Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 27 – 29


Final leg of my 30 Day Spontaneous Qigong Trial. My fathers backache, avoiding surgery and lifelong daily exercises…

This is a continuation of my 30 day spontaneous qigong Trial. For a primer of what this trial is all about, click here.

I have truncated these last few log extracts as I am in the final week. Nearly there now.


Day 27 Log

I had some chores with my family. I had to visit my father early morning and whilst there I needed to wait. So I decided to get my 10 minutes of practice in there.

Day 27 Practice

It was another really hot day. I was already tired and I missed out breakfast, so I really didn’t want to do much practice. I carried out a very gentle spontaneous qi exercise. This was basically a swinging movement from left to right, on an axis – what I call a spinal twist. I mostly did that for the full 10 minutes.

It was during this time at my fathers home, that I reflected on something that occurred to him when he was in his middle age.

Back ache

My father has spent most of his life doing manual labour jobs.

His first job was as a paperboy. Then he became a farmhand working in farms across the UK, until he took a ship to Canada in the 1950s’ He worked in the freezing snowy conditions of Canada as a farmhand for several years. After that, he spent years travelling and working around the world taking various jobs – manual labourer, bricklayer, car washer, farmhand, even an ambulance driver in South Africa during the Apartheid era. In the second half of his life, he spent it running a gardening business in the UK.

However, in his 40s, he suddenly came down with severe back ache. His pain was so acute that he could barely walk, let alone work. At one point, the pain brought him to tears, especially when all the doctors could suggest was back surgery. This was something that he didn’t want to do, as there was a risk that he may still suffer several after effects from the surgery and the results were not guaranteed.

By some great fortune, he chose to see an osteopath instead. This person was on ‘old style’ osteopath, a real natural healer with a lot of experience. It took only one treatment and my fathers back pain was gone completely.

There was no surgery. And just as well because my father carried on doing his gardening work for the next few decades.

If he had taken surgery, who knows what the result would have been?

After care

After this osteopathic treatment, my father always returned periodically for adjustments. As he got older, he occasionally came down with mild forms of back pain, which he attributed to all the wear and tear catching up with him. He is 80 now by the way, and still works, climbing up ladders, mowing lawns, pushing wheelbarrows and other physical activities. Now and again, I work with him, and it is usually very hard work – something I am not so conditioned to do, but I have to do my best to keep up.


Anyway, one of the things I found from my father, was that on a daily basis, he carries out an early morning warm-up exercise. He has been doing this for decades. I don’t know if these exercises were taught him by his osteopath or if it was just something he learnt himself.

Basically he does these exercises every single morning after he wakes up. he told me that these exercises keep him loose and help protect his back.

My father is also completely non-alternative. He has never done qigong, tai chi, yoga or anything like that. Nor does he want to.

The spinal twist

One morning, I observed his exercises. One of them was a very simple spinal twist.

Curiously, it was almost exactly the same spinal twist, that I was being led to do in my spontaneous qigong set this morning, and on many other occasions during this trial.

So even though it looks like a light and simple exercise, it is actually one of the most important exercises a person can do, to keep their body in good shape.

One of the reasons for this, is that in yoga, it is said that a person’s health is dependent on the condition, flexibility and looseness of the spine. And this particular exercise does indeed help loosen up the spine.

So take it from an 80-year-old gardener. If you want a healthy, loose and active body into your old age – then make the spinal twist one of your morning warm-up exercises.

Day 28

Today’s practice was similar to previous sessions. Again, there were the usual hand shaking movements and some arm movements. Towards the end, the movements slowed down a lot and I could feel the qi more internally. It was a subtle feeling and there were less external movements.

Day 29

Today’s practice involved spontaneous qi movements around the chakras. I had lots of rotating hand movements around the crown chakra and solar plexus chakra. At one point my hand made a kind of spiralling movement at my solar plexus and I could feel a mild opening-up sensation there.

Next Log

I have a sensation – an intuition, if you will, that something big is coming to me in relation to my spontaneous qi practice. I suppose it could just be my imagination, but if something does happen, I will talk about it in my next post.

Next will be the final day of my 30 Day Spontaneous Qigong Trial.


Picture Accreditation

Japanese shop. Silvia Lüthi.  akupunkturplus.ch

9 thoughts on “Spontaneous Qi Practice: Days 27 – 29

  1. Hi John, great inspiration from your dad there.

    Ok here’s the crux of it. Can you make a link between your dad’s spinal twist and the importance of this in yoga, with what you spoke of before regarding the legs needing to be strong for good (Chinese view of) kidneys and reflection of the water element?

