baby. This is why it is really useful for everyone to experience this kind of effect.


Thank you to the owner of Planet Veda for sharing with the world, the work of Dr Skakov. These videos, the scripting and editing take a lot of work to carry out. It is also such an uncommon aspect of healing and acupuncture that it really does open up so many questions for me.

Could this be the original, or primal form of acupuncture? Could this be the original type of acupuncture as practiced by the very first healers in the ancient world, long before we applied a left brain approach to it? Long before we developed the theories and wrote down the prescriptions in the ancient classical text – the Huangdi Neijing.

In this article I have discussed two acupuncturists with this ability. I know of a third. But are there others? Is this ability in each and every acupuncturist, but all they need is the guidance to develop it? Or perhaps it has nothing to do with acupuncture? This is some kind of qi healing ability?


I can foresee a visit to Sochi, Russia for myself in the future. However, it will have to wait a little while as things are getting a bit crazy busy for me at the moment (and still are even 1 year after writing this post).  If anyone does venture a trip, please email or share with me your experiences.

I googled the location of Sochi and it is in South Russia, next to the Dead Sea and close to the border of Georgia. Its looks like a really great place to go on holiday. Sun, sea and spontaneous qi.

Feel free to add any comments on your experiences or thoughts. Also if anyone can speak Russian, perhaps you can write me what is said in the Russian TV documentary.

Links and sources

Here are some videos as well as the sources of information for this article:

Planet Veda’s YouTube Channel – video and comments.

Another YouTube Channel, (in Russian), showing videos of patients having spontaneous qigong effect.

Dr Skakov’s website – provides links to videos of patient having a spontaneous qigong effect after acupuncture needling


Picture Accreditation

Japanese Forest – Silvia Lüthi,

2 thoughts on “People who are able to set off Spontaneous Qi Activation (AMENDED)

  1. Hi John, a lot of information to consider, but I think there’s too much here to even begin commenting upon.

    I’m always one to try new things, but even I personally feel there’s no where to go on this blog’s comments, as you’ve too many things without a clear central theme linking them, other than spontaneous movement.

    Maybe best come out of the rabbit hole and see if all the rabbit holes here lead to the same world your seeking to reach. What you are sharing is your own concern, as it is my own, that’s there’s a lot of odd stuff making no sense, or in truth trying to make sense of nonsense.

    Sorry, wish I could be more positive, but I think you’re going to have to dump some or all of this line of enquiry, to live in the here and now, at least until you’ve cracked the code of it personally through experience for yourself. Worth bearing in mind, but let it go, I don’t think it’s helping you in the immediate.

    Best with it in coming days, focus there is my thought.


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