How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction – Part 3

How to manifest darth vader with the law of attraction part 3

This is the final part of ‘How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction… Or to put it another way – ‘Acts of Association’…

Manifesting a new path

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I have previously discussed the idea of choosing your life script. I think this is the starting point.

We may feel stuck in an unwanted situation, feeling as though we are tumbling and falling, with no control of where we are falling to. The situation wants to chew us up and run us through its course. You are not alone in feeling this. It happens so often in life and in some ways, it is part of our life script.

In this situation, the one thing we always have some control over is our – ‘choice of mind’.

By choice of mind, I don’t mean that we can suddenly escape the situation, or magically create money or quit the jobs we hate, especially if we have a mortgage, kids, debts and the economy is bad.

What I mean by ‘choice of mind’ is that we have the power to choose if this is the life we want to manifest from hereon in. Or do we want something else?

If we want to manifest a different life, then it starts with the mind. The mind is the starting point.

Then with the mind, we formulate what it is we would like to experience and then in physical reality, we take actual steps to bring it about. We do this by introducing new acts  of association. The steps can be small. Very small. But every act sends a ripple into our new reality.

Creating new ‘acts of association’ in career

I know of someone who wants to get out of a job he hates. It sucks the life out of him, But he has family and bills. So what can he do?

Well, in his case, he is slowly transitioning out of it. He trained in a practical skill in his spare time by doing a part-time course. He set up a website for his potential business. He even applied for jobs in his new field. He still works the job he hates and is not able to make the full transition, but his mind and energy is moving in a new direction. It is only a matter of time till it happens. Then I think he will have some more challenges to go through, but the good thing is he will be able to live a more fulfilling life.

In his case, all these acts of association – the applying for the short course, the website and the applying for jobs are the equivalent of waving the lightsaber around. But in his case, I think Obi wan Kenobi will turn up to point him in the right direction of a new kind of work and life. And perhaps Yoda too later on.

Creating new ‘acts of association’ in health

The same goes with health. Whatever the state, there are choices of how we approach a disease. I had a family member who had a diagnosis of cancer. Though it was a more serious type this person was relatively young and had a good sense of ikigai (life purpose) through his career which had great meaning to him.

However, he had seriously destructive life habits. He was a heavy smoker, daily drinker and ate excessively rich and fatty foods. He went to the doctor and paid for the best expert in the field and literarily said to the doctor: “OK, now fix me”.

So then he took all the drugs, suffered all the side effects and continued his unhealthy lifestyle as best as he could. But it didn’t work. Sadly he died too early in life.

Can we manifest better health with ‘acts of association’?

It is all in hindsight now, but was this an uncontrollable consequence? Or could he have manifested a different outcome? What if he had adopted the ‘acts of association’ of a healthy person? Say, he chose to eat more healthily, quit the meats and rich foods. Cut down or better yet – quit the drinking and smoking? And perhaps he started going walking every day to help lose weight and oxygenate his body.

All of these are the kind of acts are that associated with a healthy person. By doing these acts, you manifest the life of a healthy person. Or to make an analogy –  you are waving your lightsaber around, but instead Princess Leia turns up. That’s not a bad outcome.

All the acts of drinking daily, smoking heavily, eating rich food and never exercising are the kinds of acts associated with a sick person. So even though you may take the most up-to-date, expensive medical treatment available, it doesn’t matter. Because you will still be manifesting sickness. And if you wave your lightsaber around, for sure, Darth Vader will turn up with the Phantom Menace for back up.

Everyday we are manifesting without being aware of it

So this is the meaning for me of how we manifest things in our lives. There is no magic. We are literally doing it every moment of our life.  The life you have today was brought about by associations and decisions you made years before.

In fact most people are just really lousy at manifesting things. They tend to manifest things they hate. Usually they do it by doing and thinking things that are not true to themselves.

For example, they let someone else choose a career or them and then spend the rest of their life doing it and hating every moment. And then they complain about hating their job and life… well of course you do, but you chose it.

And you can choose another.

So in this moment, even if your life sucks, think about the one thing you would like to experience as a part of your life. Then think of what ‘acts of association’ are strongly connected with it. These can be small things like reading a book on the topic, buying a item of clothing related to it, or a simple email to someone in that field – by connecting with someone who is already doing what you want to do.

In fact, I did that last week. I sent an email to Steve Pavlina regarding a playful article I wrote and asking his permission to use it. He was fine with it.

Yet by doing that, I feel I have introduced a minor act of association into my life by taking me one small step closer towards a different kind of life and contacts with more growth orientated people. And all it took was one article and a small email.

The Butterfly effect

These are the small steps, just like the fabled butterfly effect that will eventually lead to bigger, more visible results sometime later. This is what I am currently working on, especially with this new website and blog. With every word and article I post, I feel I am building a new association in my life with the manifestation of a favourable life experience. It is not clear how this will turn out, but I have faith. So stick around and keep reading my posts to see how this life experiment goes.

Create your new acts of association

At the end of Part 2, I asked you to consider your acts of associations, your steps and acts significant or insignificant, that led you to your current life experience.

Well, every moment you are alive, you have the opportunity to consciously create new acts of association. These are new seeds that may grow into something bigger sometime in the future.

A seed need not be anything big. Seeds invariably are very small and insignificant little things, but that have the potential to become mighty hunks of a tree.

It can be a thought or a small act. Some examples are reading a new book, joining a new club for something you wanted to learn but never could before. It may be discovering a new genre of music and throwing yourself into it or trying out a new type of food. It may be exploring different types of work or becoming more fashionable. We are quite lucky in life in that these days we have so many choices, even if our income is low. My ancestors certainly didn’t the choices I have today, so lets take advantage of this gift.

It may even be adopting new healthy practices like meditation or yoga practices like stretching 5 minutes a day or trying out an acupuncture session. Every act will lead to a new life experience.

A quote to end

To end, here is a quote from the Sufi Master Irina Tweedie, which she wrote after she had passed though a very tough spiritual training with her master in India. I think it relates to what I have written:

“The realization that every act, every word, every thought of ours not only influences our environment but mysteriously forms an integral part of the Universe, fits into it as if by necessity, in the very moment we do or say or think it, is an overwhelming and even shattering experience.

If we only knew deeply, absolutely, that our smallest act, our smallest thought, has such far-reaching effects; setting forces in motion; reaching out to the galaxy; how carefully we would act and speak and think. How precious life would become in its integral oneness.”

If you are interested in Irina Tweedie’s book, it is available here on Amazon.

Next article

And if you’re interested, my next article will be: ‘How to Manifest Princess Leia and Xena Warrior Princess together, with the Law of Attraction’. (PG-rated). And heck, as an extra bonus, I’ll even throw Buffy the Vampire Slayer in there too.

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