Worship the Goddess of Money

Inviting more money into your life – Part 2…

This is a follow up to my previous article: Worship the God of Money. However, I was aware that in that article, I referred to the God of Money in the masculine and that actually there is no reason to assume the god is a man or woman or something else. So for this article, I decided to use the term ‘the Goddess of Money’ to balance things out.

In my first article, I talked about how there is a God of Money (or Goddess of Money) and steps to bring it to us. So let’s continue… (and don’t worry, I won’t mention the space worms burrowing into your brains again).

Attracting the Goddess of Money

The Goddess of money does not like to be forced or begged. Such attitudes are beneath her and she will shun you. She wants to be seduced and she wants to feel special. But more importantly – you want her to feel that you don’t need her, and that you are happy with or without her. You do this with your attitude.

You must believe money is coming. It is like attracting a girl. You must approach her and signal interest because you are a man and the Yang energy chases. It is an active energy and it is a man’s energy to be direct. But you should do it with indifference to the outcome. Maybe you will fail or maybe you will succeed. Win or lose, is the same.

It is about attachment. If you are too attached to an outcome, it will run away. But if you are indifferent, apparently women will be more interested. They will chase you. (Well that’s what I read in a woman’s fashion magazine.)

It is the same with money. Don’t be so desperate. The goddess of money can’t stand such desperation. It’s embarrassing for her. Money will avoid you. It is at times, when someone is most desperate for money, such as when a late payment or bill is due, is the time when money doesn’t come. In fact, usually more bills come instead. But when you are not worried about money, that is when it flows to you. So aim to get it, but be indifferent to the outcome and adopt a mindset that money will come.


Money comes in exchange for service to others. To put it simply – you do something or make something and then someone pays you for it. The greater the value of the service, the more someone will pay. Why are some jobs paid minimum wage, even though they are hard work. Yet other jobs have huge hourly rates and you earn the same amount for less time worked? It is because of knowledge and demand. Minimum wage jobs require less knowledge. There is more competition. You must increase your hourly value to get paid more.

Increase your value

So the answer  is to improve your knowledge and improve your skills. Learn to provide something that other people do not. Study. Takes courses or extra certification. Learn a language. Build your people and social skills. Gain qualifications. Stand out. My father only had a high school education. In the 70’s, he went to night school and got his college level education and then went to university as a mature student. Quite a few people did that back then around their day jobs and were able to increase their hourly value by taking on extra skills. These days, the way is different. You don’t need to go to night school. A lot of things can be learnt online or through correspondence courses. It’s how you choose to spend your spare time. Will you spend it watching trivial TV soaps or use it to educate, improve yourself or broaden your mind?

Time equals money

You must increase the value that you provide to others to be paid more. When you are young, you have more time, but less resources and less responsibilities. Use it to improve yourself, your knowledge and even your personality and character. While you are young, you have time to work on this. It is your greatest commodity. Don’t waste it playing games or taking drugs. Instead build your skills.

When you are middle-aged, you have less time, but more experience and maybe more resources. Your time is even more valuable, so use it smartly. In some ways you must push yourself harder. Dealing with family and jobs does not leave much energy to work on yourself. But you must. Even just 30 minutes a day. Never become complacent. You never know what will come up in life. Family problems, job loss, a sudden expense. Never let your guard down. Stay hungry.

When you are old. Energy and time is less, but you will have wisdom and knowledge. Use it. It is valuable. Unless you spent your whole life watching TV drama and drinking. This is the age when technology is your biggest challenge. So learn it any way you can. Be the cool grandparent who knows how to use an iPad and send emails. Keep learning. It staves off alzheimers.


Without a doubt you will need luck. you can’t control it. But you can make it receptive to you. Open yourself up to it by doing all the actions in these two articles. Strive for money without grasping. Luck will come to you because Luck has a special affinity with the Goddess of Money. Lady Luck is like the sister of Money. Even if money is still reluctant to come (if there is a little hesitation), Luck will sometimes come instead for a preliminary visit. She brings opportunities, one of which may open up the door to money.


At times in your life, unusual opportunities will arise. They may carry a difficulty, a sacrifice or risk, but there may be something in it that will open up doors for you if you take it. Sometimes a job opportunity will come up or a chance meeting with someone.

