Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 4


This is a continuation of my 30 day spontaneous Qigong Trial. For a primer of what this trial is all about, click here.

Day 4

The practice itself for day 4 went well, but the after-effects were not so good. There are some reasons for that.

Late night, early morning

Firstly I had a very late night. My son had a very irregular sleeping pattern yesterday. Recently he seems to have less need for a nap. However, yesterday, he had a late afternoon nap and as a result was awake really late – almost up to 12:00.

This meant, we had less time for ourselves to unwind and so I ended up having a much later night to balance myself.

Despite this I still started the day early and decided to get my practice completed early before my family awoke.

Empty Stomach

The Qigong Master Zhao Jin Xiang, recommends not to practice on an empty stomach, nor to practice on a full stomach either.

I take this to mean that you should have a medium to light meal about an hour before your practice. However, this I did not do.

Usually, I am ok to do my practice on an empty stomach, especially if it is a light practice. However after I passed the 10 minute practice mark, I did start to feel quite tired. I really felt like I should have something in my stomach. Usually, I like to aim to do an additional 5 minutes on top of the 10 minute practice for good measure, but today, I decided to end my practice soon after passing the 10 minute mark.

Feeling Off

I think the combination of lack of sleep and a late night, combined with the lack of breakfast, made me feel ‘off’ during my practice. I take this as a lesson that I need to listen to my body more.

I guess also that I was motivated to get my trial over and done with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whereas on a day like today, it may have been better to have left it to later when my sugar levels and energy levels were more balanced before I started my practice. I think in this way I would have gotten more out of the session and could have done it longer.

So in this way, I feel this is about letting go of the ego. Despite this, I have learnt something new.

Day 4 practice session

The session went quite well generally. Again, I started with the side to side bending. I did that for over 5 minutes.

At one point, I kept hearing a kind of whirring, fan like sound in my left ear whenever I turned to the left. I wouldn’t hear it on the right side. I wondered if this was my imagination or whether I was hearing some other electrical noise from elsewhere, so I adjusted my position and moved to different parts of the room, and it did seem that the sound disappeared (I think). Eventually, I couldn’t really make sense of the source of the sound, so I just ignored it and carried on with my practice.

The Gallbladder Channel passes through the ear

One possible conjecture is that the Gallbladder Channel runs along the side of the body. This side movement may well open up, stretch and contract the Gallbladder Channel hence stimulating Qi flow through it. As this channel also runs to the ears, this exercise may have been affecting the flow of Qi in the ear, hence the strange noise sensation. Again, this is just conjecture.

After about 8 minutes, the side bending continued, but it started to incorporate more of my body – my arms and legs. So instead of just my torso moving from left to right, it felt like my whole body was now swinging from left to right.

The arm movements made the move more flowing. During this exercise, I also became aware of tensions in my arms (possibly from doing massage work in the past).

End of the session

As I was feeling a little off today, I decided to end my practice after 10 minutes. This is a shame as I felt I could have gone deeper with my movements today. It is going to be a busy day as it is my wife’s birthday and I will have to be nice to her all day.


My friend (an acupuncturist and Qigong practitioner) left a comment on my last blog post. I didn’t really know how to reply to it at first as I didn’t quite catch the meaning.

However, whilst writing this post, a meaning kind of became clear to me, particularly his quote:

I wonder if you’ll find the same gravitation to that sort of ritualistic way even though it is spontaneous and so when the moment grabs you, you’ll practice.

This taught me that the time when you choose to practice can also be spontaneous, but can be grounded in practicing when you feel it is the right time to practice for your body, instead of your mind.

In my example above, I practiced at the wrong time. Too early and on an empty stomach, simply because I thought it would be the most efficient time to get my practice done. I was listening to my mind more than my body.

If I listened to my body more, it may tell me when is the best time to practice and then I need to try to make time and space to do it. Today, I felt that if I left my practice till the evening, it would have been far more productive.

J-Drama Updaye

I have two more episodes of Soshite, darmo inaku natte to go. It is reaching its climactic conclusion, where we will soon find out the truth about everything. I suspect it will be like one of those elaborate Japanese dramas where the characters are all involved in some convoluted way.

In some ways I find the story a little annoying – being constantly drawn into the story’s twists and having my emotions purposely manipulated. Yet, I do like the actor who plays the main character – Tatsuya Fujiwara and I think he keeps me watching it.

With some of these dramas you really have to suspend your belief and not question too much otherwise, the sheer number of plotholes will drive you crazy. You must just accept and go with it, for then you can really enjoy the drama.

Perhaps the same could be said for life.

I should have made this trial: 30 days of watching Japanese TV drama.

Next log

In my next log, I will discuss a little about the work of a Japanese-American called Richard S. Omura. He also practices a kind of  spontaneous-energy work, which he calls ‘Katsugen’. Click here for Day 5.


Picture Accreditation

Japanese Tea Ceremony Display – Silvia Lüthi.  akupunkturplus.ch

One thought on “Spontaneous Qi Practice: Day 4

  1. Hi John. It took me overnight after reading day 3 and 4 to make sense of something perhaps significant for us, regarding spontaneous qi gong impact.

    I had noted your reflection of opening yourself to comment, whereas previously you had the comments area closed. Could this be something arriving in yourself more through the practice in a spontaneous fashion, than my own interaction with you?

    My guess is yes, as I personally feel it has been a significant step for myself when I’m able to be happy, or at least in my own case sufficiently deluded, in my work, to potentially receive criticism and comment of it. There is something of a shift for you.

    Looking forward to the next episode of both dramas of your life.


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