Spontaneous Qi Practice: Supernatural happenings – Day 12


Unusual occurrences, Japanese Drama update and Day 12 of my Spontaneous Qi Practice.

This is a continuation of my 30 day spontaneous Qigong Trial. For a primer of what this trial is all about, click here.

Strange things

Last night I had a strange awakening. Around 3:15am, my phone vibrated, which woke me up as it was next to me. I checked the caller and it was my wife’s name on the display. The call was logged at 3:16. The strange thing was that my wife was asleep and her phone was a little distance away from her.

I checked my wife thinking she must have called by accident during sleep, but she was sound asleep. I did find her phone a small distance from her. I checked the phone and could see that the display was lit up. So it may have been rang by accident.

However, she does have a phone lock, so it is difficult to image how my number could be called by accident. Although perhaps there is a way it can occur.

At any rate, it interrupted my sleep and I found it a little hard to go back to sleep last night.

Perhaps there’s really no significance about this minor event and I nearly didn’t bother writing it. I didn’t feel any negative or bad feeling or energy at the time, so I don’t think there is anything bad.

However, as I am in the middle of a Spontaneous Qigong trial and I am logging almost daily, I thought I should include it. Maybe someone else has had a similar occurrence whilst practicing qigong intensely?


I won’t deny, that one of the things I thought of was troublesome spirits playing games. I do have an open mind to such phenomenon. However, I don’t have experience of such things. Nevertheless, I am reminded of a quote from Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, had been visited by the ghost of his dead father. The Ghost tells his son that he had been killed and from that point on Hamlet seeks revenge for his beloved Father’s death. In the quote above, Hamlet reflects on the mysteries of the Universe with his friend Horatio.

I did also write a blog post a few weeks ago about low-level entities being drawn to us, especially if we create a negative emotional energy field around us. In that blog post, I dreamt of a low-level entity attacking me in my sleep.

Dangers of Qigong

Perhaps its no coincidence that I am currently reading a book called – Breaking Through the Barriers of Darkness: Recognising the Cult of Qigong for What It Is‘ by Hsiao Guang.

The author was an obsessive qigong practitioner who developed supernatural powers, but also opened himself up to negative Spiritual forces. It was only after he converted to Christianity that he was able to find peace in his life.

I have read over half the book, but I was just starting to get bored with it, as I had reached a chapter where the author was mostly preaching about why we should convert to Christianity.

Curiously, this morning, after last night’s awakening, I read a later Chapter of the book. and it became much more interesting again.


In the later chapters, the author talked about how the spirits started attacking him every night by haunting him. This occurred after he had converted to Christianity and had expelled the Demons from him. He then embarked on a quest to spread Christianity and talk about the dangers of Qigong.

He believed the Spirits were purposely attacking him to stop him in his work. Particularly as he was writing his book to warn people of the dangers of qigong.

As a result, he was attacked repeatedly every night, by evil spirits. This left him physically and mentally tired.

Here is a quote from Hsiao’s chapter on ‘Evil Interference’:

Evil Interference

“Evil interference takes various forms, but all for the purpose of taking away peace of heart, tiring out the souls, and causing spiritual, emotional and physical damage…

Evil spirits come to a person and rouse him/her suddenly from sleep. This person feels unusual, but cannot find any causes… It is a very slight disturbance by evil spirits.”

Hsiao was plagued by recurrent attacks by evil spirits almost every night. Here is another extract:

“I did not know what time it was when a white light sudden roused me from sleeping. I opened my eyes and saw that my room was full of white light. I knew evil spirits had come.

In order to find out if that was true or false light, I looked up to see the huge picture that was on my wall, but I could not see anything except the white light. While I looked, a round shape suddenly appeared on the wall, and I tried to look closely at that thing, wanting to see what it was. Very quickly, the round figure turned large and came out of the wall like a sculpture. Oh, my! It was a hideous face.

I almost howled out loud and hurriedly stumbled to reach the switch and turned on the lights. ”

Breaking Through the Barriers of Darkness‘ by Hsiao Guang

Not bad spirits

No of course, my phone ringing late at night was not bad spirits. I think it was just a phone malfunction.

I know that I have often had calls from my Father because he left his phone in a trouser pocket, whilst out and about. When I answered, all I would hear is a shuffling noise. On on occasion, I also accidentally called a family member late at night in a similar way.

My Inner Child

When my son was 1 years old and really upset and crying, I would give him my smartphone to try to calm him down. Whilst he would press away at the buttons, it would give me a few minutes of peace.

I didn’t think it was a problem as there was a phone lock. However, on one occasion, he still managed to make a call to someone on my Contact list, late at night.

Thankfully, he called a friend of mine though it could so easily have been a client, which have been really embarrassing. My friend asked me the next day about it and made a joke:

‘I got a call from you late last night and all I heard was someone crying.