On the other hand, opportunities are like testers and nothing more. Keep a critical mind with opportunities. Sometimes, they may not amount to anything. Sometimes a big chance may come about but then fade away at the last moment. This just means that it was not meant to be or it was not right for you and you should wait because something else will come. Always follow what your gut tells you about a potential opportunity.

Gut Feeling

Decisions can make you money or break you. Take that job, move to that city. Marry that person, work with that business partner. What does your gut tell you? Listen to it. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, even though it may seem like a great opportunity, stop and take notice.

Your gut is your second brain. And it is not hindered by the mind and thoughts. So it is more instinctual. It reads things differently. If it is really uncomfortable – listen. It may be picking up on something you haven’t noticed with your brain. Trust it. A bad decision can set you back financially. It happened to me because I didn’t follow my gut. I realised too late and then lost a work opportunity, money and time. Tuning into your gut feeling is also a way of connecting to the Goddess of Money. She doesn’t communicate with us through our crude communication methods. She communicates with us on a deeper subconscious level.

Scams and Cons

If something sounds too good to be true, its a scam.

I repeat.

If something sounds to good to be true and you do it, you will be scammed. You will be ripped off. You will lose your money You will be embarrased.

We want to believe in that one big score. This is because there is an inner gambler in all of us. For most of us, that inner gambler is well under control. But occasionally, just occasionally, somebody will come to us who knows how to press our buttons and awaken that gambler. And if we are not used to dealing with the internal gambler, we may give him too much of an audience. We listen and let the inner gambler talk us into going ahead with whatever scam is in front of us. It is so easy to do and we must always be vigilant.

Perhaps we are afaid that we might miss out on a great opportunity – a once in a lifetime chance to get ahead. So, then we listen more intently to the sales pitch (the hook) and slowly put a pillow on the face of our own inner voice telling us its a bad idea. We muffle them so we can’t hear the warning screams because this scam sounds so good. Actually we want to believe in it – that if I only invest my money here, I will make a return of XXXX and never have to work again. But the Goddess of money does not like false idols.

Know thy enemy

Scammers, con artists, thieves, they are all around us. We don’t see them, but now and again one will cross your path. Any because we are not used to having these curious animals in our midst, we can be susceptible to them.

This is because, we will hear them out and give them our time. We will be polite and will treat them like normal human beings. This is a mistake because they are scum. They are the worst people on the planet – Cockroaches. Here, trust your gut feeling. Don’t get drawn in. Most importantly, escape their presence as soon as possible. Make sure to interrupt their spiel abruptly before they get into full flow.

Scammers use a form of hypnotism. They have power over weaker minds. It is like the force in star wars. Weaker minds can be manipulated by those using the force. They hook you by playing on your desires, your greed. Don’t have a weak mind.

It is amazing, but even the most highly educated, wealthiest people can be scammed. Celebrities often get scammed with Ponzi schemes. If you’ve been scammed, forgive yourself. It can happen to anyone. Learn from it and resolve yourself to be stronger.

I know this guy… story

There was a guy in my neighbourhood. He ran a repair shop and he was a big talker.  I went there a few times as I felt he knew what he was doing, but I always came away feeling I’d been ripped off or paid too much for something that I could have bought elsewhere or off the internet.

But one time, he really surpised me. He came on thick and fast with a ‘big money making opportunity’. I was shown youtube videos of sales pitches, leaflets and he wanted me to come back with my family for a full-on presentation. The guy was practically drooling at the mouth. I looked at what he was showing me and was amazed – He was trying to sell me into a pyramid scheme.

What surprised me was that this was an intelligent businessman and yet, the material he showed me was amateurish, had spelling mistakes and had a massive cringe and fakeness factor about it. Pyramid Schemes come in various forms, but they’re all the same. It’s all about sucking people into an energetic funnel. It disgusted me and I never went back. A few months later, his shop was closed down. I heard he’d been arrested for fraud. I guessed that someone else had lost money through his scheme and informed the police. Thats karma.

Shields to maximum

Don’t give scammers or con artists any personal information or contact details and never expose your family or friends to this scum. If they start screwing you or your family. Report them to the police. Like the cockroaches they are, they will scamper into the darkness.

