Christianity and Qigong: Spontaneous Qi Practice – Day 11


Attending Church, healing the sick, the dangers of ego again, and Day 11 of my Spontaneous Qi Practice.

This is a continuation of my 30 day spontaneous Qigong Trial. For a primer of what this trial is all about, click here.

Going to Church

This morning, I went to Church. A few years ago, I started attending Church. I also got baptised last year along with my son.

But the last year, I have not been due to some changes in my personal circumstances such as a relocation, change of work and other factors.

I knew I was long due a return, but I was nervous about how I would be received. I thought they may be unfriendly. Occasionally, me or my wife would pass other church members in the street, especially on a Sunday. How does that American expression go…


Fortunately, they were very welcoming. Also, my son really enjoyed playing in the kids area with some of the church members and a few older kids. I am glad I returned and I will keep going. Now I don’t have to feel awkward anymore.

During church, I did have some emotions come up.

I think the last year has had some challenges, including an issue with one of my parents that I know deep down upsets my heart. In the church I felt a little like crying.

I also realised that I really like the way that we are directed to pray for other people and not just for ourselves or for what we want. It really is an opposite concept to the ‘Law of Attraction’ – where you focus only on what you want the Universe to give you. This selflessness aspect of Christianity is a good thing.

Christianity and Qigong

In my last log – Days 9 -10, I talked about a book I have been reading about the dangers of Qigong.

The book is called ‘Breaking Through the Barriers of Darkness: Recognising the Cult of Qigong for What It Is‘ and written by Hsiao Guang.

Hsiao was a young man who reached a high level of Qigong and obtained supernatural powers, but then also started having bad experiences due to it. He also experienced a possession by a powerful and evil spirit.

I suppose there is some kind of coincidence in me reading this particular book this week. In the book, the author converts to Christianity to dispel the evil spirits. And in the same week, I make a delayed return to the Church. Hence my Christianity theme in this blog post.

Since reading this book , I have been pondering on this topic of spirits. What if he is right and there is some psychic or spiritual danger from practicing Qigong?

Inviting Danger

I know this author’s account is not like most people’s experience of Qigong. For most people, Qigong is a very positive practice and encourages them to live with more compassion and positivity in their life. I have met some acupuncturists who practice qigong regularly and it has helped them maintain their health, balance of mind and emotions. So there is definitely good in Qigong.

And certainly if you read this book, you can see that the author really opened himself up for demonic possession. I mean, he was just asking for it really.

He practiced Qigong with excessive zeal and for shallow purposes. He was focused on developing supernatural powers. He was still a young man when he practised so he didn’t have control over his ego and lacked the wisdom that comes with age. He also didn’t have a teacher to guide him. Hmmm… kind of like me.

The Spiritual Unknown

But his story does make me consider the parallels between spontaneous qigong, Shamanism and primitive healing ceremonies, where it seems that the shaman is possessed by a higher spirit, and which is the source of the healing or spiritual power.

In some ways, I am glad I keep a foot in two different camps.

Healing Powers

In the Church service, the Gospel of Mark was read out, where Jesus heals the sick. In one case he brings a girl back to life. In another case, a sick woman hemorrhaging blood, touches Jesus’s clothing as he walks through a crowd and she is immediately healed. Then Jesus felt something, and asked out – ‘who touched me just then?’

There must have been a notable transference of energy from Jesus to the sick woman.

Qigong healer

I have read a few book recently with accounts of Qigong masters who developed supernatural powers like healing the sick. I feel there is some similarity in these stories and that of the story of Jesus healing the sick. In particular, is the ease at which it occurs. It is almost like the person says let it be done and it is done.

For example, in the book I discussed above -‘Breaking Through the Barriers of Darkness’, there are these quotes where Hsiao heals someone else:

“One major supernormal capability I had was healing the sick. I put my hand over the diseased part and could feel energy coming out of my hand. I would feel a kind of exhaustion later on and was very tired sometimes, but the disease that I healed very easily disappeared. There are many different ways to heal the sick; I could heal in whichever way I liked.”

Later, I started to heal remotely. One day a friend came to see me and told me his colleague had an unbearably terrible toothache and asked me to go with him to help him. I said to my friend, “You go back and tell him he is all right now.” After a little while, this friend came back to me in great excitement and reported, “The moment I saw my colleague, he told me that his toothache had just stopped”.

Also in the book, ‘Life is Always Smiling’ by Hui Xian Chen, which I discussed in my Day 6 Log, there is this quote:

“Often I would offer to heal people using my qi. One day, a female student kept coughing throughout our class period. During a break, I offered to stop her cough. By moving my hands from her chest down to her waist, it only took five minutes of treatment before she stopped coughing.”

There are some similarities between these healing stories above. So a question is – do these powers evolve externally from a greater power or do they develop internally from the unleashing of our own power? Or am I completely off the mark with these questions?

I can’t answer these question. I’ll leave it to the reader to draw a conclusion based on their own knowledge and experiences. Or leave a comment.

You could even buy me a coffee if you’re inclined, so I can ponder some more on these questions.

Spontaneous Qi Practice Log

Day 11

When I came to do my practice, the spontaneous qi movements did not come immediately like before. I held a standard standing pose for close to 5 minutes before I could get any sign of movement. I wondered if this had something to do with going to church this morning.

Once the movements started, they were more refined. I did a kind of arm-beating movement like the flapping wings of a bird. The movements were carried out softly. I also did some arms movements where they I held them out and then drew them upwards in a circular movement and then back down to the centres and into the dantian. I am not sure what this movement is called. I also was led into doing some body shaking.

I concluded my practice and went on to have a regular day. Overall, it was a pleasant day.

Time Lag

By the way, I just wanted to add a note.

I am carrying out my Spontaneous Qigong practice daily. However, the writing of these blog posts can take me a few days to finish and edit. Hence there is a small time lag between my daily practice and the writing about it. This post logs my practice from a few days ago.

Next Log

Click here for Day 12 of my Spontaneous Qigong Practice Trial.



Hui Xian Chen, Life is Always Smiling: Stories from my Life. 

Breaking Through the Barriers of Darkness: Recognising the Cult of Qigong for What It Is‘ Hsiao Guang, Translated by Leanne Luo. 2008


Picture Accreditation

Japanese Garden Display – Silvia Lüthi.



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