Setting off Spontaneous Qi in a patient? Spontaneous Qi Practice – Days 13 – 14


Is it possible to set off a spontaneous qi effect in someone else? A meeting with a powerful acupuncturist – Miro Baricic, and some Youtube videos of another unusual Russian Acupuncturist…

This is a continuation of my 30 day spontaneous Qigong Trial. For a primer of what this trial is all about, click here.

Curious happenings

Yesterday, I had an unusual occurrence.

I believe that I was able to set off a mild spontaneous Qi reaction in a patient who I treated with acupuncture.

Perhaps I should put this in a little context.

An experience with an unusual acupuncturist

Years ago, I made an acquaintance with an unusual acupuncturist on a training course in Amsterdam. He was a very spiritually minded person with a long-time practice of Meditation and Qigong. He had been to China to study with some Master over there.

Miro Baricic

The Acupuncturist’s name was Miro Baricic. Originally from Croatia, he moved to Norway, where he practices Acupuncture among other professions.

He is also a person of incredible yang power. Over 6 feet tall and with a physique to match Sylvester Stallone. In his youth he had been a soldier and a professional Kickboxer. One of his current interests is sea diving. He is physically and mentally very strong – stronger than anyone I have ever met.

We got on quite well and discussed acupucture related topics a lot. It is like a matching of spirits. We must have looked an unusual pair – like yin and yang. I am not so tall – 5.7, nor am I particularly well-built. I like to think of our meeting like Master Yoda meets Master Mace Windu (Samual L. Jackson’s baddass character in Star Wars episode 3).

Except I’m not a Jedi Master.  Certainly no Master Yoda. I’m probably more of a sand person… Oh well.

Setting off spontaneous qi with acupuncture

We decided to exchange treatments in our hotel room. My treatment was as normal for me at the time.

But his treatment set off an unusual reaction in me. I started getting strong spontaneous Qi movements throughout my body. My limbs shook and rocked and made many movements. I did not do any of these movements consciously. My body was just flooded with them. At first I felt embarrassed, but he just said to ‘let it flow‘ and ‘just go with it’. So I did.

The Qi just led and I let it go. My only concern was that I had an acupuncture needle in me. But it wasn’t in very deep and I didn’t really have to worry about it. The worst that would happen is it would fall out.

After about 45 – 60 minutes, the movements came to an end naturally. At the end, I felt extremely energised and much more positive mentally.

I have written more about this incident in my longer article, which I will be posting after I have finished this trial. In that article, I also included some relevent background information and a reference to at least one other Master and a documentary about him.

Not so common experience

Personally, I had never experienced anything like this before. It is unusual to have this kind of effect with acupuncture. I certainly have not done it myself on someone.

I attributed this effect to this person’s high level of Qi and Yang energy. Also his long time practice of Meditation and Qigong along with a miscellaneous factor.

I have always wondered if it was possible for anyone to develop this ability to set off spontaneous qi with acupuncture or if it is just limited to a few special individuals.

I believe it has something to do with having a smooth flow of Qi, your Channels being opened up, and also the practitioner must have a stronger amount of Qi energy then the person they are treating. But this is all conjecture.

My brief experience

So when I had this minor Spontaneous Qi effect in my patient this week, I was surprised.

With this particular patient, there are mobility issues. The person finds it hard to move their own body. I had seen this person for several weeks, but not seen any major improvements. And certainly no body movements like this, during any of the previous treatments.

On this occasion whilst needling, I put more intention into my needling and felt the energy a lot more. I also used a Shudo Denmei – SRI (super rotation insertion) technique on a particular acupoint.

Curiously enough after a few minutes of the needles going in, the person kept moving both their legs upwards together – gently, repeatedly up and down, quite suddenly. It happened a few times and then finished after about 10 minutes. The person’s eyes became very bright at one point, with a look of complete peace about them.

Also the patient is overly-accommodating to me, so would be unlikely to make this leg-raising movement considering they had needles in their legs at the time.

I had never seen a patient do this before, and during these sudden movements, I couldn’t help but think to myself – ‘This is a Spontaneous Qi movement, surely?

The patient seemed very relaxed at the end of the session, almost at peace. Unfortunately the person is not very communicative in general due to advanced age and overall condition. I tried to explore if they felt something, but was not really able to talk about it.

Mistaken or coincidence

Perhaps it was just a coincidence, or the patient had some kind of involuntary body movement going on. And if that was the case, that is fine. However, I will be curious to see if anything similar occurs again.

I did see two clients the day before, and had no reaction like that at all. They were just a normal type treatments for me.


