How to Squat to get a Callipygian Butt

Callipygian butt
Callipygian butt


‘Callipygian’ – an uncommonly used word. Callipygian is an adjective meaning to have ‘well shaped buttocks’. Something that a lot of people want…

There are a few motivations behind this particular post and my use of the lesser-known word Callipygian. So I’ll explain and hopefully you – the reader, will take something useful away from this post.

The importance of leg strength

This is a theme I will keep returning this in this blog. Having strong and flexible legs is the foundational pillar of good health. In the ‘Book of Ki’, Koichi Tohei writes this:


“The legs are the foundation of the body. If your legs and lower abdomen are weak, your sexual performance will also diminish.”

There is wisdom in what he writes. He then goes on to give simple leg-stretching exercises, which are commonly practiced in most martial arts. For example, the forward bend or the wide-leg open forward bend.

One of the first signs of independence we have as a baby, is the ability to walk. This requires the development of our leg muscles. If we have any kind of disability, then we have to compensate and learn to utilise other parts of out body, like our arms in order to move independently. Loosing leg strength is also the first sign of losing our independence when we are elderly. So it is in our best interest to strength our legs and keep them flexible and strong for a long as we can.

Bodyweight Squats

This is not really a fitness blog, so if you want more details abut carrying out body-weight squats, there are plenty of better resources on the internet. However, if you are interesting in getting a Callipygian butt, then keep reading

Sumo wrestlers & Callipygian butts

I suppose when you think of a toned, attractive butt, some people think of Beyonce or J-Lo. Well, sumo wrestlers also are well known for their shapely buttocks. Perhaps not the kind that most Western woman want to get.

Perhaps most people look at Sumo wrestlers and get misled by the excess-weight they carry. Its true they are huge, but what is sometimes missed is that these wrestlers are incredibly flexible.

I have seen images of them doing the forward bend and they are just as flexible as teenage girls. They can bend just as far forward as any lycra-clad yogini in the west. They also have incredible leg strength. They need it to push 150 kilograms (330 lbs) of flesh out of the circle.

The Sumo wrestler is an interesting contrast to the average Japanese person, who is usually very lean. The excess weight comes from a very specialised high-calorific diet. However, the leg strength comes from various intense leg exercises. One of these is the special sumo squat.

Using the Sumo-Squat to get a Callipygian Butt

The sumo squat is a body weight exercise. I mean, who needs weights, when you’re carrying 330lb in body weight? The exercise is basically the same exercise as one of the opening acts they go through just before they begin a wrestling bout.

If you look at the picture above, this is the basic starting position of the sumo squat. Then you simple lift one leg up high to the side and then stomp it quickly on the ground. Then lift the other leg and repeat the same process for as many times as their coach decides. This particular variation means that you stretch your thighs and leg muscles, practice balance as well as build leg strength. Do it about 100 time a day to build strength. And if you want to go-all-out, then try adopting the sumo diet.

The regular bodyweight squat

However, you don’t have to go all sumo to get a Callipygian butt. The regular bodyweight squat is by far the simplest exercise to do and just as effective. There are plenty of examples of it on YouTube. Here is the exercise:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your knees and lower your body till your thighs are parallel with the floor.
  • Raise yourself up to the starting position. This is one repetition.
  • Do a set of twenty to fifty repetitions.

At first, it’s best to start off slowly. Aim to do between twenty to fifty reps, three times a week and gradually increase the number of reps you can do in a set.


The day after walking up a mountain, it is very common to have aching legs for a weak. It’s a good ache. This ache will be more painful if you haven’t done any exercise for a long time. However, if you are regularly exercise in and doing mountain walking, the ache will be minimal.

It is the same with squatting. Though you may envision yourself walking around like J-Lo, flaunting a Callipygian butt, if you are too gung-ho, you may not be able to squat for a week or two after. If you have any other physical problems or health concerns, it could also potentially hurt you.

If you are not in best shape or you have structural or physical problems or a serious disease, you may want to forgo this exercise and think about a low-impact exercise like walking or swimming instead.

Doing a few squats with consistency each week, (e.g. 20 squats, 3 times a week) is better than doing 1000 squats one day and then never again. Consistency and little-by-little is king.

Benefits & Versatility

Body-weight squats are one of my favourite home exercises. It is one of the most versatile exercises you can incorporate into your daily life. I mentioned about walking previously, but incorporating a slightly more vigorous exercise has additional benefits if you are able to do it. Squatting basically tones your buttocks, your thighs and also gradually improves your leg strength. In short, it gives you a Callipygian Butt.

Callipygian butt and Keywords

So why use the word ‘Callipygian’? I was in the process of writing a small publication about blogging and keywords and searching for rare or uncommon words to give an example in a kind of meme.

Then I thought, what if I did actually use this word as the keyword for an article. Of course, if people want to get a great butt and type in the words – ‘how to get a tight butt’ or variations of it, my post would likely be lost thousands of pages behind the top searches – kind of like Lost in Space, or to be precise – lost in CyberSpace.

However, if a bookish kind of fitness fanatic decided to type in: ‘How to Squat to get a  Callipygian butt’  –  well then… Hello Page 1 of Google, here I come!

And at the very least, if someone types in the word Callipygian, then my post may well turn up after Webster’s and Collins’s dictionary definition. It may even beat them. Wouldn’t that be fun.


I chose to italicise the words Callipygian Butt, for no other reason than it seemed to emphasise these words better. For an uncommon word like this, I could not find many example sentences of how to use the word ‘callipygian’.

In this article I suspect my use is grammatically incorrect. Callipygian means ‘shapely’ or ‘beautifully shaped’ buttocks and is an adjective. The correct way to use the phrase would probably have been ‘How to squat to become a  Callipygian woman’.

However the English language is constantly evolving and so if I can introduce a new phrase with this post, then my life’s work will be complete. If any grammar-stasi want to criticise, well just kiss my callipygian butt. Only joking.

Too much butt

If you feel I’ve overdone the Callipygian butt, well I apologise. I’m British. We like our toilet jokes and I suppose the buttocks is just an extension of that humour. On a side note, in the movie Ideocracy there is an interesting scene regarding a butt.


For those unfamiliar, in the movie Ideocracy, Joe is a soldier, who is enlisted in an experiment to have his body frozen and be woken up one year later. Something goes wrong and instead Joe wakes up thousands of years in the future. Unfortunately, America has actually de-evolved as a civilisation. IQ levels have dropped and America is a mess – both economically and culturally.

Joe wanders into a cinema and sits down to watch the movie. Around him, the audience laugh out loud hysterically at the film. On the screen above is a close up of a naked man’s ass, occasionally breaking wind. The narrator says this:


“And the number one movie in the country was called ‘Ass’… And that’s all it was for 19 minutes. It won 8 Oscars that year. Including Best Screenplay.”

What can we learn from Callipygian butts & ass

The curious thing about this movie, is that it was supposed to be a statement about the dumbing down of America, if we keep following our current course.

The irony is that for that particular scene, they recruited a group of young people to sit in the audience and didn’t give them any direction to laugh or react in any way. The film crew simple showed the movie of the guy’s ass breaking wind and started recording.

Yet, all the people found it hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing at it. At that point, the director Mike Judge wondered if they shouldn’t just release the Ass movie instead.

I suppose there’s a message in this. Yet, I think that if I was one of the audience members… well, I would probably laugh too.

How to Squat to get a Callipygian Butt: New YouTube Channel

I hope you enoyed reading about ‘How to Squat to get a  Callipygian butt’. I’m thinking of making a YouTube exercise video to go with it. If you want to apply, just email me your Callipygian butt photos for audition.

Just joking.

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