There’s no quick or easy money this way. Even the people that set these scams up end up going to prison. They always take it too far. They can’t help themselves. So what – they enjoy the good life for a while. The only consolation for them is too think of all those hookers they banged and that yacht they sailed whilst Big Freddy is raping them in their prison cell at night.

Scamming can also become a virus you can catch. Sadly, this is true. A decent person can be infected with the scamming virus and then go on to infect others. Kind of like zombies. I’m talking mostly about pyramid schemes. Once you are hooked into one, you will want to hook other people. In fact, you will have no choice but to hook them otherwise you can’t get your money back. The question is, would you hook your own grandmother?

Look after your things.

Have good quality items. Treat them well. They represent money. Objects have energy. Perhaps on another plain of existence they are sentient beings. Perhaps material objects are the subjects of the Goddess of Money. If she favours you, she will send more to you to serve you. If you treat them badly they will leave you or be resentful towards you.

Strange as it seems, there are some objects that seem to be lucky and others that are unlucky. There is guy on my street. He has a nice car, but for some reason it seems to attract lots of mini bumps. It has dents and scratches all over it. On one occasion, someone was using a power-tool as he was doing some work on the road next to it and damaged it. The worker could have done the work next to any car on the street, but he chose that one. Even I have accidentally scraped that guy’s car and I rarely ever scratch anything with my car. Its almost like the car is attracting this kind of energy to it. I wonder if this energy has come from the owner?

So treat your objects with respect – especially good quality items. Treat them well. Keep them a long time. Repair them. Respect them, enjoy them. Be grateful for them They represent money. Show the Goddess of money that you appreciate her gifts.

Ways to make money

The only way to make money with a regular average income job is by living within your means and avoiding debt. Temper your desires. If you have an average income, you may not be able to become a millionaire unless you have a way to reduce your living expenses or you get a sudden windfall like an inheritance. But really there is nothing wrong with this. Do we really all need to be millionaires? Isn’t there something wrong with this thinking?

Our grandparents generation lived with less desires. They lived within their means. It’s just in the last 25 years, we’ve had this kind of materialistic desire come over us all. We must have stuff. We must buy stuff. Shop and consume.

Its almost like those space worms have burrowed into our brains and are manipulating our behaviour. Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have used “space-worms burrowing their way into your brains” as a SEO keyword phrase.

If you want to be rich, than running your own business is one of the ways to it. This depends on what value you can offer and whether it is in demand. It is not the route that anyone can take. Some people are better off working in organisations. That is their true calling. Some people are better off as employees. Be true to what you like. Then you can thrive.

Some people come alive with their own businesses. Even the most straightforward and less glamorous business are the most lucrative. For example, a cleaning business as well as any kind of trade business – building, renovations is always in demand and can be highly profitable. I hate to say it, but acupuncture is not a highly profitable business. At least not in the UK. Although, there may be some exceptions.


Debt is a tool. Sometimes in your life you may need to utilise it as leverage. Like when buying a house or starting a business.   Other times it is a liability like when using it for consumption, paying for holidays or possessions. Learn the right time to utilise debt and when to avoid using it.  Sometimes, it is unavoidable to go into debt. For example, if you have a new family or change of location. Ideally, we never have to use it and can pay things outright, but sometimes its not possible especially in this age of high (hidden) inflation, low incomes and microscopic interest rates.

Sometimes debt is an emergency measure. Debt drains money with interest payments. You are losing money. It’s a slow leak in a rubber dinghy. Debt can buy you time. Or it can take you a few steps ahead quickly. But it comes at a price. This is a debt based society. Having a credit card and paying it off can help your credit score, which can help you leverage more debt if you ever need it.

People around you

The people around you will influence your attitude to money. If your partner is a big spender, that will affect you and make you spend more. Conversely, if you are a big spender, you will influence your partner, and they will spend more. Keeping up with other people will affect you because if you are around people who care too much about giving a good impression to others, than that will influence you.

For my father’s generation growing up in post war Britain, everyone was poor, so no one cared about showing off or even locking their front doors. Nowadays, on these same streets (he grew up in Fulham – lot different back then), if you don’t drive a BMW or Range Rover, your neighbours will judge you negatively. And of course, all the houses have electronic security systems.

To End

So here are some more titbits about money. Perhaps, paying attention to them will attract the goddess of money to you. Or at the very least, stop those space worms from burrowing into you brains.

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