Intermission: Blogging Update 5

I felt this was a landmark time for an Intermission Blogging Update. This will be my 60th Blog post for this website…

60 blog posts was a target I set for myself. I have wanted to build a good amount of content in order for my new website to be seen as a legitimate source of information by Google. The number 60 came from this article, which suggested that the first surge of exponential traffic growth can come in the 55-70 blog post range.

Project 60

With this range in mind, I decided to set myself the target of 60 to get to as ‘Stage 1’ of my blogging project. With this post, I have acheived that target.

In these last few months, I have also managed to write other pages and articles and add them to my website, including one new eBook. Overall, I am happy with the amount of content I have produced.

Has there been a traffic surge?

At this stage, there has not been any traffic increase for my website. Traffic is near zero. However, I have to take this as expected, particularly for a new website. I have read on other websites that it can take 6 months before you may start to see organic traffic coming in and in some cases even longer. This website has been going for 4 months, so it is still early days.

However, there have been some promising signs. For some of my larger articles, which are full of keywords, I have had a couple of visitors find their way to them through normal search-engines searches. I take this as a good sign that some of my articles are finding their way out there on the web.


It is a little frustrating having near zero traffic. But there are a few positives to it. Firstly, I can chop and change blog posts without worrying about how it looks to viewers.

For example, on a few occasions I have written very long posts. Upon reading them after publishing, I felt that they were too long, and so I decided to unpublish them and then chop them into two or three articles.

My website contains several examples of articles written in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 sections etc. My posts have averaged about 1,600 words per post. If I had not broken up some of my articles, that average would be higher.

Consideration of Overall Purpose

Another plus point is that it has really made me consider the ultimate purpose of my website. Upon achieving the Stage 1 goal of publishing 60 posts, I am also clearer about where I will focus my attention in the future.

Going Forward

I intend to write several articles on acupuncture for various medical conditions. I feel there is a demand for this kind of information. I have already seen one other website, which is popular on which I will use as inspiration. I feel that I will be able to apply a different approach to doing this.

I will also work on producing work based on an illness, that I have suffered with as a resource to help other people.

I will keep up my blog as a way to balance my content and also to express myself. However, for my future blog posts, I will adapt a different approach. I intend to keep my posts shorter in length and to follow a certain structure.

No Comment

I thought it is as good a time as any to write down my approach to comments. I have disabled my commenting.

I have heard that the whole point of blogging is to create a dialogue with others and that comments are an essential part of that. However, I have also read that there is no difference between disabling or enabling comments in the overall popularity or traffic of a website.

I have decided to deactivate my comments so I can simply focus only on producing content. I have a very limited amount of time to work on my website in a day, so I want to optimise what I do with my time. It’s hard enough finding time to reply to normal emails to people. Replying to comments online would just give me more pressure.

Mind you, considering, I have no traffic, I probably don’t have to worry about comments. Perhaps I’m just being lazy.

Experimental Posts

To end on a high note. I have experimented with different types of blog posts in my journey to 60. One of my more interesting posts was this one: 12 Years a Slave: I was a Prisoner of the Steve Pavlina Cult’.

This unusual post started out as a keyword experiment idea that gathered momentum. Initially I wondered – what if I wrote a satirical blog article about an already popular blogger, Steve Pavlina being a cult and filled it with keywords? Would that give me more traffic? So I wrote a comical fictional story about it. It was only meant to be a short piece but it took off and before I knew it, I had written around 4,000 words.

After I had written it, I realised that I really should check with Steve about this article just in case he took offence to it. So I emailed him to run it by him. If he had taken offence to it, I would have shelved it.

Positive feedback and Syncronicities

The great thing is that he read though my work and replied quickly saying it was fine with him and that he actually enjoyed the piece.

I took that as a great bit of praise as I have been following his work for years and I have to say, it felt good to make some kind of contact with him for the first time ever.

The other interesting thing was that the next day he wrote a post with a reference to Star Wars called ‘Your Hero’s Journey‘.

This article really resonated with me, but what was really curious was that at the same time, I had just completed the draft form of a new series of articles with a Star Wars-lightsaber reference called: How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction’. How about that for syncronicity?

No return

So overall, the blogging journey has been interesting. I have invested a lot of time into it. My worry is that perhaps this is time I should have invested into other things – for example paid work. I’m not rich and the bills are piling up.

However, I feel so strongly compelled to do this and the writing really flows. I can’t help myself, that I must keep working on this website, even though logically it makes no sense and the time may be better spent elsewhere.

I suppose it’s like that quote in the movie The Matrix, when Neo has to make a choice to stay in the car and be taken to Morpheus, or get out and return to his old life:

“You have been down there, Neo. You know that road. You know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you want to be.”

And then Neo proceeds to have a giant robotic alien sucked out through his belly button. Ouch! Perhaps this is not a good analogy.

Nevertheless, I will continue to write and create. And see just how far down the rabbit hole it takes me.