Intermission: Blogging Update 3

30 days, 30 posts. Blogging So far…

This is my 30th article and it appears that I have completed the 30 day challenge of writing 30 articles in 30 days, that I mentioned in my other article – Intermission: Blogging Update 2. So that is a cause for a mini celebration. Perhaps I’ll buy myself a beer.

I did not set out to complete this 30 day challenge. I simply enjoyed the process of writing and the natural flow that I had fallen into. It was when I got to 20 articles that I became aware of this concept of the 30 day challenge from another blogger and I realised I was quite close to achieving this target. However, I would say that once I thought about going for this target, it did add a little pressure into my writing and at 25 articles I almost considered letting the goal go. Fortunately, a few ideas flowed and I continued. In consideration, I think it is far better to write for your own pleasure rather than an arbitrary goal. I think once you start to introduce targets into any creative process especially something like blogging, you start to take the fun away from it.

Blogging Optimisations

Another thing that has changed is I have started altering my writing styles to try to make them a little more SEO optimised. I have started learning how to break up my prose and make it more readable by adding headings and reducing the size of the paragraphs. I’ve also started adding links to other articles in my website and see that this is a way of building a road network to other parts of my website for travellers. Although I’ve started incorporating keywords, I am not too concerned with adding  them because I think if you try to put too many in, it can make the writing a little unnatural.

Other than that, I had started adapting my writing to a blog format and I think that has helped me to be a better writer. I intend to go through some of my older articles and see if I can re-format the to make them read a bit better. When I look at my earlier articles, I realise that some parts have really long parts of prose without headings or anything to break them up. I can see how that may be a little tiring to read after a while. But after making some alterations by adding a few headings here and there and , a few changes to the sentences, I feel they read a little better. I also want to be aware that not all readers are going to be seeking English as a first language, so I hope to make it easier for them.

Blogging Frequency

I have been considering my post frequency which has been quite high. Posting a new article every day is not that easy to do. It was fine at the beginning to give me a ‘starter’, but now I will switch to either one or two posts weekly. I think I am more likely to consistently post if I do this. I am also working on adding an information booklet as a sign up freebie. In fact, it is already completed, but needs some amending and so I hope to put that out live soon.

I have now also gone over the 40,000 word mark. Most articles have been over 1000 words. The thing about writing this many words in a short period of time is that I haven’t taken the time to go through the texts thoroughly and capture all the typos. I am sure there are still a few out there as well as awkwardly worded sentences. So this this is something, I need to go though later on and correct.

Blogging Content

In terms of article subject, I can feel that I am leaning to working more on health related topics rather than on articles for my other categories – spiritual, money, life and so on. However, again, I’ll see what takes my fancy and work on that. I do have a series of articles I would like to write on specific health topics. However, this will take a significant amount of time and will require a concerted effort, so it is likely to be something for the future.

Another thought is that although I like to use contemporary references from movies, tv series and music to make a point, I realise that some of my references are probably not so common or out of date. I don’t think many people like watching Married with Children. It was an early 90’s TV drama and could never be made today. I don’t think a lot of people can relate to this (even though it was probably one of the greatest TV shows ever made). In considering this, the Japanese word: ‘Shouganai’ comes to mind. The word ‘Shouganai’ translates as ‘it can’t be helped’. Using these references is enjoyable for me and so in that case, I think it is fine if I continue to do so, as it is more important that I enjoy my writing.

Providing Value

On writing these intermissions, I am aware, that first and foremost a blog article should provide some value to the reader. I suppose my intermissions do not provide any immediate value other then allowing the reader a snapshot into the kind of thought processes that occur when doing a piece of work, a report or writing. But just in case that is not enough, here is a health-related joke to finish:

The Nursing Home

A daughter went to visit her father in the nursing home. She was a little worried about seeing him as he was always restless at night and often tired the next day. However, when she arrived she was surprised to see that he was in good spirits.

“What’s happened to you?” she asked. “You seem so well”

“Well… its this new medication, they’ve put me on” he said, “It really helps me sleep at night.”

“New medication?” she asked, “what kind of medication?”

The father answered: “Its’ a combination of warm milk and viagra.”

“Warm milk and viagra! how on earth does that help?” she asked in surprise.

“Be darned if I know, but it’s great.” he answered.

So on her way out, the daughter went to the nurse and said “its really great that my father is sleeping better and is less restless, but I’m really curious about this new medication he’s taking: the warm milk and viagra. How does it work?” she asked.

The nurse relied: “Well, the warm milk helps him fall asleep at night”.

“Sure I get that!” the daughter said, “but what about the viagra?”

“Oh that…”  the nurse answered, “it stops him rolling out of bed”.