How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction – Part 1

how to manifest darth vader with acts of association

In my hand was a lightsaber. I was flashing it around and making that cool swishing sound-effect that lightsabers make. I was a Jedi…

Suddenly, in the distance an ominous figure appears and hurries to me. I can see from the dark shape and cold-featured mask, that I have just manifested Darth Vader and he’s coming to kick my butt. So I do what every self-respecting Jedi does. I run away.

Or in other words, I woke up from my dream.  But before I did, I had one sudden insight. I realised that I had manifested Darth in my lucid dream with an ‘act of association’.

Dream Worlds and how to manifest Darth Vader

Dreams are usually weird and fulls of random people, occurrences and acts. But in this dream, I became aware that Darth Vader’s manifestation was not completely random. Even though I did not manifest him on purpose in my dream. He had been manifested because of my act of waving a lightsaber around. As I mentioned before, it was due to a ‘act of association’.

It worked like this: There are a lot of different characters in the Star Wars Universe, but if you think of lightsabers, the most obvious association is Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker has his epic battle using his lightsaber against Darth Vader. In my dream, I was playing with a lightsaber and my dream universe picked up on that and created the figure most associated with it, which was Darth.

The Law of Manifestation

And this made me think about the ‘law of manifestation’ and of the various ways it may work. Of course, this is a dream and in the dream world, anything can be manifested (particulary if we control our dreams with lucid dreaming).  In the real world, if I pretended to be a Jedi Knight, Darth Vader is not going to suddenly turn up.

However, I assume that this is where the theory of synchronicities come in. So even though the physical being Darth Vader doesn’t turn up, it is quite possible for me to encounter other Darth Vader paraphernalia. For example, I may come across someone wearing a Darth Vader mask, or I may see a poster for a new Star Wars movie.

And in fact, in a local charity shop, that I pass by every day, there is a kids book in the display window called “Darth Vader and Son’. But seeing how popular Star Wars and Darth Vader is these days, then I could either interpret these as coincidences or as synchronicities. It is up to me, how I want to interpret this data. And that has been my attitude these last ten years to the concept of the ‘Law of Manifestation’.

The Secret – Pah…

Personally, I really didn’t go for all that ‘The Secret’ hype a few years ago. It just all seemed so American, too slick and hyped up. This idea that you can manifest absolutely anything you want – new car, money, women and so on, seems too easy and too sensational.

I mean I tried and tried to manifest a meeting with J-Lo, but it just didn’t happen. And I’m still waiting on Lady Gaga.

My wife advised me to read a book by Ester and Abraham Hicks and I bought it and read it, but something about it just didn’t click with me. On the other hand, when I recently read through a book by David Spangler, his writings really made sense and seemed more grounded.  I would highly recommend this book.

And then there is real life

I think we’re all aware that life isn’t all glossy like in The Secret and full of everyday miracles and you can manifest everything you want. Actually, life is full of lots of messy stuff. People being sick, dysfunctional families and all sort of life-dramas. We don’t see these undercurrent stories when we meet someone in daily life. We only see the mask. But many people have something going on behind that mask. It’s part of life.

For a few years, I worked in a hospice setting doing acupuncture. At that time, I was working with people dying of terminal illnesses, or living with life-limiting illnesses. Or I would support their family members. Some of the patients were in wheelchairs and unable to use any part of their body. They were completely dependent on carers. When I met some of these brave people, all this Law of Attraction gloss just seemed fake to me.

Peeling away the kitsch

Perhaps, because it has been marketed so sophisticatedly and hyped up, it all seems so fake.

But I recognise that there is something of real value in it behind all the hype. In this article, I will talk about one of the ways that I think manifestation works, by creating ‘acts of association’ in our lives.

My life frustrations

Just like everyone else who reads books like The Secret, I have frustrations and unmet wants in my life. There are circumstances in my life I was unhappy with.

For example, we needed to a bigger place to live in. London is going through a property bubble and there is no affordable housing for younger couples with children. I was stretched to my limit just to pay for the small private place I had. And just like other people, I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and working all the time, just to see my money go on taxes, rent, bills and groceries, with nothing for the future or for other purposes. This didn’t seem a life I wanted. Basically I was stuck.

I would spend all my time think about what I was missing, and considering how I could make it happen. But it was kind of like banging a square shape into a round hole. In the end, it just became all too frustrating.

Yet, I suppose, that is the life I had been manifesting up till now.

Suck it up

Most people will say thats life, just suck it up. This is normal… right?

But then I would see other people with different types of lives. Lives where they are pursuing their interests and their passions. Lives where their income is so high, it enables them to pursue lots of different life experiences. Yes, there are plenty of people like this in London.