After this, I decided to email the Miro, the acupuncturist who was able to set off these stronger effects in me to ask his advice. Briefly he told me:

‘Do not worry. This is safe because the treatment is coming from your heart and the Tao. Bright eyes at the end of the treatment is a good sign. You must keep going, but sometimes it can take a long time between patients for it to happen again.’

At any rate, if someone is unable to use their limbs or has limited mobility and hence less exercise, then setting off a spontaneous qi movement in them could be very beneficial to them. It could be really helpful for someone bedbound or in a wheelchair to get some movement in their limbs.


I understand that this blog post is very unusual, and may not be good for me professionally, as I do discuss some rather odd things. Particularly as my post prior to this, seemed reminiscent of the plot line for the movie ‘Ghost’ (without the pottery scene, thank you very much).

For this reason, I considered whether I should leave out this post. It probably makes me look a crank.

But actually, that is what I have been doing for years now. I have observed some unusual things and never felt able to talk about them with most people. So I just leave them inside. Occasionally, I come across an article or an extract in a book where someone discusses the same thing and then I think – ‘ah, so this is something that other people have experienced too‘.

Encounters with Qi

In my longer article/ebook, I have pretty much written all of my unusual observations. In fact, I don’t think they are anything particularly unique. I am sure other acupuncturists or healer or practitioners of yoga, meditation or qigong may have experienced similar things or much more than me.

It is just that most people don’t discuss such things. Well in my blog and website, here is a place to do so. So feel free to comment.

And certainly some people will not have experienced anything like it at all, and will be thinking ‘crank!’ That’s fine too. But I will delete any spam or unconstructive comments.

Just to add. I have not seen Aliens. Or Ghosts. Or Angels or Jesus. Or voices or messages from strange entities. So I won’t be writing about that.

And yes, I do believe in Aliens. I just haven’t had any encounters with anything like that. Nor do I care to. No anal probes for me thanks. As a colitis sufferer, a colonoscopy is plenty enough for me, thank you very much.

My longer article is mostly about the perception of energy and qi and encounters with people who are able to manipulate it. Also references to other people and books on the topic.

Please check it out when I complete it.

Update: YouTube videos on Spontaneous Qi Acupuncture

After publishing this blog,  a week later, I did find a couple of videos, which show exactly what I was talking about. These videos are on YouTube and I think this will put some of what I talk about in context. You can see that such things are not just figments of an overactive imagination, or worse – an overactive drug habit. Not that I do that.

Dr Skakov

These two videos show Dr Skakov, an acupuncturist in Russia who is able to set off spontaneous qi reactions in his patients. It occurs in a similar way to just how Miro Baricic set off the spontaneous qi movements in me.

In one of the videos his patient, a dentist, is showed having lots of spontaneous qi movements as he lies on the table with needles in him. He says how the acupuncture and movements really helps his hip pain. In the other video a young lady suffering from migraines, carries out lots of spontaneous qigong movements that are more purposeful. She is led into exercises to open up her hips and stretch out her back. She even gets of the table and on to the floor to do her exercises.

In both occasions, the patients are asked if they can resist the movements. They both say they can’t. The women even says she feels like a marionette doll being controlled by a stronger force.

In total, this will be the third acupuncturist I am aware of that has this ability. Two of the videos are below. I hope they will continue to stay on YouTube. They are put on YouTube courtesy of Planet Veda.

Dr Skakov’s website (in Russian)

Following the trail of these videos above, led me to what I think is Dr Skakov’s website. Everything is in Russian, which I don’t understand. However, he does include some more videos of patients having a Spontaneous qigong movements following acupuncture.

Training under Master Aleksey Falev

Richard G. does mention that Dr Skakov trained under Master Aleksey Falev (M.D. PhD), who trained in China for three years and learn some confidential methods. So Dr Skakov would have been privy to some deep training. If any readers knows anything of Master Aleksey Falev or Dr Skakov, feel free to comment provide links.

Apparently if you want a treatment, his emails can be found on the ‘read more’ section on one of the videos on Planet Veda’s channel.

How does one set off a Spontaneous Qi reaction with acupuncture?

So the question that comes to mind, is how can a bog standard acupuncturist like myself develop this ability?  Is it about practicing qigong or deep meditation for many years? Or is it something else, like some kind of ability you are born with? Or is it something about East Europeans, like they have some strong spiritual power.

Perhaps it could be the vodka…?

