5 Ways the World is a Madhouse

Picture of Japan the world is a madhouse

There’s this scene from Planet of the Apes where Charlton Heston’s character Taylor is locked up in a cage and sprayed with a water hose by the Apes. He then screams out those immortal lines:

It’s a Madhouse. A Madhouse!

Is it a Madhouse?

Absolutely. The whole world is a madhouse. The funny thing is we think we are all ok. We think that things are normal.

Some people see through it all. Every generation throws a bunch of people who stop and say ‘wait a minute, this is wrong, let’s do something about it!’.

And then society goes to every effort to run them down, suck their energy and by the time they are middle-aged, you’ll find those same people down the Nag and Swan Public House sipping their beers at lunch time on a Monday morning and talking about the football the day before.

The highlight of the day is catching a glimpse of Samantha’s backside when she bends over to retrieve the pork scratchings from behind the counter. And then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror across the bar and wonder – how did it happen?

How do we not notice the world is a madhouse?

Well, we do, and then we tell ourselves – that we don’t. That is the only way we can go through life. One of the ways we do this is by applying cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance is a psychological term where a person acts or hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideal or values. We see that the world is a madhouse but we tell ourselves (or let an authority tell us) that actually things are normal and as they should be. In fact, you’d have to be mad to think that things are mad, even though they are mad. And so it is, the world is a madhouse.

In this article, I will list 5 ways the majority of humans have no choice in this life but to adopt cognitive dissonance, otherwise we will all go mad. Or at least madder than we are already.

But enough theorising. Here are 5 ways the world is a Madhouse:

1. The Eternal Quest for money

Money is the worst. It is supposed to a be a tool. A resource to make day-to-day transactions more easily. But it has become an object of desire in itself. Money represents value, creativity and potential but we forget all this. We see money for money’s sake instead of seeing it as a reflection of value. We chase money, when in fact we should be chasing purpose. And then money will come as a side effect. Instead we chase money and think that lots of money is the purpose.

Worst of all is that value and money is distorted. Dull jobs get highly paid. Jobs that provide beauty and value to the world are underpaid.

Look at Mozart. The man died in his 30s in near poverty leaving his wife with debts. Yet centuries later, we are still listening to his music. Vincent Van Gogh, the same.

Perhaps he was ahead of his time. If he was born today, he’d be guest performing at the MTV awards and dating Tayler Swift. Or maybe not.

Today people spend years looking at spreadsheets typing in digits, make more in a year than Mozart made in a lifetime.

Mozart died just when his music was starting to become really interesting. He died too young. His last piece – Requiem is one of his most powerful pieces and it was unfinished.

2. Bamboozlement

Life is full of bamboozlement. It can be defined as a state of mystification or deception. Overall, we have to lie to ourselves every single moment of out life. I am not talking about enlightenment here. I refer to the truth that stands right in front of our eyes at every moment.

The media lies. Institutions lie. The pharmaceutical industry lie. We lie to ourselves constantly. Sometimes the truth is in plain view, but we block it. Especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals and health.

There are some pharmaceuticals for some diseases that really do not work, and they also cause major side-effects. Yet, because it is seen as ‘truth’ that they are the accepted treatment, millions will take them, prompted out of fear that if they don’t, things will be even worse than they are already.

With some serous diseases like cancer, the moment a person is diagnosed they have to go on a dramatic merry-go-round, take the drugs, do the surgery, more drugs, more surgery and then in too many cases the – ‘sorry, we can’t do anymore’.

Sometimes a person just wants to take a few moments to consider the options, to inform themselves and to consider that path they want to proceed. But no – hurry, hurry, hurry.

3. Factory farming

Factory farms are probably worse than concentration camps and gulags both together. You need only see one of those undercover videos that PETA puts out to see how horrific it all is. Overcrowded and cruelly treated. Animals are nothing more than objects for our consumption. They’re pumped full of antibiotics, steroids, and stressed from horrific living conditions. All those pharmaceuticals and stress hormones are stored in their muscle and fat.

And then we put that in our guts.

These animals are physically and mentally sick. So we consume that sick energy. How does it not affect us on an energetic level? Could this kind of food be behind the never-decreasing cancer epidemic that affects the Western World?

We are the same

But don’t you see that we are the same. We are no different to the animals. We cram them in little cages or sheds and pump them up with drugs. We cram ourselves in pokey little flats or trains and pump ourselves full of pharmaceuticals. When we walk down a supermarket aisle, we think we are picking the food and that we are the master. But are we?