And then I thought, well why them, and not me? And I answered: sure there are differences in our life circumstances, which make this more doable for them, but essentially, it could be me also.

Manifesting Darth Vader with acts of association

So what has this got to do with manifesting Darth Vader?

That dream made me consider the Law of Attraction again, but a little more deeper. I considered the possibility that we can manifest things – not by focusing directly on the thing we want, but by surrounding ourselves with things that are associated with the object of intention. Or in other words, by introducing into our lives, ‘acts of association’ with the desired objective.

For example, the lightsaber is an object that is highly associated with Darth Vader. So in my dream, it was natural that he would show up. But in  daily life, manifestations are not always immediate or so direct.

So in the physical world, We have to think a little more thoughtfully about the act of association. We also have to be patient for it to take effect in our lives, once we have introduced the new act of association… Very patient.


For example, if you have an illness, the object is to get healthy. People will usually see a doctor and get tests and receive a treatment. Some conditions like bacterial infections can be pretty much treated with a course of antibiotics and the problem goes away. But other problems aren’t treated so easily. Perhaps some symptoms can be suppressed, so a person can continue functioning in society.

In this condition, your direct objective is to get healthy. But no matter how hard you may think of it, it doesn’t come.

I know this feeling. In my twenties I had a disease called ulcerative colitis, that hit me strong. Yet, after my symptoms were suppressed were steroids, I never felt my body operated at the same level of efficiency as years earlier. I remembered what it was like to have a healthy body and I wanted it back.

‘Acts of Association’ – which choice feels right to you

In this situation, to bring health, by focusing on acts of association. I had to consider what are the acts that a healthy person does? What about unhealthy acts?

Healthy ‘acts of association’

So I made changes to my life. In effect, I introduced an act of association. I introduced pro-active healthy living practices and dropped a lot of unhealthy living practices.

For example, I read cookbooks on healing gut disease. I actually bought a steamer and steamed salmon and ate it with lemon, whilst listening to classical music to aid digestion. (even though at the time, I had long hair at the time and had been listening to bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Faith No More – quite a contrast).

I read about how carrots are really beneficial for your gut lining, and so I ate so much boiled or steamed carrots, my skin actually started to turn a light shade of orange.

And just to put it in perspective – the only thing I knew how to cook up till then was an English Breakfast. That is fried egg, fried bacon, fried sausage and toast. Really, fatty, greasy and unhealthy. Or I might eat leftover Chinese take-out from the night before (looking back it was no wonder, I got sick).

And I realised that these were all big acts of association of how to be an unhealthy person. So instead I decided I wanted to live the life of a healthy person, so I adopted the eating habits of one.

And then years later, all these healthy living life changes and bits of knowledge I absorbed back then, has now become my work. It is stuff, I can share with clients today.

Refusing acts of association that didn’t feel congruent to me

At the time of my diagnosis, My nurse gave me information about an organisation related to my disease. It was a kind of charity designed to create a community of people with colitis. I decided to become a member and got the newsletters and read through their forums. But it just made me feel depressed and I wanted to throw it all away. So I did.

I didn’t want to hear from people who were suffering from this disease, who wanted to talk about how life is hard with it and no one understands their difficulties.

Nor did I want to read articles about potential ‘new cures’ and drugs as though, my whole life was dependent on some scientist in a lab.  Drugs didn’t interest me at all.

And I especially didn’t want to hear from doctors or nurses that ‘diet has nothing to do with the disease’. Of course it does. Seriously, what do they learn in doctor school? Perhaps it’s changed now.

Just to add – support organisations do great work

This is not to say, that support groups, like the one I mentioned above are all about associating with being sick. Not at all. They have a very important function and help many people. This was just my own personal feeling and personality trait. I am the kind of person, that if I was an alcoholic, I would more likely find my own solution to quitting and would avoid groups like AA, even though they can be very effective in getting people to quit drinking. It is my own preference.

Leaving paths behind

Ultimately, I wanted to find the solution and fix the problem naturally and without drugs.

I felt that if I kept reading their material of this organisation or attend their support groups, I would only lock the illness even more into me. Hence, I would only bring the association of being sick more firmer into my life.

I didn’t want that. I wanted to fix this problem naturally and also proactively. So that was the journey I undertook. I created a different act of association and I manifested a different life script for myself. In Parts 1 & 2 of this article, I will discuss some more acts of association I did earlier in life that influenced my current life today.

End of Part 1

This is the end of Part 1 – ‘How to Manifest Darth Vader with the Law of Attraction’. Click here for Part 2.

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