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If you have come here hoping to read the article: 12 Years a Slave: I was a Prisoner of the Steve Pavlina Cult, I apologise, it has been unpublished.

For various reasons, I have decided it is the time to retire this article.

Just for your information, the original article was not a criticism of Steve Pavlina in any way. It was a comical piece of satire that praised Steve’s work, which I have gained a lot of benefit from in the last 10 years.  Steve also gave me a mark of approval for it when I ran it pass him. I have also participated in his Submersion and Deep Abundance courses, which furnished me good insights.

I just felt, it is time to retire the article. Nothing is permanent on the internet or in life. Perhaps, I will republish it again, but for now sayonara.

I’d like to say thanks to Steve for all his work and good luck with his current direction.