Low-Level Entities

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Is it possible for an evil spirit to attach itself to a person?

Negativity attracts dark entities

One evening, I had a charged argument with my wife full of blame and anger. As we had work the next day, we went to sleep still feeling very angry. In the small apartment we occupied, we had created a thick field of negative emotion and anger through our bad argument.

But we had to sleep leaving the argument unresolved. We both went to sleep feeling very cross with each other.

But that night, I had an unusually strange and unpleasant dream. In my dream, A strange  luminous face  came straight at me. Its face was lit with luminous lines which were shining brightly like a kind of LED strip light against a black background. There was also a kind of shaking-vibration emanating from the face.

From this face, I felt an aura of darkness and unpleasantness wanted to overcome me.

Lucid Dream State

At this point, I had entered a lucid dream state and was aware that I was dreaming. I faced the face and in my naivety tried to send love energy towards it. But the feeling the face emitted continued to overcome me. I felt that the only way to repel it was to awaken from my dream. The sensation was becoming too intense, that I just had to escape it. I had to wake up to end it, which I did.

Traditional japanese theater mask

It moved on to my girlfriend

And then a few moments after I had awoken, my girlfriend suddenly starting making minor wails and other noises indicating that she too, was having a nightmare.

She then awoke only moments after I had awoken.

She saw me awake and told me that she had been having a nightmare. She said she had felt something dark come over her.

Negativity begets negativity

It seemed too much of a coincidence. I genuinely believe that our negative state of mood – the anger from our argument literally attracted a dark entity towards us. Negativity begets negativity. It may be that these entities attract themselves to us and cause all sorts of problems or illness.

The possibilities are unimaginable. Perhaps this energy field does not change the physical world, but on a spiritual or negative plane. Or perhaps even on the atomic plane, what can this meditative energetic zone do? Perhaps sat some later time in our spiritual evolution, we will find out.

Dream Catcher Baku

I decided not to tell her about my dream just moment earlier as I didn’t want to freak her out. I was living in Japan at he time and so I did some research into ways of expelling bad dreams. I found a curious reference to a supernatural being called a Baku, which is said to be a dream eater.

The next day I decided to put up a picture of the ‘Baku’, printed off the internet.  I didn’t want a return of that dream.

Baku Hokusai dream eater
Baku – Japanese ‘Dream Eater’
Creating a negative field in your own home

I wondered, could our argument have created a negative energetic field in our room and then by going to sleep without discharging that energy. Could that negative energy field have attracted some kind of low-level negative spirit to us? Kind of like a moth gets drawn to light. Sure I know, there are lots of rational explanations for  this situation.

But it opened me up to the idea that there could be low-level type entities flowing around that potentially could attach itself to someone. Or to be precise, we make ourselves susceptible to that by creating a negative vibe around us that pulls them towards us.  They are like moths drawn to a light.

Fortunately, I suspect that they are weak and cannot easily take us. But what if we are in a real open state with no protection? Perhaps unclear with an angry mind, lacking self-awareness? I have no proof or idea. This is all conjecture.

Update: March 2019

I decided to write this addendum or update, approximately a year after first writing this particular article.

In the year since writing this original post, I have become more convinced that we live in a world of entities and spiritual beings. However, they exist on different planes or dimensions to us. And so, the majority of us are not in contact with them, except for a few psychic people, or those who have done intensive energy work, and who have activated their third eye.

I recently read the book – Seeking the Master of Mo Pai, by Jim McMillan. He was an American who trained in the Nei Gong system of Mo Pai, and was the first Western student of John Chang, aka Dynamo Jack, who I wrote about here – Encounters with Spontaneous Qi (6): John Chang 

In his book, Jim frequently discusses spirits, who he refers to as demons. Jim was coming from a Christian background, but more than that, his teacher John Chang was in contact and took instruction from two spirit entities. One of whom was the spirit of his previous teacher. Despite this, John always told Jim – don’t trust or listen to spirits, as they always have ulterior motives. A rather strange contradiction.