Acupuncture with Miro

By the way if anyone would like to be put in contact with Miro for a treatment in Norway, send me a message to my contact form and I’ll get in contact. He does not have a website. Only facebook. Which I don’t use, or understand.

Onto my daily log

30 Day Spontaneous Qigong Practice Log:

Day 13

The spontaneous qi state started immediately. There was like no delay between deciding to practice and starting to practice. And just like yesterday, the movements were refined and qigong like. I did a little shaking on the spot and then repeatedly did a kind of circular arm movement. I am not sure what the name of the move is, but it is like at the end of a qigong practice, where you circle the arms, bringing the qi back into your dantian. Except this exercise was done in the reverse direction.

‘These are Spirit Fingers’

I did that for 10 minutes, interspersed with some shaking on the spot. Also my fingers were shaking a lot whilst I was doing the movement. It kind of reminds me of that scene from the cheerleader movie ‘Bring it On’ with Kirsten Dunst, when the coach teaches the ‘spirit fingers’ routine.

Hmm.. I wonder why they call it the ‘spirit fingers’ movement?

I could have continued easily with my practice today today. Just before bringing the exercise to a close, I was starting to do some spinal twists. At one point I also came to a stop into a standing meditative pose. In that pose, I felt the energy.

I think what may have helped is that I had a substantial breakfast – fish and rice this morning and didn’t practice on a empty or semi-empty stomach.

Day 14 Log

I had an appointment this morning, and I had a few things to get ready. I wanted to try to fit in my practice before I went today, but found it was interrupted a couple of times. Eventually, just before leaving I managed to squeeze in the full 10 minutes of practice.

The exercise was refined. It mostly involved arm movements bringing the Qi in a circle to my dantian. The movement is kind of similar to one of the movements in the 8 pieces of brocade.

Also my fingers were shaking or wiggling quite a lot as I made the movements kind of like a fluttering motion.

I finished with some more spinal twists and some shaking on the spot. Then I brought my spontaneous qi practice to an end.

After effects: Calmer

Recently, I have been feeling calmer than usual. Yesterday I was in an argument with my wife. Some arguments can go on and on with both people feeling they are right and the other wrong.

At some point, I realised that I wasn’t getting as upset as I might normally have done in an argument. It’s like I was aware that there was a limit, and I wouldn’t go past it.

Instead, I saw where I was going wrong and listened more to my wife, and soon the argument was diffused of its negative bite. It then developed into a constructive discussion.

Perhaps I can write a book on matrimonial relationships. I’ll call it ‘Save your Marriage with the Power of Qigong’.

In the past, that argument could have gone on and on and burnt like a fire. Honestly, I think practicing daily Qigong has really helped my mental state and make me feel calmer. Especially now as there are some aspects of my life that are challenging.


Another thing I noticed today, was a brief feeling of energy in my body which seemed to lift and open up my posture. I have a bad posture, with a lifelong tendency to slump. I have special exercises to open myself up, but if I miss doing those exercises for a few days, my postures slumps again. I haven’t done those exercises for a few weeks.

Except today, I felt that my posture and torso were upright and quite light, without any physical effort on my part. I had this sensation a couple of times and then it passed. This was while I was walking on the street.

I assume it is the Qi energy flowing a bit more easily in my whole body. So in this regard, I see it as a good thing.

Update: One week later

There is a certain time lag between the day of my practice and the writing and editing of these articles. For this article, I was able to see the same patient again the following week before publishing this post.

I saw the same patient today and was curious if a similar effect could be observed. I was also fine if not, as I don’t want to become obsessed with achieving these kinds of effects.

I saw the same person, and did not achieve the same effect.

I did use different acupuncture points to the ones I used last week. In fact, last week, I used some points I would hardly every use, but I felt a couple of them were energetically active points with the patient. This week I went back to a standard type of treatment and applied the SRI technique, but I didn’t get the same movements.

And in a way, I am fine with that. I don’t want to be going into every treatment with some kind of anticipation that I can cause an unusual effect.


There are three possible reasons why it didn’t occur again.

  1. I was a bit more tired today – the heat wave and from running around all morning.
  2. I didn’t use the same points.
  3. I was mistaken before and these movements were just some simple involuntary movements going on.
  4. (Classified).

Sorry that last one was one of Robocop’s Prime Directives.


I have purposely not written too many details about the patient, or about what points I used. Obviously this is for confidentially, but also I don’t want someone trying out the same points and chasing the same effect. The active points will be different per patient. Also it doesn’t actually matter what points they are. It is more about the practitioner.

Picture Accreditation

Japanese Garden Statue – Silvia Lüthi.

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