12 Years a Slave: I was a Prisoner of the Steve Pavlina Cult

Steve Pavlina cult scam

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If you have come here hoping to read the article: 12 Years a Slave: I was a Prisoner of the Steve Pavlina Cult, I apologise, it has been unpublished.

For various reasons, I have decided it is the time to retire this article.

Just for your information, the original article was not a criticism of Steve Pavlina in any way. It was a comical piece of satire that praised Steve’s work, which I have gained a lot of benefit from in the last 10 years.  Steve also gave me a mark of approval for it when I ran it pass him. I have also participated in his Submersion and Deep Abundance courses, which furnished me good insights.

I just felt, it is time to retire the article. Nothing is permanent on the internet or in life. Perhaps, I will republish it again, but for now sayonara.

I’d like to say thanks to Steve for all his work and good luck with his current direction.

4 thoughts on “12 Years a Slave: I was a Prisoner of the Steve Pavlina Cult

  1. Amazing how people ‘sneaked a BigMac’.

    Also amazing how 123RF.com provided your stock image of a curly blonde.

    Almost like the pedophile culture of Eastern Europe and Greece is firmly invested in Big Macs and Scientology.


    1. Thanks for your interest. I think the experiment worked as well as it could. If I do a simple google search with the keywords ‘Steve Pavlina cult’, I usually come up on page 1. if someone is typing those search terms in, then my article is probably not want they are looking for as they are probably looking for the real dirt, but hey… And the article does get me some modest traffic. Nothing spectacular, as it is still a new website. Also it is not the real focus of what I write about. But it all helps.


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