However, Jim also mentioned some of his own experiences with spirit entities. One of his descriptions surprised me, because the spirit  face he described sounded very similar to the face that I encountered in my dream and that I talked about in this particular post.

Here is the extract from the book:

There was one occurrence that happened when I opened the door of my home to walk outside to begin my meditation. About fifteen feet in front of me, a face suddenly appeared before me. I was immediately startled, but forced myself not to be alarmed by it as I continued walking toward it. I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating or what and wanted to see this close up…

It glowed with a kind of neon light effect as it outlined every facet of the face. I closed my eyes several times and shook my head thinking it might disappear. However, the vision remained stationary in front of me, so I knew there was something more to it.

Seeking the Master of Mo Pai, Page 175

In this book, Jim tried to touch it, but his hand passed through it.  Jim carried on to his usual meditation spot and the face followed him keeping a distance of a foot or so. He continued his meditation, and the face gradually grew smaller, although it was still there for some time. Finally it disappeared.

The description of this face surprised me because it was so similar to what I envisioned. Prior to this occurring, I had done a few years of qigong practice.

Negative moods attracts negative things to us

So my thinking is that – say if the whole world was trapped into a negative state of emotion. What evil things could we attract to use then? Perhaps this is worth pondering, because if we look at the world today, there is and always has been so much violence and destruction towards, animals and the environment. Not to mention the constant manipulation of our emotions and desires and competitiveness against each other. It makes me wonder if there is not another agenda at work?

Hence the importance of staying positive. And it seems that peaceful mediation with others is one thing that can help. Or to do qigong practice in nature. This is the path of peace.

Attracting entities to us

Can you consider the idea that an evil spirit can attach itself to a person and then subsequently screw with that person’s life and all those around it?

Demons, Jinns, Spirits and others

The Muslims have this concept. They talk about Jinn – evil spirits. The Catholics have possessions. If I searched hard enough, I’m sure I could find more examples of it from other religions in the world.

Can a spirit attach itself and then gradually influence that person over their lifetime gradually becoming more and more toxic to the host as well as those around it?

A Family member lost to addiction and narcissism

I have a family member, where I have wondered this. A person who at heart is a very kind and gentle person. This is what I remember of this person as a child, But for the last few decades has been consumed by certain tendencies – materialism, alcoholism, selfishness and self-absorption (basically extreme narcissism). The person is so toxic that I have given up trying to help that person to change. Instead I realised that I must keep a distance in order to protect myself as well as my family.

This is not a decision I have taken gladly. I really feel there is some karma in how we deal with family members. But in this situation, the potential for harm is enough for me to do this. I have found that even short contact seems to have a negative effect on me and even create arguments among my family.

Obviously the person is suffering. I am not so insensitive that I don’t see that. And I have tried in the past to talk, but it really is like talking into a black hole. A person in this state will simply not listen, but instead continue talking about themselves as though they are running a script in their head. They are the centre. They are the victim. I have found that if I give, they will take, and then take and then take some more. So I had to stop giving.

In a normal relationship, the balancing of give-and-take will normally equal out. Perhaps one person will take a little more than the other, but usually it balances out in other ways. But not so with this kind of person. And if I give my energy. If I share a life with this type of person too closely; certain self-destructive behaviours then become part of my life – increased drinking, more nights out, increased rich food – gluttony, leading also to poorer health.

More conflict – arguments especially related to alcohol consumption.  Constant negative emotion – frustration, anger, jealousy – the full works. Eventually misfortune must follow. Life then starts to resemble an episode of the British TV drama Eastenders – a life full of nothing but alcohol and arguments.

Do you know someone like this in your life?

Is it our duty to rescue a person like this?

The answer is No. Our duty is to ourselves and those we directly influence like our own children. But an adult has a duty to solve their problems themselves. All we can do is to be there and support them. But we cannot rescue them. If their problems starts to harm us, we then have to consider our duty to protect ourselves.

