How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction – Part 2

how to manifest darth vader with the law of attraction

This is Part 2 of the article series: How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction… 

We are making our current life, step by step

In Part 1, I discussed my dream where the manifestation of Darth Vader from the simple ‘act of association’ of my dream character holding a lightsaber, led me to consider that perhaps we are manifesting our actual physical reality every moment in time.

Who you are, and what you are doing now, is a direct or indirect result of every decision you have taken up to now.

But where does this fit into health? Some diseases we have no control of, right?

Some, yes. For example, genetic diseases we are born with or circumstances or accidents that have occurred to us and are out of our control. For example, if your mother received  thalidomide when she was pregnant from the doctor, which we now know causes birth defects. Or perhaps, if someone worked with asbestos, which we now know can lead to COPD or Lung cancer.

But more often than not, we do have some control

But sometimes, there are factors that have occurred, where we do have control over. For example, if you stick too long in a abusive relationship.  Or if you work too long in a job that you absolutely hate and which gives you lots of stress, ulcers and makes you take it out on your family.

It is recognised that stress inhibits the immune system and increases blood pressure. Is it so hard to imagine that being in this kind of situation for many years could result in disease later in your middle-age years?

Work Zombie

For example, if you do a job you really really hate for years, where you think to yourself on a daily basis: “My life is unfulfilled, I hate my boss, I hate my co-workers. I am trapped. I am a zombie, I feel like a zombie…” and so on, what happens here is that you really will become a zombie.

Yes, you will.

Your skin will turn pale, you will start to shuffle and moan and groan throughout your daily life, easily snapping at people or other drivers around you for small insignificant acts. Your conversation will become mundane, lacking imagination and you’ll be easily manipulated by advertisers and the media into chasing material goods as a substitute for happiness, kind of like how zombie hordes chase after living humans for sustenance.

And zombies aren’t particular healthy. In fact, they’re dead. So you may find your health suffers too. This is creating the act of association of a zombie.

So if in your dream, you pulled out a lightsaber. Bad move. You’d probably get Darth Vader leading a group of Nazi zombies – kind of like those cheesy 1980’s horror movies.

You chose your current life

Your job today is a manifestation of every decision and step you have taken in your life before. Perhaps your path was straightforward. You knew you wanted to be a doctor so you studied hard at every level and picked up all your relevant qualifications. Then you became one. Great. (Just be aware that diet is definitely a factor in disease whatever the studies conclude).

But a lot of people land into careers and jobs in a backwards, tumbling-kind of way. I heard of a guy who was in prison for years. Then when he got out, he set up a successful building renovation business, making him a very rich man. His path to his business was certainly not clear and measured. But perhaps, if we looked closely at his actual life experiences, we may find that the seeds for this eventual business success was being planted and acted upon in many different ways all along his journey.

My own example

If I stop and evaluate, my own life I can see that my path today is the result of lots of choices, circumstances and mind-sets I have made over the years.

For example, In my early twenties, I became very sick with the disease, ulcerative colitis, that I discussed in part 1.

I dropped out of university. I fell behind my peers and I felt lost. My life had no direction.

If I had been fine with that, (as a lot of people in my hometown were), then there would have been no problem. But I had more ambition, and this lack of purpose really frustrated me.

Small and seemingly, insignificant acts I did years before – led me to who I am today

So, I made some small acts in my life to change my life script. I created new acts of association. But these were not big acts. They were all small and seemingly insignificant acts. Yet, each act was like a seed, with the potential to grow into a big tree.

I started reading a lot more. One of the first things I read at that time was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. That was a big life changer for me. It made me think more deeply about the purpose of my life. I read all his other books. Then I actually visited a local library for the first time and picked out all sorts of books about health, spirituality and I consumed them. One of them was the book ‘The Road Less Travelled’. Another life-changing book.

Fast forward five years and I am massaging another man’s feet

At the time then, I had no inclination that I was ever going to study complementary therapies, although one of my favourite books, strangely enough was the Hale Clinic Guide to Complementary Therapies. I dipped in and out of it reading about all the different types of complementary therapies. Since then, I have visited the Hale clinic’s bookshop many times in London.

However, to a young man in the countryside, all that kind of stuff was a bit girly. Yet it is those early steps that led to me massaging a man’s feet years later, in a classroom, when I trained for my Reflexology qualification. A very unusual experience for me back then, but not anymore.

Then I learnt to stick needles into myself and then other people, when I studied acupuncture. I suppose that’s even stranger. Yet, I could consider that one of the steps that led me there was reading Paulo Coelho’s book years before. Why – because it set off the beginning of a catalysis – a desire to have more meaning to my life. Small acts of association have wide-reaching potential consequences.

Unintended & unexpected consequences of earlier ‘acts of association’

So if I look at it this way, all those books I read around 15 years ago, made the manifestation of my current life possible. A path, that honestly is full of challenges (and frankly not enough money as I would like), but has definitely been interesting.

And with hindsight, if I had carried out any other acts, that could be associated with a sick person.

For example, I could have chosen to put my health completely in the hands of my doctor’s drugs and then kept smoking, drinking and partying, as I had done before getting sick. I could have not bothered to learn more about health and my disease. If I had taken that course – those acts of association, well then I may be still there right now in that old life, feeling very unfulfilled.

What are your acts of association?

Before I go to Part 3, I ask you to consider all those small and seemingly insignificant or even largely significant acts that you have taken all these years to become the person you are today. How many of those acts were purposely taken? How many just seemed to happen to you? How many were good acts of association and how many led to bad experiences?

In life, everything has a reason and a purpose as well as a cause and consequence. What have been your road turnings and sign posts to get you to your life today?

End of Part 2

This is the end of the second part of this article: How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction. Click here for Part 3.


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