    If you can, I reckon you’ll have cracked what your 30 day trial has been leading to. The question is yes as a conundrum to solve. Then, when you solve it, extrapolate the linking material into other areas of how you see or hear of things concerning health.

    There’s so much random stuff to sift through, from spontaneous bodily out bursts and such effects through acupuncture, and then we’ve demons chasing our holy tails, it could be difficult to work out.

    Good luck on it, I’m certain therein lies the secret in a simple view, one that anyone can accept and take on board. I look forward to hear more of your discoveries.

    Thanks as ever, has been a real pleasure reading the blog and learning of your thoughts, references and experiences. Oh and defo not forgetting Japanese TV dramas.


    1. Tricky, but really intriguing question. I’m not so good at riddles, but here goes…

      I know that in yoga, a healthy flexible spine is attributed with youthfulness. In Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys (and water element) are related to ageing. So strong Kidney energy can lead to a long life. And in that regard – youthfulness.

      In Yoga, the Kundalini energy goes up the spine, when the chakras are unblocked. The energy emanates from the sacrum – perhaps where the primal energy comes from. Does that relate to the Kidneys?

      It is also the pathway of the Du mai Channel. Which is part of the micro-cosmic circuit. Which is one of the first channels that can be opened up with qigong practice and meditation.

      The legs are a pump for the Qi energy. The qigong horse-stance pose (as used in the holding the balloon exercise) creates a pumping action distributing energy around the body. However, I don’t know the significance of this in relation to your question.

      Phone a Friend
      So the possible 4 answers you are referring to are – 1) It is leading to a Kundalini Awakening. 2) It is leading to the activation of the Micro-cosmic orbit. 3) I’m completely off, in which case please give me a clue. 4) Classified.

      That last one is taken from the movie Robocop – Prime Directive

      Perhaps if anyone knows the answer, feel free to contribute.


      1. Haha, yes a brain tease and a riddle ! You could ask a friend, that may be good, and reconsider the question more practically, before and after qi gong practice, to see what arrives from internally viewing the question.

        I’m interested to see if you arrive at the same conclusion I did on it through reading your wonderful blog.


      2. Still struggling with this riddle.

        I have highlighted three sentences which I think are are the focus of what you are asking:

        “Can you make a link between your dad’s spinal twist and… the legs needing to be strong…” and apply this to “…how you see or hear of things concerning health.”

        So what is the connection between the spinal twist and strong legs in relation to health?

        Well, I’ll ask myself before qigong practice and see if an answer comes, as my mind can’t figure out an answer.


  2. Thank you for inspiring me with your writing, John. I have been doing my with qi gong on a daily basis again now, thanks to you. I look forward to seeing you sometimes in the future. Keep on writing please. You have a natural gift as a writer. 🙏❤️


    1. Thank you DS,
      I really appreciate the kind comment and support. And great you are doing the qigong practice. It can make a huge difference to your life.


    1. Thanks, don’t really know the answer. Was never any good at cryptic questions or riddles at school. If I get any idea, I’ll update this. Unless someone else knows.


      1. Below is an SMS text conversation between John and myself, on this issue concerning the link between strong legs and spinal twist.

        Botanic Crow writes “Ok, I see it’s too cryptic. The answer is when the legs become instantly stronger, as a consequence of qi gong or other harmonising encounter, then so too will the spine become more fluid and flexible, which can be gauged through the spinal twist. The two are a part of the same response of the body. In monitoring both it is possible to identify with other aspects of the same response.

        So when they say you need strong legs, it doesn’t mean make them strong through work out, it means that without work out the legs become stronger, when the body is in harmony. The same applies to the spinal twist, it’s not about forcing it to twist, that’s bad, but if one is stiff like a board and spinal twist not happening, harmonising the body will allow the twist to be more optimal. So the answer is a practical matter of observation, and working out ways to monitor both to gauge our condition and as such need for inner harmony. Hope that was worth the wait and trouble of the brain tease and puzzle. Let me know if you think there’s another answer more appropriate. All ears. Cheers. Best. ”

        John Dixon replies “That answer is great! I totally would never have got it. But please, could you copy and paste that as a comment whenever you feel is the right time. Because its just perfect. And really taught me something new. I’m so stupid.”

        Botanic Crow says “Yes you are not stupid, just still a recorder of theory as opposed to genuine heart felt practice! But with this simple info you’ll blossom into something quite new!”

        John Dixon says “You’re a good teacher I think”

        Botanic Crow answers “Not sure about that, I think we should all be more equal than student teacher dynamics. That’s old world. We are new world. I just show a different perspective to the one we’ve all been spoon fed on, and kept stupid in the process. I’m a revolutionary, not a teacher.”

        John Dixon comments ” Yeah, good view.”


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