We’re just part of the same food chain, just a little bit higher that’s all, but still part of it. We don’t have predators. right? Or are we fuel for something unknown like in the Matrix movie?

Perhaps not physical food for something, but how about energetic? And what if it is our darker energies, which stems from our negative emotions – anger, frustration, violence, or to quote Star Wars – ‘our dark side’ – that is most desired as fuel? This leads me on to point number 4.

4. Overstimulation of our Emotions

Society is full of tension and drama. A million little indignities happen to us designed to make us mad, which prove that the world is a madhouse.

Anger, pain and suffering in the world is fuel for something. Read the news, watch a TV soap, and you’ll see. Negative emotions feed off more negative emotions and continues its cycle. Sometimes through the generations.

There are lots of ways that negativity is fostered in us. For example:

Constant manufactured conflicts between groups

Black against white. White against white. This country against that country. Young against old. Men against women. Children against parents. Boss against workers, workers against customers. It goes on and on. Classic divide and conquer.

So what is the purpose of all this confliction? To distract us. To create emotion, especially anger in us, which stops us from seeing things clearly. What is it that we are not meant to see or stop and philosophise about? – Reality

Keep busy, don’t stop and think

Emotion stop us from seeing the world objectively. By not being able to be objective, to not be able to philosophize, we are unable to contemplate on the deeper meanings of life.

Sure, we’re insignificant… the stars are mysterious, and all that, but I have bills to pay, work to do, things to buy, places to go, I don’t have time to stop and think about the void. And don’t talk to me about conspiracy. Where is that TV control?

Emotions distract us

Strong emotion is one way of distracting us. But also we are kept busy by having to work all the time, stressing about money or chasing trinkets (houses/cars). This all stops us from stopping and thinking – is there something deeper in our life?

That’s why I like acupuncture. I sometimes come across things that are quite ‘unusual’. Things that challenge our beliefs of how the world is. To quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet

“There are stranger things in heaven and earth horatio, than are dreamt of in the imagination”.

5. Destruction of Earths natural habitat: Crapping in your own home

This is the biggest sign that the world is a madhouse. We are actually polluting our own planet. I’m not talking about the greenhouse effect. That is just more smoke and waters to distract us from the real destruction.

For example, we are told to recycle our plastics and separate into different bags and different bins. Then to put them out different days and don’t forget to wash out the yoghurt pots. So we do all that diligently and then it is all shipped abroad and dumped in landfill anyway.

The world is a madhouse: Emissions

My father bought a diesel van a few years ago because his van before was being banned from London because its emissions went over London’s new ‘targets’. Someone bought that van and transported it to Africa. They don’t care about emissions over there.

Now my father’s new diesal van is being targeted again and he has to pay more because of its diesal emissions. I wonder if that van will end up in Africa too.

Perhaps he should just ride a bicycle. But then he would probably be charged for bicycle emissions or a bike tax. Its almost Kafkaesque.

The planet is an interconnected whole

I mean, what is the point in cutting down our emission by banning some diesel vehicles. And then at the same time buying loads of cheap crap from China, which produces loads of pollution, so much so you can’t breathe in their cities because of the smog.

It’s dumb to think that pollution over there isn’t somehow going to affect us over here. We’re on the same planet. I mean look at Chenobyl or even Fukushima. Or wait – don’t. That radiation travels. This is a good sign that the world is a madhouse.


Worse is deforestation. We’re killing the lungs of the earth. I’m not even sure what we’re doing with all that wood. Please don’t tell me its being used to make Ikea furniture, otherwise I’m just as guilty as the loggers. It takes decades to grow and days to cut down. It won’t end good for us.


Oil at some point will run out. Perhaps not in our lifetime. When it happens it will be hard, but ultimately it will be a good thing. Oil is a very Yang substance. It had boosted our civilisation’s rapid growth in the last 50 years. However its effects are similar to that of taking steroids. You get a massive boost, but it takes some time for the body to rebalance itself after.

When oil runs out, there will be fewer cars. The roads will be quieter. Society will be calmer. There will be less anger and tension and pollution. The world will change dramatically, but I don’t think it will be negative. I don’t believe it means we go back to the 1930s. Something new and better can come from it.

So what can we do?

Basically nothing. We just have to accept the world is a madhouse and get on with things. This is our path – I suppose its our karma. eventually we’ll hit the end of the wall and then see what comes then. I suppose it pretty pessimistic, but sometimes life is full of crashes and then restarts.

Actually that drink down the old Nag and Swan is looking more attractive by the minute. Might even catch a glimpse of Samantha’s brassiere this time.

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