I thought maybe it was your inner child reaching out to me’

By the way, I figured out how he managed it – ‘Siri’. You have to deactivate it, otherwise if a baby presses the keys and cries, Siri can be activated to call someone in your contact list, even with a keypad lock.

‘Bad Siri, Bad!’

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this

Of course, there is a lot of difference between these concentrated and focused attacks on the author Hsiao, compared to my example.

If anything, I would say that the strange dream I had years ago in Japan, was more closer to a spirit visitation than the phone call at 3:15. I wrote about that experience in this early blog post on low-level entities.

We must also remember that Hsiao had extremely advanced Qigong and supernatural powers.  He had unleashed a lot of strange forces upon himself.

The Spiritual realm

I do believe that there are two worlds: The physical material world and a spiritual and non-material world. And that there is fairly rigid barrier between the two.

I think that if we do explore the spiritual side, we should be cautious and should be guided by an experienced teacher. Personally, I think most of us are not mature enough to do so and should just leave it.

There are plenty enough experiences in the physical world for us to have. For example, girls, cars, cigars, Japanese anime and sushi.

Who needs any more than that?

J-Drama Update

By the way, I finished watching the Japanese TV drama – Soshite, Daremo Inaku Natta. it is about a man who loses his name and identity and literally becomes a non-person in society. Well he didn’t lose it. Someone took it way from him on purpose.

I really liked the ending. I won’t give any spoilers, but they did tie it all up at the beginning. I guess I do understand the motivation of the culprit.

My only beef, is that the drama makers purposely misled us with false information right from the very first episode over the identity of the guy with the sniper rifle. That is kind of unforgivable for a TV drama and goes against convention.

Whoops that is a spoiler.

Day 12 Log

It took a little longer to enter a spontaneous qigong state – almost 5 minutes. So I held a standard Qigong standing pose with arms pointing downwards to the side. I also tried to lower my stance as sometimes that would set off the movements.

After around 5 minutes, the movements began very subtly. In fact, after a few turns and twists I went almost immediately into one of the movements from the Eight pieces of Brocade. It was a variation of the Movement 1 – ‘Supporting the Sky with both hands’.

The arms would push upwards and then come round in a circle downwards with palms facing down back to the dantian and then push upwards again. I did the movement gently and in one direction repeatedly. After 10 minutes I ended the practice.

From several qigong sources I have read, it does say that in the beginning when you practice spontaneous qigong, the movements are wild and dramatic as your bodies qi seeks to unblock its main Channels. Then after practicing for some weeks or months, the Qi movements start to become more subtle and less external. They can even be very refined like dance or Tai Chi movements.

So this movement was an indicator that my channels are a little bit less blocked and the Qi flow is more refined.


I was carrying out my practice with my son around. During the practice he kept saying the word ‘scary’. He doesn’t say it too often, but he said it again – not in a bad way I think.


For example, when he watches the Ghibli animation ‘My Neighbour Totoro‘, he often says ‘scary’ when the Tree God Totoro appears and hides his eyes.

On the other hand, other kids look forward to seeing Totoro. This is possibly because Totoro’s character is very friendly and cute looking, even though he resembles a giant bear-like creature with large teeth

Interestingly, in an interview with the Studio Ghibli animators, one of them actually said they intended for Totoro to be a scary character. Perhaps, in this way, my son was picking up on the original animators intention behind the character.

But as my son said ‘scary whilst I was practicing a few times, me and my wife wondered why? Was he seeing something in the room that we can not see?

He wasn’t really scared, as my son was basically quite relaxed, so we thought it was just him playing with the word as he has a limited range of vocabulary.  However, he did want to be close to his mother at the time.

I asked my wife. Do you think its my Qigong that’s making him say ‘scary’?

My wife laughed and said: “Your qigong is not that powerful”.

She is right.

You weirdo

So, you’ll have to excuse my indulgence. I guess I come across as superstitious or a crank.

However, when I think of that odd phone call which I received at 3:15 in the middle of the night from my sleeping wife’s phone, I can’t help but wonder if there was something a little strange going on.

Anyway enough of this today. i do have another unusual occurrence to talk about. I’ll save it for another post.


When I came to edit this post, I half wondered if I should delete some sections of it especially the part about my son saying ‘scary’ as it was likely a coincidence.

Instead, I gave in to curiosity and did a google search on waking up at 3:15am. I did find one website on ghost hunting which referred to the time period for 12:00 to 3:00 as the Witching hour. Also apparently, spiritual activity is higher between 3:00 to 4:00am. This website mentioned a woman who would wake up specifically at 3:15 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Hmm… I wonder if I should switch my phone off tonight?


Next log

Click here for Days 13 – 14 of my Spontaneous Qigong Trial.


Hamlet, William Shakespeare.

Breaking Through the Barriers of Darkness: Recognising the Cult of Qigong for What It Is‘. Hsiao Guang Translated by Leanne Luo. 2008

Picture Accreditation

Japanese Garden Display – Silvia Lüthi.  akupunkturplus.ch



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