Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 7


A thanks to David

A special thanks to my friend and colleague David S. for creating this wonderful picture for me. It is the front cover of my book ‘The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists in Japan‘.

This is a continuation of my 30 day spontaneous Qigong Trial. For a primer of what this trial is all about, click here.

The Front Cover

I will discuss the picture above at the end of this article. But before then I will discuss some reflections about Day 6, followed by my Day 7 Spontaneous Qi Practice Log.

Notes on Yesterday (Day 6)

Yesterday, I mentioned how drinking coffee with cow’s milk made me feel slightly nauseous yesterday before and during practice. That mild nausea actually continued all day.

As a result I decided not to start the day with a coffee or cows milk. I started the day with a tea with soya milk instead. I still need a minor caffeine boost.

Feeling spontaneous qi movements out and about

Yesterday I stopped off at a coffee shop (buying a peppermint tea). There was a small queue and whilst I was waiting for my drink to be served, I could feel some spontaneous qi movements in my arms. Obviously it is an inappropriate place to practice, but I did let the Qi flow move my arms a little indiscreetly.

Additional practice

Although I had completed my 10 minutes practice in the morning, I decided to do an additional practice in bed shortly before sleep in a lying position. I relaxed my body and let the Qi start to move. Primarily the movements were shaking and circling of my wrists, hands, and feet. It was all very gentle and I probably did it for about 10 minutes.

Life tests

A couple of things happened yesterday that I see as minor life tests – perhaps spiritual tests.

The particular detail don’t really matter. The test is always about how you react to these situations. Do you get angry, or upset? Do you lose your temper?

This situation was about whether I should confront a stranger for bad behaviour or just let it all go? At the time, I let it go, but afterwards I still felt some anger inside myself which meant that I hadn’t really let it go internally.

I don’t think there is ever a really right solution. In any choice, you do what you think you should do. I suppose sometimes the outcome is good and sometimes not. But I guess that is life.

It did make me think how much easier it would be if we had a guardian spirit or angel that we could tap into. Especially to show us we are on the right path.

Hui Xian Chen and Guiding Spirits

I had just finished reading Hui Xian Chen’s book – Life is Always Smiling: Stories from my Life. I discussed in this my Day 6 post. she was a key figure in bringing qigong to the West in the 80s and 90s.

In her book, once she developed her Qigong abilities and opened herself up spiritually, she would also get advice from spiritual guides, other spiritual people, teachers or fortune tellers around her. I guess all of this goes to show when someone is on the right path, the guides and signposts will appear to tell you to keep going.

Perhaps this kind of thing occurs once you awaken spiritually and ‘wake up’ consciously.

Day 7 Practice

Todays practice was a little more stronger. Primarily I did hand shaking, arm rotation and swinging. A few times, the Qi moved me to hold my arms upwards after doing the hand shaking. I wondered if this is to open up my Lung Channel. My shoulders are a little rounded and my Lung Qi is suppressed, so perhaps this exercise was to open that up.

After 15 minutes I ended my practice. It was a pleasant practice to start the day with.

About the picture above

David S. is an acupuncturist who has studied different types of Japanese acupuncture. I came to know him when he became a Toyohari member. He practices in both Indonesia and the UK.

He had kindly written a review for my short book: The Tradition of Blind Acupunctursts in Japan‘ on Amazon. But then out of the blue, he asked me for my address and said he wanted to send a gift in appreciation of the effort I had gone to in writing this book.

In truth, I half expected some chocolates or perhaps a gift from Indonesia. Instead, I was really surprised to get a gift that obviously took a lot of effort on his part and I really appreciate it. It is basically a drawing of the front cover of my book. Its uniqueness was so unexpected, and is one of the reasons I appreciate it.

Currently it is on my wall and I will always keep it in my own personal practice clinic in the future.

But it was not just the drawing. The message on a post it reads:

“Thank you very much for the book. This is just a small token of of appreciation for you. Keep writing. Keep sharing. Most of all, keep inspiring”

I kept the post-it-note in the frame as the message helps motivate me as I embark on this new writing endeavour and website. It often requires a sort of ‘leap of faith’ to take a new path and walk away from the more secure path. Courage is also needed.

Stepping off the path well known

Many people complain about their jobs but know that if they quit, they risk financial difficultes. Many people want to start their own business, but fear the insecurity and uncertainly that comes with it. Some people want to throw themselves into a project where they can express their talents, knowledge or creativity, but put it on hold indefinitely because it goes against conventional thinking.

Some people do get started, but have to chip away seemingly without any reward or sign of success. The bills add up whilst those around you keep telling you to pack it in and get a regular job.

But I also have heard that some people give up, just at the point where if they carried on a little longer, the break through point was about to come.

Encouragement is valuable

When you embark on a new challenge, it really helps to have people around you to encourage or support you. Whether it is a comment on your website or a gift like the one above. It helps you weather the tough times and steer the course.

I have at times felt those moments of doubt, like – ‘can this really work?’ or ‘am I just wasting my time with writing all this content?’ Perhaps this is time better-spent on other more practical things.

Especially at the moment, where I have very little traffic and for this amount of writing work, I could probably make more money filling out online questionnaires about toilet roll.

Listening to the soul

But I am compelled. I feel this is my purpose. It consciously resonates with me. If I have to ask my soul whether it is right? The answer comes back as yes.

Or to quote from Carlos Castaneda: Is this a path with a heart? The answer is yes.

Unfortunately, the ego does not always share the same assuredness and so I must practice much mind-work to stay positive.

However, this gift from David and the message attached greatly encourages me. It gives me power to keep going, to “keep writing” and to believe in what I am doing.

So for that reason, I have decided to write a proper thank you to David for his gift. I did send him a ‘thank you’ card from Tescos’s, but I don’t think it really conveys my true feeling of gratitude. It just feels like more of a gesture. And so, I have written this blog post.

Next Log

Click here for Day 8 of my 30 Day Spontaneous Qigong Trial.



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2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 7

  1. Hi John, really great to read such a heart warming day seven of your spontaneous qi gong challenge and comments on the value to you of support from those around.

    I just watched the World Cup football and enjoyed the game between Croatia and Denmark. I’m sure you missed it to work on your blog. But the relavance of the game to your blog, and our supportive community was apparent in the Croatian team. They were truly there for each other, and whilst both teams played admirably, there was a special spirit within the Croatian team, that made just the extra difference in the end for them to win the game.

    It’s a spontaneity of the heart that allows our communities to be as such a support. It makes a difference in all our personal endeavours.


    1. As I do this trial, I am starting to gain an understanding the sentiment you express here. It really is all about connection and especially spirit.


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