Encourage Money to Come to You

Picking up the pennies leads to picking up the pounds…

I read about this from a well-known blogger from his website years ago. The author Felix Dennis also mentioned this action, albeit clumsily, in his book on money. Since then I have put this habit into practice and my conclusion is, there’s definitely something in it.

I’m talking about the habit of picking up pennies or any form of currency when you see it on the ground. Most people would ignore a penny if they saw it on the ground. It’s not worth the effort or even the perceived embarrassment of bending over and pocketing them. So most people carry on walking. This is a mistake. Think about it. Most people would pick up a pound coin if they saw it on the street. So why not 100 pennies? That’s the same, isn’t it?

Picking up the pennies is a small way of signalling that you are open to more money coming into your life. By picking up those ‘insignificant’ pennies and then being grateful for them is a way of inviting more into your life. Here’s what I found after doing it for a while:

You start to notice money more that you would have missed previously
At the peak of this practice, I would see coins everywhere. I think there is a metaphor in this. Perhaps money is all around us. It’s everywhere in our life. But we simply don’t notice it. For example, a few years ago, I was running a half-marathon. A couple of miles in, I saw a 1 pound coin on the floor right in front of me. Even though I was tired, I couldn’t resist picking it up… Thank you. The same thing happened again, when I did my second half-marathon.

The nominations of the amount of money you find start to increase
From picking up pennies, the amounts I found started increasing. I would find 5 pence pieces, 10 pence pieces, 20 pence pieces and then that increased to 1 pound coins. How many 1 pound coins could you say you’ve found on the street? I’ve found over 10 by now. I found one yesterday. Before I started this practice, I would never find any.

The only coin that never seemed to come to me was the 50 pence piece. A seven-sided heptagonal coin. I wondered for a while, why that was the case and then suddenly  I noticed one in a phone box close to my home as I passed. Thank you.

Sometimes it’s as though the money is finding you.
I got on a bus to go home after work. I would usually go to the top deck as it was quieter. I chose a seat and next to me is another 1 pound coin. I could have chosen a seat anywhere as the top deck was empty, but I chose this one. Thank you.

It may open you up to receiving money in other ways
This is about signalling an openness to money coming into you life. If you welcome the pennies, it may just send an energy message to its friends. ‘Penny’ sends a text to her big brother ‘One Hundred’ – ‘Hey, there’s a party going on at J’s house. Theres an open bar. You’ve got to check it out’.

During the time I was practicing this habit, I found that in other ways money was also coming to my life through an increase in work at the time, income and other sources.

You have some unusual encounters.
For example, in Camden town, which attracts a lot of young, music-orientated, styled people. I was walking with a friend and suddenly spotted and picked up a 2 pence coin off the ground. Then some guy dressed like a member of the 80’s band Madness nearby said to me. “you picked up 2 pence, you c*nt”. His comment was a bit random. Not the kind of thing that often happens and I thought it was funny. It’s one of the of the reasons I like Camden Town. I’ve had some good times in Camden and some bad. It’s still a bit of a rough-looking, edgy place full of interesting characters despite the growing gentrification that is started to affect it. I didn’t mind being called a ‘c*nt. I think if you can visit or live in London and get called ‘a c*nt at least once by a guy with a London accent, then you’ve truly had the London experience. Even better if he’s dressed like a member of Madness.

On another occasion, I picked up a wreck of a penny. It looked like it had been run over by several ten-tonne trucks. The face was worn away and it had like nicks in it. But it was still recognisable as a penny. What the hell, I thought and picked it up. I wanted to see if I could use it pay for something. The check-out man laughed when he saw it and said they couldn’t take it. Anyway, after that, I felt more determined to exchange that wrecked penny and sure enough did so at the next shop.

You become less embarrassed.
Most people are too embarrassed to bend over and pick up pennies. Why? It’s just money. If you dropped a pound, you would definitely make an effort to recover it. So why not a penny? It’s still the same energy. I have found that after picking up the pennies a few times, I don’t really care about doing it anymore. Its become automatic.

You potentially become more fitter.
Well, you bend over and use muscles of your body to pick up coins.

There’s this scene from the Japanese TV series ‘Big Money’, I find interesting. In this drama, a master stock speculator and his apprentice battle an evil bank responsible for cheating many people into investing all their life savings into various questionable investments and then subsequently losing them all. Hmmm, does this story sound familiar? The story was set in the 90s just around the time of the Japanese bubble bursting and is loosely based on the Bearings bank incident.

The ‘evil’ protagonist, a young and flash new manager of the bank is involved in immoral acts to cover up his bank’s unethical acts. On the side, he also filters money away and hides his losses in his own private overseas account. At one point he says: “I never bother picking up pennies from the ground. It’s not worth my time”. He is a manipulative and successful character, but at one point, his secret bank account savings is wiped out by his opponent, save for one single yen. The message to him being that even a single yen is significant.

It doesn’t mean that by picking up the pennies, somehow millions will be coming to you. There is probably still a limit to the amount that will come into your life. But it is one way of opening the door of increased money flowing into your life. And we all need more of that.

I also would draw the line on picking up pennies off the road as my life is more important than some pennies. Even if I saw a £20 pound note in the middle of the road, I would not bother. It’s not worth the risk of cars. I also tended to quickly discard some of the foreign currencies that you will find on London streets because, I don’t think I will have any use for them. Theres a lot of charity boxes in shops where you can put them. Although, I would keep cents, dollars or euros.

In conclusion: Nowadays I don’t follow this practice of picking up pennies as much as I did a few years ago. I am kind of done with this experiment. Consequently, I don’t find money as much as I used to. I feel I leaned a few things about my attitude to money from doing this. Nowadays, I will still notice coins on ground but will often pass them by. But not always. And If I do pick something up I always appreciate it and usually put it in my wallet with its brothers and sisters as though I am running a money orphanage.

If you feel that money just always seems to be running away from you, then it may be worth experimenting with this for a while and see what happens. At the very least, you may get the chance to be called “a c*nt”.