Don’t be a Money Stalker

Money is always coming…

“Money is always coming”. This is what a businessman told me recently. This fellow, a restaurant owner told me a story of how one time he desperately needed 5000 euros to pay some bills and costs. He didn’t know where he was going to get the money from and there would have been some consequence if he couldn’t get it in time.

But he didn’t let it stress him. Instead, he did what most respectable businessmen would do and he went to the casino. Gambling was one of his hobbies. And that night, he had one of his best nights winning just over that 5000 euros that he so desperately needed.

Perhaps you could argue, if he didn’t ever go to the casino, he would probably already have had the 5000 euros already saved up? But then, where would be the fun in life if he did that? And anyway, his story is much more interesting this way.

BEGIN DISCLAIMER: And just to be clear. The point of this story is not that if you have money problems you should attempt to gamble. This guy was a gambling addict. And if you think you can find the solution to your money problems in the casino or any other kind of gambling, you are being delusional. This may only work for someone who is a hardcore gambler or professional gambler. But for people who are not, YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO LOSE MONEY THIS WAY (end of disclaimer).

No, the lesson I took from his words was “Money is always coming”, so therefore don’t worry about money”.

He said it so casually. Can it really be that easy? Of course it is easy to say such as thing when you have money. His business was doing well and he had disposable income to travel to different countries whenever the fancy took him. But what about when you have pressing bills and no money going in? What then is the good of this statement?

The point, I took from this, is that it’s about your attitude to money. If you stress and worry and obsess continuously about money. Then it will run away from you.

How so?

Think of a girl or boy you like. Perhaps you start to build an infatuation with that person. Maybe you start to follow that person around and you get that person’s number and call them 10 – 20 times a day… Stalker.

Then, you find out where that person is going to be on the weekend and you turn up there like it’s a coincidence, only it’s not, because it’s the tenth time it’s happened this year… Stalker

Then, you think about that person all the time obsessively. You write letters or poems about that person. Maybe you even send them to that person. Then you get annoyed when they don’t write back, and then write more letters asking why they are not replying… Stalker

What do you think is going to happen? Do you think that person is going to be comfortable with that? Do you think that person is going to want to be with you?

Hell, no. That person is going to run away. They will change their phone number, they’ll do everything to avoid you.

To add some perspective, I’ve heard that in the pick up community, some of the techniques these young men use to pick up ladies is to do the opposite. Instead of acting overly interesting in a woman, instead, they purposely show indifference to the girls they are interested in. They act as though they are not bothered if the girls want to spend time with them or not.

So perhaps the lesson is the same with money. If you spend all your time obsessing over money and bills, thinking of money, money, money, how do I get it, money, money, money, why can’t I have it? money, money, money, why doesn’t it love me?
Screaming aloud at night:

“Oh Money, Money, why hast thou forsaken me?”

I think then you have become a Money-stalker and it will stay the hell away from you.

You get my drift? So look, I don’t have any solution to where that money will come from in those moments when you really need it. But I do feel that it is your attitude to money that may be the deciding factor. It doesn’t mean you don’t want it to come. You absolutely do want it to come. The same way a young man would love the company of a lady he is trying to date. But it is about not coming on too strong. Not being a stalker. Definitely Signal your intent and interest in money. But don’t become obsessive. When you become obsessive about something, it tightens the flow of Ki energy in your body. That is not healthy for you mentally, spiritually or even physically.

If you relax your desire for money, then, perhaps, it will somehow flow to you in completely unexpected ways. It may be a small trickle at first and in those instances always be grateful so as to encourage more to come. But always think, “money is always coming”.

If you desire money too much, it will see you as a weird stalker and want nothing to do with you. However, if you indicate that you would like to spend time with money more, but still act indifferent whether it comes or not, then maybe it will feel more interested in you and want to come.

I’ll give another example, if you attend a job interview but you are not concerned about getting the job, then it often happens that you get offered the job. Perhaps it is because you appear more relaxed and so you interview well. You may really want the job, but it is about not coming off as too desperate for the job. If you act too desperate, this feeling will be picked up by the interviewees and in some cases turn them off. I think that, you need to accept the outcome either way before you go for the interview for example, you go in thinking: ‘I may get the job or I may not. It would be great if I get it, but if I don’t, then I’m grateful that I at least had the chance’, and then move on. I think this is a similar attitude that would help with money.

Perhaps it is similar to the law of attraction. I wonder how some people never have money problems and yet even more money often seems to come to them, yet other people have money problems and only seem to receive more bills in the posts. Perhaps this is something we can influence with our thoughts by changing our attitude towards money.

Since speaking to this businessman and hearing this very simple advice, I have started working on it. In the past, I would constantly stress over money, paying bills, religiously checking my budget, even have arguments over it with my wife. I was also working sometimes 6 or 7 days a week and yet despite that, my income never seemed to increase and I was still often short of money. So what good did it do me to stress about money?

But now, I want to change this. There must be a better way. So now, when I find myself worrying about money, I tell myself to relax and repeat these words: “money is always coming”. I also have started to show gratitude at times when money does come to me, even if it is only small amounts. For example, I sold a couple of copies of my new book: ‘The Tradition of Blind Acupuncturists in Japan’. It’s a small amount – enough to buy a cappuccino, but I am really grateful for it. Perhaps as an experiment, I will repeat this expression “money is always coming” every day and see what happens.

Or maybe I could play the slot machines.

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