Some people play the role of rescuers. They suffer to try to save someone. A woman trying to save a man. A man trying to be all for a woman. The lower form of energy will only drag down the higher. Your first duty s to protect yourself. And then to show people by giving an example of a better way of living. You teach by showing your light. And your compassion.

With our own children, it is more complicated. They are a part of us and they represent the future. I feel that we must be prepared to sacrifice ourselves for them.

My wife asked is there anything that could have stopped this person becoming like this in life. I considered the answer and said yes, if the person becomes self-aware of this tendency and then they decide they want to change. That they must change. Then it can be changed at any time in life. But then how is it, that the person is unable to become self-aware of this destructive pattern?

Addiction and Narcissism is like a Possession

And thus, I considered the idea of being taken over by a bad spirit. Can such things happen? Do bad entities attach themselves to someone? Do they gradually cloud and befuddle their mind? Perhaps it works by drawing them into a negative state of mind  or by encouraging actions and habits that have the same effect – to cloud their minds so they lose their self-awareness.

The many Spirits in Shintoism

Then if we do not cast them off, they continue to grow poisoning the host. Like tumours perhaps. In Japanese Shintoism, they have this idea of their being many gods in nature.  For example, the animated movie Spirited Away was based around a bathhouse for the many gods of the world. There is a god of water, of the mountains, of money and if you visit Japan, you will see little mini shinto shrines all over Japan in small streets, in residential areas, on mountains, which all relate to a specific god and which you can prey to. In considering this, it may help not to use the word ‘God’, which in Western minds is strongly related to the one God of Christian religion. And instead of the word God, use the word ‘Spirit’.

‘Spirits’ – A Spirit of Alcohol

I wonder is there a Spirit of Alcohol? It is interesting in English because we use the word “spirit” to describe alcohol. Perhaps this is because for alcoholics, it is almost like alcohol has possessed that person. Could this Spirit attach itself to someone and subsequently ruin their life and all those around that person. Well, I think yes it’s possible, if you can believe such a thing as Spirits.

Can spirits be passed along in generations

If such a thing could be true, this opens up the question, can spirits be passed on from generation to generation? In Buddhism, after a family member dies, there are various ceremonies, related to settling the spirits of the person once they have passed and special importance placed on appeasing the ancestors. Perhaps this is a way of dissipating the potentially negative effects of a spirit lingering on and attaching itself to someone new. Perhaps this is the point of having funeral ceremonies for all religions. To purify. It is not just a way of sending someone off. It is a way of dissipating any potential bad entities.

Are entities real?

This occurrence made me start to reconsider the presence of spirits and entities – what we might also call ghosts. Before then, I had a so-called  ‘rational’ mindset (ie closed) and would never have considered such things.

Since then, I have not had any similar occurrences again personally, but I have had one patient, where I wondered if there was not an element of possession occurring. However, I have not gone too deep down this way of reasoning.

‘Ghost’ Acupuncture Points

In Traditional Oriental Medicine, there are some really old acupuncture points called ‘Ghost Points’. These points are said to be used for possession of ghosts and other spirits and often are indicated for mental and emotional problems. I don’t really know anyone who uses these points these days or even know how to use them. We are not taught much about them in acupuncture school. The idea of ghosts is just so far removed from our modern minds.

And if there is any possibility that there are spirits. Then, I think it is about self-awareness. We have the higher state of mind to be aware if we are engaging in a negative state of mind or action. If a spirit can attach itself to us in this state, then it clearly benefits by keeping us in a low-level of consciousness. It benefits by us being more closer to the state of an animal than a human. So if we are consumed by our lower impulses – food, sex, alcohol, gold (money) as well as certain traits – envy, pride, greed, gluttony, than perhaps it can get a hold on us. Then it can befuddle our brains. Make us less clear. Turn us from decent human beings into narcissistic and destructive people.

Perhaps, meditation is one of the tools that will help with this. After all, if you think of an extreme narcissist, the complete opposite to that would be a monk. Also lots of other things can help keep us clear of these spirits. And if my dream was something to go on – one of the best ways is to maintain a positive vibe around you and especially in your house.

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